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Cool Girls Skateboarding


I was first introduced to the seductive powers of a girl on a skateboard my freshman year of college. While walking to lecture, a sophomore friend of mine (for whom I had been harboring a sizeable crush) gazed upon a girl whizzing past on a board and declared, “There’s nothing hotter than a girl on a longboard.” I’m sure the length of the board ultimately has very little to do with the chicness of the activity (as demonstrated above). Regardless, I vowed to learn that summer—a dream quickly dashed when I realized my sense of balance would certainly make the decision something of a death sentence. But for the strong of spirit (and core), there seems no better way to add some cool-looking scrapes and bruises to your life. And think about all the Supreme you can buy.

—Emily Ferber

*Also, how cool is Skateistan? It's a group that helps cool girls in places like Afghanistan and Cambodia learn to skateboard. More on that and photos here

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  • Blogger

    I love to skate to the chip shop on my penny board! It gives you such a thrill!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I was never a skater myself but when I worked for the swoosh I hung out with a lot of cool skate girls. Hard not be envious!

  • bunnygrrrl3000

    I met Peggy Oki once and asked her about her experiences with sexism in the skateboarding community and she acted like she had never heard of sexism before and bewildered that guys would treat women badly in a mostly all male sport. I guess good for her, if that never happened?

    • Judi Oyama

      The skate photo is not Peggy Oki that is me Judi Oyama they always get us confused. Thanks for writing the article about women skateboarding!

  • Andy

    Skateboarding girls can get it. I remember a particularly cute one from my college days. I would have risked life & limb to learn how to skateboard if it would have impressed her. But alas, I used to be just a chubby Indian guy who was more concerned with getting to medical school than getting with her.

  • 안지 ☀

    by Longboard - that's how I go to work every day :)

  • Bird

    Just saying, the best part of this slideshow are the photos of Aymeline Valade. They are so beautiful! Also, thanks for repping Skateistan, ITG! So happy to see a community empowering girls to absolutely just GO FOR IT.
    Also, is there really a lot of sexism in the skating community? I've never really experienced this myself. It seems to be the more accepting of the male dominant sports, but I could be wrong.

  • Accademia di Moda

    Love skater girl fashion! It's so great to see these trends circle back and become more high-end in their transformation! We look forward to rocking our leather leggings with skate shoes and a great loose tank!


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