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Want The Awesome Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Line? Then Tell Us Why!

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Here's the deal: Bumble is very kindly giving 5 ITG readers their own $500 gift certificate for treats and treatments at any Bb. network salon, plus the entire Hairdresser's Invisible Oil family of products. It's pretty great! Instead of just sending them away at random though, we're taking volunteers.

Tell us why you want to try these babies—why your hair NEEDS them, maybe—and we'll give 'em to the five readers whose answers we like best. Is it scientific? No, but it's a heck of a lot more fair (and fun) than some blind giveaway, right? So ladies and gents, start your Disqus engines! You have a week to respond...

*Update: The winners have been chosen! Thanks for participating. Wishing everyone a few more good hair days.

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  • Ashley

    My hair would be SO HAPPY!! I have been trying to navigate which brand is best for my crazy hair and so far, I have not found a keeper!

  • Jenny W

    I bleached my hair blonde to channel my inner Targaryen, however much like the Dragons, my hair has suffered, through blood and fire and needs something to quench it's thirst! Hopefully not small goats or children! I need this line to help get my hair looking like a true Khalessi! I'll even do a selfie with the dragons! Drogo not included.

    • IntoTheGloss

      Like!! XEmily

    • Alexandra0112

      Hahahaha.....I was going to leave a comment so I could win....but .....ITG...pick her!

  • Jenn

    Because I'd be whipping my sleek hair back and forth along the streets of DC after sweet treats and treatments by Bb!

  • Kate

    Ten years of chlorine as a competitive swimmer + an in-depth exploration of the spectrum of drug store hair dyes during college made for seriously dry, dead hair - so last year I decided to start over with a focus on eating healthier, feeling better, and chopping off all that dead hair for my first pixie cut. I'm in the middle of the grow-out process now and even at this awkward length, I can already tell my hair is the healthiest it's been in years - this would be an amazing way to help me get to the long, healthy hair I've always wanted!

  • K.B.

    My hair needs them because it's been dyed numerous times (including the trend that won't die, ombre, which I'm pretty sure is French for "sucks the moisture and shine out of previously-perfect hair"), and I heat style the heck out of it every day. Also, I live in Florida, where there's 10 months of summer and year round humidity...which rarely drops below 50%), so the few remaining nutrients left in my hair are bleached out by the sun. Did I mention my state is surrounded by salt water? Pretty please (with sugar on top) pick me to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Emily

    As of January, I have been splitting my time between Berlin, Germany and NYC for work. After about a month in Germany, my normally, thick wavy hair turned into an unmanageable, dry, straw-like, yet inexplicably greasy mess. It turns out Berlin has some of the hardest water around. I am in hard-water hell! I have tried all sorts of chelating shampoos, and intense masks and but I need serious, Bumble and Bumble level help to bring it back to life!

  • Lara

    Constantly fighting with my thick, wavy, frizzy, mediterranean crazy hair and continuously losing the battle. I dream of the day I can wash and air dry. In desperate need of something that will help me gain control in this ugly relationship!

  • Jessica McManus

    Because all I've done this morning is try to figure out if i REALLY need to make a hair appointment whilst trimming my split ends one by one with desk scissors. Monday, i see you.

  • femme_noir

    I am entering because I am not good at Hair Things. I've always wanted to try Bumble & bumble, too, because they have a lot of things that seem like they would be good for what I've got going on. Fine hair? I could use that thickening stuff! Dry ends? Gimme that oil! Dirty roots? That dry shampoo, please! (Seriously, please, I want that dry shampoo, the one for black hair.)

    Really, though, they have everything and I want to try everything. And that Hairdresser's line is to die, with the sulfate-free and the UV and the lightweight. So yes, please enter me.

  • Claire

    You guys--not to be dramatic (because EW), but I am in a serious hair rut and I think the only cure is more (er, some) Bumble. I've had the same style/color/cut for too long now (did you know that you can unintentionally go ombre?) and my products and skillz game are majorly lacking--unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that you actually can't replicate beauty school tricks from YouTube tutorials alone. I live in a pricey city (shoutout to D.C.) and it has been difficult to make fabulous hair a priority when I have so many other crazy-high expenses which have made going to a super salon usually out of the question. I've spent the last several years busting my ass here in the nation's capital and am proud to say that my hard work has paid off--I'll be heading to law school in August! I'd love--and TRULY appreciate--to show up for my first day with some locks that reflect, not diminish, how ready I am for a new opportunity and a future with a rewarding career!

    • IntoTheGloss

      *thumbs up* XEmily

  • Mackenzie

    I have incredibly fine, thin hair that also needs, needs, needs moisture. Not a good combo. I've tried it all - vitamins, oils, leave-in treatments and every shampoo and conditioner under the sun. I'm constantly on the search for something light enough to not weigh down my poor hair, but also something so wonderful my hair looks incredibly shiny and healthy without looking like an oil slick. I'd LOVE to try this group of products. You never know, this could be the love of my hair's life!

  • Kelly

    I'm African-American with natural hair and I'm growing it out. Right now it's finally getting to the length that I want, but styling it and keeping it hydrated has gotten more and more difficult. I really want to keep growing it (huge curly fro FTW!), but the longer it gets, the more I feel like chopping it off again! Help me reach maximum afro goodness! ;D

  • Lulu

    So, since I am from African decent, my hair is incredibly hard to maintain and difficult to keep under control. And of all places, i live in Norway where there is NO hair products for African hair and I have never been to a salon where they have dared to touch my hair because they have no experience with African hair.
    I really want to keep my hair natural, like Kilo Kish, instead of always have to hide my afro because i simply can't find good products for my hair.

    Best regards, A young girl living in Norway with an crazy afro

  • Blondie29

    My hair needs some serious TLC! I'm blonde and color every 6 weeks, plus I have hypothyroidism which makes my hair look haggard and very dry!! I'm your girl ITG!

  • Yvette

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway! When I saw the word "hair", I immediately thought of my mom. She has always had an uphill battle with her uber-curly jet black hair. Dying it blonde-- although it did not look bad on her-- was the ultimate destroyer of her hair. She grew up in the '80s: meaning perms and hairspray x100, and that kind of damage is not easy to get rid of. After multiple intense keratin treatments and expensive conditioners from Barneys mixed with cheaper-but-they-claim-to-do-the-trick treatments from CVS, her hair is still lacking and it's always on her mind (literally). Perhaps Bumble&bumble is the answer from the heavens. If I win this I would most definitely gift it to my mother, who deserves some high end hair care not only because of how much of a struggle it is for her, but also what a great caring mom she is to me and my sisters!

    Thanks ITG! xx

  • Elizabeth

    because I'm starting my dream job as a public interest lawyer in two months, and would love some shiny and finally manageable hair to whip around in the courtroom while defending my clients!

  • lulu

    I would LOVE to win this because I'm in dire need of some hair confidence! My hair has fallen out in clumps for the past couple years because of my iron levels and I haven't really learned to love my shorter style. I should be glamming it up and trying new things, but instead I throw it in a ponytail and pretend it's not there. I would love to be more bold in my approach to my hair instead of shying away from it. I want to learn to rock what I have, despite the circumstances, and feel amazing regardless of my hair's length or density. Everyone should feel confident with their hair, sometimes we just need a little TLC.

  • Emma

    This pregnant mama sure could use some pampering....they say hair and nails get better during pregnancy. Those people are liars. Help my horomone-ravaged hair!

  • Jessie

    I have long, thick dark hair that people often compliment, until they see it up close. It so dry and damaged and feels like a horse's tail! It is in need of some serious TLC after numerous color jobs in the past. Also I would like to find my haircare routine, I literally use no products for my hair aside from shampoo/conditioner. While I do like it natural and slightly messy (a la Kate Moss), I want to add some volume, and give it some 'shape', especially for my annoying grown out bangs. Would love to share and track my progress with everyone!

  • http://www.avivalabs.com Vi

    ITG have you ever made a terrible decision? One that was born of equal parts boredom, recklessness, and a newly embarked-upon quarter life crisis? A choice made at a time when "fuck it" was the reigning mantra and consequences were decidedly not a thing? Well my mistake was this: bleaching the living shit out of my naturally jet black hair in the hopes that I would finally become one of those dope, street-chic, edgy, *cool* Asians who could fuck with the NYC crowd (see DJ SoSuperSam who I blame utterly and completely for this.)

    Many processes later I am STILL not blonde (although my boyfriend has taken to calling me "Nana" - cute!) and every time I wash my hair, which is rarely these days, I fear it will all literally fall out of my head. It is dry, brittle, frizzy, and in as few words as possible, looks like shit. As a long-time drinker of the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Kool-Aid, it's the only product that brings my hair even remotely close to its virginal texture. Despite this godsend, it is still very much in need of some even more serious TLC like I know only Bumble & Bumble could give.

    I am wishing, hoping, praying here that you can help a girl out. I have learned from my mistake, I am certainly paying for it in kind, and hope the hair gods will dial back their wrath, smile pityingly on me, and let me be one these five blessed chicks who get to go to B&B Heaven.


    • IntoTheGloss

      #feels. Good luck! XEmily

  • kamila przytula

    My hair is a wreck this "summer" in Chicago (its still cold here). This pixie cut is struggling to grow out and these products would help my hair spring back to life!

  • http://www.anobleho.me/em.halliburton EM. Halliburton

    My hair manages to be dry even in the peak of late-summer humidity - I've tried everything from low shampoo (twice monthly) to no shampoo with intense conditioning and oiling, and I just haven't gotten the right balance. I have been eyeing this line pretty hard as I've been putting one or several of these oils into use on a regular basis, and combining their magic with a strong product base (instead of further indulging my shampoo-phobia) seems like the way to go.

    As far as haircare goes, I fall to the no-maintenance side - never colored, barely cut, and itching to experiment. (I'm thinking volume instead of just weight?) Bb. is guaranteed quality, which is just the right push for a firmly-entrenched rut-dweller like myself.

  • Sunny

    BB dry shampoo saves my life and so does their surf spray. My hair is sooooo flat and needs a lot of help.. so awful right. Please! I need BB!! I would cherish each product I get and be forever in the debt of both BB and ITG.

  • Kelly

    I need some hair help because last August, in a rash decision, I decided I get an a-line cut a la Beyonce's new bob. About three days later, Beyonce re-emerged with a new do and I was left alone in my short haired-ness.

    I had asked for something still shoulder length so I could put it up but ended up with a poorly done, waaaay too short and choppy, mid 2000s look that has grown out to a bushy, bulbous cut that flips up at my shoulders. I just made the move to a new city, am trying to find reliable work to pay the bills so a haircut is far out of budget at the moment. I have been using Bumble and bumble Brilliantine to get some texture out of this 'blah' bob and would love to add the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil to my routine. I will promise to henceforth only pick more realistic hair role models and visit a reliable salon that can layer without looking like a safety scissor hack job.

  • http://lazygirlglam.com Thu

    I’m going through an extreme experimental phase. I think
    that’s coming to an end…(hopefully sooner than later)

    I’ve had 4 different get ups in the last 6 months. Ombre,
    went a little bit blonder, bangs, dyed everything purple….cut 5 inches off… now
    I have multi colored hair. Green, caramel, purple, pink.., just a HOT MESS.

    So you had imagine… without proper hair care I can easily
    look like leo the lion on a good day.

    Now I’m stuck with this purple that won’t wash out! It’s
    been two months and 40+ washes later (that’s massive for a girl who refuses to
    wash her hair unless she HAS TO)

    As the color is slowly fading out of my hair it’s now green.
    Although it’s “trendy” I think I am over looking like rainbow brite.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me look put together again. This
    messy effortless mermaid hair trend is not for me & I need expert help now.

    Selfies of this rainbow brite mess upon request.


  • Caterinamorrone

    Because I have one head of hair and I should learn to show it some love, instead of repeating "I Hate My Hair" as the temperature rises and NYC Humidity comes back into my commuter life - Bb Invisible Oil products help me!

  • coralie

    just did the unadvisable and chopped off my hair post-breakup. help me look sexually desirable again/ regain my self-confidence! i live by the beach and i don't own a hair dryer or flatiron, but au naturale has not been looking good on my chin-length wavy hair. help! never used bumble & bumble ($$) but have always wanted to try this line.

