Let’s Show Some Puppy Love


Earlier this week, young Paris Roberts demonstrated several ways to reenter the hair accessory game after years of denying ourselves the pleasure of running a stretch comb through our scalps. Halfway through the shoot a suffocating wave of cuteness filled the Gloffice as she pulled Fabio, an emoji-sized creature from her bag. It was, in a word, adorable.

Though one thing should be noted: dogs are not accessories. And although the thought of a baby pink nubuck leather shoulder bag seems like a huge commitment (dear God, the stain potential), a living being is no small responsibility. But if you're capable of being a good parent and in it for the long haul, and, you know, into things like unconditional love and cuddling, there are plenty of Fabios eagerly awaiting adoption. Or maybe you have one already, in which case you should post a photo below. Tiny chihuahua withdrawals are real.

Paris Roberts (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton. 

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  • Guest

    this is my bebe, he's a Sphynx. he would probably fit in a purse but he's a little too rambunctious for all that.

    • http://intothegloss.com/ ITG Annie

      There's something very human about your cat.

      • bijoux

        There's something a little human about all cats!

    • http://cosmoslyn.blogspot.com.au/ Ailyn Koay

      he looks like one who would eat lipstick as revenge... for being put in a bag

    • Miss Y.

      So damn cute... Here's mine! The cuddle bug!

      • Miss Y.

        Wooopppsss, didn't mean to share two pictures!

  • http://www.brighterisbetter.com/ nicole


  • Teresa Mae Leveille

    HRH the Princess Pigwidgeon, Gidget, the Bonne Pidge, bonnest of Bonne Pidges. She likes long walks, cheese and cat poo.

  • ITGEunice


    • ITGEunice


    • http://www.getmadcute.com/ MADCUTE

      I love these dogs!

  • http://instagram.com/rebecca.zhou Rebecca_ITG

    This is my BB Chino <3 He loves sleeping, chicken, and ITG x Warby glasses :)

    • http://www.getmadcute.com/ MADCUTE

      Cute doge!

    • A. Nightmare

      SO BEAUTIFUL what a little fox baby!

  • katiedid13

    We adopted Ruby on Friday, and I can't remember what my life was like before I had a 4 month-old, eighty pound poop machine to snuggle with every night ♡

  • Nina E.

    this is cho … and she. is. everything.

    • http://www.intothegloss.com ITGFerber

      omg she looks like an ewok

      • Nina E.

        hahaha YES.

      • ModernGrace

        I wish I had an ewok friend... I loved them so much as a kid. :)

    • http://www.atdorsia.com/ Eliza

      This might be my fave ITG post to date, because everyone's puppies are ADORABLE. Can't stop commenting haha.

    • Lia

      What breed is she? so CUTE!

      • Nina E.

        she is ... brace yourself ... a toy poodle. except that we let her fur grow out like a little bear.

        she's also 10 years old, so it's safe to say her water bowl must be streaming the fountain of youth.

    • http://fckyrbdvbsbrh.com fckyrbdvbsbrh

      YAS SHE IS

  • Annalise Moberg

    My golden retriever puppy, Teddy. He's a snuggle and slobber machine.

  • http://Medium.com/@hager_emma Emma Hager

    This is my homegirl, Sage. She's around 8 years old and we adopted her a little over a year ago. She's a semi-old lady with an unusual dog name, but she's hilarious and kindhearted.

    • http://www.atdorsia.com/ Eliza

      Those ears!!!

      • http://Medium.com/@hager_emma Emma Hager

        They're so fun to play with, as odd as that sounds. I also rub them for good luck.

  • http://intothegloss.com/ ITG Annie

    This is Jack, he's in Dallas :,(

  • ITGAlexis

    Rocco and Asia Page, casually lounging in Buffalo, NY

  • Lauren

    This is my pipsqueak puggle Riley. Her cuteness physically pains me.

    • tera

      I definitely relate to this feeling of TOO MUCH CUTENESS. Sometimes i hug my cat too hard but I can't help it! I also try to touch her little pink nose all the time which she hates :)

    • sevens

      Someone who speaks my language. My friend sent me a picture of her new 8 week old kitten; I replied that I wanted to stuff her head in my mouth. I say similar things (sometimes more violent) about my cat, and dogs, and other baby creatures, in the most loving, non-violent way. If that makes sense. Which I think it does to you.

      • Hannah

        I share this sentiment. I squee at about 10 dogs a day in NYC and make the weirdest noises. Can't help it. Sorz.

  • http://instagram.com/rebecca.zhou Rebecca_ITG

    Hai Emma!

    • http://Medium.com/@hager_emma Emma Hager

      Whatta Døg

  • Kate

    This is Wilson - his accessory game is very on point.

