Now Burning: Nars Oran Candle


It's important to note that the Nars Oran candle absolutely, totally, zero-percent, does not smell like food. Food-smelling candles are a deal breaker. That being said, what sets the Oran apart from your typical good-smelling candle, rife with gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine, sounds more like something you might order from Sweetgreen: "balsamic undertones" and a "leafy green" finish, according to the candle's description. A more skilled olfactory system may be required to pick out those particular scents while burning the Oran, but either way, consider this the candle to light when one can not possibly digest one more bite of kale for the day.

In the spirit of most people's responses to prestige candle prices, let's talk in the comments below about the splurgiest beauty purchase you've happily made—and why it was worth it. Then, ITG will randomly choose a commenter to gift with an Oran candle to enjoy IRL. YES. Two caveats: you must be a registered Disqus user (signing up is painless), and you must have a US shipping address.

*Update: A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating. Great talk, guys.

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  • Ella

    Dammit I'm not in the US!

    • Crewenna El Alid

      Ikr :(((

  • conni boykins

    Ole Henricksen's Truth Serum. $48 for a whopping one ounce of product but so. worth it. The associate at Sephora described it as a "glass of orange juice for the face" which is a bizarrely accurate description. This product really did brighten and awaken my face without the tightening botox-esque effect some serums have. And (this maybe in my head) but I also felt like it helped even out my skin tone. And my skin was like....hella soft and moisturized.

  • Eliza

    Kahina Giving Beauty's Night Cream--$105 for 1.6 oz. (Maybe not that splurge-y for some but a lot for me.) And absolutely worth all 10,500 pennies!

  • lisamhampton

    does lasik count as a beauty purchase?

  • Amanda Raponi

    I bought the Chanel Beige perfume this year--almost $300 for a perfume, but I don't regret it! I smell damn good.

  • Bertiebeetle

    My biggest skincare splurge was the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum. It smells like slightly stale fish oil capsules and it is pretty sticky so you have to let it sit for a little while before you put anything over the top. Despite that it does some super excellent things for my skin. I use a retinol cream at night and I wanted to add a daytime serum; this one wins. I have tried a lot because I would love to find one cheaper and less fishmongery but for me it is the best I've tried. My skin is soft and smooth and you can put lots of makeup over the top once it's absorbed and it doesn't make it pill or go weird.
    Biggest makeup splurge: Chantecaille just skin tinted moisturiser. The price for a tinted freaking moisturiser is insane and to be honest after using half a tube it's pretty similar to the Laura Mercier TM, maybe a little sheerer and dewier slash oilier depending on your skin. I won't buy it again but I feel fancy as f when I use it.
    No US shipping address but I am great at spending too much $$ on beauty including candles so I had to contribute!

  • hdshearburn

    la roche posay roll on deodorant. it's only a splurge when compared to normal drugstore prices. it doesn't have all the harmful alz-inducing chemicals, but it also doesn't leave me smelling like joshua tree. love it.

  • Amy

    If we're talking beauty in a broader sense, past products, then I've spent a lot of money on laser hair removal. I'm not particularly hairy, but being Asian, what hair I do have is generally coarse and black. I never found shaving or waxing a nuisance but now that I never have to shave, I feel blissfully free of worry (over whether I shaved or not).
    Products-wise, I've happily splurged on fragrances that have captivated me. I'm currently half a bottle deep in Atelier Cologne's Oolang Infini (200ml), and I'm eyeing Ermenegildo Zegna's Indonesian Oud and Byredo's Bal D'Afrique...

    • Bertiebeetle

      I forgot about fragrance; I have Bal D'Afrique and I cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it!! Did not regret the purchase one bit.

  • Hes

    Kate Sommerville's Quench Hydrating Serum. 1 oz for $65, but worth it. My skin drinks it up.