  • Rebecca

    I am a young lady journalist covering politics, which means that I spend my days huddled in front of a computer screen, my skin growing paler and paler under the hideous fluorescent lighting. I used to curl my hair and drink green juice and now I munch leftover sweet potato bread pudding from the office fridge. My hair is one giant rat's nest pinned behind my head. It might be falling out but I'm too busy to turn around. Save me. SOS. Love, -D

  • Jane T.

    I recently bleached my hair with inspo from Emily, but it definitely was not my look! My hair is like straw -- super thirsty! Help me get back to my natural hair, please!

  • thisisheatherc

    In the quest to get back my waist length hair after a post-break-up chop my hair has finally reached my mid-back ... but now it's a dry and brittle mess of self-trimmed split ends. Help me regain my long and strong mane!!

  • Jordan

    Let me start off by saying I am a make up fanatic. I love, love, love anything I can smudge, smear, brush, draw, and paint on my face. With all the hours I've spent sitting on the floor of my bathroom, my face taking up my little magnifying mirror, experimenting with color and shape, I can honestly say I am pretty good with a makeup brush. The other type of brushes (hair brushes) is quite foreign to me. Winning the Invisible Oil family would be a great way to kick start my hair education!

    On top of knowing absolutely nothing about hair care, my hair is in serious need of some love. After suffering through 8 months of showers that ranged from scalding hot to molten lava courtesy of my college dorm, I am now washing my hair in water so saturated with iron you can smell it. My hair is dull and fried and I don't even know what to do with it! Please help me bring my hair back to life!

  • Molly Lyon

    Ok, is this available in the UK? Cause I'd die for some Bumble and Bumble/Me time ;-) my reason being my currently frazzled hair from not being able to buy hair dye and simply relying on the sun to bleach it. Yikes! Cue scarecrow impressions...

  • Amanda Mihaly

    It is very simple. New York city humidity and my hair do not go very well together. It can take me up to an hour to blow dry it any given day, and I have no choice because leaving it to "air-dry" does not look good. My hair takes a shape of its own during the "air-dry" process and becomes a mess of straight strands in some places, frizzy unruly locks in other, and then there's always a bunch of hair that stays clamped on top of my head going in every direction because it just can't decide what it's in the mood for that day.

    Not only do I have a lot of hair, I have the stubborn desire to keep it long this summer, too. Therefore, I love hair serums because they help tame my frizzy, thick, and quite long, hair during the blowdrying process. AND I already love Bumble and Bumble's Invisible Oil. I will need to try this whole line in order to keep my thick mane in order without having to sacrifice it. please pick me!

  • WhenThePagesWereBlank

    Bb, I need you because you're the only one I can trust with my tresses. At 14, you first opened my mane up to the possibility that it can be anything it wanted: beach waves as sexy as Swayze's in Point Break, volume that the 80s could only dream of, and hair tumescent with moisture that only your Creme de Coco could deliver. But I strayed and found another woman whose boutique walls were absent of any sign of you to do my do. A year later...when I close my eyes...I swear I can still feel her bedevil my scalp raw. I've spent the last year trying to repair the patches of violet, red, and ash brown she left on me and I come to you now, hoping for deliverance. I know you've no obligation to me, but can we get together again? For old time's sake?

  • Amy Jo Whiting

    I live in a world of bad hair days every day from my wild yet dull attempt at a french bob turning into a triangular curl blob. I'm comfortably obsessed with bumble and bumble, but I'm also uncomfortably nervous about paying the rent and making it through the rest of college, journalism major with rice and cheap broccoli for half my meals. My dream is to have hair like Bianca Duenas, with my curls finally shaping and acting properly, the texture soft and shiny and happy. Also, I had a dream that my friend became an ambassador of sorts for bumble and bumble last night and bragged about how nice her hair was thanks to the dream team of Hairdressers Invisible Oil shampoo/conditioner. Tell me I'm crazy, but I really just want to have hot hair and stop dreaming about it.

  • Tiffany

    i just tried the shampoo/conditioner over the weekend and am squeezing the last drops out of the sample i got to bring home. this stuff is LEGIT.

  • Amy Jo Whiting

    I live in a world of bad hair days every day from my wild yet dull attempt at a french bob turning into a triangular curl blob. I'm comfortably obsessed with bumble and bumble, but I'm also uncomfortably nervous about paying the rent and making it through the rest of college, journalism major with rice and cheap broccoli for half my meals. My dream is to have hair like Bianca Duenas, with my curls finally shaping and acting properly, the texture soft and shiny and happy. Also, I had a dream that my friend became an ambassador of sorts for bumble and bumble last night and bragged about how nice her hair was thanks to the dream team of Hairdressers Invisible Oil shampoo/conditioner. Tell me I'm crazy, but I really just want to have hot hair and stop dreaming about it.

  • R.B

    Why do I need this oil? Because my hair is so long, I accidentally button it into my pants when I get dressed in the morning. And hair that long needs some TLC. Serious. T.L.C. On top of that, I wasn't blessed with my father's awesome sleek Asian hair gene. Oh no...I got my mama's frizzy Arab hair gene. Thanks mom! Not only did I get your hips, but I got the hair that makes me look like a used toilet brush after every single wash...

  • Parrish F.

    To make dull locks shiny
    I need a simple key,
    A beautiful, buzzing bottle
    by the name of B. and b.

    My driest tresses
    ask for one dire request-
    A douse of invisible oil because
    Bumble and bumble make the best.

    • IntoTheGloss

      Preach! XEmily

  • Maddog

    Because my hair never looks pretty in the NYC summer humidity! After longs days of biking, work, and nighttime social events, I need products that can keep my hair frizz free and protected but still styled and glamorous. If the Invisible Oil collection can keep me from giving up and putting my hair in a boring ponytail by the middle of the day, then it would be awesome to win!

  • Sydney Schor

    Living in FL I've found a light, luxe oil is the best way to beat frizz and damage from constant sun and surfing!

  • Lesli Larned Simmons

    Because my hair is like a forest fire without it! Or at least post-forest fire, even Smokey the bear alone can't help me! I'm five months pregnant and my hair is super dry right now! And I love Bumble & Bumble products! Shout out to the Surf Spray!!!

  • GirlwithCurls

    Because I'm an actress who lives on the brink of starvation every other day trying to make my dream come true - I have forgone taking care of my hair in many ways (what's pampering?) in order to pay for classes, etc. And my hair could seriously use some love and attention not too mention going into an audition with my hair not looking like a hot mess would be AWESOME! I have also never been able to find the right recipe for what is best for my natural corse curls and I'd love to see if these products could do the trick!

  • Zechariah Welch

    Growing my hair out of a young rebellious high school period has taken much too long, but I'm finally starting to get the sensual length I've been fiending over for the past 3 years! I'm not quite to where I want to be with my hair, It's been a process, and I need but the best products to keep my curly mane in check! My goal is Jungle Julia length, I neeeeed these products if I ever plan on having healthy, booty length curls that make me want to ride on the back of a motorcycle on the open road, (or whip around to T.Rexx in front of a jukebox.)

  • Dominique

    I would definitely pass along this gift to my sister who is a military wife with a husband away and mom to special needs kids. Their military salary doesn't ever afford her the opportunity to go to a salon and she is the most deserving and hardworking person I know. I would love for her to be pampered and receive some great haircare products.

  • http://www.atdorsia.com/ Eliza

    Oooooh, exciting :) Keeping it short, sweet, and honest--literally NOTHING I have ever tried has given me a good hair day (and you can just check my Sephora bill to see how many products I've tried--I have dry, fine, frizzy hair no matter what), so I would love to see if this is the HG line :)

    Whomever does win, if I am not so lucky, make sure you let us know how this works out for you! It sounds great from the prior reviews :)

  • Sarah Brooks

    Friends and family ask me all the time to do their hair. This sounds like the perfect products to use on everyone!!! The primer would be great to help hold the hairstyles, since I usually do hair for special events! And who doesn't want their hair to be shiny and soft? And of course, I would love to use it on my hair! Plus, Bumble and Bumble products smell so good! It's a win-win kind of product! :)

  • cindy ngo

    My hair is longing to live and breathe Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil family of products. My long strands are in search of a nourishing and nutrient rich diet. I want Bumble and Bumble to feed my dry locks with grapeseed oil, safflower oil, argan and coconut oils. Every girl has her summer diet and mine is planning to be sulfate free, including 6 featherlight oils to soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect. I'm ready to shine on in the sunlight but of course not forgetting to protect my hair from UV rays with a primer! My hair is starving for Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's invisible oil line. Bumble and bumble spray de mode is dessert for your hair. The sweet smell is like candy and I can't get enough of that purple can of wonder. Like a food pyramid, my hair regimen begins and ends with all Bumble and bumble products. Loving the Surf line but longing for the Invisible oil line to bring my hair game on! Does anyone remember Johnny Bravo? Well, hubba hubba cause his hair is always on point. Hoping my hair will get the luxurious gentle shine and protection it needs from Bumble and Bumble! Beauty never fades at intothegloss. xoxo, Cindy Ngo

  • caroline

    oh please god. my hair is a postpartum nightmare! my baby is four months and since he arrived, my hair is straw-like, unkempt, falling out, always in a pony…. and i want to feel like a real person again! at this point, a bumble and bumble haircut would rival a five-star getaway to bali.

  • Erica Annanez

    I was under the impression that pregnancy would bring me shiny luxurious hair and luminescent skin. Not.The.Case. At 25 and 20weeks expecting I can say my hair has never looked more dull and lifeless! All the water, prenatals and positive vibes don't seem to be working. If I won this Bumble & Bumble giveaway maybe I could feel confident in my friends wedding in July, or my brothers wedding in September. I could channel my inner Mila Kunis and really "own" this pregnancy thing.

  • ella723

    My hair NEEDS this because after a recent foray into green hair, my once glorious curls have now disappeared only to be replaced by dry, stringy, frizzy, brittle and split end-ed hair. I've tried Coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil and nothing seems to be working.

  • Sarah Willis

    There once was a girl named Sarah
    Who desperately needed new hair-ah
    Flat, damaged, and mousey
    Certifiably lousy
    Her locks left her full of despair-ah

    What’s this? Doth her eyes deceive?
    A sweeps with to-die-for Bb.?!
    The chance to look cute!
    Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil to boot!
    Thank Goddess for good old ITG!

    (And if this catchy limerick didn't work, I'm nowhere near above begging. This hair is in serious need of a savior. Insert praying-hands emoji.)

    • IntoTheGloss

      *hands clasped in prayer* XEmily

  • Lauren

    Because I literally just bought the Invisible Oil for my hair when I ran out of my old "stuff" because I remembered seeing it on ITG. And because after getting hooked, when I saw recent ads for this line, I immediately put it on my must buy list (aka the Sephora loves page). And because I recently moved to the New York area and have decided to go back to my natural brunette hair color (no more blonde highlights!) and am still trying to find the right salon to help me get there. Obviously Bumble is on the list, but haven't made the jump - I think now is the time!

  • http://www.abeautymark.com/ NazNYC

    We had a brutal winter here in NYC. I want to show off these locks and what better way than treating them to luxurious Bb products?? And I'll be honest. I have a twin sister and I'm in a major hair competition with her!

  • Amanda

    I've done it all - black dye jobs at the salon, 3+ DIY-ombre sessions, blonde highlights, teal bayalage and whatever else I could possibly get my hands on within the span of a year; My hair has obviously paid the price. At the moment, it's schlopped to one side of my head at work because I can't figure out what to do with it anymore. It's now platinum blonde with texture that can only be described as hobo-chic.. minus the chic. Would LOVE to test some Bumble products! Thanks ITG.

  • Joshua D.

    I'm getting married this summer. I hear it's bad luck to outshine the bride, but it's also not ideal for people to wonder how she ended up dating a homeless person. Just kidding. I don't look like a man devoid of a habitat, but my hair definitely doesn't know its homey roots. My hair has not been a natural color since my early teens, starting with the punk rebellious stage where bleaching your hair then dying it all the colors of the rainbow made you the coolest rat in the rat pack. Since then I've matured, but am also constantly changing what my hair looks like. Which means what it FEELS like is hair that needs some TLC stat! I hear the 6 featherlight oils in the BB oil will help help soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect, which are all things I should probably be bringing into my new marriage. Real men have soft hair, or at least hair that isn't carrying baggage from years of self experimentation. I don't need to be different anymore, right? Please help me have a successful marriage (and happy hair).

