Beware Of “Sushi Face”


Just a friendly lunchtime reminder (from your salt-loving friends here at ITG) to watch your sodium intake before a big event with high photo probability—or end up feeling too puffy. From Teresa Palmer's Top Shelf:

"Before a photo shoot or a press junket, I do not eat anything with salt in it… I once read an interview with Julianne Moore where she talks about it, and she called it ‘sushi face.’ Like, when you go and have sushi the night before, you wake up with sushi face. It fits! A ‘seagan’ with sushi face—that’s not too appealing. [Laughs]"

[Closes can of Pringles] [Frowns]

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  • Calypso

    But what does 'sushi face' actually look like?

    • joannanyc

      Puffy! But honestly, unless you are being photographed a lot you don't need to worry.

  • jellymo

    Good tip but it's also important to keep in mind that sodium is absolutely essential so cutting it out for too long can lead to nausea, fatigue, muscle weakness…some not-so desirable symptoms of hyponatremia.

    • ITG Annie

      Definitely, great point

    • Mademoiselle nature

      Great point! ...:-) People who also suffer from low blood pressure may eat a bit more salty than "normal".

  • zallyhood

    Salt is the enemy....yet there is nothing I love more

  • caryrandolph

    So...what are good foods to eat before a high-photo-probability event?

  • Monkey

    there's an easy way to avoid this... don't dunk your rolls in the soy sauce. If you're eating good quality fresh fish you don't really need it anyway (??!). The sushi itself doesn't contain much sodium, it's only an issue if you drench it in the soy

    • Nae

      I never got in to soy sauce--I prefer my unagi and salmon half-nekkid--so I guess I'm in the clear!

  • Haiku Jew

    I like "sushi face"
    filling my mouth with fresh fish
    always makes me smile.

  • jellymo

    There's also Bragg's Liquid Aminos- it's an alternative to soy sauce that's actually really tasty. Plus the sodium is way lower.

  • me

    Avoid the soy sauce - that's the really salty part. Also, magnesium does wonders with puffiness / being bloated!

  • Grace

    i definitely went and ate sushi after this. no photos for me today! (also its sunday aka pyjama day)

  • irisflower

    what do you mean salmon contours the face? sounds pretty brilliant...! too good to be true?!

  • Samantha

    Great tip! I am currently suffering from sushi face at the moment...

  • summer

    i think it's called water retention? that's what sodium does to you, i think its something the asians have been very wary of for a long time

  • Minko

    I've never heard of this.. weird