How To: The Streamlined Cat Eye

Issa Lish (Muse) using Canmake Brown Eyeliner. Video by Tom Newton.

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  • AsphodelJones

    Yep! Because for most normal-people days, a huge retro cat eye is Not The Thing. I did exactly this this morning with the Physician's Formula pen liner.

    • Eva Lee

      That's my favorite liquid liner of all time. I use it daily.

  • Haiku Jew

    A crooked cat-eye
    reminds me of Edie Beale
    add a statement scarf.

  • Rosa

    Every time I do this I end up with the flicks going off at slightly different angles, despite watching so many how-to videos and practicing loads. I'm starting to think my eyes are different shapes :-/

    • AsphodelJones

      I read a neat trick for this somewhere. Fold a tissue in quarters so you have a firm, straight edge, hold that against the corner of your eye so it extends your lower lashline toward your eyebrow, sketch that line in softly with a white pencil (Rimmel makes one), and use that as a guide to get your flicks going in the same direction. It sounds bonkers and time-consuming, but it does work. :)

      • Rosa

        That's a really great tip that I actually haven't heard before so thanks! Hopefully my eyebrows are even, even though my eyes aren't :-S I will definitely try this tomorrow :-D

        • speed

          Or tape, that's supposed to work as well. Again, since cat-eyes are my fast-n-easy (as opposed to long-n-involved) eye makeup routine, adding this step seems to miss the point for me. I do think that cat-eyes bring home just how annoyingly asymmetrical my face is, so that might be your take-away as well.

    • TheProcrastinator

      to be fair, your eyes probably ARE different shapes -- i know mine are. My left eye folds way more than my right, so I have to draw a super thick line just so it shows when my eyes are open. The angle on my left eye is also a little droopier, so I end up drawing a thicker, more angled wing.

      tl'dr, when my eyes are closed, you can see how much more product i have on the left, but when they're open, they look even!

      • Rosa

        It's frustrating though because you can't notice the difference when they're not lined, I think I have a slightly lazy eye or maybe it slightly lower Shannen Doherty style or something. Going to try harder next time with stencils are stuff.

        • TheProcrastinator

          For sure, makeup definitely makes me notice all the inconsistencies/irregularities in my face. To figure out the shape of my eyes I started first by mapping out the liner with a black eye shadow -- it's WAY less of a commitment. Good luck!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I think my problem with a cat eye is I always feel the flick needs to be higher angles then it really does.

  • violet

    Took me 3 brushes and a half dozen products to get the right flick when it was really about technique. The lower lash line is the guide if you continue it up toward your eyebrow and then fill the rest in.

  • Rachel

    I love a the look of a cat-eye but there's something about it that just seems so /done/, quickie tutorials or not.

  • NazNYC

    I did not have luck with Physician's Formula. Gotta shake it to dispense. I found and instantly fell in love with Eyekos This is where I draw the line (?) Alexa Chungs liner. Stays put forever or until you take it off. And no shaking necessary. Perfect applicator tip/not too hard/not too soft. Just amazing.

  • speed

    Not to be a DB, but how is this any different than any other CE tutorial? What is remarkable here? I mean, again, trying to remain snark-free, but I'm wondering about the purpose of this post...It's like with those 10 different magazine-subscription inserts: is that 10th one going to be the magic bullet to make me finally decide to subscribe? Is this video going to the one to help me out when the rest of them didn't do the trick? I thought there'd at least be something newish.

  • kate

    you guys need like an official itg jingle or some music to begin the vids

  • bebe666

    Can you guys do a cat eye tutorial for Asian eyes that aren't double lidded?

  • Jasmine

    I feel like she's wearing lenses! Can you tell me which ones? They look really natural and I might be wrong.

  • Mina

    I beseech the ITG staff to even ATTEMPT a proper cat-eye on my large Coptic eyes! Please help!!! It's impossible!

    • TheProcrastinator

      Large eyes look SO fab with cat eyeliner! Not sure what you mean by coptic eye, but I find a good way to start with any shape eye is just to line the eye normally, then start thickening up at the outer corner. Don't create the flick just yet, just keep thickening at the outer edge until you're happy. From there, start extending outwards, a little at a time. I mentioned this above, but doing it with black eye shadow is much less intimidating! It's easier to wipe away and start over.

  • Amy H.

    I'm only coming at this as an avid cat eye flick ill intentions.

    But....why wouldn't the camera show us her technique by using a MUCH closer view of her eyes? Watching from afar does not help us to finally conquer this dang-nabbit (or insert favorite swear word) eye magic trick. Haha.