  • K.Raa

    I moved to London for my BA last summer, but turns out, studying at an arts uni really demands more of your do than my v Scandi self was up for. Due to an acute lack of funds/skills to throw at that project, it was buzz-cut or no cut - my hair is very, very, very long now. It is definitely noticed, but now turning from sun bleached, hip length mermaid-y waves, to something like sentient, frizzy seaweed. (Was it ever really good?! A closer look at my avatar says probably not...)
    Both summery images, but I'd love to be a bit less nuclear apocalypse-like!

  • Chelsi McDonald

    1. It's June. I'm 8 months pregnant. The only other things (besides my child, whoops) I have to look forward to are granny panties in my "go bag" and a maternity onesie bathing suit. I repeat, a MATERNITY. Onesie. Bathing suit.
    2. Although my hair has never been longer, for some reason (I love you, sweet child) my hair has started to break all across the scalp along my forehead. People have told me, quite literally, I look frazzled.
    3. Men who comment on pregnancy. Example 1: My building's doorman "So, Chelsi, I am very perceptive....the weight gain?!?!?!?!?" and Example 2: Coworker: "So, how does it feel?" Me: How does WHAT feel? Coworker: "The extra weight?!?"
    4. I would cry tears of JOY if I win. And only probably like 5% of that would be because I am hormotional. Seriously, all of my dollars go to my baby (I loveeeeee him, I assure you) and I would be SO SO HAPPY to win this giveaway!

    Thank you for considering me :)

  • Andi

    My hair is SO dry from my long time lover hairspray, we're thinking it's about time to explore a polyamorous relationship with hair oil.

  • Kerry

    I was adopted. I am of color and my birth parents are blonde and blue eyed. I am this mixed bag of fun-hair genes. They (obviously) had no clue on how to take care of my hair. Up until middle school I could get away with a ponytail, braids, or a bun because my hair was only wavy (and frizzy). During my prime middle school years my hair turned into a frizzy, ringleted, god-awful mess overnight!! I was all alone because my parents had no clue what to do! I couldn't just put it up anymore because it would just pop out of the ponytail! I also wanted to wear it down because that's what the cool girls did but I couldn't do that either. I tried to relax my own hair. Okay, a middle schooler relaxing their own hair at 9:30 at night after watching a Youtube video is NOT A RECIPE for success! Well needless to say my scalp was so itchy, my hair smelled like rotten eggs from the lye, and it looked AWFUL and crispy! I then researched online and have been experimenting with different products ever since to moisturize and de-frizz my mane. My hair will forever be a journey, and a work in progress. Thank you.

  • C.Michol

    This sounds like it would be heavenly for my dry, damaged hair. It's taken me years to find a haircut I finally like and these kinds of serious defrizzers are what I need to keep it!

  • Lizzy

    The back of my head is ridiculous, and not in a french-ass way. Straight in the front and curly with dry ends in the back. The last guy I was seeing told me my hair was ratchet, but he wasn't wrong. Is this sob story working?!

  • Amy

    Five years ago I decided to fully embrace my natural hair color, which meant no more dying, blow drying or straightening. It took some getting used to, but I learned to really love my mane. That is, until summertime comes.
    In the summer, my hair goes from manageably messy, beachy waves to frizzy, brittle triangle head. A true mane. I have tried so many things to tame it, but it remains feral. I love Bumble and Bumble's products, and I would love to try this line.

  • jellybeaaan

    I've tried every deep-conditioner and hair oil under the sun - but nothing seemed to heal the miserable, ragged ends of my hair. That all changed until I scored small sample of B&B Invisible Oil two months ago - and MOTHER OF GOD, am I a believer.

    Hair softness is addicting. Seriously. I ran my fingers through my hair ALL DAY. IT is my hair soul-mate. Now the bottle is empty and so is my heart. It is true, I confess, I have an addiction... I miss the tropical smell, the protection from the UV rays, and the SOFTNESS of my strands. When I heard that B&B was releasing an new line based on Invisible Oil, I swear my heart skipped a beat (more like a full-on seizure). If I had the chance to try it, my hair and I will be grateful for life!!!

  • Annie

    Because I need to get from Emily Weiss hair circa The Hills to Emily Weiss circa 2014 blonde perfection.

    • IntoTheGloss

      One word: chinoiserie. XE

  • http://instagram.com/krlackrlac K. Marie

    How I wrecked my hair, in four steps:

    1. A soul-searching six months bouncing around Scandinavia in which my previously-balanced vegan diet was reduced to a constant stream of bread, wine, and whatever locally-brewed hard liquor my Scandinavian friends poured me (“it's supposed to burn, cheers!”)

    2. A sudden need to emulate the baby blonde, limp, perfectly-tousled locks of the locals leads to an appointment at the cheapest salon in Copenhagen and a head full of foils.

    3. Several DIY haircuts to snip away the chemically-seared ends of my newly-platinum hair. (It looked easier on YouTube.)

    4. Upon returning back to the U.S., an attempt to bleach my own roots after realizing being a new college-graduate means no more salon appointments, $5 Starbucks lattes, or fun, among other things.

    The result: Blondes definitely have more fun, but my previously thick, glossy, shampoo-commercial hair is dull, parched, and borderline wig-like. My DIY root-job left it patchy and untoned, and my boozy study-abroad diet didn't help much either. I'm looking to tone my blonde and inject some life back into my thirsty strands in order to nail some job interviews and smoothly transition from Euro-bum post-grad to workingwoman with excellent hair.

  • http://www.ribbonaroundabomb.com Erin Eyesore

    Last night I saw a performance by a man named King Buzzo, and I fell in love with him. Perhaps I saw a bit of myself in him because, well, my hair looked absolutely absurd last night. Anyway, now I have a fantasy of presenting him with a bunch of legit BB products. We could do each other's hair and share a bottle of rosé and maybe he'd fall in love with me too and we'd have the best hair in all the land.

    If it doesn't work, I'd love to treat ma'self to some fancy-hair realness at one of the cool-girl SF salons (Hello, Pretty Pretty Collective and Blade Runners!) and get hawt Audrey Horne-inspired hair.

  • E

    As a former part time model in super dry Arizona, my hair has seen it all. I went through numerous color changes and far too many teasings, back combings, and heating tools. Ever had your hair flat ironed, curled, then flat ironed again through loads of hair spray in one day? You get the idea. To top it off, I have naturally dry, fluffy, frizzy hair. Last year I chopped off some of the damage a la Freja and have regretted it ever since. Fluffy hair doesn't fare well above the shoulders. Now I'm doing everything I can to baby it back to its natural long, curly (albeit frizzy) self. This Bumble set would work miracles for me!

  • Lisa

    I'm getting married and have an "event", engagement party, shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, eventually a wedding, every other month. The pressure is on to look good! -- I got highlights last month for the first time and my first decent hair cut in 5 years. My hair is naturally pretty easy, but it is straight and flat with a slight cowlick right on my center part. I would love to learn what to do with it, what products to use (especially for volume) and how to blow it dry.

  • Lindsay

    I have healthy hair, but I keep it long. End result--> greasy roots and parched ends. Not a good look. My locks would certainly appreciate the love. The sun protection in the line is also a huge bonus for the summertime. LOVE B&B.

  • Ericca Brock

    This humidity with thick hair , you would think it would be luscious hair.. not me. My hair is dry but I want oils that I could wear in the summer time that wouldnt feel as if I am under a full hot oil treatment throughout the day. Trying bumble and bumble could be a life saver especially here in the mid atlantic. Oh by the way I share.. so i definetly would let my mom and sister try.

  • Kat

    Limp, flat, stringy, lifeless hair with no texture: that's what I deal with. Except I no longer really "deal" with it because I've come to terms with the fact that nothing I do gives it Vogue-style oomph, thus I've stopped trying. I've had my share of poor advice from cheap hair salons, because I can't afford much more than a 12 dollar haircut every couple months, and it's led to using too much product, frying it, losing clumps of my hair (which is alarming and emotionally-defeating, as shallow as that sounds), etc. I'm convinced the only way to see improvement in my hair is if Ted Gibson himself walked into my life wielding shears in each hand.

    Again, as shallow as this seems, having a bad hair day (which is a frequent occurrence with me) can kind of ruin my day. Being surrounded by gorgeous hair in media surely doesn't help. Hair is so personal, I've learned. A good hair day can make you feel good, but knowing what works for your hair and how to make it look how you want/being able to control it can make you feel great, and I desire to feel like that.

    Thank you for the great and wonderfully fair opportunity to give some of us the hair of our Gisele-inspired dreams, ITG!

  • Lauren Wiygul

    I am having a baby next month and i heard your hair is terrible afterwards... I would love to have some products and treatments to keep me pampered after baby arrives...

  • Lauren

    It's my 30th birthday today (!!!), so the aging process and developing sound hair and skin routines are at the forefront of my mind. After 10 years of drastic color processing and experimentation, I'm so ready to simplify and put the health of my hair first. My hair is fine but I have a ton of it and it's long and layered, so it takes forever forever to air dry and I'm constantly battling EPIC tangles- this line looks amazing and I think it could really help me in my quest for long, luscious, air-dried locks (a la the Haim girls or Liv Tyler- hah I can dream right?). Thanks ITG- this blog is the best! Never change!

  • Denise

    My ultimate splurge is on hair and beauty products, so I told myself I am not allowed to buy any for some time... basically TORTURE! My hair wavy, neither here-nor-there hair will benefit greatly from Bumble's products. I am confident I can use them to go straight, or to refine and define my waves. Please, for the sake of my strands, help me protect them against the harsh heat of my blow dryer/straightener/curling iron and stay sleek and smooth! My wallet and hair will be beyond thankful!

  • Carly

    I haven't had a good hair day since 2009.

  • Ariana Serrano-Embree

    While I love being Black, Chilean and Italian, it has left my hair wild and as dry as the mojave desert. i love wearing it down and crazy, but need some moisture (oilssss please!) to keep it at least mildly under control. Also, I am just straight up addicted to any itg suggests, and if you guys dig it, then I'm sure i will too!

  • Ria B

    I am still waiting for my hair to progress from Hermione to Emma Watson. Any assistance (magical or not) would be appreciated!

  • Hrönn

    I NEED this! I bleached my dark brown hair to colour it purple a few months ago. I seriously want to bleach it again because life was better with purple hair, but I'm pretty sure it would fall out if I don't give it some pampering.

  • Raquel

    Because my hair is sucking the nutrients out of my bloodstream like it's my unborn child.

  • veronicavortex

    i think that you should choose me for this kind and generous giveaway because i have ocd. my hair absolutely HAS to be dark ash blonde, and i know that bumble and bumble is one of the only salons in which i can place my confidence.

    i accidentally dyed my hair black in high school - it looked awful, so i decided to lighten it. my hair was stripped of its pigment, bleached and abused. and then, something awful happened - it became a ghastly shade of strawberry blonde.

    my commitment issues didn’t stop there - my hair has vacillated from dark brown to dark blonde since high school. another time i accidentally cut baby bangs in college. people told me i looked like audrey hepburn, but i suspect they were just trying to soften the blow.

    usually hairdressers don’t understand my vision, to the great chagrin of myself and all of those around me. i make art, and have a too-good-for-my-own-good ability to see the slightest nuances in color and tone. usually, i’ll like it at first. i’ ll feel pretty, if a little too blonde.

    then i’ll leave the salon, and it begins. i constantly ask my friends, ‘is my hair too brassy?’ and they reply ‘you got highlights?’ i spend an uncharacteristic amount of time looking at my hair in the mirror (usually not prone to vanitas, i promise). then i shamefully return to the stylist asking them for another glaze. i also over apologize, and spend too much time reading reviews for purple shampoos.

    BUT - i went to the bumble and bumble salon in brooklyn a couple of years ago, and lo and behold, you guys did my hair right ; ) i actually like my hair color for the first time since adolescence - i just need to maintain. i’m trying to internalize the adage if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it. also, leave-it-to-professionals.

    so, choosing me for this lovely gift will be the gift that keeps on giving. it will save me and all those around me, stylists and loved ones included, from copious amounts of grief. do it for the sake of humanity, bumble.

    x, leonora

  • Mubarak Abliz

    I would love to get this and give it to my mother. She just gave birth to my only sibling in February. I am away at University so we Skype alot, she told me recently her hair has gotten thinner and falling out after she stopped taking the prenatal vitamins. I don't even think she has gotten her hair cut or anything since the pregnancy. Knowing her she wouldn't frok out the money for that just yet, but if she knew it came from you guys she would be very thankful. I'd love to see her with a new do in time for her birthday in August. Thanks :)

  • Katie

    My platinum blonde hair is so crispy this summer! Help me get some moisture!

