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Who To Follow On Instagram: The Next Supers

Anna Speckhart
Anna Speckhart
Anna Speckhart
Anna Speckhart
Camille Rowe
Camille Rowe
Camille Rowe
Camille Rowe
Camille Rowe
Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel
Imaan Hammam
Imaan Hammam
Imaan Hammam
Imaan Hammam
Imaan Hammam
Jessica Sikosek
Jessica Sikosek
Jessica Sikosek
Jessica Sikosek
Jessica Sikosek
Ju Xiaowen
Ju Xiaowen
Ju Xiaowen
Ju Xiaowen
Ju Xiaowen
Malaika Firth
Malaika Firth
Malaika Firth
Malaika Firth
Malaika Firth
Nadja Giramata
Nadja Giramata
Nadja Giramata
Nadja Giramata
Nadja Giramata
Neelam Gill
Neelam Gill
Neelam Gill
Neelam Gill
Neelam Gill
Tilda Lindstam
Tilda Lindstam
Tilda Lindstam
Tilda Lindstam
Tilda Lindstam
Yana Shmaylova
Yana Shmaylova
Yana Shmaylova
Yana Shmaylova
Yana Shmaylova

A certain sort of God-given attractiveness—photo-genetics, if you will—is a commonality that bonds the planet's most successful models. Then there are those rare shooting stars with that extra bit of something that reels you in. They've got personality! They have personal style. And they're cool without being icy. This, friend, is known as the "Kate Moss Effect," and it's the radioactive spider bite that separates the models from the supermodels. With a few more years tucked under their vintage YSL belts, the following young ladies are well on their way to dropping last names.

Who: Anna Speckhart, @annaspeckhart
IRL: Gets her kicks from completing Ironman competitions in her spare time.
As Seen In: Elle Italia and campaigns for Laura Mercier, Nasty Gal, and Blumarine
Insta Style: Wide-eyed selfies and more cats than you can shake an iPhone at.

Who: Camille Rowe, @fingermonkey
IRL: The Parisian has recently relocated to the Rockaways, where she knits and grows her own kale.
As Seen In: Elle France, Madame Figaro, and as the one snuggling up to Robert Pattinson in those Dior Homme commercials
Insta Style: Various states of undress, all over the world.

Who: Cora Emmanuel, @coraemmanuel
IRL: Born in Martinique, she studied ballet for 13 years before being scouted at 16.
As Seen In: Magazine, Bon Magazine, W, Vogue Germany, and in campaigns for Chanel, Balmain, and Diesel
Insta Style: The very essence of "model fit"—plenty of yoga poses and post-workout selfies.

Who: Imaan Hammam, @hammamimaan
IRL: The Dutch 17-year-old made her runway debut last season in a Givenchy exclusive. She swears by argan oil.
As Seen In: Vogue, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Paris
Insta Style: The best head of curls. Maybe ever.

Who: Jessica Sikosek, @jessicasikosek
IRL: The 18 year old reads two books a day when she's not busy jetting around Europe.
As Seen In: Elle Italia and Glamour Italia
Insta Style: Graphic black and white art, architecture, and the occasional inspirational quote.

Who: Ju Xiaowen, @jujujuxiaowen
IRL: The first Chinese model to be the face of Marc Jacobs, her tongue makes guest appearances in many of her photos.
As Seen In: Vogue Germany, Vogue, and in campaigns for Adidas, Kenzo, and Dior
Insta Style: Sweet, happy, and effervescent—like flavored seltzer water...that's in a good mood.

Who: Malaika Firth, @malaikafirth
IRL: The Kenyan-born, British-bred 19-year-old is an avid Rihanna fan and brushed shoulders with Christy Turlington in a Prada campaign.
As Seen In: British Vogue, Vogue China, Porter Magazine, i-D Magazine, Tank, and fall 2014 campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Burberry
Insta Style: Now if Malaika's was a drink, it would be one of those half lemonade/iced tea concoctions at Starbucks. Except the lemonade would be doe-eyed selfies and the iced tea would be motivational quotes.

Who: Nadja Giramata, @nadjagiramata
IRL: Born in Rwanda; discovered while at University in England; fluent in 6+ languages
As Seen In: Grazia France, Vogue Italia, on the runway for Tom Ford
Insta Style: Selfies in a wide range of tropical locales, sporting a wider range of hairstyles.

Who: Neelam Gill, @neelamkg
IRL: The model formerly known as Neelam Johal is Burberry's latest darling, with a center part to kill for.
As Seen In: She has an exclusive contract with Burberry, but she'll pop up in an editorial here and there—there being Vogue India
Insta Style: Lots of Burberry (understandably), and some snaps before hitting the down in cute little bandage minis and nosebleed platforms

Who: Tilda Lindstam, @tildalindstam
IRL: The Swede, currently residing in the East Village, is also addicted to Candy Crush.
As Seen In: Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Kenzo shows
Insta Style: Indoor bike riding, food babies, and Snapchats with her model compatriots.

Who: Yana Shmaylova, @yanashmaylova
IRL: Yana's of Korean and Russian descent, with bleached hair and eyebrows and an impressive collection of sweatshirts.
As Seen In: i-D Magazine, Dazed Magazine, and on the runway for Marc Jacobs, Nanette Lepore, and Karen Walker
Insta Style: Her blond bob, vintage finds and psychedelic artwork.

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  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    These ladies all look so lovely and different! I think my problem with Instagram in general is it makes me envious of others. Everyone else seems to lead more full and beautiful lives!

    • Tary

      I think exactly the same way! That's why I don't have an Instagram acount. When I feel like having one, I think about how crazy it is to just look at other people's perfect filtered lives and I give up on signing in! Those models are gorgeous, but following them would be some serious blow on one's self esteem. I can picture myself comparing my body with theirs... Ugh! No thanks!

  • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

    I follow Camille Rowe and all of her constituents (the cool girls over at The Reformation, the band Bad Girlfriend, etc.) I kind of live through their experiences...I'll never look as cool in a pair of mom jeans as I sip an overpriced drink.

  • a67penguin

    I see the next Naomi Campbell in Nadja.

  • http://BikePretty.com/ Bike Pretty

    This dog won't hunt.
    Every time I've followed a model, I've regretted it. Just because she's a good model it doesn't necessarily follow that she's a good curator, gnome sane?

  • Ms White

    Anyone else feel the Carla Bruni vibe with Jessica Sikosek?

  • Josepha

    Disappointed you didn't include Gigi Hadid!

  • Cay

    Camille Rowe doesn't live in the Rockaways anymore, since she switched Andrew VanWyngarden (who does live there) for Dylan Rieder. (You might want to add "confused MGMT fangirls commenting everywhere" to her Instagram description haha).

    Because that's what you do when you're a stunningly beautiful model, switch up the beautiful rock star babe for the beautiful skater babe. Sigh.

  • madihouta

    procrastination here i come! i'll call it "inspiration research" instead of procrastination though.

  • Fash365

    I was sure to follow a bunch of these gorgeous ladies!


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