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Andreea Diaconu’s Familiar Face


Gisele, Daria, Miranda, Karlie, Naomi, Kate, and Andreea: all successful models that have enjoyed a wave of big commercial jobs—aka had their faces plastered on the side of buildings, perched on the top of cabs, and mailed to you in the form of catalogues. Sometimes you even pay for the hard copies, because if they're not in the editorial section of your nearest magazine they're in the first dozen or so pages. But what separates the first six from the last? Name recognition. Don't blame it on the second E, or a last name that's not an easy "Moss," "Kloss," or "Kerr," blame it on her chameleon capabilities.

Did anybody recall Andreea as the lady having a "moment" with Emmanuelle Alt and conditioning her hair in GASOLINE??? No, sorry, it was petroleum oil. Sure it takes an athlete to scale boulders in platforms, but would you recognize the shimmery bronze being in the Gucci ad as the sporty J. Crew muse with a thing for New Balances? Does anyone even notice this stuff? Now that you do know her name, picking her out of all the campaign imagery you come across in a given day could be a fun little game to play. Or it could make you slightly neurotic—because seriously, she's everywhere. Let's say it together: Andreea Diaconu.

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  • Emma

    She's one of my favourite models ! Very elegant and a beautiful classical face !

  • Ana

    such a great face!

  • Celeste Yeung

    my favourite!!

  • Annika

    She's one of my favourite faces - unique!

  • tera

    In fact, it could be argued she is better than the terribly recognizable models. I have seen her everywhere, but don't think- oh, there is Kate/Cara/Karlie selling this product as well. I don't see her- I see what she is selling. That's not to say she isn't striking- she is! But yes, chameleon like. The woman who is a good actress and can become another person, as compared to a Jennifer Aniston type actress who plays the same person in everything. I like Andreea very much.

  • Shirin

    Romanian represent!

  • Denisa

    Favorite model! Especially since we're from the same country!


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