  • Lani

    Because my hair just freakin' sucks.

  • Haiku Jew

    My hair needs some help
    it's wavy, wild and wind-whipped
    Bumble is the bomb!

  • LaraM

    Just one year into the stress of law school and my once-lustrous, fine locks are thinning, dry, and constantly tangled from split ends! I started using B+B products a few months ago and I'm hooked. Their thickening conditioner is the only conditioner I've ever used that nourishes my hair without weighing it down. And I'd never held a curl before I tried their styling lotion. If I only weren't on a student budget, I'd own everything they make - please help me, Refinery 29! I can't afford many more $25 bottles of conditioner, and I shudder to think of graduating bald :(

  • Phoebe Anderson

    All I've ever wanted (since 1995, anyway) is Cher Horowitz hair. When she flips her hair in the mirror first thing in the morning, and it is smooth and silky and cascading... it's too much. I wanted it then, I want it now. I can make my hair "beachy" and wild. It's processed to hell and back and I can look like a real Bardot-haired witch if I want, but I will never be truly satisfied until I can have just one Cher Horowitz hair day. No product I've found yet has achieved it, but I have high hopes for these.

  • saraaa7864

    Amazing opportunity! I recently chopped off all my hair from blah-long-layers to a short bob-like-thing (actually, I brought pics of EW from your The Swoosh article with me). I LOVE it, but I need a whole new product overhaul. By happenstance, my fave stylist's salon just switched from Kevin Murphy products to Bb. If I don't win this, I would settle for Emily telling me what she used on her hair during that time. It's so perfectly not done and screams sexy. Maybe I shouldn't be so demanding whilst begging for free product? Nah. Bitches get ish done.

  • Michelle

    My hair is dry because I have a hypothyroidism. Also, I have to wash my hair twice a day because of work, so Bumble and Bumble's invisible oil helps my hair so much. My hair looks like a dry mess, but if I take care of it with even just the invisible oil it looks great! I want to try the rest of your products!

  • Peaches

    A woman needs to look polished. Just clothes won't do. Clothes are like 20 percent of a polished look. I feel like immaculate hair and eyebrows go a very long way. No matter what I wear I try to keep my hair and eyebrows immaculate.

    I dislike looking sloppy but with lots of hair fallout due to stress, there's new growth frizz, less volume, and stress also thins out the hair. Also I think a fuller head of hair is more attractive. My hair just bums me out.

  • Liesl K.

    because I am a poor college student who can't afford it but is obsessed with it and is almost out of her free sample!

  • EmilyK

    I would love these products to help tame my frizzy hair because it looks better on my dog then me!

  • Holly

    Hi everyone! I have Asian hair -- Korean hair, to be exact -- and I think that in spite of my difficulties with it, these issues don't get a whole lot of mainstream exposure. The main problem is that my hair is very, very thick. Not only is every strand as thick as a wire, but there's also a LOT of it. I think I lose more hair in a single day than most people have on their heads. Because it's thick, it makes it extremely difficult to cut. To a hairdresser without much experience, it would seem very easy to just across my stick-straight hair, but in fact, because it's so thick, every cut from the scissors has to be perfectly placed and slowly graduated. If this doesn't happen, blunt, odd-looking layers are the result. My answer to this quandary is to: 1) Find a super awesome hairdresser who gets it, and 2) Hair oil. Applying hair oil directly after a shower helps smooth everything down and keep things soft and manageable. The products I've found aren't perfect, however, and this Hairdresser's Invisible Oil line sounds like PERFECTION. Please and thank you, ITG and bumble&bumble!

  • Anna L

    I have worn my hair in a bun almost everyday for 5 years because it's untamable! I was born with straight hair and slowly it has grown into unruly kinky curls that I can't get under control. I have extremely puffy hair (about 2-3 inches tall air dried) that is easily damaged. Just the other day my dad compared it to Elaine's from Seinfeld. I have been dreaming of a treatment that could finally make my hair more manageable and air dry reasonably.

  • Victoria

    My mom and I have had matching haircuts for five years...it's starting to get weird.
    Also our splits have splits, our bangs are...nonconformist shall we say, and our hair is neither curly nor straight, it is most aptly described as "directions", or "flippy" as my mom puts it. But I digress, the point is; we need some serious et capillus assistance

  • Emily

    I have been a loyal Bb customer since I first understood the difference between good hair products(Bumble and Bumble) and shitty hair products(anything at Walgreens or Duane Reed, depending on your coast). In 2007 I fried my hair with peroxide, and could barley get a comb through it. The Mending line, well, mended my hair and I've been devoted ever since. Even when I was broke. Even when I should 'prioritize' my finances better(i.e cheaper, shittier hair shit). And...nobody includes hair products in that, right? Right. Anyway, I'll only use Bb. When I move and need a new salon, I'll only look for Bb network salons. Right now I'm obsessed with Deeda Salon in East Sacramento(if you live here or are moving or visiting or whatever, see Emily). (No relation). (Also, not me).

    ANYWAY. I rambled my way through all of that to say that my hair needs those pretty babies because it needs Bb. It only wants Bb. My hair is fine(texture, not like....foi-ne), but it dries out pretty substantially, especially in the summer. The hairdresser's oil sounds like the most beautiful solution to that. And I think Bb would like to reward my loyal hair with these sexy treats so I can continue to spread the gospel.

  • Tiffany S.

    My hair has been a constant experiment and at 41 I still have not found that perfect product cocktail. I have worn everything from the Carefree curl to a short fro. My hair is my Kryptonite and when it does not look healthy, I don't feel 100%. (Thank heavens for thriftstore silk!) I would love to try a product that actually does what it claims. I have always read great reviews about Bumble products and if I could afford the whole line, it would be weighing down my shelves right now. But since I cannot...I say, give a seasoned woman a shot at working some sweet Bantu knots Kilo style! (Or if nothing else, smooth out this struggling bob!)

  • IntoTheGloss

    Lol. XEmily

  • Erin

    My first haircut was a mullet, which my mother maintained until I was old enough to firmly protest. After that, a steady series of bad haircuts ensued as no one was able to properly manipulate my thick, course, wavy, and unruly locks. Though I've never colored it, my mane has undergone various styles over the years: crimping, obsessive flat ironing, and the daily use of hot rollers to name a few. A few years ago, with the help of a hair genius (who just so happened to be a B&B man), I finally learned to embrace my given texture, especially with the grooming assistance of a good oil. I've pretty much tried all the brands out there, as well as all the natural options, but a few months ago I hit the holy grail with Bumble & Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil! Seriously, the texture and weight of this liquid gold is just right; it calms all my frizz and "poof," but doesn't turn my head into an oil slick or weigh it down too much. This stuff is a game changer and I would love to try the rest of the line.

    I also just finished grad school and must maintain "hair professionalism," because who's going to take your museum work seriously if your hair is awry?? And with thousands of dollars of academic debt, $500 towards hair pampering would be much welcomed!

  • Annie

    After years of embracing my pin straight, dark brown hair, I've been going through a hair roller coaster in the past six months. Seriously. At midnight, I've given myself tiger stripes with an old bottle of bleach I found under my mother's sink. After 3 days of having a ponytail reminiscent of a stotting gazelle's tail, I went Edward Scissorhands and chopped 15 inches of my hair to an extremely uneven pageboy cut skimming the edges of my ears, once again in a spout of insomnia. About a week and a half later, I decided to go pink and after some experiments with more bleach, I ended up having varying shades of hot and light pink streaks. By this time, my family was convinced I was going through some sort of meltdown but were kind and supportive until it came close to my sister's graduation. I was told my grandmother would rather I shave my head than attend with streaky bright pink hair and when she approached me with scissors and a razor, I knew in my gut that I was not yet ready for a Sinead O'Connor. So I went back to dye my hair, this time to a professional, and after an utterly shocking first bleach, after which my head was a rainbow stripe of colors [the top tier being a highlighter yellow, then desert orange, then pink] it was all dyed to a caramel brown and later a dark brown. Simply put, my poor head was subject to unbelievable amounts of torture, nearly all self-inflicted, but what are your 20s for? Experimentation, both good and bad, right?
    Anyhow, I would prefer not to be bald anytime soon so I would greatly appreciate hair treatments!!!

  • Vanity Corner

    I've never had a good relationship with hair products---they all weigh my hair down. Nothing ever worked! I'm addicted to blowdry because my schedule is pretty hectic---that's all I need and I'm out the door. Unfortunately it also makes my hair dry and frizzy. Would love to try products that would finally work---to keep my hair healthy and styled.

  • Sharon Macklin

    I was one of the first to try Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil...I am just about finished with the bottle and I need a replacement! I'd also love to try the new products in the line...I was happy to see there are no sulfates in the shampoo - I have the Coppola Express treatment in my hair, so the new Bb shampoo won't work against it! Don't get me wrong...I've got other oils in my repertoire, but there is a reason I've finished the Invisible Oil! It's the best!

  • Kvm

    Cause I work in Rwanda and from dry to wet season my hair has become all frizzy and impossible to manage!

  • Jenn

    oh man oh man....oh woman oh woman...I am an actor/dancer/performance artist/writer/motor bike rider here in Brooklyn/NYC with long blonde/brunette hair who struggles to keep up lock wise. Tangles, dance rehearsal, performance art fake blood, helmets...all in a weeks livin' Some guidance....a helping hand/hands/salon. Love, a grateful /// user ;)

  • http://www.partisailleurs.wordpress.com Dominique

    I have been travelling around Asia for 8 months now and still have around 8 more months on the road to go (I know, hard life). It's been so, so amazing! But my hair are worse than ever! With all the dust, the sun, the heat and everything (it's truly fantastic to swim in the ocean everyday, but my hair are NOT thanking me), I feel like I have hay on my head! And I don't have much place to carry a lot of products with me, so I'm only using organic coconut oil. It helps, but still... My hair are crying for help, they are sooo dry! For now it's not so bad because Asia is super laid back, I can make a bun every day. BUT, in December I will be in Paris and I'm already stressing out. I cannot walk around Paris with this head!! I know no one will feel sorry for me (obviously), but it would be so perfect to be able to go to the salon over there! Please, please, please! I could send you tons of pictures :)

  • Erika Husich

    A year ago I was convinced giving myself an
    at-home Ombre treatment would bring me three steps closer to looking like
    Jessica Biel. Unfortunately I look more like Carrot Top as the treatment gave my dark hair
    orange-ish streaks. Not wanting to cut
    off all my hair, I’ve spent the last year growing it out, but the sun and my
    blow-dryer have caused some irreparable damage. I am CONVINCED that Bumble and
    Bumble’s Invisible Oil line is the only thing left that could save me!

  • Nancy T

    My hair is a total Monet, from far away it's okay but up close it's just a big mess. My hair and myself are completely and totally clueless. I get it cut sporadically, but most of the time I just take a gamble on it being fit or flat. It could really use some sort of herbal refreshment, specifically the BB invisible oil. So please, take a chance on an unknown kid because statistics show the wounds of bad hair days can take years to heal.

  • doctor Zoidberg

    I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED new hair products - I still have not learned how to properly care for my now wavy (due to chemical damage) hair. Help!

  • Dita

    Oh the wonders of using birth control pills!! You don't have to worry about unplanned pregnancies, your acne goes away, your period is always on schedule... BUT along with my drier skin, the pill has made my need-to-wash-every-day-or-else-you'll-look-like-you-fell-in-an-oil-spill hair into a nest of straw! The only way I can make my self look presentable is by using shampoo and hair mask for extra dry hair every single day (yep, the roots are still super oily, damn it!) and the occasional one (or six) pumps of hairdresser's oil. I have found a brand whose products seem to work for me but since I've been using them for a good six months now I'm afraid my hair will get use to them and they'll stop working. The bottom line is that I would like to try something new and since the girl who works in the b & b counter in my local sephora is kind of b***h, I thought this giveaway was the perfect occasion! Have a great day ITG!

  • Jen

    I could tell you all about my crazy unmanageable wavy wild lion's mane that I've never been able to properly tame, but in all honesty I'm just a self-centered and materialistic Leo who loves being pampered and craves fancy expensive things. Purr.

