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Sure, the Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc candle smells great. Like a really beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers—a scent reminiscent of expensive hotel lobbies, French department stores, and walls at the Kardashian-West estate. Which is to say, it's tremendously enjoyable no matter your scent preference. But what's really worth writing home about here is the accompanying ceramic. Covered in a serene, sphinx-like wheel of faces, it's a bit hypnotic on first glance, then spin (you'll spin it; it asks to be spun). So really, while the wax portion of the candle is certainly purchasable on its own merits, consider it a BOGO. A pretty ceramic bowl (a conversation piece, really) along with a candle. Or hours of free smells with purchase of a ceramic bowl. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

Speaking of faces, in the name of this week's giveaway, let's chat about what keeps yours from melting—heat-proof gels, sweat-proof primers, humidity-proof blotting papers, whatever. Oh, and with comment, you'll be entered to win a Muse Blanc candle of your own (make sure to have a registered Disqus username and a US shipping address). Share away!

*Update: A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating. Great talk, guys.

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  • Katie

    I've lusted after this candle for soooo long. Gorgeous, and just the right amount of creepy.

    As far as summer face melting tips..besides trying to remain zen to avoid extra stress-precipitated melting, I'm all about a little bit of Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB cream (which seems to resist hot & humid temps better than other tinted moisturizers I've used and loved; I feel like it soaks in better) and a LIGHT dusting of powder focusing on the t-zone (obvi). Always waterproof mascara (Rimmel makes a good one), and tinted lip balm or a stain. I don't really try to prevent makeup meltdown so much as engineer my routine to look good even if/when it does get a little sweaty.

  • Talia

    It's gorgeous, the many faces might be a south Asian motif.

    • ITGFerber

      Wow! Thanks for this reference!

  • Cali

    Good lawd, I love this level of creepy chic! My favorites for not melting like a Wicked Witch of the West this summer are home-brewed sun tea, my EltaMD SPF 46 facial sunscreen, and my new magenta Birkies.

  • Lynn


  • sabe

    Ooooh, why yes, I would like my home to smell like a French department store, thank you! My heat proofing routine is all about my hair - how to keep it from become both limp and frizzy at the same time. I just got a deluxe sample of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day, and it actually has me debating whether $24 for shampoo is a bargain or an extravagance. Or maybe a necessary extravagance?

  • theshallowvoid

    This candle is so beautiful. What keeps my makeup from melting off? Hourglass primer is amazing and then finishing my makeup with one of their powders. Also, staying indoors.

  • heysarajean

    Yes, please!

    I suffer from oil slicks ever since hitting puberty and swear by Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets. I keep a packet in all of my bags, as well as at home and at my work desk. I blot around noon, before the end of the day or as needed. I've also recently started using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - it still has a glow but it doesn't look like my face is melting at the end of the day! Maybelline Baby Lips keeps my lips moisturized with a dash of color without feeling too heavy.

  • adochka

    I'm finding that between walking to and from work and the occasional trip to the gym, any real make up is melting off my face these days. So, I've been compensating by brushing my eyebrows with Maybelline Great Lash in clear to look extra groomed and putting on a bit of Smashbox BB cream for the SPF, because I have yet to find a good facial sunscreen that doesn't make me look super chalky (any suggestions?). I will also curl my lashes and put some Homeoplasmine on my lips, but unless I am going OUT out, I just can't be bothered with make up these days, even if my pores are somewhat exposed (horror of horrors). Oh, and I definitely bring some sort of refreshing water thingy, like Avene Eau Thermale or Caudalie Eau de Beaute.

  • Eliana Gil Rodriguez

    The meltdown is somewhat inevitable it seems, so I avoid anything too high maintenance like mascara and lipstick and just embrace the sweat in a light tinted moisturizer and some Benetint or a matte bronzer.

    Besides, I feel like one should always be ready for an impromptu swim should the opportunity arise, and who's going to let a face full of makeup stand in the way of that?

  • Olivia

    I love creepy and pretty! I'm lucky to live in a place that isn't too humid, but it's so hot, so sweat is definitely an issue. And I'm a face sweater, which is super unfortunate. I've not found a better solution than Urban Decay's All Nighter makeup setting spray even though the packaging is ugly as sin. Setting spray + translucent powder in the morning, and not underestimating the power of reapplying when necessary, plus a healthy dose of iced coffee is what keeps me cool during the hottest months.

  • livanna

    Mac Pro long wear concealor!

  • katiedid13

    I just sleep with a face full of rosehip oil and let it melt with some Dr. Jart BB cream. I will take full advantage of this dewy face trend, so help me god. LET IT MELT!

  • GooseWellington

    The only person who would love this more than me is my fiancé, awkwardly enough. True candle connoisseurs over here.

