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Erin Wasson’s Substantial Gold Rings

Warehouse Wide Mixed Stack Set Rings
Gorjana Dalena Ring
Kimberly Baker Crown Hearts Ring
Rock 'N Rose Vintage Orla Cocktail Ring
Maiden Egg Quartz Ring

As someone who’s skilled in the art of falling (and then breaking those falls with her hands), a change from the popular dainty ring scenario feels in order. However, it wasn’t until I stumbled on Erin Wasson’s Instagram (“stumbled” being an exalted term for my stalking habits these days) that I could finally visualize it: thick gold rings. Paired with nothing more than plain pants and a basic white tee, Erin’s ring game looks fresh in comparison to 'gram upon 'gram of dainty finger stacks (though it's probably mostly vintage). Once upon a time, Erin told ITG  that we could emulate her style “for, like, 20 bucks.” Let’s see if she’s right:

1. Warehouse Wide Mixed Stack Set Rings: If there’s one essential to this look, it’s an unadorned, simple, thick gold band. And thankfully ASOS makes a whole stack of them (four per pack) for $13.54. Think of it as your jumping off point—your palette onto which you’ll add other, slightly smaller, yet more intricate gold rings.

2. Gorjana Dalena Ring: If the simple and thick gold band is your foundation, then Gorjana rings are the trimmings.

3. Kimberly Baker Crown Heart Ring: Otherwise known as the navy ring, a sports champion ring, a signet ring, or that ring your dad sometimes wears until you kindly ask him to please take it off. Others simply refer to it as a “man’s ring,” which is all the more reason women should start wearing them.

4. Rock 'N Rose Vintage Orla Cocktail Ring: As a fan of mood rings—and if you’re a human, as I’ll assume you are—I could not have been happier to see Erin touting two mood ring look-a-likes. The only difference is that with these rings, there’s only one mood, and that mood is onyx. Again, ASOS is your friend.

5. Maiden Egg Quartz Ring: While this should fall under the cocktail ring criteria, it’s important to not let the name “cocktail ring” confuse, lest you lose sight of the gold motif. The subdued, milky stone adds just the right amount of almost-bling.

—Rachel Hodin

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  • fancies&beauty

    Love that Rock 'N Rose Ring!

  • AsphodelJones

    Is it just me? I find Erin Wasson a little too cool for school. Please, don't flip me off in two photos, you awesome badass, you.

  • Lana


  • Roxana Hadadi

    kind of surprised that this post doesn't mention erin wasson's own jewelry line, low luv? I'm not sure if it's still in production, but I own practically every ring she made - chunky and gold were common themes, of course.

    • Rachel Hodin

      Unfortunately it's not in production anymore, or else I definitely would have included it!

    • LipglossandaBackpack

      Wasn't there some controversy about the "inspiration" for some of her pieces?

  • AsphodelJones

    It's sophomoric at best. If you're a grandma, I apparently am also a grandma.

    • i went there…

      yeah, she's a 32-year-old woman. she looks ridiculous.

  • Serena

    I like that you are featuring a range of prices; something different for ITG. But am I the only one who think there are way better options out there for all price ranges? I'm a whelmed.

  • lil lil

    omg the pic with the cornrows. so bad. like a female riff raff

  • Gabrielle

    I bought similar rings from ASOS last year and they went all pink after the third wear...


Warehouse Wide Mixed Stack Set Rings
Gorjana Dalena Ring
Kimberly Baker
Kimberly Baker Crown Heart Ring
Rock n' Rose
Rock ‘N Rose Vintage Orla Cocktail Ring
Maiden Egg Quartz Ring

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