The 7-Minute Circuit, Poor Man’s Equinox, & Other Quick Workouts

The Daily Hiit
Equinox Do-Anywhere Workout
Nike's N+TC App

Arguably the best things about summer start with the letter 's': sunshine, shorts, swimming, smoothies, surfing, and showing some skin. Sweat is on the list, too, but only if it's outdoors. To stop you from slaving in the gym for that fabled “summer bod” (whatever that means), here are ITG's four favorite apps and websites with quick, high intensity circuit training (HICT) workouts. They’ll save you time—and money—to spend on the more important summer 's' words.

The 7-minute Workout
You know what you can do in seven minutes? Make a perfectly soft boiled egg. Or, do a seven-minute HICT workout with comparable results a prolonged moderate intensity workout provides. The New York Times explains the science behind it. There’s even the app with timer and illustrations. Using only body weight, a chair, and the wall, hell, you could make the soft-boiled egg while working out at home. Then eat it while it’s still hot.

The Daily Hiit
Although the Daily Hiit is probably best for the fitness enthusiast with room for equipment—i.e. anyone who doesn’t live in New York—their 12-minute or less workouts will get you in serious shape. Also, their trainers provide great inspiration. (Did anyone else know it was possible to have that many visible muscles?)

The Do-Anywhere Workout
Brought to you by Equinox...for those who can’t afford it. But seriously, their 16-minute Do-Anywhere workout will kick your ass.

Nike Training Club
The N+TC app has over 100 workouts designed by master trainers with workout times spanning 15, 30, and 45 minutes. So you’re bound to find the best workout to fit your schedule and mood.

—Alexis Cheung

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  • emiller1233

    The 7 minute workout sounds perfect since I have no time to get to the gym anymore!

  • Eliana Gil Rodriguez

    The Daily Yoga app is also great. They have a variety of 10-30 minute classes with different areas of focus. I usually combine the Sun Salutation with Daily Yoga for Butt and sometimes throw in Yoga Meditation for Beginners.

    • Alexis Cheung

      I'm always looking for new yoga apps. you may like too!

  • Sara

    Also the app "sworkit" is great! cough up the $1 for it and the lady will yell (ok, calmly instruct) you when the exercise changes

  • Emily Trout

    I use N+TC and the 7-min workout regularly and love them!! The NTC workouts are especially brutal but definitely make a difference. Also, in case anyone else is looking there's the 15x15workout Instagram account- they feature a new video every morning. It's a 15-second move where you do 15 sets with 15 seconds of rest in between!

    • Shann Oliver

      That 15x15 is fantastic, great suggestion! It says they aren't doing updates anymore, but there are still a TON on there for reference.

      I'm living in Barcelona right now, and what I've been using is It's free and the community is really nice. I've done yoga glow as well but I didn't think it totally justified the cost.

      Definitely going to check out NTC app now!

      • Emily Trout

        I've used Do Yoga With Me, too. You're right- it's a good one. Glad you found the 15x15 useful!

  • bijoux

    quite sure New York F ing City is not the only place with small living spaces. This martyrdom is grating.

    • devo13

      Haha, relax. It is well known that we have small apts in comparison to other cities but we are no means the only place in the world that does. But since this is on, it seems fitting that it would be focused on NY.

      • bijoux

        " for fitness enthusiasts with room for equipment- i.e. anyone who doesn't live in New York."

  • stonecoldcuddlewhore

    There are a ton of great, free workouts on YouTube. If you have Apple TV or even a big monitor, I heartily recommend looking for Tracy Anderson workouts (there are hundreds), or PopSugarTV or FitSugar workouts.

  • Divya

    Yes to "Beach bod in under ten mins!" :D This couldn't have come at a better time!

  • bluesky557

    I have two kids under 3, so working out is tough for me. Thanks for these recs! I'm for sure checking out the 7 minute app.

  • Jade

    These are such great suggestions that you wouldn't know about unless someone directly recommends them, thanks for the tips! I'm going to look into the 7 minute and do-anywhere, just seems perfect for people who don't have the equipment or the desire for a more serious workout.

    Jade |

  • Verdun

    Blogilates is the best!

  • Heather P.

    Great suggestions! I've been looking for some nice, at-home workouts to do on busy days!

  • Rayna

    Xhit on youtube is great as well

  • Sara

    I love the workouts! They're convenient and they'll kick your butt!

  • CallHerKB

    I need all of these apps!