    Mostly I just stay inside like a vampire, so melting can't occur. If I know I am going to be a sweat monster or see people I use self-tanner (Dennis Gross glow pads) so I don't need too much foundashe. A little NARS tinted moisturizer and dab of concealer usually does it, but sometimes I add Hourglass Ambient Powder to bulletproof it without looking chalky. Also, blinc tubing mascara is my jam - best waterproof option in the world.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Not melting... Men's deodorant. I know it's not healthy but it just works better for me. A trick that I use for staying cool at home is lightly wetting a paper towel and then putting it in the freezer for a few moments. Then place it on the hot and sticky parts. This is also a great way to calm redness on your face right before a picture.

    • ITGFerber

      Must try this. I usually use a washcloth, but when I inevitably forget that it's there, it freezes solid and becomes something of a hassle to deal with...

      • Clever Girl Reviews

        You can re-wet it and reuse it as well unless you were REALLY sweaty. I lived for many years in AC free buildings and this was the best way to deal. I recommend using them in the armpits, backs of knees, elbow crooks, and oddly enough, holding them in your hand. Anywhere the skin is thin and you have a lot of blood flow will do!

  • Stephanie

    This candle is gorgeous!!

  • CharlotteCR

    Silky Underwear Dusting Powder from Lush Cosmetics! It smells like jasmine and has bits of cocoa butter in it to keep you from getting too dried out. Plus it's full of great ingredients so you're not layering on tons of chemicals like a lot of other anti-perspirant or deodorant products.

  • Leslie Molina

    This candle is just pure perfection!

  • Beatrice

    I live in Arizona and summer here is sweltering hot (we're talking 105 degrees by 10 AM). I swear by the Smashbox BB Cream (with SPF 35!) and avoid powder based makeup. Gel blush, etc. stays on better. And when all else fails, I literally carry around a small hand held fan. It's not glamorous, but it gets the job done...

  • Jennifer Bracken

    Tinted moisturizer, alima pure matte bronzer, and alima pure waterproof mascara. I find that eye color/liners make me smudgy around the eyes more than mascara. Plus my eyelashes are so, so bleak that I can't leave the house without giving them a little oomph. Oh and that candle? Anything that's going to make my house smell like a mix of French department stores and Kimye is aight by me.

  • madi

    every goal i have for a candle

  • Mala Kumar

    Stila hydrating powder, e.l.f blotting papers, and so many cans of La Croix.

  • Haiku Jew

    Peter Thomas Roth:
    Instant Mineral Powder
    protects skin from sun.

  • ITGFerber

    I've very into anything charcoal at the moment.

  • ingridb

    drinking lots of water and Tatcha Japanese beauty papers

  • carly hauger

    i have one. once the candle wore down i froze wax, popped it out, and now use it as a makeup brush holder. id love another for my overflowing brush collection!

  • Aparnaa

    Legitimately, I'm here to find out what keeps faces from melting. I start sweating pretty much the moment I step out of the shower. TMI. Even the Urban Decay eyeliner runs down my face. I just sort of use less strong makeup - I tightline the eyeliner to account for its eventual migration so it looks on purpose. I pare it down to the minimum, and use loooots of baby powder under the clothes. (Key.)

    Plus, two showers.

    That candle looks gorgeous and would be perfect to sit next to my A/C once I replace it because it's literally broken and I might turn into candle wax myself.

  • Sydney85

    I just started a new foundation from Supergoop cc cream. It goes on easily and lasts all day even after I had exercised late in the day.

  • Samantha Thomas

    Tammy Fender's dermagel combined with Innisfree's no sebum sunblock is the only thing keeping me from turning into an oil slick midday. I recently bought a bunch of mandom's 'ice' blotting sheets from oo35mm in chinatown and they are crazy refreshing, they usually get the job done on super sweaty days.

    • ITGFerber

      <3 Tammy

  • Francesca

    While this enviable candle has extra facial features on reserve in case her mug falls victim to summer melting, I protect the one face I have with frequent fanning and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer.


    LOVE this candle! and pretty much anything by Jonathan Adler

  • Dee Grizzle

    Sticking my head into the freezer! And keeping my morning skin routine and face mist in the fridge. It doesn't prevent me from melting throughout the day but the coolness of the products is such a simple treat on hot California mornings.

  • Amalissa

    This would be super cute to hold a plant in when it's empty!

    I'm an oily skinned gal living in Hong Kong, and so I melt all the time anyways... I usually over powder my face in the morning (not to the point where I look cakey, just more than usual) using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, and so as the day wears on my natual oils come through and I look nice and dewy. However, if humidity is being a total bitch, the Clean and Clear oil blotting papers are a life saver.

  • bimini444

    I haven't tried on of their candles yet. I've seen them online I have to make time to visit a store. For me my summer melting routine (and I have oily skin). I oil cleanse at night that help with my excess oil. Then I use the neutrogena Shine Control Primer, or milk of magnesia. I switch them out every other few days so my face doesn't get tired but I SWEAR by them.