  • Sarah

    I want (and therefore need) this to be the best prepared version of myself once I cross the big pond. You see, growing up and living in Berlin has been kinda cool, but taking care of your hair here is a litte 'meh'. That's ok, but for once, I'd just like the security of a good salon to go platinum with pastel purple parts - a lot of Ps here - without looking like some caricature from a 90s animated cartoon. Pretty please? Pictures promised.

  • http://blushingwit.com/ Morgan Victoria

    I just got a new haircut that I'm feeling rather self-conscious about, and the only way I've been able to get it looking even remotely acceptable is with B&B products!! Pret-a-Powder, (Un)dressing Texturizing Cream and their Sea Salt Shampoo + Conditioner have all been my saviours, and in all honestly Invisible Oil was next on my list!

  • Hayley

    Because I've never dyed my natural blonde hair, and hey, a girl should be rewarded for resisting that temptation. My natural locks could use some love in this gross summer heat.

  • Marie

    I just finished grad school and am now in the delightful process of looking for a job. In a couple of weeks I'm going to move from my medium sized city to the small town I grew up in. I may not have a job or money right now, but I have some damn good hair. Help my fabulous hair and me overcome the constant barrage of questions about "what is your next step?" Obviously the next step will be looking amazing.

  • Julia Perez

    Everyday it seems like I'm tweeting a whirlwind of #PuertoRicanGirlProblems to tame my insanely ridiculous curly hair. Keratin's are cute, for sure, but it seems like I need even more. My dates, plans, gym routine, all revolve around my hair and no one understands. Bumble & Bumble has blessed me with the BB Does It All Spray which helps get some of my life together but this one sounds like a dream.

  • Mayaalexis

    Have you ever been in New Orleans in the summertime? Beautiful, but when your hair is naturally curly that tamed fro turns into a halo bigger than Solange could ever dream of.

  • Cherie Montorio

    My hair is like straw. I got highlights at a salon and now my hair is dry , brittle and straw-like.I am in desperate need of some hair help. I am so embarrassed that I have been wearing my hair in a bun for months. I have tried endless products but nothing seems to help. Wish I never got highlights...

  • Elise

    The complete LACK of humidity in Colorado makes these oils so necessary for my fine hair! My hair has changed drastically since the move here, and I am in desperate need for something that would provide UV protection as well as some moisture replenishment. High altitude + 300 days of sunshine = rough combination!

  • Pia Bergman

    Hello ITG gods of hair and giveaways! I call to you for help with my waist length double processed blonde hair. BB Invisable Oil is the only thing that keeps my broken fuzzies from totally ruining my hair game. I slather that stuff on like my life depends on it. Yesterday my boyfriend forgot to put the Invisible Oil on his similarly long tresses and only realized that was why his hair looked so crappy! I would bath in Invisible Oil if I could, (and with $500 I might be able to!) and my hair would thank you in brilliant softness. Thanks ITG!!!!

  • Amanda Lara

    I am getting married next year and have just begun the process of getting my hair to the BEST it can be for the big day! I definitely think these products can take me there and make me SHINE!

  • http://lifeisyourright.tumblr.com/ Melissa

    I recently decided to go from dark brown to blonde, the saying is true, I do have more fun. My hair however does not. As my hair runs on the oily side it is hard to find good moisturizing products that don't weigh my hair down and still support a healthy scalp. It would be great to have a product that I can use and not have to worry whether my hair will be flat, frizzy, flaky or a complete grease mess the next day.

  • Aubree

    Riri Woo is red
    Baby Blond is blue (well, purple-ish)
    I've never died my hair
    But I'd like to try it, too!

    My long brown hair is in need of a little fun, would love to put all of my ITG hair care learning to use and go blonde!

  • Mariam

    Once upon a time, on an early summer morning I was awaken by niece playing. Trying to be a good aunt, I got up and went to play with her as I was in the hallway I saw her, she saw me and ran away screaming. I put my hair up, put on my glasses and went looking for her. I found her under the dining room table crying saying that she found the boogie man. I explained to her that it was me, and there is no such thing as the boogie man. After calming her down, and explaining everything she responded with "why does your hair look like that".

    A few laters, in attempts to find a climate more suitable for my frizzy hair I decided to move to a land where the humidity is low, the hair is happy and the children don't believe in the boogie man. Florida.

    So, I preach to the Gods of Bumble and bumble, and Into the Gloss that you send me a cure to tame my mane. Think of the kids that would benefit.

  • Joanna

    I moved to rural Arkansas for an amazing job opportunity about 3 months ago. My title now says "manager" but between 90 degree heat and 60%+ humidity, my hair says "I cannot be trusted with such basic life choices as washing and brushing my own hair."

  • ange

    i plan on having an afro for my wedding and going blonde for the honeymoon -- god knows i'm going to need as much help as i can get to repair the damages

  • melissa

    I didn't know what Bb use to to be. I was knew to the idea of having to 'take care' your hair. Usually it ended up in a bun or something. But I once stumbled across a website that talked about all sorts of things I'd never heard of or thought of. That was on here. ITG became my new favorite site, still is. I got my first bumble and bumble product over a year ago and I loved it. That was thanks to this site. However, I just happen to be a college student, who is barely getting by. Tonight, a ramen kind of night. And my hair? Well, I looked pretty damn good in a bun before so....but if I were to to get some help for this summer, you know, I'd be okay with that.

  • http://www.beautyandludlow.com/ Victoria

    Not only does my natural dirty blonde hair need some serious blonde highlights, but it also needs some TLC. I recently got the worst haircut of my life too (trying to grow that out isn't very fun!) My thin, lifeless hair is dying for some high end help!

    xo, Victoria

  • Kristen

    This would help repair my hair from future coloring due to my 2 kids giving me gray hair.

  • Kristina

    When Karlie Kloss does anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you stop, drop and roll with whatever bold move she's being praised for in the latest issue of Vogue, Elle (ITG maybe?)... That girl is perfection. Of course chopping off long locks seems like a great idea for summer. Who cares that you've been growing your hair out for the better part of three years, or that you haven't quite scraped the pennies together yet to go to a salon right now? The goddess has spoken. It shall be done. So of course I bought a pair of hair snippers and got to work one night while catching up on Orphan Black. Mistake 1) Tatiana Maslany's extraordinary acting is way too distracting. Trying to cut your hair while watching her do her thang? Not a good idea. Mistake 2) Trying to cut your hair at all when you've only ever cut the hair off a Barbie in pre-K? Not. A good. Idea. AT ALL. What they don't tell you when you stare at her gorgeous post-chop bob in the magazines is that Karlie Kloss started with a gorgeous head of silken hair and a whole lotta products to help. I, on the other hand, got to work with an empty haircare stash and a full head of frizzy hair only ever seen on Mia Thermopolis (before becoming princess of Genovia.) I'll spare you the gory details of the state of my tresses today, but know this: It could be the worst thing to happen to America since Miley Cyrus released Wrecking Ball. ITG, I need this line in order to leave the house without causing car accidents because drivers are distracted by my horrific bob-length medusa locks. Some things are best left to Karlie Kloss...

  • Suz

    I'm a high school senior finishing up my final exams before I graduate. If all goes well, I'll move to London this fall for university after four years in a tiny all-girls school in the middle of nowhere. As the day approaches, I find myself freaking out more and more about my solo trans-atlantic adventure and the subsequent reintroduction to the opposite sex.

    I figure, if I'm going to make my debut into (im)polite society, I might as well do it with fabulous hair that'll distract cute boys from my nervous sweating.

  • Lynn

    I have alopecia areata--big bald spots. While I can camouflage my spots it is really distressing and humbling. With the condition comes itchy scalp and dry ugly hair. Recently I tried bb Sunday to help with buildup. I'd love to try more products in my quest to pamper my scalp and ego.

  • http://tiffanytea.tumblr.com Tiffany

    I went through a quarter-life crisis in February and dyed my hair forest green. I bleached my black hair four times to reach blonde, and now my ends look like green troll doll hair. help.

  • Natasha Ross

    I'm a twin and being compared to the other my whole life was getting old, so I decided last year to go SUPER BLONDE (which we are naturally not) and hair damage apocalypse ensued. I'm back to chocolate brown, but my hair feels like a hay bale and nothing seems to work. My hair NEEDS a good dose of BB HDO because god knows I might not have any left after all this breakage settles. HELP BUMBLE!

  • crisduh

    Because just when I thought I had my hair routine all figured out this winter, humid/sticky/soggy/scary June came out full force to make sure I never forget what fighting frizz feels like.

    Also, I have like 25 weddings to go to next month and I can't go to them looking like this.

  • Anna

    I have curly hair and I still live on — in fact, I even get compliments from time to time on my wild mane. This fiend that sits on top of my head requires love, time, and attention in a major way. It's only happy when I spend $$$ (so demanding!) on the best of the best shampoos and conditioners and oils. But I (my bank account) can't really afford to take my hair to the Daniel of Hair, Bumble and Bumble. With this gift certificate, my hair could get the once over from an expert eye, which could be the key to unlocking a lifetime of love and good vibes with my more exacting half (or rather top — I promise the rest of me is quite nice).

  • Anjli

    When I was 18, I made a horrible decision. (No it wasn't gaucho pants, but you can go ahead and file that under #RealLifeRegrets) I chose to get blonde highlights, which of course would be no big thang, except that I had naturally jet black hair because I'm 100% Indian. (Not to mention, it was naturally shiny and practically maintained itself to where I rarely thought twice about the products I used on my hair.)

    But Teen People was rooting for blonde highlights HARD that year and I was coming into a "splurge on hair" opportunity with senior prom just around the corner. So 3 hours of bleaching, foiling and heat damage later, I emerged with completely heinous blonde highlights I'd forever regret. (Trust me, I've got the prom pictures to prove it, however they've all been de-tagged on Facebook.) Even 6 years later, it seems like my hair has suffered ever since. It's dry, it's brittle, it's got those strands that have been plagued those weird mini-crinkles from root to tip, it's terribly indecisive from wavy to pin-straight to full on frizz, Mufasa-style.

    The constant search for quality products while balancing a recent grad budget has proved that #TheStruggleIsReal. Look, I'm not saying the drugstore products can't get it done. But I (both my current self and my 16-year-old self) have to admit, I'm in desperate need of an upgrade. Thanks ITG for this AWESOME giveaway.

  • Bri

    I just moved to San Francisco, started a new job (unfortunately, not one of those high-paying tech ones), and am living out of a suitcase while I look for an apartment in the. worst. housing market. Giving my locks some love would be such a sweet relief from this craigslist purgatory...not to mention a really nice way to feel better about wearing the same five outfits while I wait for my stuff to ship across the country. HELP A SISTER OUT! My and my hairs would be forever devoted to ITG.

  • Paige

    I'm the furthest thing from loyal to my hair color -- every month comes a different celebrity inspiration that I cannot keep the starlet-inside-myself from trying. ( Currently rocking a deep violet-red brunette, a la Lily Collins ) And while my hue might be on-point, my strands overall have suffered and need a little -- okay, A LOT, of TLC, preferably courtesy of Bumble and Bumble!

  • Moonirull

    Would I like to win? Of course! I love Bumble's great quality and would like to be pampered in a salon like any other lady. But reading all the comments before me, I also have to keep it real. There are so many others who have thousands of times better reasons for winning than my "justwannawin" wish. Great giveaway regardless and may the best woman win! In my opinion we all deserve it one way or another:). Girls are known for being a stronger gender and awesome hair makes us even that much more invincible!

  • http://artsdumal.blogspot.com ArtsDuMal

    Maybe it's because I'm jealous of Emily's color, but need professional help to take the plunge. See "6th grade, Manic Panic, slight chemical burn" for further details.

  • Lindsay B.

    During my last trip to my favorite salon I told my Waxer I was in desperate need of a new hair oil that day to tame my sometimes unruly curls. The salon had recently received a shipment of the new Invisible Oil line but was already sold out! She was able to give me a sample of the shampoo and conditioner however, and I tried them that night. To my surprise (and delight) my curls turned out exceptionally! My curl pattern was gorgeous, and my hair felt pillow soft; I need this again!

  • Eta

    So I just moved to San Francisco to work for a NASA mission and while I love my job and the bay area, big / crazy pants hair (which I have) is accepted and almost celebrated. Not in a cool Sarah Jessica Parker way, but in a I-chew-on-my-ends-creeper way. I have resorted to a LOT of headbands, braids and clever hair accessories to mask my super dry, curly hair. I have actually tried olive oil and any other recommendation I have ever seen on the internet, but its been pretty rough. If there is any way to blend with the lovely, smooth haired girls out here who dont look they look they slept in a wind tunnel every time they leave the house, I would be forever thankful!

