Deodorant Roll Call


Nothing says "tried and true" like an endorsement from some of the best-smelling people we know. As follows are the results of an archive deep dive into the Top Shelf corner of the site for deodorant recs—the best of the best for your next basketball game, night out on the town, or stressful situation.

Standard stick

Amar’e Stoudemire: “Before games, I use the original Degree deodorant; I think it lasts the longest.”

Misty Copeland: “I keep Dove deodorant in my purse for when I’m in the studio for between-rehearsal touch-ups when I’m a little... ‘ew.’”

Nicola Formichetti: “I only wear women’s deodorant. Have you smelled guys deodorant?! It’s terrible. I love this one—Dove Powder Fresh. I’ve used it for like, ten years.”

Jessica Stam: “I’ve been using men’s deodorant for years—original Old Spice. I just think it’s the best smell.”

Cindy Crawford: “I use Secret Deodorant. I know that’s really bad and I should be using some type of aluminum-free deodorant, but I don’t want to smell bad!”

Emily Weiss: “I’ve been wearing Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant, which is the weirdest choice because it has a coordinating fragrance and body wash. Lady deodorants can smell a little bit like feminine-hygiene products, but it works so well.”


Samira Nasr: “I don’t want my perfume to compete with a heavily fragranced deodorant, I like Biotherm Deo Pure. It smells clean and it works. Who knew the French made the best deodorant?”

Joséphine de la Baume: “I love Shiseido products—I use Shiseido deodorant; it just smells really good. I think a deodorant is just as important as a perfume, you know? Have you ever made out with someone and then you smell their deodorant and you’re so repulsed? [Laughs] It’s just something to think about. This one smells good and it works. I’m terrible because I should use one that’s more organic, but then again, I don’t know how much those organic crystal ones are just marketing. I’ve tried a couple, and I don’t think they work so well, and they’re messy. I would rather smell good than smell like an onion.”


Alexa Chung: “I definitely use deodorant every day—the Pomegranate Crystal Essence Natural Protection Mineral Deodorant. I think it works, but I’m also not very sweaty. You have to use it for about a week and then it starts working. That’s the only one I can use because I don’t want armpit cancer.”

Brendan Fallis: "My girlfriend told me to try her crystal deodorant. I was a little nervous that it would do nothing because it has no scent. I also had a few 'hair-pulling' experiences (I didn't realize you need to moisten the stick before use).  It works so well, though. And, even though I use it daily, in the last year it doesn't look like I've even used any, so it's affordable too!"


Hannah Bronfman: “I use Weleda—it’s a rose spray. I’m very picky about my deodorants. I probably didn’t wear one for a long time because it’s hard for me to find one that works well with my body, and this is amazing. I’m really into it.”


Alessandra Codhina: "I’ve been using this Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient antiperspirant cream and I like it, but it’s weird, because you have to wait and let it dry, and I’m just standing there nude with this cream in my armpits, but then when it’s dry, it just works."

A Rock

Ana Kras: “I don’t like regular deodorants because they have some ingredients that are really bad, and the white streak thing is gross. Then my aunt from Stockholm got me a piece of rock. At first I was skeptical because it was a rock, but she told me to wet it. It was great, you could wear synthetic clothes and still never smell bad.”

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  • Haiku Jew

    The quest for clean scents
    has led me to Tom's of Maine
    now, I never stink.

    • its complicated

      they're also owned by Colgate-Palmolive, bummer.

  • Talia

    I used to use Weleda Sage, but then I realized that it's basically rubbing alcohol and citric acid plus essential oils, so I've been making my own out of rubbing alcohol, vitamin c powder, and sandalwood oil.

    • krishnas2468

      Does that work!? Can you share the recipe?!

    • Siobhan

      Yes - please do share the recipe! I'd love to make my own :)

    • JY

      I once paid $20 for Weleda's Rosemary Hair Oil. It's just peanut oil with essential oils. Peanut oil is so cheap. I was not pleased.

  • Mary

    Aesop spray deodorant is a must try - delicious vetiver and no nasty chemicals!

  • circafashion

    i agree about the Cashmere mist. Works well and you smell great


    I recently bought the Clarins roll-on after trying many others (including the Superbly Efficient which turned out to be a Superbly Large Waste of Money) and I'm very happy with it. I'm curious about the Shiseido. I didn't know they had one and I love their products.