  • Skimz9

    Sisley's Hydrating Long-Lasting Lipstick (in Passion) for $55. Not the most expensive, but my biggest splurge. I still can't believe that I paid that much for lipstick. I have vague regrets about it.

  • Julianna S

    I purchased the Lancome DreamTone serum for $100. I hate to say it, but it was not worth it. I think it did lighten my darkspots but it also irritated my skin.

  • Marie

    I just bought a YSL glossy stain. It's ok but the packaging is fantastic.

    • ITG Annie

      A good package is sometimes more important—especially if it's a product that you'll be reapplying in public or sits out on your counter.

      • Alaka H

        Agreed. That's why I splurge on L'Occitane's hand creams.

  • Samantha

    A Caudalie face moisturizer - not even sure I've noticed a difference in my skin but the beautiful scent makes me feel like I'm special (and the look of it on my vanity makes me appear oh-so-luxurious).

  • Kelly

    Aesop skincare for my whole regime. Because it's the only think that works for me and it's an absolute joy to use.

  • gowebsitedesigns

    i bought a packet of hyaluronic acid powder, mixed in with water and it was the best product i have ever used for moisturing skin. you should try it and its cheap

  • Ellen

    My biggest beauty splurge is Bumble and bumble hair care generally, and especially their Color Minded shampoo. It's not that much of a splurge in and of itself (about $30 for an 8.5 oz bottle), but as an ongoing expense it adds up, especially compared to drug store shampoos. But I love it. It really preserves my highlights without fading. It's one of the few hair care products that actually does what it claims to do!

  • Lyndsey Smith

    I am a skint student but have a terrible habit of splurging on the most trivial items ever! Candles being one, obviously, but £50 Himalayan bath salts? The Dior creme abricot which I love but it's a cream for your cuticles so definitly nowhere near necessary or justifiable! Also, the Caudalie beauty elixir, By Terry baume de rose... I could go on. I just love these luxe but completely pointless items so I'll just have to carry on living of beans on toast!

    • Bertiebeetle

      Ooh what do you like about the baume de rose? Is it better than the nuxe reve de miel? I do love a good lip balm.

      • Alice

        Baume de Rose is much stickier and thicker than Reve de Miel. It also has a sheer pinky tint and very nice smell. I use it way more often than the Reve de Miel, which I feel doesn't leave lips any more moisturized after it rubs off.

  • Kendall Schmidt

    The SK-II serum I paid more than my combined utilities, grocery and transportation bills for was worth it. I am sure unicorns made it... that's why it works so well. It's worth it when I glance at my reflection and notice a brighter complexion, knowing I used it that morning.

  • Maddog

    Really fancy mascara!

  • Amanda

    I'd have to go with the good ole' Clarisonic Mia 2. It's made my skin a heck of a lot smoother and I've found that my products absorb quickly and effectively after nightly use.

  • natalie

    Chanel no 5 eau de parfum for my Abuela for Christmas one year-- she makes the most darling face when she spritzes it and smells it- her eyes look up, then she sighs, "que esencia." It's smells luxurious to her (and most everyone else), and shows how far we've come: she was born in dirt-floored home and now enjoys this treat.

  • TheProcrastinator

    Oh god, I think the worst is that I think I'm saving money by not buying the un-splurgey version of things and going straight for the splurge. Cle de Peau concealer anyone? Caudalie Serum? Tom Ford anything? #wantitall

  • ingridb

    Dior Addict Fluid lipgloss in Veritgo. $30+, but looks great, wears wonderfully. makes me happy, so worth it.

  • Eliana Gil Rodriguez

    Same! I was born half monkey. When I was two, my older sister shaved my entire body because she was convinced something was very, very wrong with me. Laser was hella expensive but but the freedom of always being bikini ready is priceless.

  • Julie Ann

    My Clarisonic Mia has been my splurgiest splurge! I rely on 3x weekly exfoliation and use my clarisonic to do just that! It makes my skin baby smooth and definitely clears away all of my impurities and dead skin leaving me with a soft glow. I finish up with a swipe of Cane and Austin retexturizing treatment pads and retin-A to get rid of some old acne brown spots. Boom! beautiful, glowing skin.