  • GTFO :-)

    First off, I definitely have to support the sweet pea Dominique (commenter below me), who is very thoughtful for wanting to give one of these to her sister. It sounds like she deserves it. So I think she should win for sure, and as long as I don't boot her out, I would be ecstatic to win as well. I'm 32 and just getting into REALLY taking care of my hair and skin. I was in the sun non-stop in my 20's, and it did a number on me. I'm so into protecting my hair and skin now. ITG has helped me immensely to eliminate the junk and keep the quality products. I'm willing to spend the money if it's worth it, but dayuuuum can some of this stuff be expensive. I feel like I need a second job just to pay for my beauty and hair routine! Anyhow, I've been into doing my hair and looking pretty. I know B&B is the best, and I've never owned any of their products.

    The main thing though, is that it's even harder to find products that are committed to acting responsibly with both humans and animals and who are moving in a direction that is completely cruelty-free. My skin and hair is not worth animals being tortured and workers getting hurt if it can at all be avoided. There are some things we should never compromise. Even if I could look ten years younger, I couldn't sleep at night knowing animals and humans were needlessly harmed so I could appear more youthful. I have a soul, ya know? I know Bumble and Bumble, while not 100% there yet, is totally committed to a cruelty-free approach. They are also active in human rights and making sure their suppliers across the globe pay workers fairly and provide a safe working environment. Being beautiful women in powerful places, we sexy ladies can have a big impact if we support companies with ethics. Making a profit while hurting others is so gross and so thirty years ago. So I would be honored to win this package and own my first Bumble and Bumble products, have my first B&B salon experience, and win my first giveaway ever. (Full disclosure: I won a rap contest once, but that was only bragging rights, not a cool tangible prize). So pick me. And Dominque. And me.

  • https://thirtythreetimes.squarespace.com/blog Lauda Virginia

    As a Dominican woman I've inherited hair I can barely get a brush through. And as a recent graduate of architecture my beauty regimen of the last five years consisted of what ever allows me to work on my model or drawings a little longer. 3 weeks post graduating I'm relapsing, and trying to care for my neglected locks + refuel my mind whilst looking for a job in NYC ! Having said that, the Bb touch would aid in this rejuvenation process I'm sure.

  • jr2686

    I have this dream of being able to do "lines." For instance, head-to-toe Miu Miu. Or the full Biologique regimen like Emily.

    So, as a B+B lover already -- I've been using the Texture cream and surf spray for years -- I decided to try a full line. I got the surf shampoo + conditioner to match the surf spray. And it just...hasn't worked out for me. But it's me, not B+B. My hair is very thick, pretty wavy (so very prone to a tangly mess), and lately, weirdly dry. I bought the invisible oil, and I've been in love. And I'm back to my old ways...lusting after the full line.

    Of course, I dream of getting my sort of lackluster crop styled at Bumble...plus pret a powder and jumbo shampoo & conditioner. I'd be a very happy girl. xoxo

    • Alaska

      Head to toe Miu Miu

  • Lyndsay B

    I NEED Bb because:
    1. I'm preggo and Bb would help me at least depuff my coif!
    2. It is summer in the Midwest. Today was 90 and super humid and Bb is the only thing that can touch this fluff. And great Bb treatments would be unreal.
    3. Please!
    4. I <3 ITG and Bb. Xo
    5. I promise to share a before (eek) and after pic!

  • GooseWellington

    I'm getting married soon and my hair looks and feels like a golden retriever. Fancy hair prods and a trim would be sick.

  • Laura

    BECAUSE I WANT TO BE A MAJESTICAL UNICORN PRINCESS MERMAID ALL THE TIME. Oh and I won’t have to wear a shirt anymore because my hair is growing strong and long all over the place..

  • Greysie

    Post-breakup + city in the summer...
    I feel like there are endless options for experimentation here!
    Bbetter hair (get it?) will only make things more interesting!

  • E Lee

    My CA girl hair (fine but thick, straight with a wave) has always loved the "I didn't try, but I did, but I didn't" vibe. Inexpensive shampoos, and no products kept it happy and healthy. When I moved to nyc last year, this all changed. I now need a regimen for each hour of the day (more like seasons!) because my museum job essentially takes me from meetings, openings, and studio visits. The new climate had it's fair share with my now fussy hair. No joke, last year, my new uniqlo puffer and hairdresser's invisible oil saved my life. So you see, not only does my hair need this, but my life depends on it!

  • marthaburzynski

    I took a chance on a new colorist and as much fun as the adventure was, my hair needs a turn with with the pros! Help me have the mermaid hair I've always wanted for an endless summer?

  • KellyC

    My hair needs help! It starts out straight at the beginning of a hot, summer day and then turns into a 'fro at the end of the day! I have so many, barely used products that do not work, and I finally need to get rid of that stuff and find something that DOES work! :) And, when my hair looks good, people always ask what I use...so I'd be good for marketing!

  • Stephanie

    Hi there! First of all, thanks for making this a fun rather than random contest. I suspect I'm the "old lady" in the group - I'll be 58 next month. Wow, where has time gone??? I have bravely decided to quit coloring my hair and embrace the grey that I have fought for so many years. I recently had highlights and lowlights dropped into the crown to help make this transition in a graceful manner. From what I gather, it's "a process." :) I've used Bumble and Bumble for years, and the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil family sounds amazing. I take care of my hair, it's in good shape, layered, wavy below shoulder length, but needs a little extra TLC that I feel this line could offer with the essential oils, sulfate free formula and frizz control - I live in Cincinnati and it's so humid. I do greyhound and galgo rescue, and I've attached a photo of my two girls who are my biggest cheerleaders for lovely locks! Cheers and have a GREYT DAY!

  • Jasmine

    I love Bumble's packaging since I have always felt like that carefree beachy girl inside but never had the time/money to put towards that kind of hair since I have dead straight hair that always gets tangled. Getting these products would be like living the dream! Also, is it okay if I live in Canada? I love intothegloss and it's my favourite beauty website but the giveaways always seemed to be restricted to US readers :c There are 8 bb salons in my city though!

  • LoveDontCostAThing

    My hair's biography has been dictated by two irreversible factors: that I am half Lebanese and half Brazilian, and that on January 16, 2001, Jennifer Lopez released her second studio album, J.Lo, and her stick-straight, gleaming mane became my ultimate hair criterion for the next decade. Between the fourth grade and my freshman year of college, I committed unspeakable crimes against my hair with a variety of heated tools that steadily increased in temperature each year. I started with a $19.99 ceramic Conair (I still recall my euphoria when removing it from the box) which turned on and off at its own bidding, and ended with a 'digital' Chi, at the time the holy grail of hair straightening technology, which reached close to 500 degrees and dealt me a number of rather serious burns. Throughout middle and high school, I also took it upon myself to try every "straightening" and "de-frizzing" hair product available at my local CVS. Years of babysitting cash was invested in John Frieda serums and Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle, the results of each scrutinized with the zeal of a chemistry Ph.D candidate. I actually recall plastering my soaking wet hair to my head with L.A. Looks "Activity-Proof" gel and then sleeping on it, the thought of which makes me slightly ill.

    I am now 23 and living in New York City. When I moved into my first apartment last summer, I did not pack a flatiron or a hair dryer. I have embarked on a spiritual journey to accept and to embrace my God-given kinks. But, although I am no longer waging a full out war, I have failed to find a single 'do with which I feel confident and comfortable. I have sported a low bun for, I estimate, the past 360 days, with the exception of Christmas and my birthday. Though I now dream of Shakira's mane on "Oral Fixation Volume 1", nothing less than a Bb intervention will get me there.

  • Casey Poehlein

    After spending years growing out my box dyed black hair from my punk phase in high school, i finally had the silky smooth hair i had always craved. But my hair is so thin and fragile it just would no grow as long as i wanted so i could wear my hair as a shirt like some nymph *i know keep dreaming*. So i chopped it into a bob which i've grown to love. Then made the silly decision of dying my now virgin silky hair bleach blonde. I paid my friend over 300 dollars and it was yellow and falling out. After spending more money going to a professional to get it platinum like I wanted, my hair had never been more fried. Literally falling out in chunks! without the funds to dye it back professionally i box dyed it to my natural color and am in the process of waiting for it to grow out. I have short little broken pieces sticking up EVERYWHERE! My hair is in desperate need of some TLC, and all of my money is going into college. I love bumble and bumble products and used to worship the mending cream. I've been meaning to try the invisible oils in hopes of renewing some of the shine i had finally obtained before making the impulsive "everyone should be blonde once" decision. Help!!

  • Kate E May

    I just relocated to North Carolina from the north, and this summer heat is giving my hair a major 911 emergency- as in, it is over 91 degrees here daily and there is only 1 solution I can think of to help calm the dryness and frizz that my hair is dealing with. ITG, please help a girl out with some Bumble and Bumble hair love!!

  • Allegria

    I've never commented on ITG, but I've been reading ever since you guys did a feature on two chic French girls with great hair standing outside of Fashion week, and I was hooked. Like many girls with curly and color-treated hair, I'm always experimenting, but I keep coming back to Bumble. I got a sample of Hairdresser's oil when it first came out, and now I'm almost at the end of a bottle. Sadly, my beloved sister keeps stealing all of my Bb hair products, and now we're fighting. Our hair and relationship both need some extra TLC from Bumble and Bumble.

  • Caroline

    I desperately need something to help my hair. It's huge all of the time, and has the dreaded isosceles triangle thing going for it. I have no idea what to do with it, and am daunted by the task. With the products I would receive from B&B, maybe I could figure out what to do to keep the volume that I love without edging into geometric territory. I'm too scared to cut it or do anything crazy to it, because the texture is so thick that I'm afraid anything other than length will turn it into a monster. Maybe with Bumble & Bumble products, I can figure out a happy medium for my hair, and can help other people with hair monsters like me tame theirs!

  • Abby

    My hair is wavy and frizzy and thin-ish and the only thing I've found that works is Bb Surf Spray. Period. It makes my waves look intentionally messy-cool and even somehow a little polished. If one Bb product can be that much of a game-changer, I'm willing to try anything from the line to tame my tresses.

  • Shelly

    I actually picked up the invisible hairdresser's oil a couple weeks ago- my first B&B experience! It was a purchase predicated on being haunted for several months by ITG's posts with Bianca Dueñas and her smooth, shiny waves (yes, I spend a considerable amount of time pondering ITG). I hit a hair low, you guys- think the hairdresser's dustpan of split ends and clippings, but attached to my head. I wanted to get those frizz-free curls for myself. I am pretty pumped about how wonderfully it works! Unfortunately my humble teacher's salary and hefty grad school bills keep me from going full-bumble. I'd love to keep this great hair thing going!

  • caitpalm

    My hair is going through a rough time right now. It's tired and can't seem to get its sh*t together. The bangs are frizzy and the ends are wonky and it just wants to take a nap. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil will most likely cure my Sad Hair Syndrome!

  • mjwallace

    Whoops, I overran the character limit! Anyway to make a short story even shorter my hair was pretty jacked up for several months as the fire burnt section was too close to the root to cut off. It's still growing out but the Hairdressers oil was a huge help during my bun-exclusive phase.

    And I'll totally share this win with my BFF and hero of the night, Caity, because without her lightening fast reaction it could have been worse. A lot worse.

  • xtinah

    I've had the same hairstyle for 13 years OUT OF NECESSITY (and maybe laziness) - mostly because I have no clue what to do with my hair. I'm of mixed race, which I love in every single aspect EXCEPT that my mother and I have opposite hair types. She has beautiful, flowy, shiny, easy to manage hair, and I got the thick, coarse, dry, brittle and wavy hair (thanks, dad!). I think you know how this story typically goes -growing up I was basically relegated to a pony tail after my mother got tired of attempting to tame the beast, as I got older I managed to tame it into semi-submission... and here I am now, stuck in a rut of pre-teen style as I walk into my late twenties. it's beyond time for a Bb intervention!