  • The Witz

    You're right. It's practically BEGGING to be spun. On my coffee table.

    In Order to Beat the Heat: I give myself more time and I blow dry my hair on the cool setting and keep a fan on me at all times while while getting ready. Otherwise I sweat and my hair gets wet as I attempt to blow dry it. I have to stay cool in order to productively get ready so I ensure I won't overheat. I also use a product called Sweat Block. You blot it on your problem sweaty areas (meant for pits but I got the go ahead to use wherever I needed it), and it significantly reduces sweat. I wasn't always a sweat monster, and I can't stand to be sweaty. So I invest in anti-sweat products. I will try anything that reportedly works.

  • Caroline

    Tatcha blotting papers, sunglasses and lip stains/tinted balms. I just bought some bronzer so I'm going to try that out too (I'm way behind, I know).

  • 5lita5

    Love the candle - AC, closed blinds and minimal clothing (tshirt all day every day) and NO makeup.

  • Mary D. Coleman

    Evian water spray and I soak washcloths in water and lavender then place in a zip lock, freeze over night. When at the beach and I need a cool cloth and a refresher then I pop out the cloth and cool down. I love this candle and jailer and would love to win!

  • lazy bones

    Sorry if this seems ripped from the pages of Seventeen Magazine, but I have tried EVERY sort of exotic and domestic oil blotting paper, primer, setting spray--whatever--over the last 20 years of my makeup wearing existence, only to have recently discovered the best way to refresh my makeup throughout the day at work using... toilet seat covers!!! They not only absorb the oil better than typical blotting papers (which can really add up $ if you're using them as frequently as I do), but it also gives makeup a perfect midday matte polish and spruce-up. Best tip anyone's ever given me (thanks to my awesome desk-mate). Enjoy!!

  • cat butt

    At thirty-two, my face is only slightly less oily as it was at 14, so the only way I know to combat face-melting in humid weather is to just not wear a lot of makeup:) No foundation, just concealer where I need it (Maybelline Lumi somethingorother), powder bronzer (Smashbox Sunkissed Matte or RMS Buriti for night time), a smudge of RMS Living Luminizer on my eyelids, and curled lashes with no mascara. Underneath it all I use Murad Oil Control SPF 15 moisturizer, which has the consistency of Elmer's Glue but works really well at keeping my skin smooth and unshiny, as a primer/moisturizer. At night I use Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanning gel on my face and neck since I'm pale as milk otherwise: Applied with a dampened Beauty Blender, only where I would contour; temples, top of forehead, nose, above & below cheekbones, chin, jawline, etc. This way it looks natural and not orange, and helps even out my skin tone so I'm a bit more confident going without foundation;) Throughout the day if I feel shiny or I've been sweating, I do a few spritzes of Heritage Store's Rosewater spray right on my face. It's so refreshing. Bonus points if you keep it in the fridge!

  • Katie

    It's about to get very real right now. In my experience, there is NOTHING you can do to stop makeup melting off your face in summer, but to really not wear any! I don't care what type of miracles that companies claim their primers, sprays, matte 24 hour long foundations, etc say...when it's 92 degrees and humid outside...that shit is going to slide right off and look like a hot mess! So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that what I've been really trying to do this summer has been to really focus on being diligent about skincare, so my skin looks it's best without a whole lot on it. Oh and always having some blotting papers on hand never hurt anyone!

  • Sharon Macklin

    Love that candle! This summer, thanks to my skin being quite cooperative lately, my routine has been to first apply concealer (after serum and moisturizer with SPF, of course) and then I just use Chanel Beige powder - either the original in No. 10 or the new version with the stripes in No. 1 - using the Chanel Beige Kabuki brush. It's been working quite well, even in the heat and humidity!

  • Andrea

    Urban Decays "All Nighter" setting spray helps my foundation last the day - I also switch to waterproof mascara to prevent the raccoon eyes. All that and a nice cool glass of rosé helps the summer be more bearable!

  • BlackNyx

    My melting tip is air conditioner, and when that's not available carry a hand fan...;)

  • TheBeautyWolf

    That candle is everything.
    I don't even begin to fight the melt of summer, I just go with it but keep myself refreshed with a nice bee venom spray while I'm out (yes, it's a thing, and it's amazing). In particular I enjoy Nature Republic's bee venom mist.

  • HMS

    I've seen this candle and always wanted to buy one! I am not a fan of summer/heat/humidity. Hard to keep anything from melting off my face, but I always, always, always keep my Caudaile Elixir (small bottle) on hand. I always wear a BB cream + sunscreen and reapply the latter frequently. Already looking forward to Autumn!

  • Caitlin

    Love this candle!
    My meltproof tip is just to use waterproof mascara and a lightweight foundation or BB cream -- heavy foundations are just asking for trouble in the summer!


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