  • therealblonde

    Cashmere Mist all the way. I'm a sweat monster, and I've tried almost everything under the sun, and usually, if I like them, they stop working after a couple of months. Cashmere Mist has been my savior for the past two years! Downside: white streaks (but that happens with a lot of deos)

  • Olivia

    I just finished my first jar of Schmidt's Ylang Ylang & Calendula Deodorant. It smells amazing and works the best of any natural deodorant I've tried. I do keep a stick of cashmere mist on hand for days when natural just won't hack it.

  • EM

    I wasn't a fan of the Crystal deos. In Love with Body Care's Soothe deodorant is by far the best natural deodorant I've tried.

  • Dom

    I just discovered a brand from Brooklyn called Meow Meow Tweet and their tea tree cream deodorant is THE BEST. And you don't have to wait for it to dry, as you rub it in it turns into a matte finish, and last all day without an overpowering scent. It also comes in lavendar.

  • Hannah M.

    I can't vouch for it myself, but basically every person on the internet sings the praises of the Soapwalla deodorant cream. I personally live by men's clear solid Degree deodorant (hate the staining caused by antiperspirant).

    • ELM

      I second the Soapwalla recommendation! I've been using it for 4 years now, it's the only one I'll wear.

    • KatieSharry

      I love the Soapwalla deodorant! When I first went natural I tried one of the Kiss My Face roll ons (which, you have to sit and let your armpits dry...that's weird) and I am really happy with my switch to soapwalla. I love the smell when I put it on (it fades away pretty quickly) and I don't have any issues after a sweaty yoga class!

  • katie

    Uncle Harry's vetiver and sandalwood! It's a company no one has ever heard of. A little on the crunchy side, but all their products have been highly effective for me. Also: Great packaging.

  • krishnas2468

    I've been using the Arm and Hammer Essential Deodorant in "Fresh" for a while (almost a year?) and it's pretty good! Probably not the best if you are super stinky; you'll need to reapply, but it's also only a few dollars. It comes on sale all the time! I once got it in a 3/$3 deal!

  • Eliza

    Ugh deodorant is one of those few hold-outs that I don't think I'll EVER go organic with--I've tried Toms and Weleda and I just can't. I'd rather die of aluminum poisoning than smell haha.

    • Guest

      THIS! I've been trying to ride the aluminum-free wave for a few weeks and I don't know if I can hang any longer. I'm so paranoid that I reek all day.

    • Mady

      I've tried a good number of "natural" deodorants, and they all suck big time. An hour or so after application, they actually make me smell worse than sans deodorant. Plus a lot of them contain baking soda and other potentially irritating chemicals like essential oils. There's really no great evidence that aluminum is harmful to our health (based on my limited research in reputable sources, anyways), and since I have an active lifestyle and interact with a lot of people, well, worrying about smelling just isn't worth it :)

      • cody

        neither baking soda nor essential oils are irritating in reasonable doses, unless you are allergic to the specific oil you're applying. that, and essential oils are definitely not chemical based!
        ...aluminum isn't harmful to our heath?? the amount of peer-reviewed, reputable information on that topic is overwhelming, and aluminum isn't doing anything positive for our bodies. are you here to represent proctor and gamble?

        • Mady

          Not at all. I have zero vested interest in anti-perspirant sales, or any product for that matter. I went to school for long enough to trust legitimate experts, who may not be able to tell us that something (incl aluminum) is 100% safe, but also don't tend to prey on people's fears of "chemicals" like so many internet quacks do (most people can't even tell who the quacks are). As for sodium bicarb and EO - I know people who had reactions to some commercial deodorants containing them. It doesn't mean that all of them are irritating for everyone, and if a non-irritating, "natural" concoction keeps you from stinking, then hey! awesome!

          I also want to add that if someone wants to believe that chemical X is dangerous, them he/she will be able to find internet sources supporting these claims. And usually, unless you have the appropriate educational background, you won't even know if the data you're presented with is biased. I trust medical association sources, and if your argument is that health professionals can't be trusted because their pockets are stuffed by P&G every time they say "there's no good evidence that antiperspirant causes cancer", then we should just agree to disagree.

        • Melanie

          Agreed. It's insane to say that we don't know that aluminum is harmful. It only takes a simple Google search to find quite a few studies that say otherwise.