  • Keely

    I started dying my hair black when I was 14, (for my high school goth phase of course) even though my hair was super dark already. 10 years of doing that I decided to bleach my hair to color it some fun bright color (I didn't know what at the time. I tried pink but it turned peach sooo that's what I'm working with now). After bleach washing it twice, and foiling it out once (at my friends salon! I didn't completely lose my mind) my hair turned a Big Bird yellow with rust colored ends. It was fried as well (of course?) so I looked like the MGM lion. I've been working hard at getting moisture back into it, but I would love to be able to get treatments to help and to be able maintain it with the HIO line!!

  • Lilly

    I just cut my hair short, and is in that phase where I can try so many products I never considered before!

  • http://hellosarahmegan.blogspot.com Sarah Collins

    I have the most frizzy, fluffy hair known to man kind. It's kind of its own phenomena, it truly defies gravity. What with it being summer, it has started to reach its peak of frizz (at times I am slightly concerned that it will become sentient and just walk off my head, it has mind of its own) I have gotten two samples of the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil from Sephora, and it did wonders for taming the frizz, and lasted forever! To get the whole line for free would be amazing!! Not to mention that I've been toying with the idea of dying my hair a pastel purple from its current dark auburn, and having such a nice product to nurse it back to health would be awesome!!

  • EmmaP

    Because someone told me today "congratulations for your future baby". This has nothing to do with my hair but I am in need of a good cut / color refreshment and I have always been a big fan of the Invisile Oil by B&B. Winning this giveaway would make me cheer up and not want to kill that person because I am actually not pregnant.

  • http://hellosarahmegan.blogspot.com Sarah Collins

    I have the most poofy, frizzy hair known to mankind. It's kind of its own phenomena, it completely defies the laws of gravity. What with it being summer, the poof and frizz is in full bloom, I was lucky enough to try two samples of the Hairdressers Invisible Oil from Sephora, and I am convinced that it is either witchcraft or magic, because nothing else has helped tame those frizzy baby hairs on the sides of my hairline like this! It would be so exciting to get the full size, and try the rest of the line. I have also been toying with the idea of dying my dark auburn hair a pastel purple, so I would doubly appreciate having really nice products to help me nurse it back to health!!

  • Breanna

    My mother went and got herself the WORST
    haircut/color at a local salon. Basically, the hairdresser pulled the
    color through until her hair texture resembled someone that ventured onto a
    beach during a lightning storm. The hairdresser also gave her a chop a la a Skrillex/Kate
    Gosselin mash-up. Her "heavy" side was thinned out with super short,
    uneven layers. I'd use the winning booty to check mama-Skrill
    into some serious hair rehab!

  • kelbear

    i recently cut my hair super short on a quest to regrow it back as healthy as possible...I could use a little help from these Bumble Invisible Oil line of products

  • pansy

    I have very fine hair and every single time I get a haircut, I end up with a razored mullet. Not sure what about me screams Brett Michaels but I need something else! I am a nursing student so I wear scrubs to the hospital. Since I can't choose something more flattering than white polyester pants and a square jacket with unflattering darts, I need some hair game. Please.

  • Joanne Spencer

    Because my hair was recently likened to that of Ned Stark's.

  • Isabel

    I have been bored, bored, bored with my dull, lifeless hair. I did the ombre thing, or my friend did, with a toothbrush and YouTube as her tools. After a while, I got bored of it but my hair wasn't the length I had hoped it would be so I couldn't just cut it. After a couple bleaches on my ends (you can only imagine the damage) I decided to dye all my hair my natural color OVER the bleached ends. Did I learn the color wheel in grade school? Sure. Needless to say, I have been a weird ombre-orangey for about a year now. Yes, that image in your head is going to be hard to shake. Also, I live in dry Colorado where the whether is like the desert and is as unpredictable as a pubescent junior high girl. I rarely treat my hair the way it should be treated, what with work/school. So this would be a great way to bring my hair back to life as it continues to grow that orange out! On a side note, I think the orange bottles are just the type of irony I look for in my life on a daily basis.

  • Blue Rose

    A little song,

    Leaves were falling, just like embers,

    In colors red and gold, they set us on fire

    Burning just like a moonbeam in our eyes.
    Somebody said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail

    Bouncing over a white cloud, killing the blues.

    Rowland Salley

    Help me kill my hair blues ITG, I want to bounce over the white cloud with shiny smooth hair!

  • Hannah Kessel

    Perpetually curl-confused.

  • Blue Rose
  • Gia

    Let's just say sometimes being a fine independent woman who don't need no man (or er hairstyles/ hair gurus advice) got to my head and i for some obviously insane reason let "it" -i guess you would call this hair- go uncut for over a year in hopes of long dreamy Queen B meets Rapunzel worthy hair....So lo and behold my tresses ft. split ends, dryness that inspired the term "thirstin", and frizz much similar to the wild manes of those unfortunate souls who somehow were electrocuted (courtesy of google images of course). Needless to say after countless eye rolls and unappreciative grunts of my hairstylist and her disappointed coworkers, followed by threat like warnings included in a hair therapy lecture, hair rehab is much needed.

  • Chelsey Matley


  • Elke V

    Do you know the ultimate summer dream? Blonde, sun-kissed, wavy, I-look-like-a-surfer-girl-but-live-in-a-city hair that make girls throw jealous looks and boys longing stares. And yes, sometimes, you even manage to look like that when you leave the house in the morning. You feel confident, walking around with your surfer girl attitude. But then... the first encounter with a mirror. Wavy became messy-not-in-a-good-way. And some inexplicable entanglement is happening on the top of your head. Goodbye, surfer girl. Hello, stressed-oud city girl. This summer, no more of that! ITG, make my summer dream come true.

  • Lee

    There is a therapeutic satisfaction in spending an evening alone in my bathroom with a new hair product. The initial experimentation seemingly endless; the lightbulb moment providing an inflated serving size of FUCK YES, I'm the shit. That moment is youthful, too excited, often delirious, and what I love.

  • Anna

    Because my bleached hair is dying.

  • Dee

    I would love to win this because not only will it be good for my hair, but in turn it will be good for some else who will one day have my hair; I donate my hair to cancer patients and children with medically related hair loss. I often battle with letting my hair grow the needed 10¨-12¨ by using different products in order to tame it during both the summer and winter months. So far, Bumble & Bumble really helps in keeping my hair healthy and winning this will ensure that it will stay healthy until once again it is time to chop off those 12 inches and begin the cycle of growing it out again. If I win this, not will I only profit, but the next owner of my hair will; everyone deserves to have a good hair day everyday!

  • Emily

    because as a broke ass college student, my hair is BEGGING me to use something better than dollar store hair products.

  • Alice

    My hair is as depressing as Rust in True Detective. Like Rust, it is dry, resentful and...frizzy..? Yet I know my hair is, deep down, beautiful. Once upon a time it was not an alcoholic chain-smoker, but as glossy, healthy and vital as Matthew McConaughey pre-artistic "I'm a real actor now ok" days like the Hollywood classic, Failure to Launch. Yet I feel my hair has the potential to transform from Rust - depressing and at times downright shocking - to the sexy, groomed, topless Matthew of yesteryear. Ok the analogy didn't really work...but unless he's coming over tonight to gently comb my hair and whisper comfortingly, 'alright, alright, alright!', whilst I rub (olive) oil over his taut, bare chest with one hand, and feed him chocolate-coated strawberries with the other, Invisible Oil is totally the next best thing!

  • Anu

    I am the not so proud owner of straw-like, ombré ravaged Indian hair that is blown out far too much. My lifestyle has become more active-I've lost 20 pounds! I want to work out as hard as I can without worrying about "sweatin my hair out". Wash and wear is a motto I would adore to understand! My wave pattern is inconsistent enough to juuuust f* things up. It's so coarse, an old boyfriend when playing with my hair uttered, "You can catch walleye on a strand of this." Help this Minnesotan girl out, ITG!!!!

  • Eliza Hill

    I have the thickest lion like mane that needs to be tamed! Think Carrie Bradshaw seasons 1 through 3 before she owned a curling iron. The oil line would greatly help!!

  • Lauren Mattingly

    After chopping my hair off on a whim, BB texture cream has been a godsend. Surely having an extra five hundred dollars at my disposal would help me on my quest to become a little less Hermione Granger and a little more Emily Weiss.

  • Anne B

    Crazy bumble and bumble fan. The surf shampoo and conditioner changed my hair for the better. Never going back!

    Tried out the new oil mist last night I went to the salon and loved it! I need some oil in my life to balance out my surfer do

  • AK

    I want a disco afro perm...a really big one. I am going to do it in the next couple weeks. I'm sure my hair will be big and fried and will need some serious tlc. Bumble to the rescue!!

  • kate

    Because my hair is the dumbest combination of course, frizz, and fine ( don't ask me how, but I've had the pros suggest such). I struggle daily on achieving a polished look and instead have to settle for the non-desirable form of bedhead. In my profession I do think I need a sleeker look and so far, the invisible oil by bb, along with the styling cream, is the only thing that gets me close. HELP,

  • Kathryn

    My style is that oh so chic saraha desert meets stuck my finger in a light socket. I probably have the worlds saddest brown hair and have never had any real luck in getting the color I so desire. Why do I always end up darker or with blotchy, chunky highlights after leaving a salon? Damn it, that's not what I asked for! I'm attempting to grow my hair out as I'm getting married (and I fear hating myself and my hair, even on my big day, this not even bothering with commentating the day with a photographer) and simply haven't had long hair, really, because I always get so disgusted with it I chop it off (and end up more miserable). I could use some hair assistance from the capable hands of Bumble and Bumble and then, maybe I won't keep drinking the hair hatorade I've been dealing with my entire life. If I win, I solemnly swear to love and care for my strands for the rest of my life, amen. :)

  • Jessica Manning

    I have spent the entire 21 years of my life trying to figure out my hair and what products work for me. I am biracial (Swedish mother, African father) and I have an unmanageable fro that resembles Diana Ross' if I'm really feeling risky! I have gotten sewn in extensions, many relaxer treatments, etc. I decided this year that I wanted to start growing out my own hair without extensions. I have also really tried to explore my natural afro hairstyle and for the first time in my life I am starting to get more comfortable wearing it out, I even like the way it looks! I have discovered that my hair looks best when using oil based products to keep my hair moisturized. Its the only thing I've been using lately is my own concoctions of coconut oil and olive oil, but I would love to try out Bumble and Bumble products. I would LOVE to win these products to continue on my journey for healthier natural hair :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tannis

    I'm a natural blonde with fine hair who made the decision years back to dye it dark brown!! Long story short, after a bleach disaster, I have spent years trying to nurture it back to health and get my long golden locks back! It has had so much trouble growing since it just keeps breaking at the ends. I rely heavily on Bumble and bumble. products daily and am starting to see great improvement with the Quenching complex! I have recently tried a sample of the Invisible Oil line and DAMN it is AMAZING!!!! It is possibly the only smoothing, de-frizzing product that does not weigh down my hair or leave it greasy! It was so healthy and soft without having to flat iron it!

    I am currently desperately trying to grow my hair as I'm getting married next summer, so I could use any help I can get!! Winning these products would give my hair some much needed pre-wedding pampering and I would appreciate it so much!! Thanks for the opportunity Bumble and bumble.!!

  • Megan Gibson

    OMG, I would love to win and my hair definitely needs this. I've been growing my hair out for 2 years so it would be long for my wedding. Well, I got married in April and can't seem to take the plunge and cut it, even though it really needs it. It's been trimmed only a handful of times and is looking pretty rough. I really need some products that can help bring it back to life! I love bumble's sea spray and id love to try more products. Help me keep my long hair!

  • Emily Yardley

    I have long, fine, naturally blonde hair. It's a gift, I know, but it's so hard to keep manageable in the summer. It weakens in the sun the ends shred, though I end up with killer natural highlights to make up for it. I know it's a great problem to have, but I love my hair long. I'm still working off all of last summer's damage and bracing myself for this summer - I have been faithfully using my B&b hair oil though, and finally my poor damaged hair has a fighting chance and can stay soft again. I can't wait to try the rest of the line!!

  • Esme

    If someone wanted to cast Goldilocks based purely on hair (and total, total disregard for acting talent), a year ago I might have had a shot (see picture).
    I've had naturally blond (okay, in recent years I have added some highlights), curly hair for my entire life, and always really enjoyed it. Well, until recently that is. This year, my senior year of high school, I moved cross country to Washington DC, and have since self diagnosed my hair with Multiple Personality Disorder: it is curly (everywhere), frizzy (despite my best efforts), flat (on top), and huge ( everywhere but the top). In order to save my hair, I beseech you to select my hair for this opportunity from Bumble and Bumble. With this intensive style and product therapy, my hair can recover in time for college, and I won't be the girl with hair that clearly needs some serious help.
    So please ITG and Bb, help my hair regain its former Goldilocks glory?

