Feminine Fragrances Smell Amazing Too


It seems that the ingredient du jour for trendy perfumes is oud. It’s the mysterious bad boy to the fragrance world—John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank. It's somewhat masculine, strong, dark, etc. But in terms of both the ‘80s hunk and preferred scents, I’m a subscriber to the Say Anything version: a nice and trustworthy companion that I can rely on time and time again to treat me right. And Fresh’s Pink Jasmine Eau de Parfum has been my Lloyd Dobler since high school.

I’m fond of the feminine fragrance—something light, fresh (no pun intended), and floral without feeling dated. I don’t want to smell like a grandma, but I don’t want to smell like I borrowed my boyfriend’s cologne either—I’m a lady and I want to smell like one. Between the flowery top and middle notes (including freesia, lilac, peony, and jasmine) and the warmer base notes of precious wood and marshmallow (amazing), the perfume is the ideal delicate fragrance fit for a non-geriatric counter-counter culture woman. I’ve probably gone through four bottles in my lifetime—about to spritz my fifth—and any perfume lover should know that that's commitment at its realest.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Bella

    What a refreshing (no pun intended either) perfume post. Reading most perfume blogs one would think it were a serious error in taste to want to smell modern, feminine, fresh (...) and pretty.

  • Tiffany S.

    I still think there are far more fragrances geared to the feminine side of a woman. I either wear scents that are considered unisex or came out years ago before the flower bomb and fruit salad trend. Seeing that this one has a base note of wood, I may give it a whirl!

  • Geraldine

    I want!!!!!



  • starryhye

    I wore Pink Jasmine on my wedding day! It's a heavenly scent that I need to get back to wearing.

  • cat butt

    Fresh Sake is my unapologetically ladylike pick:)

  • http://vainpursuits.com Ruby

    SO MANY fragrances use harmful chemicals ... it "smells" nice, but green tea scent, cucumber scent... all chemicals and fake. Look for essential oils or fragrances made from essential oils instead! They're plant-based.


  • http://badoutfitgreatlipstick.blogspot.com Nae

    Jasmine! My heart beats for jasmine.

    I took my boyfriend to Phipps Conservatory just last week, and one of the highlights was definitely the Indian garden. I avoided touching most of the plants (you don't want to damage them!), but...but...the Indian jasmine! I was entranced. Every variety smelt slightly different; every blossom was beyond beautiful. I'm still looking for a perfume that smells like REAL jasmine, not some cloying chemical dupe...maybe this could be it?

    • Laura

      Try intelligent nutrients jasminas. It is real jasmine in an oil base.

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    I really miss some of the other scents they used to have in their line. They were all so great. Very Jo Malone like. I'm really into their Cannabis line but I have trouble finding it.

  • doublecurl

    I want my perfume to have prominent top notes of class and femininity with base notes of sex. does that exist? guidance?

    • ITGElizabeth

      That would be incredible copy for a fragrance...

      Just think: "Introducing our newest scent: Femme Fatale. With top notes of class and femininity, with base notes of mystery and sex." I'm sold! (If you watch Sherlock-- which I suggest you do-- I think the poster woman would be Irene Adler.)

    • mel

      I think Bottega Veneta EDP would be worth a look for you - it's a modern chypre, really lovely floral and apricoty notes over woods and leather. It's really well done. The Eau Legre version is good too.

  • Aubrey Green

    Who makes a perfume/cologne that smells just like fresh laundry?

    • http://the-wild-fairy.blogspot.ie/ Siobhan

      Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - try 'Dirty' , 'Wensleydale' or 'Boober'. Just incredible perfume oils, all natural. I've tried regular perfumes after using BPAL's oils and they smell terrible to me. I'm a total fan for years - do check them out! x

  • http://theconsciencefund.com/ Divya

    My sentiments exactly! I'm a lady and want to smell like one! I don't like the idea of "unisex" fragrances.. I like to be distinct!


Fresh 'Pink Jasmine' Eau de Parfum