  • Rina

    Just lounging :)

  • katelyna

    This is my tiny chihuahua... She's not very subtle, so she's not good in a bag, especially when she's being smuggled into a hotel.

  • Jules

    This is my little Coco bean :)

  • ModernGrace

    This is my camera shy Haleakalā (Holly for short), and she's part jack russell. Her favorite pastimes are chasing squirrels or her tennis ball. She has an obsession with both.

  • http://www.getmadcute.com/ MADCUTE

    Meet Larry my adopted Corgi baby

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ TheProcrastinator

    This comment thread is way better than buzzfeed.

  • rentotheata

    cause I couldn't resist another.

  • Adrienne Angelos

    I present to you the cutest tiny dog ever. I found this baby corgi dropped outside my apartment in college. He was super smart and badass so I kept him for a few months until I graduated, just to enjoy that awesome puppy stage. One of the guys in my major adopted him so he'll still text me pictures of the lil guy as he grows up :)

  • TNA

    I just had to say, Paris looks like Ali Michael and Miranda Kerr.

  • Jessica Lux

    This is Samwise. He's a hobbit-sized Yorkie-Chihuahua mix. :)

    • Hannah

      Best. Name. EVAR.

  • Maggi

    This is Choc Choc. He is my little love!

    • Maggi

      Trying again....

  • conni boykins

    My little bby that I feel like I can never love enough.

    • bella

      Here was my chihuahua, Mocha. I had to put him down a month ago. Still not over it!

  • ThisLittlePiggy

    My dog Franny, who's kinda bald and always looks a little drunk

  • Kayla

    I am in love with my dog. Yes, having one is a big responsibility, but it is so worth it if it's something you want. And please, PLEASE, adopt and save a life. There is every age of basically every type of a dog in a shelter who risks being put down if they're not adopted. Check out Petfinder, which is how I found my little babe.

    Here's my pup Loki, who is @apupnamedloki on Instagram and delivers adorable-ness daily.

  • http://www.easylittletiger.com amanda


  • ClaudiaRae

    my pooch from up north

  • stella

    this is Heidi, our one-eyed chihuahua. She is 14 years old, but cutie

    • http://intothegloss.com/ ITG Annie

      best thing i've seen all day

  • Nat

    Father-son duo?? They're 2 of the 4 favorite men in my life (obligated to throw hubby and father in there.)

  • Julia

    This is Romeo. He's a miniature long-haired dachshund and my best buddy.

    • Lauren

      wait, he has a human face.

      • http://intothegloss.com/ ITG Annie

        yes so many humanly animals here

  • amySF

    This is Kilo, aka Tranquilo, aka Ratón, aka Keeks.

    He is a Chihuahua/Dachshund (chiweenie) that was saved from the streets of Oakland, where he was living the life of a stray – finding shelter in an auto-shop. Now he wears little sweaters, has a heating pad to sleep on, only eats food specifically formulated for chihuahuas and will turn his nose up at every treat except for organic chicken jerky. He just visited his homeland (México) and learned how to swim.

    • Miss Y.

      Chiweenie! That made me laugh out loud! No seriously, supercute and beautiful picture of your dog. Good for you that you saved him. I saved my cat too and it's the best thing I ever did (:

      • amySF

        Thank you Miss Y! Yes he is a long-bodied lil guy! Props to you too for saving your kitty. ;-)

  • josie

    these are my 2 spoiled Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cowboy and Delilah :)

  • charmystique

    Meet my two little angels; Mochi (black and tan) and Luna (chocolate brown). They are both rescue dogs, matchmade in heaven, and utterly inseparable! They even have fan pages of their own:

    - https://www.facebook.com/mochizy
    - https://www.facebook.com/lunalizardslayer


  • Jess

    Copper is a ham for taking pictures. She's my little min pin.

  • kea

    Meet Esther and Brutus. Couldn't live without them

  • GiG

    Snoopy, my 10yo companion.

  • Monika Ostrowska

    My Toy-Poodle, she goes by the name Sonia Rykiel. Seriously ;)

  • mlle

    This is Lady Brett Ashley, named for the character from The Sun Also Rises. She looks precious, but she's equal parts lovebug and badass (she once caught a pigeon!).

  • Evelyn Beagle

    This is Opa; chicken is her crack and love is her religion:

  • http://francescagiaimo.com cescadarling

    Paris! I have worked with her several times and she is stunning inside and out... And little Fabio! I miss him! Here is a pic of me and my son, Gizmo.

  • Laura Curtis

    I have three... Here's Yogi the chihuahua, Nala the toy poodle/chihuahua/mini fox terrier & Charlie the Yorkie. They're amazing.