The 3-Day Packing List


Andreea Diaconu travels a lot. "It's about three to four times a week," she says. "Usually Paris to New York, then back to London, then Paris again. St. Barths, Antigua, or Anguilla for beach shoots. Then Milan or LA—and it always changes with the season." Ah, the perks of being a model in more campaigns than you can shake a boarding pass at. As such, she's developed a carry-on strategy that's more of a science than the haphazard "anything that'll fit in this Ziploc"-type deal. Here are her rules for fitting three days into one bag:

Embrace being basic
"I take two button-downs, a sweater, three basic white shirts, three black ones, Acquaverde or Frame jeans, and then my running and yoga stuff—black leggings and a Billabong tank. I have the day-of-the-week underwear from Stella McCartney and make sure to have socks for the plane. And always flats, like Birkenstocks or Céline. If I'm going somewhere summery, I take a dress, like this Tallow one, and a Philip Lim bandeau bikini. That's it!"

Finally sample those samples
"I try out all of my samples when I'm traveling—anything that's little. There's this tin of Beautified Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax for Curly to Kinky Hair and these tiny bottles of Tracie Martyn Absolute Purity Toner and Lotus Sculpt Activator. I got them a long time ago and I keep refilling them."

Take advantage of the downtime
"When I'm on the plane, I use this SK-II Facial Treatment Mask once or twice a month—it’s very hydrating. I’ll put it on and look like a freak; It’s a conversation starter. People are like, 'What the hell are you doing?'"

—as told to ITG

 Andreea Diaconu photographed in her home in New York by Tom Newton.

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  • Miss Y.

    I used to be the most basic packer, but that meant I never had clothes to go to a party, a nice dinner, on a date... So now I overpack every single time (within bagage limits of course) and even though it's a bit of a pain to pack and unpack everything, it's so much better to have multiple options.

    • mlle

      I tend to bring a basic black dress and a wide enough variety of accessories that I can style it for anything that comes up. I'm awful about getting anywhere without three pairs of shoes, though (usually flats, heels, and boots, though it varies by season/destination).

      • aimeemdoyle

        Yeah, you can make any basic outfit fit most settings simply with accessories!

    • firefirepants

      My everyday black skinny jeans with a black tissue tank top with heels or flat sandals and some seriously dangly earrings are all I need. With my hair scraped up in a high bun and a red lip I'm good to go.

    • thebestdressup

      so agree...why else to have all that luvSTUFF?

  • Stephanie

    You can't go wrong with the SK-II mask! My face looks so luminous after using it.

  • Haiku Jew

    Packing is a pain
    cram clothes in bag, and then hope
    that they won't wrinkle.

  • B

    I swear by SK-II Facial Treatment Masks on the plane too, and I don't care what class I'm travelling. I've been known to walk around the aisles and ask the flight attendants for cups of tea to their amusement...

  • Edwina@WINONA,INC.

    I admire anyone who can do this.

  • pansytwist

    who makes those desert boots?

  • starryhye

    I don't travel much, but when I do I like to have options. I've gotten better at packing coordinating items to get the most mileage from each piece. Jeans, casual tops, maybe one dressy top, heels, flats and loads of accessories usually does it. I definitely have a stockpile of samples that I keep in my travel case! That's just common sense, right?

  • kamo12

    Eight shirts for three days, not including work out tops? Not to be all "minimalist-ier than thou," but there is totally more room for streamlining there! Two whites (in case you visibly stain or sweat in one), one black (no one can tell). (Yes I sometimes pretend my laziness/grossness is minimalism shhhhh.)

    • softy

      haha i was thinking the same thing! hello fellow minimalist packer.

    • Sarika

      I totally agree! Maybe the clothing requirements for a model and a mere mortal are different, but IMO her version of "packing light" is still too much for just 3 days.
      Again, lazy or minimalist, you decide ;)

  • Natalie Pope

    I really could have used this for my whirlwind trip to Chicago for lollapalooza.

  • LouiseLapin

    9 shirts for 3 days is packing light???

  • Dressed with soul

    I have to admit that I tend to excess baggage ... looks like I can learn from you a lot!

  • Emma and Emily

    Adored this post, I'm going away for 3 days this weekend, so it has helped me back!

  • Currently Wearing

    I also tend to overpack...I guess it comes with age:-)

  • Lisa

    The facemask idea is so basic but insanely amazing. I'll try it on my next flight in 2 weeks! :)

  • Sarika

    An alternative to the SK-II mask that Andreea suggests, and one that I like using, is the Origins Drink-Up Intensive mask, which is clear and just looks like thick moisturiser (and is cheaper than the SK-II one). It's no conversation starter, but it gets the job done and smells like apricots :)

  • Valentina Duracinsky

    I'm getting a lot better at this too.
    Love the idea of taking samples.

  • petitamber

    Anyone else in envy of those cute little green velvet slip ons? Great article!

  • Amelia Molly

    Packpoint is probably the most useful travel app I've come across - it factors in weather, access to laundry/if you're willing to re-wear certain items, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure (or both), and what activities you plan to do. Definitely beats my prior make-a-list-and-start-packing-an-hour-before-leaving-for-the-airport method.


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Stella McCartney
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Beautified Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax for Curly to Kinky Hair
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