Head Scarves: Don’t Overthink It

Giambattista Valli Couture Fall 2014

Efficiency is the word of the day. If the intention of a head scarf is to disguise the fact that you didn't wash your hair (as it often is), then you shouldn't spend as much time tying one as it would have taken you to just hop in the shower. Plus a haphazard silk knotted lop looks way cool. Efficiency.

Photo via Instagram @giambattistavalli

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  • JY

    My head scarf inspiration is Zadie Smith.

    • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

      Yessss. Ms. Smith has it down.

  • Chloe

    My favorite way to avoid washing my hair for one more day!!

  • Aparnaa

    I did the Rosie the Riveter hair scarf look when I was driving up to a wedding, so I could cover up pinned curls. I felt so unexplainably chic pumping gas!

  • Valerie @ LTMC

    While you make a very valid point, I'm not sure I could pull this off!!

  • Yaz

    Can you give us a few different ideas for wearing the headscarf?

  • ljfogel

    The sunglasses are amaze. Brand?

    • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

      I checked, their Moscot!

      • ljfogel

        Just saw this. Wow, thank you!

      • LJIS

        Thank you!

  • melissa

    silk headscarves also protect against split ends. black girls/women of color don't go to bed without a head scarf on... i also like headscarfs to add fun and flirtness to an outfit.

  • http://www.clumsychic.com Karen

    Such a fun way to accessories your hair for the summer. I wonder if this would work for someone with pixie cut?