The Look: Alisa In Stila


"I like natural makeup—not too much. Right now I'm only wearing a BB cream. I really like the cheap one from Maybelline. It's so good. With so many of them you can see that you have something on, but this one just melts in. And it doesn't have petroleum, I try to check for that. Nails I just keep blank because I'm always having to take polish on and off for shoots, but I use Essie cuticle oil at night. I've only colored my hair once—orange orange when I was 15. It grew out, thank God. But I prefer only a little bit of color. You know, like a lip."

Or maybe a lid? A quick tracing of Stila's colorful Stay All Day Liner on a clean (or bb'ed—like in the case of the German-born Calvin Klein exclusive) face makes for a "Hey, that's neat!" way to do makeup without the multi-step trials and tribulations of wearing an in-your-face lip color (though sometimes worth it) or a perfectly worn-in smudge (again, can be worth it). Alisa's wearing Turquoise, but consider Amber to contrast green eyes, Periwinkle for brown, and Paradise Pink because why not? If a red lip is the icing on the cake, a swipe of one of the felt-tipped liquid liners is the insouciant shake of sprinkles on the cupcake: they're foolproof.

Alisa Ahmann (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Eleri Roberts

    I need to get myself some MaybellIine BB cream - her skin looks amazing!

  • Leandra Guillet

    That's a really nice colour! I'm always so guarded with my eyeliner choices (ie black, brown), but today I'm going to do something colourful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Guest

    wow, hair envy. The stila liner is pretty great, especially during this humid weather

  • Georgia

    I feel exactly the same about paradise pink with a bare face
    cool but not try hard... well at least i hope

  • Cam

    lips, what's on the lips?!?

    • ITG Annie

      Nothing! She has amazing natural color—hair, lips, cheeks, eyes. Insane.

      • Emma Hager

        I was just gonna say...her coloring is phenomenal.

  • bluesky557

    Good grief, there is nothing harmful about petroleum in cosmetics. It's just a hydrocarbon made from dead dinosaurs! Doesn't get more natural than that. ;)

  • Emma Hager

    I never think about applying eye makeup (particularly liner and mascara) in different colors, but there's a subtle and unique sophistication to, say, a blue of violet. Black doesn't cover alllll the bases.

  • Arden

    Were you a little inspired by Garance?

  • jas

    stila liquid eyeliner is my absolute favourite! i swear by it. i wish i could own all the colours...

  • Jorely Posada

    wow, that skin

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I love the color on her. I'd need something with a little more oomph.

  • Emily

    I think light coloured eyeliner is going to be my mid-year resolution!

  • Izzie

    Pair any of the colorful Stila liners with a black cat eye and you get a classic yet edgy look. I absolutely love them, so versatile!

  • Dana Langer

    great post! looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • clugo

    Marni used a pale aqua liner on a fresh face many years ago. I always loved that look, but for some reason it can skew teenager-ish in real life...any tips on applying the eyeliner so that it looks graphic and sophisticated?


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner