Greasy Is Good


Much like Emily's recent revelation, isn't it better to look well-moisturized (...shiny), especially when the heat makes it so very hard not to look that way? Lisa Marie Fernandez says it best, "I love a ‘dry’ look on a shoot but I’m a beach girl—I don’t mind being a little greasy." A few suggestions on how to get there:

-Sophia Amoruso slicks on Neutrogena Body Oil for an intentional greasy glow.

-"I’ll use Nars Body Glow oil which gives the body a nice sheen…sometimes I’ll add a few drops of that Laguna Body Illuminator to it, especially to my legs if I’m going out," says Francelle Daly. "I always want a sheen for my body, a baby oil or Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, and I also find that keeping the body moisturized holds the self-tan for longer." 

-Emily seconded the Nars suggestion: "I brought Nars' very intense-looking Body Glow oil with me on vacation to see what that was about and am now obsessed—do not be discouraged by all the glitter in the bottle. Just rub a little bit between your palms and over any exposed body part (legs, arms, collarbones) and watch what happens. You glow—glow like Gisele—and it doesn’t look like you have anything on."

-Amy Kothari loves Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow in Cement. "It looks like grease on your eyes. I love eye gloss, but it’s not practical. This shadow looks just like eye gloss." Debi Mazar uses a Stéphane Marais palette for a "greasy lid" every now and again—sold out, unfortunately, but the spirit's there...

Olive oil, avocado oil, and/or coconut oil come up in almost every interview, too. But you know what'll probably look just as good? A bit of natural sheen brought out by a humid subway platform—sweat. And you get that for free.

Rose Smith (The Society) in Butter Elixir photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Aparnaa

    In the spirit of keeping it real, I feel like I should point out that when I get the subway sweats, I get full on sweat mustache... thinking perhaps I should carry mattifier instead to get to this point!

    That's my new personal hashtag by the way. For everything.

    • Susan

      Haha #sweatmustache Too funny.

  • Kiara King

    Yay for free sweat(?)! But I have to agree that I prefer a healthy sheen when it comes to the hotter months - it just makes you look glowing and healthy (and like you drink 5L of water a day). I'm headed to Bali next week, so I'll definitely be taking my favourite Grown Alchemist Body Oil with me to apply to my legs, arms and collarbone.

    • Grace

      grown make a body oil?! whaaaat ive been using their handcreamsand body range for ages and have just started on the face range. Where do you buy it from? (im in aus btw)

  • Haiku Jew

    To increase your grease
    just bask in the summer sun
    rivulets will run.

    • Emma Hager

      You are the shining star of Disqus.

      • Haiku Jew

        Emma, thanks so much
        I feel appreciated
        sending cyber sweets!

  • Miss ShaSha

    I had the Stephane Maris palette years ago. It was the most genius greasy eye palate ever invented. I couldn't believe his line got discontinued. I wish he would bring it back. Kickstarter? Talk about a cult classic. Those shadows must rank #1.

  • Alexis Cheung

    Kai body glow is also the best (+ you smell like flowers !),default,pd.html

  • tera

    yea, of course. Turning blotchy beet red with a halo of frizz, sticking to people who jostle you, and don't forget swollen feet! Just exactly like Gisele....

  • rano

    thanks for this amazing post, I've been into dewey look lately and I'm totally in love with the look <3

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I've heard that people love the JR Watkins spray oil for a sheen but it doesn't leave one on me. Créme de Corps doesn't leave one on me either. Maybe my skin is too thirsty!

  • femme_noir

    Ugh. Where is the line between an acceptable greasiness and straight up grossness? I don't mind being a little oily but this summer I am beyond greasy. Shiny, melty, beading grease, slave to the blotting sheet.

  • Lorien

    Trader Joes Lavendar Sea Salt scrub for the win

  • Layla Corcoran

    Does anyone know if the Body Shop version is just as good as Nars Body Glow? It's just so much cheaper....

  • Molly

    I second that question.

  • ITGFerber

    It's from In God We Trust! -

    cc @disqus_R0mHtfa87o:disqus

  • Emma Hager

    Greasy is so good. I am addicted to sweating. Not when I am not exercising, though. But that moment you just finish your run and the droplets just start dripping is the best feeling ever.


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