    Thanks ITG!

  • ilikebigbooks

    The Odacite Ac + R (Acai and rose) Facial Concentrate per Mackenzie Wagoner's suggestion. 0.17 oz for $54.00. I thought it was 1.7oz and when the package came, the bottle was so small that I threw it into the recycling with the packaging materials. That said, it is very luxurious.

  • conni boykins

    oooh!! I'll have to try this!

  • ¥$£

    I was on this splurge streak of buying the Fresh $17 deodorant. In my mind's lacking Excel spreadsheet, I budgeted it as a necessary toiletry item. It smells like lemon bars and what's better than lemon bar armpits? I'm now back to Dove deodorant so that I can afford NARS lipsticks and other necessities.

    • ITG Annie


  • Danielle Villano

    One of my favorite beauty splurges? A double-whammy purchase: Le Labo Santal for me, and Tom Ford's Black Orchid for my boyfriend. Initially I wanted Black Orchid for myself, but the scent smells so much better on him! Body chemistry is a funny thing. But really, both scents are amazing, and wearing either of them feels totally luxurious.

  • Thu

    Darphin's Organic Niaouli Aromatic Care oil .. it's $70 for a .5oz bottle and it changed my complexion forever.

    When my bottle hits the half way mark I'm already ordering another one. This cleared up my skin (I struggled with adult acne from 18-23)
    it's the only thing that worked!!!

  • Blair

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. It's the most intoxicating smell and it lasts forever - I spray it on my scarves in the winter and it saves me from the misery of the cold weather.

  • Betsy

    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (daily must-have) or masks (for special occasions or when I need a pick-me-up)

  • JessicaLeone

    SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum. $250 for perfect skin. It's worth it.

    • Danica

      Ditto. There is no other product that works like this. Perfect, smooth, even skin in a month. I will always splurge on TNS.

  • Aubree

    Mason Pearson Popular Brush - I was flying solo on my first ever work trip to NYC, went to see Wicked (seeing a play by yourself was almost as good as going with your mom, almost) and went to Barney's the next morning. The Popular brush was calling my name - now I know "what shoes to wear, how to fix my hair, everything that really counts." For real though, every time I brush my hair I'm reminded how thrilling it was to wander around the busy city by myself and what an adventure I had on my trip. Worth every penny.

    • ITG Annie

      And it's a great brush! Good buy ;)

  • ITG Annie

    That's a great foundation! I always have people comment on how great I look whenever I wear it.

  • Katie

    I keep a queue of expensive beauty products I'm going to buy as I can afford them, but then I am actually hopeless with my finances so I'll just go into Sephora and buy like a $35 unwearable black lipstick or spend $70 on crap at CVS and not get the nice, high quality blush I've been wanting forever that would look great on me every day.

    My biggest beauty splurge though was probably 10 months' worth of acrylic nails (~$600, oh god), which has left me with finger tips that look like I dipped them in acid, but were very Rihanna glamorous for the 2013-2014 school year (I am not actually in school, but you know).

  • Marie

    Frederic Malle scents: La Rose and the Dries Van Noten.

  • Hina Khan

    La Prairie caviar eye cream - it's luxury in a glass container. Worth every penny.

  • BlackNyx

    I think my favorite beauty splurge was a bottle of Le Labo Santal. It smells so amazing and I don't regret it for one minute!!

  • Mubarak Abliz

    By terry cover expert is by far the best base for when I'm breaking out but still wanna get close to someone and flirt...expensive for a foundation I'd say.

  • Amy Mills

    I don't really splurge at a hard core level (at least compared to what I assume the average ITG reader does, but it's all relative isn't it?), but I did once buy a gilette venus razor for 13 euros-- almost $18. The things desperation + geographic isolation can drive a person to do...

