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Lottie Moss Stole Kate’s Calvins

Lottie by Michael Avedon, Kate by Patrick Demarchelier
Lottie by Michael Avedon, Kate by Herb Ritts

Fun fact: In 1997 Kate Moss was shot by Richard Avedon for Calvin Klein. Seventeen years later, Kate's kid sister Lottie was shot by Richard Avedon's grandson Michael, also for Calvin Klein. This, friends, calls for a good ol' fashioned side-by-side [1]. The new campaign features the 16-year-old in limited edition Calvin Klein, recreated as a part of mytheresa.com's Re-Issue Project which launches in the US on July 16 (including some of the same styles Kate wore way back when). If you can't wait till then, or it's indeed so limited that you miss out, the Insta-famous CK Modern undies have the same throwback vibes and you can get 'em at Macy's.

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  • http://www.madame-ostrich.com/ Madame Ostrich

    She is so lovely! Such a cool collaboration!

  • http://www.leathernxg.com Jeff Smith

    Nice look...Love the jacket!!!!

  • Ago Prime

    nice looks!

  • Miss Y.

    Lottie sure is a beautiful girl, but she looks so incredibly young. I find it just a bit strange, because to me it looks more like a stunning thirteen year old playing 'photographer' with a talented friend than someone who has real personality and character and let's it shine through. Can't help but find this a bit weird. I'm getting old :-)

  • Jill

    "Lottie stole Kate's Calvins". Naaaaw, she didn't. She's not bad, but there's only one Kate and always will be. That facial structure belongs to no other.

  • lola

    I can't stop laughing...

    • JY


  • http://www.thewefter.com/ Sarah Sá Couto

    She's ballsy and apparently doesn't care about being compared to other women. I'd say that's very Kate Moss.

  • Lucy

    Lottie has the same look in every photo. Not much emotion behind her eyes. Doesnt seem to compare with Kate.

  • Alx

    Agree - these pictures fall flat for me.

  • JY

    I agree. Around Kate Moss's 40th birthday, the Guardian, of all newspapers, wrote a ton of articles about her. One commenter said that the UK worshipped Kate Moss because she epitomized 90's working class Britain: greasy spoons and poor choice in boyfriends, to paraphrase it. Like all young people, she made mistakes but went on with her life. That's what made her a living, breathing human even in front of the camera.
    Lottie probably hasn't lived long enough to fail and learn as Kate has. To be an interesting model, you have to be an interesting person first.

  • http://www.radrienne.com Rebecca

    I don't think the point is to compare the two women but more to show the evolution of the brand whilst giving a nod to it's heritage. But I agree, this new campaign is la little flat, poor girl has to try and fill Kate Moss' shoes?! That's a tough role.

  • Camille

    Oh man, these pictures made me cringe. I'm sorry but Kate is just... way more captivating. I feel bad for the girl because, no matter what she says/does, she will forever be compared to Kate.


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