Fake Your Piercings


Because a literal earful of stacked gold rings can catch on things such as loose knits or, like, vampire fangs*, and your seasonal allergies translate to a highly sensitive septum, know that it's 100% cool to support the pierced jewelry knock-off industry. Phoebe Tonkin demonstrates.

*Season 2 of Phoebe's show, The Originals, premieres October 6th on the CW—so yes, some people do have to consider these things.

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Tom Newton, styled by Annie Kreighbaum. She wears Catbird Ear Cuffs in 14K Yellow GoldBRVTVS Large Double Bar Cuff, and BRVTVS Large Single Bar Cuff [photo 1]; Zoë Chicco 14k Pave Triangle Cuff [2]; the Sarah Chloe Organic Petite Ear Cuff [3]; Moschino Anniversary Hoop Earrings [4]; Moschino Anniversary Zipper Earrings [5]; Jean Paul Gaultier Jet Ear Cuff [6]; Rackk + Ruin Stippled Septum Cuff [7]; Bijules Double Helix Opal Cuff [8]; Rodarte Dragon Ear Cuff [9]; magnetic studs from H&M [10].

Also pictured [11]: DANNIJO Ellery Ear Bud and Clara clip-ons; Hirotaka Pearl Cuff; Saskia Diez Rose Gold Might Ear CuffRackk + Ruin Gilded Crown Ear CuffZoë Chicco 14K Gold Tiny Spikes Gold CuffSultry Affair Angel Wings CuffAnnelise Michelson Double Thorn Ear CuffCampbell Gold Plated Classic Ear CuffGold Plated Trap Ear Cuff, and Gold Plated Fang Ear Cuff.

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  • Franquie

    Nevermind the jewelry, I need to know about her hair! Mine is similar, but never looks that good so I always wear it up. Styling tips please!

    • Molly Lyon

      Phoebe has a Top Shelf interview. Search for her it'll show up. She uses WEN Cleansing Conditioner though.

  • Haiku Jew

    You can fake piercings
    tattoos, hair and eye color
    but not lack of smarts.

    • Ann

      yes, with wikipedia in your smartphone!

  • Tara

    Love Phoebe Tonkin! What's she wearing on her lips?

    • Gisele

      Especially on the 5th pic. OMG!

      • charmystique

        I need to know this too!

      • Molly Lyon

        I agree! Impeccable makeup, this one needs to be spilled!

    • Jaclyn Parsons

      Exactly! Can we talk about her lip colour?!

    • Katie

      I was wondering the same!

    • conni boykins

      It looks similar to Bite Beauty luminous creme lipstick in either Quince or Violet.

  • http://www.nysliea.tumblr.com/ Ainsley Hellrud

    Phoebe is STUNNING

  • Julia

    Please tell us about her make up!!!! Please!!!!!!!! She. Looks. Stunning!!!!!!!

  • AsphodelJones

    Yeah, I love looking at Miss Phoebe, too. But fake piercing jewelry loses something for me. The only piercing-qua-piercing I still have is the tragus ring I got in 2002. I can't conceive of wearing a faux septum ring.

  • Flavia

    I can't the see the pictures of any of your latest slideshows! After the first picture: blank!

    • Zoe B

      Same here, unfortunately... :(

      • Genevieve


    • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

      Are you by any chance viewing them on a work computer? That happens to me with mine, so I wait till I get home to see the rest!

    • Margaret McCarthy

      Hi Flavia, what desktop/browser are you using? We're looking into this now. Thanks!

  • brunetteletters

    I love how you can fake these things since they are mostly just trends haha...

    • Tegan

      I have heaps and it doesn't matter. If I take them out, they'll heal over.

  • http://lazygirlglam.com Thu

    absolutely stunning!!!!

  • Abigail

    It's like they've revolutionized the clip on earring! I love the new designs and I like how realistic they look!

  • andrea raymer

    Im all about the fake piercings lately. I'm seriously allergic to nickel and most cheaper silver earrings make my ears swell up, so no more real piercings for me.

    • Julia

      fyi piercing jewelry should be at least 14-18k gold or surgical steel, never plated or silver

  • Julia

    What is this lipstick in the fifth picture?

  • http://www.atdorsia.com/ Eliza

    Ahh I love it! I have a fake septum I wear once in a while, because I do NOT react well to piercings--I can only wear gold, since anything else gives me a horrifying infection within hours, and my cartilage wouldn't heal and then got infected so bad my dad had to pull it out of my ear with pliers...now I wear the same gold earrings in my earlobes and flinch at the sight of a piercing gun, so I'm all about this :)

    • http://ameliamollyheath.com Amelia Molly

      YES THIS. I only have my ears pierced, but even with titanium piercing studs my second set is only just now healing, and I got that done in January. I'm DYING to get my septum pierced, but even if I end up getting to done for real, I should probably get a fake one to test it out, right??

  • charmystique

    How gorgeous is she!!! Topshelf please?

  • Bcn


  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    Several of these are pretty nice!

  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    I know some of them are real piercings she already had, but it's such a cool way of filling your ears without getting pierced! I'm still looking for the perfect thin hoop earrings, so this might help!

  • Hannah Morrison

    I love wearing cuffs at the moment :D It makes me feel bad ass with cool piercings!
    Brilliance With Me


    Azerbaijan loves you Phoebe, xo :)

  • Paulina Villalpando

    Amazing shots! I love them all.

  • Emma Helen

    That model is devastatingly beautiful!

  • ATH

    I love Phoebe SO much.

  • Margaret McCarthy

    Hi guys, the lip colors we used on Phoebe are Bobbi Brown Brillant à Lèvres Lip Gloss in Nude 8 and Tom Ford Rouge à Lèvres in 19 Aphrodisiac. Nail color is Rescue Beauty Lounge in Oliveto :)

  • Xelo

    Please tell us about the lipstick in the picture n*5!! Thanks^^

    • Margaret McCarthy

      Hi Xelo - that's Tom Ford Rouge à Lèvres in 19 Aphrodisiac.

  • Margaret McCarthy

    Hi readers, in case you missed it, here's Phoebe's Top Shelf - intothegloss.com/2013/10/phoebe-tonkin-actress/. Enjoy!

  • http://www.leataleb.com/blog Lea_Ta

    I get mine from the Indian stores here in Paris - they cost me 0,30€ each (I know!!), and exist in a lot of different cool styles... I've been wearing these every day for a long time now, and no one notices they're fake ;) Wrote a post about these on my website a few months ago if you're curious : http://www.leataleb.com/blog/2014/4/13/secret-jewelry
    xx Léa

  • http://www.lipglossandabackpack.com/ LipglossandaBackpack

    I recently read on Phoebe's blog that watermelon chunks can be applied to skin as sunblock, as long as you constantly reapply throughout the day. It looks like it's really working for her!

  • yasmin

    Oh Phoebe. What a ridiculous human being; she is SO gorgeous!

  • thea

    god, thank u so much for telling us where these fake nose rings came from! (sorry for my bad english, living in france!) xoxo

  • Sandy McFarlane

    Phoebes face is a vision of god

  • bella

    where did she get her real earrings?! I love them