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Isabel Marant Can’t Wait For Fall


It's barely July and fall campaign season (!!!) is officially upon us. First up, some Instagram shots from Isabel Marant, Metro-stalking her own F/W '14 campaign images, which include a floating, wet-look Gisele, and a new, spiked-heel, fold-over (?) bootie masquerading as a horn of plenty. Do with that information what you will.

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  • Jamie

    I'm in the same boat. Ready for makeup trends that don't melt off my face and wearing clothes again.

  • Haiku Jew

    I miss my sweaters
    they're safely stashed for the fall
    caress of cashmere!

  • Cassie Lynn

    I miss living up north! Houston doesn't offer good sweater weather until at least late November... :/

  • Accademia di Moda

    Cannot wait for Isabel Marant to launch! If the fold-over bootie is any indication of the collection, we think we will be scooping up lots of Marant for Fall!


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