  • adochka

    Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream! Even with a %15 off coupon, it was still more expensive than I can regularly afford on my graduate student budget, but it makes my skin so smooth and my pores look much smaller. I use two fingertips-worth a day to make it last as long as possible.

  • charlottechanler

    After swooning over Rodin's Olio Lusso Perfume for months, I finally went for it. There's nothing like spritzing yourself with magic golden drops of this stuff to make you forget your basement apartment and your early 20-something salary

  • Kristina

    My GHD's; expensive, yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

  • Alaska

    I would definitely say that it's this James Read Sleep Mask Tan. Ugh I cannot ever resist stripes and I thought that my obsession was limited to Petit Bateau tops but apparently it applies to beauty products as well. This stuff is excellent. It's probably just because of the stripes though. $43 is a lot compared to the Jergens I was using before but this splurge was totes worth it because it doesn't break me out like the cheap stuff.

  • hextelephone

    Would heartily enjoy IRL. My apartment is a disaster, and the only cure is a salad-scented candle to burn the bad vibes away. It's very LA.

  • Lexi

    I spend 58$ on Trish Mcevoy face soap but it's really nice and I've used it for years.

  • RachelleCatherine

    Shopping in San Francisco's Union Square Sephora I was sold on Algenist's Complete Eye Renewal Balm with Alguronic Acid which was engineered in SF by a biotech company who discovered the antiaging properties of the miracle microalgae ingredient. That little half ounce pot set me back $65. My most recent splurge was on the Mia Clarisonic facial brush. $100 for squeaky clean pores. However the most dramatic beautification splurge was spent on a haircut by the talented Rubi Jones, blog author of SheLetsHerHairDown, which cost me $125. No coloring or special processing, just a simple cut from long to short hair. I haven't trimmed my tresses since.

  • Cranberry Street

    My splurgiest splurge hasn't happened yet because she has a six month wait-list, but come January, I am getting a facial with Isabelle Bellis. Cannot wait!

  • Helena

    Spent $100 of a $125 Bergdorf Goodman gift card on the Hermes Jardin Sur Le Toit! no regrets

  • Jennifer Dickinson

    in terms of total cost, not that spendy, but I would say that La Mer's lip balm is my biggest beauty splurge ('cause you can get a pretty good one for a fraction of the price).

  • Olivia La Roche

    Practically the whole Kho Gen Do line. Amazing coverage, beautiful simple packaging. Plus I love Barneys and the shopping experience is worth the splurge.

  • Sherri

    My Clairsonic has been my biggest beauty splurge at almost $200. I'm so glad I took the plunge though. It has truly made a great improvement to my complexion and feel of my skin. Love it!

  • Audrey

    Splurgiest happiest purchase, ever: a one way ticket to Greece. (I'm back in the US now obviously, or else I wouldn't be a contender here.) I went to Greece to work for three months at a small horsepacking business in the northern mountains. An incredible time. And, by the way, when it was time to go home (yeah, buying that return ticket was not as happy as the one to go to Greece) and I was at the Athens airport, my impulse to stock up on Korres goodies at the duty-free was similarly splurgy and a FANTASTIC decision!

  • cat butt

    Strange Invisible perfume. Specifically the Black Rosette perfume. I read about the brand in Elle and visited their site where I learned they offer samples for many of their perfumes for a small fee. I read each story and selected a few to try. One was Black Rosette: spearmint, leather, roses, and black tea. One of the descriptors used in its story was "menacing," so I had to try it. I loved it immediately but the 1.7oz edp costs $250.00......I did not have $250.00 at the time. So I ordered several more samples of it and rationed them, and finally I knew I needed this perfume.

    I opened a credit card account so I could buy it. I still love the scent and it's part of my permanent rotation. I regret nothing.

  • g+m

    "Beauty purchase" is so vague . . . technically a facial counts, yes? Because at $75, my last one tops the list of most expensive beauty purchases ever.