          • Mady

            Melanie, I can't tell you 100% that aluminum in antiperspirant is not harmful to our health. Nothing is ever certain in science. There can always be a quality study years from now disproving what we currently know. But you can find studies showing that water is harmful. It's all about the context of the study, the dose, the statistics used, etcetc. Unless you have the background and critical thinking skills required to appraise these studies you speak of, you're better off not doing Google searches, or if you do, stick to legit medical websites. Just my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. There is a lot of fear-mongering out there, and it's super easy to get sucked in if you want to believe that something is harmful.

  • ITG Annie


  • its complicated

    Tom's is supposed to be natural-ingredients-only, not tested on aminals, without the use of chemicals, etc and I simply do not believe that such corporate giant as C-P cares enough to follow that. They have unlimited amounts of money and they can do whatever they want.

    Same with "organic" or "natural" products from supermarkets, owned by Clorox (Burt's Bees), Kraft Foods (Back to Nature), Coca-Cola (Odwalla juices), Pepsi (Naked Juice), Kellog's (Kashi), Smuckers (R.W. Knudsen and Santa Cruz Organic). It's my personal choice not to support them.

  • Ally

    TLDYEU. I've been using this "natural" deodorant cream for the past few weeks and it's managed to get me through my marathon training without smelling like a beast afterwards.

  • B

    Dr Hauschka's Fresh - AMAZING. Been using it for about 4 years now!

  • JY

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Cindy on this one.

  • ITGFerber
  • JY

    I know! At least Weleda could have used a carrier oil known for its moisturizing properties.

  • Cdb

    The crystal deodorant thing is not "natural". Still full of harmful aluminum. Google "crystal deodorant bad for you", you'll be unfortunately surprised. :-(

  • Melanie

    Really? I bought Island Moonlight and have been burning that not knowing it was a dupe for the volcano candle...and I've been wanting to try the volcano candle for the longest time! Thanks for the tip. (:

  • JSL

    I've started to DIY after finding a good recipe online: 3 parts coconut oil, 2 parts baking soda, 2 parts starch of your choice (I use cornstarch because it's what I had available, but others like arrowroot powder), a few drops of essential oil if desired. It does separate in hot weather and isn't perfect for traveling, so you can add beeswax to help it stay solid. However, it works so much better than anything I've tried at making me smell clean without making me smell like bathroom cleaner or FRESH ICY BLAST FOGHORN. It works just fine without any added fragrance, but I add a few drops of coriander, clary sage, vetiver, and jasmine essential oils. This all goes into a pretty ceramic bowl with a lid that I found at the Goodwill. Way nicer looking than any tube of deodorant I've seen so far.

    For commercial products I will use unscented Mitchum (effective but flakes a bit around the edges) or a combination of Weleda rose spray deodorant and Rocky Mountain Soap Co liquid crystal roll-on in geranium. Not quite as effective as the DIY but some mornings I really do want to fuss with bottles, KWIM?

  • Erin J.

    Oh man. I LOVED the Lavanila and was so happy to find a natural deodorant that actually worked after trying so many that didn't. I thought my problems were finally solved! Even if it is pretty expensive for deodorant. But after finishing up my first tube, I got a terrible rash from the second one. I took a break from it and when I tried it again, I got the rash again. I was SOOOO bummed. Now it's back to the drawing board...sigh...

    • Donora Hillard

      I'm so sorry! Another (surprisingly) cruelty free one that I use is Mitchum, if that helps. Best wishes, Erin. :)

  • rentotheata

    Living Libations Poetic Pits ftw. I've been using them since the winter (and I'm a running, bike commuting, hot yoga-er who works in an office).
    They're good for you, and smell AMAZING.

  • Belleoftheballs

    I completely second the Cashmere Mist recommendation!!! It is the most effective deodorant I have tried and smells wonderful.

  • celeste

    soapwalla all the way!

  • Obz0cky

    I have tried so many different brands of natural deodorant only to be musky and disappointed and swear by only one: Aubrey's E Plus High C roll-on (hint: roll-ons are much better than stick deodorants in the natural section).

    Major game-changer. To be fair, I keep Crystal Essence spray in Green Tea and Chamomile in my car for an afternoon touch up. But only Aubrey's assures I won't leave work smelling like I spent the day mowing the lawn.


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