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Let’s Go Camping


I'm going home this weekend for Labor Day and I absolutely can't wait. I'm going to go hiking, swim under waterfalls, visit my favorite farmer's market, drive down questionable dirt roads, roast s'mores with my niece and nephews over a campfire, and go to bed early every night. That's the sort of life I grew up with—summers in the Adirondacks are really the best thing. I tell everyone that and I mean it. It might not have the caché of St. Barths or Mykonos or Bora Bora, but it's special (and domestic!). The people who love it there really love it.

If you look at Amanda Brooks's Instagram or flip through the lifestyle section of Bruce Weber's portfolio, you'll see the Adirondack influence. It's an inspiring place. Though I must say, growing up there and being obsessed with fashion photography wasn't an easy thing. If I wanted an issue of W, I'd have to get my parents to drive me 30 minutes to the closest bookstore that carried it. If I wanted a copy of Vogue Italia, it'd take 4 hours to get to the nearest Barnes & Noble that stocked it—or drop lots of money and order it off Ebay. Thank God for places like the Fashion Spot, where people across the world review and scan every single magazine within hours of it hitting newsstands.

—Tom Newton, ITG photo assistant

Photo via Calvin Klein.

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  • sashi

    er. no. No thank you. Photo #4 summarizes my feeling about staying outdoors. Spending the day out is lovely. But I have evolved beyond sleeping on sticks and bugs. I will leave this to Josie Maran :)

  • Paulina Villalpando

    I wish my camping trips would be so glamorous!

  • stefinmotion

    That first Stella Tennant editorial is e v e r y t h i n g. Now I wish I hadn't decided to stay in town for the long weekend.

  • Bella

    Have a wonderful weekend, it sounds heavenly except for the camping bit. (Where do those campers keep their steamers and irons? They're so uncreased.) I am a longtime Fashionspot fan too :).

  • http://www.kiraretana.com/ Kira Retana

    great pictures thank you for sharing!

  • http://Medium.com/@hager_emma Emma Hager

    I just got back from a backpacking trip. It was so majestic and it felt so good to just unplug and realize that the cosmos is so much bigger than anything we'll ever be able to be. And that's only more refreshing and motivating.

  • mamavalveeta03

    The Adirondacks are a magical place! I love Keene Valley, and how my hubby and I used to get up at the crack of dawn to hike Giant. What a view! And the pies at the little cafe...mmmm.

  • http://1010ParkPlace.com/ 1010ParkPlace.com

    I would love to visit the Adirondacks! It's right up my alley. I'm spending Labor Day on my ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Friday my well died, and I haven't had water for three days, but I have electricity and my 19thC electrified Italian sconces and my dogs, so I'm a happy girl.


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