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In the most brilliant hair development since bottling ocean water, Hershesons salon in London has put together a visual menu of eight different haircuts for those better at using their index finger than using their words. There's a chic version of something for everyone: fringe, long layers, a Donna Hayward bob, a fashion bowl cut, and a couple of choppy side swoops. No scouring Instagram, no finding time to source images for hair goal moodboards, no hoping that the first dozen pages of the closest waiting area magazine has something cute, no "Just do whatever!"-ing and silently praying. You can simply show up, sit down, and select (customization is welcome). Maybe throw in a grunt as you gesture toward the one you like—so easy, a caveman could do it.

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  • Bella

    Great idea, pity the styles only really suit one hair type (straight to wavy, or married-to-your-straighteners/tongs).

    • Mady

      I do love those cuts, but like you imply, it would be so nice to see more images of curls! I have naturally curly hair, yet I just don't feel as "pretty" unless it's been could just be that they don't suit my face as well, but I do wonder if it's years of conditioning, seeing almost exclusively straight hair on women in the media? Kind of like long vs. short hair on women. We see the former as the stereotypically hot/sexy/feminine because those are the messages we grow up with (at least in the less-than-sophisticated pop media), but it isn't actually inherently more beautiful. Ah, just some thoughts. We need more Felicity-curly-pixie images out there ;)

      • JY

        There are also racial and socioeconomic subtexts to society's preference for straight hair.

      • lucky

        Straight hair is have a moment, albeit a long one. I would literally give the tip of my pinky for Stevie Nicks-in-the-early-80's poofy huge frizz curls.

      • devo13

        I agree and would love to see more curly cuts too. And though I loved Felicity's curls, I think there's room for other diverse curly types like Solange which would in turn help people such as yourself feel more "pretty" rocking their natural curls.

      • mintcherrytea

        Recently realized that perhaps this stereotype of attractive/"hot/sexy/feminine" women with "exclusively straight hair" from the media comes from the fact that the longer your hair is, the more shampoo you use, the more money shampoo companies make. Same goes for salons and straightening hair. That's why they need to make long/straight hair attractive. There is a lot of money to make out of our insecurities. On the flipside, I love curly hair. I've got straight hair and I've permed my hair and love the wavy locks. Perming costs a lot (both financially and physically- as it can dry out my hair), but I'm willing to do it anyway. Why is it that we like things that we can't have! That's why it's also been a recent goal to become content and satisfied with what I have and who I am.

    • JY

      ITG, how about one just for curly hair? It will be a challenge, but I know you can do it.

      • tera

        I don't think they can. I will therefore offer my own advice- long layers. My curls lay and spiral better when a bit longer. If they are anywhere above my shoulders, they get spazzy and wide. Also, when it's shorter, it is called "cute", whereas now I have actually heard the word "pretty". These words are miles apart, and for me, essential to feeling grown up. Yea, people's words do influence how feel about myself- I will not deny it! I like long curls, they are easy to put up as well. Sometimes the best haircut is letting it grow.

        • JY

          Yeah, short wavy hair looks chic. Short curly hair looks childish.

          • devo13

            Short curly hair can look very stylish and chic. I should know - I definitely don't look childish, more like a sophisticated woman who can rock short hair, not something everyone can do.

          • JY

            How do you style your hair?

          • devo13

            It's pretty easy, I usually just wash and go. Without a texturizer to stretch out my curls, they are very tightly coiled, something I'm still adjusting to as I usually like looser but still defined curls. Sometimes I wear a headband to smooth back the sides and top especially if they start getting big. But it's all about the cut, that gives it a good foundation. I keep it shorter on the sides and back and longer on top but in a nice, rounded shape.

  • Juniper Bell

    Love the cuts and the pictures. And it's a great concept, If only curly haired people existed in this curated world.

    • Molly


    • kamo12

      Agreed! It's also a huge pet peeve of mine when the only curly styles shown are super wild/undone looks that are clearly not meant to be daily looks (unless you're Grace Coddington). On the bright side, I can confirm that the first cut works fabulously on 2B curly/wavy hair. The ones with blunt bangs - not so much.

  • conni boykins

    I'm all over cut 1 and have been contemplating a chop for some time now......decisions, decisions

  • Brooke A

    love number 5. thanks for posting

  • Lana

    Number two is so 70s glam. Gorgeous!

  • Eliza

    Love Cuts 1, 3 (but 3 is kind of like when you love a makeup look when really the model is just gorgeous--she just has amazing hair), and 7. Cannot get behind the #2 bowl cut though.

  • Catherine

    Who would choose the second one? I am mystified!

    • JY

      Rihanna had a sort of-bowl cut. Then again, she would look good in anything.

    • lucky

      demi moore in the 90s, Karen O, lots of New York fashion girls, it's a thing

      • devo13

        Right, but is it a thing with non-New York fashion girls? How about regular people? And Demi Moore's haircut was not a bowl-cut like #2, it was like #6.

        • lucky

          Maybe not with "regular" girls yet...there's usually a trickle down from fashion people to somewhere in Utah that takes months to years, right?

          • devo13

            True, it does take some time to make it to other parts of the country, I'm assuming, since I live in NYC, the epicenter of many trends

  • Emma Hager

    This is such a good idea. I get my mother to cut my hair in the backyard and one time I showed her pictures of a style that wasn't just straight across. That did not go over well. Hair Menus should be opened in salons only.

  • helios555

    can you please post the men's version? thank you!

    • ITGFerber

      They don't have one...yet!

  • itsjpei

    They're absolutely stunning on the models. But then again they're highly styled and I doubt I'd look that great when I'm in a rush to get ready in the morning!

  • Tamara

    Love cut #6. Always wanted a pixie cut but my stylist didn't tell me that, that look wouldn't look as flattering since i have curly hair. I would love to find pixie curly hair.