    But if you mean actual *things*, the full-size bottle of Josie Maran is the most costly individual thing I've purchased. It is wonderful. I love it. It has made such an insane difference in my skin.

    If you're talking most amount of money spent on something ridiculous, the $13 I regularly spend on La Roche Posay thermal water is probably the most splurgy. Because, really, $13 for a spray can of water? But I love it so.

  • juliana5999

    A gigantic, completely necessary $175 tube of Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate - my most ridiculously expensive beauty purchase but that stuff does wonders for the skin.

  • Julie

    Normally, I would balk at spending over $36 for a lip color but Giorgio Armani's Lip Maestro is worth every penny. Apply a thick layer for a velvety smooth lip creme; apply a thin layer for the longest lasting lip stain you will ever need. (Love shade 402!)

  • Greysie

    Definitely the special edition Diptique Rosamundi candle. I took one whiff and walked out with a $65 candle...and cherished every rose-scented moment of its lifetime. I can't wait until valentines day next year (haha who says that?!) to get another!

  • Meg White

    I bought Bronze Goddess immediately after Annie's article on it. It's not the priciest perfume I own, but (I'm guessing since it's a skinscent) it has awful longevity on me. So I feel like I'm going through the bottle faster than a teenage boy goes through Axe.

  • Duff

    Um... Beauty splurges? Where to start? My original, old school worth-it splurge is La Mer. Always La Mer. I've been using it for... erm... 13 years now. More recent worth-it splurges included extensions (out of desperation, following a misappropriated mullety haircut less than a month before I was to start a new job), three massive Feu des Bois Diptyque candles for the house, and a Gypsy Water body lotion/perfume set. It goes without saying I am a sucker for packaging and a good scent. :)

  • marthaburzynski

    I absolutely love By Terry's Baume de Rose. $59 for a small pot but the most perfect lip balm with a hint of baby pink, ever.

  • luxleesg

    I love makeup so that always seems like more of a "necessity." I haven't spent a ton on anti-aging stuff yet, but I'm sure my answer to this in a few years will be Botox or Juvederm.
    For now, maybe Nars Body Oil, the kind they had with the Tahitian vanilla that was bronze/glittery.

  • Casey Poehlein

    I have a combo for splurge purchases because I purchased these products together and think their one two punch is what has saved my skin. First there's Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum which was in the $50 range, along with CELLFOOD oxygen gel. I put these on once or twice a day after washing my face and my skin has completely cleared up, is plumper, more moisturized. So happy with them!

  • Bridgette

    "Splurgiest" (new word!?) beauty purchase I have made was my purchase of antibiotic pills I take to help keep my complexion clear-- they put me out over $200 for a 3 month supply!! However, totally worth it because clear skin is an accessory I'd like to wear every day! ;-)

  • Erin H

    La Mer aging serum. Not sure it was totally worth it, but it felt lavish and pampering at the time. Back to my usual stuff now.

  • bunnygrrrl3000

    Initially taking the plunge into higher end skin care! As a broke as fuck unpaid intern, buying a whole line of Mario Badescu and Avene was scary, but my lovely even tone skin is happy I did!

  • Lilly

    Chanel foundation,

  • bunnygrrrl3000

    Whenever I am at Bloomingdales I always get a Big scoop of the body lotion. So luxe.

  • billyidol929

    Its hard for me to pick one because I am an overall beauty product hoe, but I received 4 or 5 nice samples of the chanel creme sublimage in the gold container. I used it for about 2 months, and even after the first day, i SWEAR i saw an amazing difference in my skin. After using it for 2 months I went to the counter to purchase it and saw it was $450 for 1 ounce!! CRAZZYYY!! But then i stopped using it and i missed it so much. So i caved in. i know its crazy, but i love it.

