Louboutin Now Makes Nail Polish


Once upon a time in the '90s a shoe designer, surname: Louboutin, was inspecting a pair of his shoes (let's make an educated guess and say they were stilettos) but felt that something was missing. So, as the story goes, he took a bottle of nail polish and painted the soles red. "Magnifique!" he probably exclaimed, and a cultural phenomenon was birthed.

Flash forward several years to find a shiny new pair of satin heels printed with red lacquered nails in celebration of the launch of the Christian Louboutin's very own glossy red polish—the first of many shades to come. (It's good. Very red, with a thin enough consistency that allows for easy spread but that delivers loads of pigment with only one coat.)

Is this life imitating art or art imitating life? Or if the real question is, "Can you please explain the bottle?" I defer to David Lynch, who directed the Rouge Louboutin campaign video.

—Annie Kreighbaum

Photos by Tom Newton.

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  • MsEaves

    Are those manicure shoes?! I want.

  • Molly Lyon

    I truly wish I was somewhat loaded enough to be able to buy this. Or, at least have a valid reason to purchase it. I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed someone buys it for me. (Wink, wink. Hint, hint.)

  • JY


  • Haiku Jew

    Louboutin polish
    an elegant extension
    here's to happy hands.

  • http://www.nizcherradi.com/ Niz Cherradi

    Louboutin nail polish! Perhaps I should combine them with my heels?

  • http://chareemag.com/ CMJannette

    The price a bit too steep for me but would definitley use the bottle as beauty table decoration

  • felineloulou

    the bottle alone makes it worth the price. seriously. that would look gorgeous on my vanity.


    I personally did not think the nail polish brush was wide enough. It is very narrow. I had to use more than the usual number of strokes to apply it to my nail. I also wondered about how the manicurist would have to adjust to the weight of the applicator brush. It is a tad weighty, but it makes an excellent paper weight and a nice gift for a holiday, b-day present, Wasn't the nail polish that Mr. Louboutain used a Revlon color? Does anyone know that color?

    • emily

      Legend has it that he used Revlon Red.

  • http://coffeeandconfetti.me/ Fiona Heath

    Bought my first pair of red soles last month. Decided to treat myself to the polish as the shoe is a peep toe. A gorgeous desk accessory as well!

  • lynnjamin

    Am I really the only one who thinks the bottle is tacky?

    • Victoria

      Nope! I think it's super ugly. Not about it at all.

      • lynnjamin

        We understand each other

    • Amanda

      it's ugly and inconvenient and awkward as hell

    • BuffyAnneSummers97

      You are not.

      • Rosie

        omg your username and icon are the best

  • Isabel

    Just beautiful...

  • Josef Šlaich

    Soory but i find louboutin nails varnishes ugly.

  • Danielle Wishart

    wow! Is it so crazy I want to buy it just because its Louboutin?! I think I will!

  • http://covenlosangeles.tumblr.com Luna

    Sort of Maleficent-ish, I like it!

  • http://theashleydavisproject.com/ Ashley

    Um, amazing!!!! I would love to get my hands on some of this. Just a tad out of my nail polish price range.

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    I'm not sure I could work with a brush handle that long!

  • arga

    Before I read the title I through the post was a DIY on how to make your shoes look like Louboutins

  • CherHorowitz


  • deannad

    Clever. Louboutin is finally capitalizing on the "Louboutin nails" trend that Adele popularized a couple of years ago at the Grammys. Charming color but that stilletto-inspired polish applicator seems incredibly challenging to use to actually polish your nails.

  • Pudgy Ducky

    Is this nail polish limited ?


Christian Louboutin Beaute
Christian Louboutin Beaute Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour