Camille Rowe’s Got A Perm(?)


Ever find yourself wondering what Bradley Cooper's American Hustle ringlets would have looked like grown out and on a Victoria's Secret model? Wonder no more: Camille Rowe's Instagram has answered the incredibly pressing question, with a (probably temporary) curl job that could prove surprisingly versatile—the fusilli-tight coils can be brushed out for instant '70s frizz á la Petra Collins for second-day wear. We're not telling you to rush out and get a perm...but we're not saying not to, either. See also: DIY freckles.

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  • Turanga Leela

    Looks more like a flexi-rod set than a perm. Nice, though.

  • Bella

    LOL! It's about 100% humidity over here and my hair does that all by itself. Suits her!

  • sashi

    Showcasing curls as quirky and reducing them to existing in a single decade?! le SIGH. An unfortunate theme here lately I have spirals! yes, in 2014! I hope you have daughters one day with real curls, and that you do not flat iron them out of kindergarten photos.

  • Jess

    Curly hair isn't just a trend. A lot of women actually have naturally curly hair, and not everyone straightens it. Maybe acknowledge this with an article or two.

  • Ellie

    I really don't get the hype around this girl. She looks like a much blander Emma Stone. And Emma Stone is an actress whose awesome personality gets the chance to shine through in her films, while Camille is just in print and just.... blah. What am I missing?


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