Good Morning, Abs!: A 10-Minute Workout

Say hello to Niv. Niv, as you can see, has abs. He is also a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, former army fitness trainer, accomplished basketball player, and now, your very own personal trainer (via the internet). He knows that crunches can be boring, so he devised an ab series that keeps the mind engaged in addition to whatever musculature makes up the mythic thing we call “core." As in the beginning looks a bit like the 50 Shades of Gray trailer. So wake up with Niv—and proceed to do a really effective core workout.

And should you require more assistance, you can contact Niv here.

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  • Shirin

    I'd like to wake up with Niv! Thanks for posting these motivational vids ITG!

    • Lucia

      literally. haha!

  • johnna

    Niv is cute!!!

  • Shiri

    Impressed that into the gloss managed to get niv to create an abs video for them. He is literally KingCore. Kudos intothegloss, this definitely elevates you above any and all of your competitors.

  • Yasmeen M

    These videos are great. I have my own morning and night routine made up of your average Russian twists and sit-ups. After a while I start to feel like these moves aren't working as well. Niv's routine is so new! I've never see these movies before. They're incredibly innovative and I can almost feel my own stomach being worked just watching him do it! I can't wait to try these out.

  • Haiku Jew

    Some of us have abs
    and the others have bellies
    guess which one I am.

    • JY

      Abs! ;)

      • Haiku Jew

        Absolutely not
        I was born with a belly
        and I'll die with one.

  • Serena

    Oooh. Pretty

  • Desphag

    Wake up with Niv vs. go to bed with Niv?..Hmm

  • Colleen, Alix

    I love it! Sure I will do it!

  • BuffyAnneSummers97

    ok can someone do this and tell me if it works please thx

  • pansy

    just did them and they are great. especially the first two oblique moves. more workout videos please!