More Hair Accessories, Please


Think of this as a visual ode to your hair accessory drawer. When you need to wash your face but don't want to crease your hair, that drawer is there for you with a soft, stretched-out scrunchie to gently pull it up. That time you cut your bangs really short before joining a co-ed soccer league, it had your accordion comb from 1998 safely ready and waiting. Greasy hair? Oh, you mean slicked-back triple-stacked ponytail? And when you simply want to feel a little special but the world is giving you nothing but heather grey, it has rhinestone twist-in jewels.

Our model, Paris, grew up in Australia with scrunchies as a mandatory part of her school uniform. Coincidentally, Australia currently ranks number one on the Better Life Index. Just putting that out there. For everyone else, it's never too late to start building up a decent stockpile. Claire's is an obvious choice, and H&M, Topshop, and Forever 21 are other solid mall options. But for the really good stuff—fuzzy terry hair ties, oversized star snaps, and no-crease rubberized clips—try an old-school beauty supply with zero Yelp presence.

—Annie Kreighbaum

Paris Roberts (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Adlena Dignam using Bumble and bumble.

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  • K.

    greasy hair and scrunchies? um, no. It would make me feel a depressed 13-year old again.

  • estheresther

    remember adlena did the hair on a shoot i assisted on!

  • Yasmeen M

    These pictures bring back my toddler days of pig tails and braids---to be clear I wore one on one side of my head on the latter on the other. To round the look off I also had no front tech seeing as those tend to fall out in childhood. Not only is this post an ode to an accessories drawer, but it's an ode to every little girl whoever slipped her tiny feet into her mother's pumps, painted her mouth in red lipstick and stuck clips, beads, and the occasional chewed gumball into her hair (resulting in more trouble over ruined lipstick than ruined locks). Initially, I was skeptical as I read the post, thinking "I'm more of a natural, let-your locks swing kind of girl", but then I remembered that I was once a little girl, too. and I could not help smiling and reminiscing by the time I finished looking at the pictures. What an awesome post. I think I'll rock some clips today ; )

  • Emma Hager

    If there's one thing I need to get back into these days, it's my barrette box. My grandmother gave me a bunch from the 50s that are adorable, and sometimes I like to feel like Lolita if Lolita had chosen a dude remotely in her age range.

    • JY

      But did Lolita choose?

      • Emma Hager

        I think in many ways yes, and in other ways, absolutely not. Her exact ratio of the aforementioned, well, we're never going to get it out of her.

  • hollygoeslightly22

    This feels a little too young.

  • Haiku Jew

    Old scrunchies don't die
    they're recycled, cool cat toys
    if they still have stretch.

  • colleen

    is today itg's celebration of the infantilization of women

  • Eliza

    This is not for me...the only hair accessories I wear are hats. But to each their own--I'm sure someone can pull this off :)

  • Denisse

    I never understood the hate on scrunchies....I quite like them admittedly. Hair clips can be so cute and fun! (coming from a 22 y.o. child here apparently lol)

  • Katie

    I love this :) makes me want hair accessories back in my life