  • CharlotteCR

    Rodin's Olio Lusso Perfume - because spritzing yourself with magic golden drops of this stuff makes you forget you're not royalty (and that you really live in a basement apartment in Brookyln)

  • Julie Ann

    My clarisonic! I use it 3x per week and then add a swipe of Cane and Austin retexturizing pads and top it off with retin-A :) Thanks ITG!

  • femme_noir

    My first thought was Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, but, for me, that wasn't really worth it. It clogs my chinpores. So I'm going with the several sessions of laser treatments I had to burn away broken capillaries, which I'm prone to. I'd love to go back for more to finish them off, too. There's some kind of almost-masochistic satisfaction to it.


    I mean, I think this might be the perfect candle to put on my bamboo bath tub tray! Talk about relaxation...

  • Anna

    Hermès Calèche perfume because a girl needs to feel fabulous and seductive at the same time, and smelling quite right is quite important.

  • Denisse

    Bottle of Guerlain's Mitsouko perfume that I ended up never using and giving to my grandmother. Actually, and the Shalimar perfume as well. But that one has definitely been used.

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Oooof... so far it's a bottle of Byredo perfume. I've never spent $200 on perfume before!

  • Alaka H

    I'm a longtime user of Clarins' Beauty Balm. It has its detractors, but it makes my skin so smooth and glowy. I use it three times a day. Excellent primer, mask, moisturizer -- you name it. And a tube actually lasts a long time! I prefer to buy it at airports because that way you can get the larger European tubes (in the US I've only found the smaller ones being sold).

  • karicat11

    A Sedu flat iron. It was worth it because it tames my fluffy hair in the mornings, has different heat settings, and shuts off automatically. It also never pulls my hair like other irons have.

  • annesmash

    Maybe not even that splurgy, but I bought myself that Benefit advent calendar last December. It was kind of fun, but I ended up giving a lot of the stuff away.

  • valentina romanchuk

    I regularly get my long, crazy kinky thick lion mane colored. Dye prices, WAREHOUSE Moroccan oil & Ouidad Botanical sized products as well as a splurge Brazilian Blow out costs me a pretty penny but I'm sparkling like a million. Also, just bought my first NARS lip color, "Heat Wave," any comments? Thanks! Valentina

  • Win

    ~$98 for organic Yuli and Tata Harper serums. And a $200+ facial, where the esthetician spent most of her time rubbing my shoulders instead of focusing on my complexion!

  • Hilary Lau

    This sounds like the perfect summery addition to my entire living room vibe. I want to smell it in real life.

  • BB

    This is something I try not to think of, but in the spirit of community and the free candle at stake...$78 eye shadow quad from Tom Ford. Well, I bought two. So I spent $156 on eye shadow. In one sitting. They're really pretty, though. I guess I've splurged more on other skincare-y makeup items ($135 BB cream from Omorovicza???), but that has a "care" component, so it doesn't feel as bad. I'm great at justifying beauty purchases.

  • foreels

    SkinCeuticals Vitamin C E Ferulic Serum. Pricey, but no more dark spots!

  • Megan Gibson

    My clarisonic was the priciest purchase to date, and I'm very happy with it. Would LOVE to win this candle!

  • MS

    I finally gave in and splurged on a whole collection of Oribe hair product to tame my frizzy hair... Thank god I did though - so worth it!

  • Jess

    Would love to win!

  • Ess Tee

    For me it's a toss up between MakeUp Forever's HD Foundation at $45 and NARS' tinted moisturizer at $42. Considering that I'm that oil chick--sweet almond oil or coconut oil or grapeseed oil--when it comes to face, hair, and body, the money spent on the NARS and MUFE products was quite the splurge.

  • Ninaxins

    As a candle lover but also poor college student, I like to get myself one nice gift for my birthday and last year I got the MorrocanOil candle. I fell in love with the scent when my hairdresser first tried their shampoo and conditioner on me and I NEEDED to have the smell in my room. Other girls in my dorm mentioned they could smell it from across the hall, and to them I said "you're welcome".

