Free The Nipple!

Naomi Campbell
Painting by Emile Vernon
Anna by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Magazine
by David Hamilton
Givenchy by Alexander McQueen FW '99
Shalom Harlow at Christian Dior FW '97
photograph by George Pitts
John Galliano SS '99
Issey Miyake SS '92
Photograph by Lana Prins
Art by Robert Bubel
Photograph by Nicolas Coulomb
Theyskens Theory SS '12
Photograph by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Magazine
Balenciaga SS '99
Balenciaga SS '99
Photograph by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia October '97
Alexander McQueen SS '99
Olivier Theyskens SS '99
Prada FW '97
Shalom Harlow at Christian Dior SS '98
Halle Berry at the Academy Awards, 2002
Prada Spring '97
Haider Ackermann Spring '12
Gwyneth Paltrow at the Academy Awards, 2002
Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso

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  • Haiku Jew

    Nipples aren't naughty
    but many prudish people
    say "cover them up!"

  • Sarah Elise

    All of the tourist-trap souvenir shops in the Dominican Republic would agree

    • Georgia M

      Ha this is fantastic! Heading to DR in a week so shall keep an eye out for these.

    • Charmystique

      I couldn't agree more. It's a double standard when men are allowed to go topless and women aren't! These prudes need to ease up a little. I live in Singapore and going braless earns you countless stares. It's also considered illegal to be prancing around naked at home (the police came knocking on my friend's door cos she was sunbathing topless on her penthouse balcony!). Well I guess technically you can but just don't get caught!

      P.S.: Joining the titty mug clan!

  • Georgia M

    I feel that people who are offended by nipples are a little silly. Both men and women have nipples, so why is it ok for men to parade about topless but if a woman were to do it, they would be shamed? It baffles me. Two lumps of breast tissue is the only differentiation! FREE THE NIPPLE

    • kt mo

      Intellectually, i totally agree with this and would support any legislation or shift in group think that did something about it. But i tried swimming topless all of one time, and it was supremely uncomfortable for me. i don't know why i can say, whatever they're just (someone else's nipples! But don't look at mine, they're a secret!

      • Kelsey

        "they're a secret!"

        i laughed a lot, hahah.

  • Julie from Swatch and Review

    I was definitely at work when this popped up in my Bloglovin feed... errr... lol

  • Emily

    lovely pictures! I walk around without bras under tops, but I don't do it with lacy of see-through as I'm so worried i will offend someone!

  • Zoe

    I love Free the Nipple! I'm tired of having to cover up one little bit of my body when it's perfectly acceptable for men to parade around with their nipples out in the open. Swimming topless in Greece is one of my favorite memories. It wasn't naughty or risque or anything like that. It was just so normal. Almost anticlimactic in a way because nipples ARE so normal. xx

  • Emma Hager

    So pissed that they deactivated your account for the second time, Stacey.

    I'll bet the person who reported the picture ironically had the most enormous nipples anyone has *never, (NSFW)* seen.

    Free the nipple!

    • Arden

      Emma to imply saying one has large nipples is an insult is a horrid comment. Such language online is what perpetuates a toxic environment as well as tears down any feminist goals from within. Please think about your words. I hope I misunderstood you.

      • Gia

        Seriously. Another huge thing with the whole nipple liberation is how rude other women are towards the way a nipple (technically an areola but no one refers to them correctly) looks. No two nipples have to look alike or do look alike. The nipples we are usually presented in the media on models usually being very light and small does not mean those are the only ones allowed to be displayed. Women have nipples and areolas of all different colors and sizes to shame them is to just liberate the ones you think are pretty and bring down the rest.

  • Caitlin

    I am curious - all of the images I've seen that are in support of "free the nipple" feature women with very small breasts. Are larger breasts still seen as too sexual to be bared? Not attacking anyone of course, I'm just wondering.

  • Sarajohana

    Wow, that video wins!

  • Tahliliana

    So sad to see your instagram taken again! Free the nipple!

  • katie

    Just last night I happened to see part of some awful TV show about "extreme weight loss", and the dude featured seriously had more breast mass than I do (A cup over here!). He legitimately needed a bra more than I do. It literally makes no sense that guys can go shirtless, but we ladies can't.

  • Camille

    i wish people weren't so offended by nipples. like... we ALL have a pair.


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