Lana Del Rey’s “Bikini So Teeny”


Pastel nails, a colorful lip and a cat: I certainly had an intuition that this would be my August '14 beauty philosophy, but, like everything else, it wasn’t until Lana gave it her stamp of approval that I felt abundantly sure of this fact. Pamela Cochrane was on makeup for the August Rolling Stone cover, and tells us she used a combo of MAC Cherry lip pencil and Chantecaille Poppy Lip Stick for the lips. The nails are Essie's Bikini So Teeny. As for the cat, I’m going to take a wild guess here and say it's by…Pets On Lex? Either way, it looks good on her.

—Rachel Hodin

Lana Del Rey photographed by Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone August 2014. Makeup by Pamela Cochrane, hair by Anna Cofone.

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  • Emma Hager

    "Down on the West Coast, they got a saying:" if you're not using 'Bikini So Teeny,' you're doing it all wrong.

    I guess I've been doing it all wrong. Running go store pronto.

    • Clever Girl Reviews


  • kat

    i like her style, it's nice to see something other than no-makeup makeup on a celebrity once in a while

    • Emma Hager

      Yes! And she has such a strong aesthetic, too. You can tell the older iconography goes far beyond just beauty for her. It's shaped how she identifies herself, emotionally categorizes herself, etc. Love.

  • Sabina Gdowski

    Lana Del Rey TOP SHELF pretty, pretty please!!!

    • JY

      There's an interview with her on YouTube from when she was living in a New Jersey trailer park. Even though she had little money, she said that she "always" had lipliner and fake lashes.

      • Coco

        isn't her dad a multi-millionaire?

        • JY

          She said that she wanted to do her own thing, even if it meant being poor for a while. It's up to you whether you believe her.

        • Gloria

          no he isn't.

  • NazNYC

    I'm curious about what she uses for that cat eye we often see

  • Hailey Dash

    I've loved Lana Del Rey forever, she's so great xx


MAC Lip Pencil
Chantecaille Lipstick
Essie Nail Polish, Bikini So Teeny

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