  • MsEaves

    It was painful, but Guerlain Garance lipstick is my perfect mlbb shade, and I feel so glamorous when I apply it. Doesn't hurt that the formula's dreamy.

  • Kristy

    The Emma Hardie cleansing balm. Living in Chicago, this balm was essential to keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized in the winter.

  • Caroline

    Clarisonic! Makes my face so smooth!

  • HMS

    I was transitioning into a new job and decided to find some new BB cream. $800 dollars later, I walked out of Blue Mercury with a lot more, but I do not regret the purchases.

  • meagonzaga

    I bet it smells fantastic!

  • Alicia

    Mio Boob Tube is a splurge when you consider the body real estate it was designed for is a space roughly comparable to your hands. At least, for me. However! It is truly the miraculous body-part specific moisturizer I didn't know I needed. It radically transforms the texture of your skin, even if you've protected it well from exposure your whole life. And that effect lasts a good bit beyond using it, as I am never consistent with a daily routine. It almost plumps the skin in a way that all moisturizers claim to but none ever do and makes your chest feel somehow more structurally intact.

  • Kate E May

    I've gotta say the Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum, $135 for 1.7 oz is insane for me on my college budget, but I'm basically in a dependent, committed relationship with the stuff. My skin can get really irritated, but this stuff calms it down somehow. Can't do without it anymore

  • Ali

    Oribe hair products. Worth every single penny.

  • Justine

    Kate Somerville ExfoliKate made my face made my face sooo smooth. I used every last bit of that 5 oz. tube. Neutrogena Pore Regining Exfoliating Cleanser is a good drugstore substitute. I slightly prefer ExfoliKate but not enough to justify how much pricier it is than Neutrogena.

  • Emily Flanagan

    After turning 31 I finally bit the bullet and invested in La Mer's eye serum. I love the way it feels soaking in and the peace of mind that I get from knowing I'm really taking care of my skin is more than worth the price tag!

  • metrocake

    Buying the big bottle of Juliette Has a Gun's "Mad Madame" perfume. :D It's one of my favorite scents and just *works* on me no matter what the season.

  • Samantha Klein

    Eminence Persimmon & Canteloupe Day Cream. Fancy-schmancy moisturizer (with SPF, thankyouverymuch) that smelled delicious and gave me the matte look I crave. I scraped every last drop of that stuff out of the jar, and haven't managed to convince myself to splurge on it since. :( I should work on that, huh? :)

  • dr. annabel lies

    Kate Somerville Exfolikate is fantastic stuff and worth every penny to me. I really wanted to love La Mer, but I didn't find it to do anything noticeable to my skin.

    Oh, oh! And Carnal Flower. Best fragrance ever.

  • BeauTay

    I have 2; 1. Tom Ford Oud Wood. Bought the medium size; after tax = $315. It's absolutely on another level as far as fragrances are concerned. 2. Sisley black rose cream mask, $158. Spectacular. I usually do a series of 3 masks every Sunday and often do this one last and in place of my usual nightly regime. Afterward my skin looks brand new; clutch. A little goes a long way; smells great, feels great. Worth it.

  • hopelesstrees

    Another candle actually, the Rodin olio lusso one for $125. I've finally moved into my own place and I'm obsessed with candles. I love the ritual of lighting them and seeing how they illuminate a room, not to mention how wonderful they can smell. Candles really feel indulgent because they're so unnecessary in the modern world. I'm really trying to limit myself to buying my next one only when the other burns out!

    Otherwise I don't think I've really splurged in the sense of purchasing anything I felt unnecessary or not really worth the price. I think you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to beauty, services, and products, especially for skincare!

  • crazyclaude

    Rehauling my makeup drawer after learning that I had developed allergies to EVERYTHING I had previously owned. Hair products included. Eek.

  • Jason Woods

    This is awesome, are doing something similar.