  • Mariah

    Here's the rub (get it?! Cause you RUB your hair with this amazing product). I've been worshiping at the altar of the Hairdresser's Oil for about 4 years now - straightening, blow drying, and the occasional bleach leaves them strands screaming for a lil' oily love. The fact that they just came out with an entire product line? Chain me up and call me your servant, bumble!

    Why do I love this product so much? Let me take you back a few years (approximately 10). I inherited my wild, frizzy, curly, and uncooperative locks from my wonderful mother. In an attempt to allow us both to achieve those smooth locks that are the envy of every woman, she let me in on a little secret. "Olive oil," she whispered to me, as we both stood at the sink looking in the mirror. I nervously glanced the bottle that I recognized from years of condiment use. Yes, I had to endure more than one teenage friend curiously ask me why there was a massive bottle of olive oil in my bathroom, to which I never had an adequate response. But once I discovered this Hairdresser's Oil, the taunts were no longer. There was also the added benefit of no longer smelling like a pasta noodle, and instead smelling like a sweet sweet rose.

    In summary, it's amazing and I want it. Badly. Choose me. Pick me. Love me. PLZ!

  • amieschaufele1

    I don't think my first comment posted, so I'll try again!

    I need this package because of my darling high school students just recently asked me, "was frizzy hair, like, cool once? Because your hair is, like, always frizzy? Like, no offense!" (Comment complete with up-talk and perfect-17-year-old-girl-hair-flipping.)

    Um. Offense an point taken, girl.

  • http://djjulietwinkle.tumblr.com/ Julie

    I want (no, need) the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil products because I have thick, massive, coarse hair that is begging to be tamed. We could make hair donations in my family - both a blessing and a curse, I know. I received a sample of the shampoo and conditioner this week and I am amazed at the before and after effects of these products. (Miracle worker is an understatement.) Would love to stock up as it is pricey but worth every penny. I love Bumble and Bumble and ITG - the perfect pair for my hair!

  • Jess

    Would love to win so that I can nourish my freshly dyed blonde balayage!


  • Kelly

    Long wavy hair has been my signature look for years, but after running the color gamut, damage has rendered my locks completely lackluster. My ends are so dry, damaged, and screaming for some serious help. Not to mention the onslaught of summer humidity that brings on the frizz-sanity . I'm stuck in a hair rut and only Bumble can save me. Please rescue, tame, protect, and revive my locks!

  • Rowan

    Quite simply my hair NEEDS this because on a very good hair day I look like a lion that has been electrocuted. Then imagine what an electrocuted lion's mane would look like on holiday, genuinely considered getting cornrows for such occasions. Then I remember I am a fair skinned Irish girl and that look is best left to the likes of Alicia Keys circa 2011.

    Please help ITG
    Mufasa x

  • Tatiana Jacqueline

    I LOVE what can be done with hair yet never know what to do with my own! I love the Bb style and I would go nuts with its products adding texture and waves as new looks for my short bob that I'm currently sporting. I see pictures of what others can do with creating volume and what not and I have NO CLUE where to begin. Choose me, I will change my ways and make you proud!

  • Ninaxins

    I have struggled with split ends and flyaways ever since I can remember. No matter how many trims I get (without shaving my head) or how many products I buy that claim they can nourish and love my hair, it is like a rebellious teenager waiting for a summer love to tame her. Bumble & Bumble, will you be that summer love?

  • Karoline

    Because I'm moving to San Francisco and all of my shampoo and conditioner travel size samples are turned upside down in my shower to procure every last drop. I can't buy anything new until I move! Which is problematic...since my newly highlighted, wavy hair is currently made of straw and has a perma-halo of frizz surrounding it at all times in this NYC humidity. If I bounded into my SF apartment after moving all of my belongings cross country to find a package of these miracle products awaiting my frizzy arrival, I would be ecstatic!!!

  • http://www.relokatetion.com Kate Brianna

    Since moving to London from Australia a few months ago, I've been steadily watching the condition of my hair plummet alongside my bank balance. I'm on a major job hunt and showing up to interviews looking like I haven't been to a salon in seven months, whilst accurate, doesn't help my prospects. My previous hairdressers attempt at restoring my locks to its natural colour failed miserably, and I'm currently showcasing some serious brassy hues (in my naturally dark brown hair - niiiice). This isn't a case of 'want' anymore, this is a case of 'need'. I'm realising that plenty of water and a good diet can only go so far where good hair is concerned - and it's not a lesson that I want to go on learning!

  • Lexie

    okie doke, here goes: i recently got brave enough to go forth with the 'big chop'. i am pretty happy being an all-natural girl, but often i dont quite have the products i need (i spend 9 months out of the year in switzerland). i am experimenting with different lines and believe B&B to be a good one for the curly and coily among us. make me a believer! my hair is in need!

  • Clau

    You see, this summer is being a big bitch to my hair, Regina George style, and my tresses are acting as if they were in my native Panama (hell for hair, heaven for innumerable reasons). But no, we're not in a tropical rainforest. We're not on a sunny island with palm trees, white sand and crystalline waters. We're here, in the U.S., in the midst of all its urban-turned-quasi-tropical humidity. And no one warned me about said strand of humidity and its devastating effects. SOS ITG!

  • Jenna

    I'm slowly getting my act together -- first, I figured out my makeup routine. Then, my skincare routine. And now, I need a hair routine! Bumble & Bumble is a brand I've always wanted to try, this would be the perfect opportunity to discover my perfect head of hair!!!

  • Keira Crowther

    *read/sing to the drunk in love tune*

    I've been bleachin', I've been bleachin'
    I got blonde-y when that bleachin got onto me
    I've been thinkin', I've been thinkin'
    Why can't I keep my new blonde
    hair softer, bumble?
    I want you, na na

    I stepped out of the shower sayin'
    "HOw the hell did this frizz happen", oh bumble
    Cure my maneEeEeE

  • Megan

    Because I take biotin, air dry my hair, and haven't dyed it in years, yet I still find myself swiveling in my work chair hastily snipping off my frayed wire ends with the office scissors...everyone in my office could benefit.

  • saniel

    Fighting with humidity makes it frizzy with any style. I moisturize but nothing seems to work, still looks dry. Broke the teeth of blow dryer yesterday trying to do straight style. Coloring it has not helped just made more brittle and dull. Finally being pregnant has made the edges break off. Could use some great Bb products. Thanks

  • http://www.boutiqueestella.com Laura L

    As I'm getting older I feel like my hair is becoming less manageable.
    It really has been bringing me down lately. I NEED Bumble and Bumble in my life! Please bring my hair back to life!

  • Sasha

    My hair has "survived" a Siberian winter...
    I need Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil and all their hair products (well, most) and some salon attention because I have lived one year without a blow dryer, straightening iron, any hot tool, hair dye, etc. and have even had to cut my own hair, while living in the Republic of Khakassia, Siberia, -- Russia, where winter gets at cold as negative forty degrees. [-40!] I am returning back to the States, my 'base' of San Francisco this summer in much need of hair renovation. Make me a believer Bumble and Bumble!* I dare you!
    *Actually, I'm already a 'believer', but I'm also a broke student and so as much as I adore your products I am sad that my hair cannot live on the Mount Olympus of hair heaven, bedecked in your glorious products, 24/7. One day... so let's make that day sooner than later ;)
    Much love! Sasha

  • Carina Andersen

    Well..I got so inspired by Emily`s hair bleaching adventure, that I went blonde for the first time in my life.
    I miraculously managed to DIY bleach my dark brown locks platinum ultra white. And loved it.
    Even my hairdresser was amazed by how well it turned out, as every hair dresser I have ever asked, has blankly refused to bleach it, insisting it was impossible.
    So I`ve been a happy blonde for 2 months now. Or, I was up until yesterday. You see, yesterday, I was touching up the roots.
    And adding a new silver toner.
    Somehow I managed to deep fry my hair. I don`t know what happened, but chunks were coming off. From the top off my head.

    I am currently in bed hiding from the world outside, with some serious conditioning-oil-all the stuff I could think of slathering on my poor hair going on and hoping/waiting/begging/praying for a miracle. It`s not gonna happen. But some free Bumble goodies might help soothe the pain I will suffer for the next, say, 5 years, waiting for the bits to grow out again. And might make my hair look semi-decent instead of the deep fried do I am sporting this minute.

  • heather Tatman

    Because I want to try some cool braided styles this summer w my blonde hair! I've tried ur Grooming Creme, by accident when I visited my bestie in SF this winter. Love!! Now I'm curious about the entire brand!

  • Daffy

    My hair is just so dry. I just went natural and I am so lost. I honestly need help :/

  • alilchurch

    Because i think the girls at sephora are starting to catch on to my sample routine. Seriously though, with all the dubious claims thrown at curly girls these days, this one not only works, but works without a silly name that makes us feel like children with frizzy hair (come on NO POO?). We are women with luxurious curls!

  • Alexis

    I love Bumble and Bumble products. Right now I have cancer and much less money so I can't afford to use Bumble and Bumble. I am on targeted therapy and my hair looks horrible. I love the smell of Bb products and they make me happy!

  • jes

    I've recently gone from Blue to Grey and back to brown and boy is my hair tired!

  • vagabunda22

    Glancing over some of the comments makes the world out to be full of ravaged-haired women! ;) (Not to be smug, but...) I could never relate to hair problems, since I always had naturally thick, shiny, straight and healthy hair. Then, bam! 30s hit....and I swear, it's like I'm wearing a cheap wig! Hormones, are you the culprit?! Wish I would have appreciated my loverly locks when I had them.... Now my hair is coarse, puffy, falling out and I feel like Jo March from "Little Women" (after chopping off all her hair) when her sister says, "But it was your one beauty"! haha. Would be cool to try out some sulfate-free, quality products with oil. It's like good fats, oils are now our best friends! :) Thanks!

  • Ana Louise

    Finally, after 3 years of dreadlocks, I decided to take them out. Instead of shaving it all off, I am "undreading" them one by one. It takes about 3 hours just to do one but it'll all be worth it in the end. My hair is COMPLETELY dry and thinned out and I need to really start taking care of them. Unfortunately, frizzy will never be in trend. Before and after pics included.

  • Annie

    I'm a new flight attendant- which is turning out to be a horrible career for my hair - although the job itself is a blast! I'm regularly stuck using bad hotel hair products, not to mention the fact that I am constantly dried out from the airplane (I do drink a liter of water every leg and moisturize my skin regularly). I lust after all Bumble products, and could seriously use some hair lovin' to keep it healthy while flying across the country all day.

  • Kristine Norwegian

    After living in a tropical climate for 6 months (very different from the 4-seasons-in-1-day climate I live in now), my hair has had 2 years of temper tantrums. It´s textured, but be damned if it approaches curly, it´s oily but dry, and itchy; there´s so much of it, and still it´s flat. I DON´T KNOW WHAT´S GOING ON! So please, send help. (Sending out an SOS, Abba-style)

  • Sarah

    This humidity is wreaking havoc on my hair, and while I'm not complaining (I'm permanently scarred from the "polar vortex"), it would be pretty fantastic to have some products to keep things in check.

  • Danielle

    Because my soft, yet fine, albeit voluminous fro could use a deep dunk in some invisible oil. That and, my locks need product to make them feel more like Baby in the corner. x

  • Danielle

    Because my soft, yet fine, albeit voluminous fro could use a deep dunk in some BB Invisible Oil. That and, my locks need product to make them look and feel more like Baby in the corner. xx

  • http://tnbiscuits.tumblr.com Kip Kip Hooray

    After committing to pixie/chin-length hair all throughout college (I was of the "I don't have time for my hair!" mindset), I've discovered the joy of being able to actually do stuff to my now mid-chest length hair and have been having so much fun learning how to do my stick straight hair in fun braids and waves. It's been liberating for me to break out of my old mindset and have a Hairevolution of sorts. :)

    The biggest event of my Hairevolution (that's what I'm going to call this now!) has been falling in love with my heat styling wand. I might have an unhealthy relationship with it. Maybe. However, with heat styling has come frayed tresses, and finding the right products to keep my thick hair healthy has been tough. I was a fan of B&B's shampoo line during my pixie days and the hairdresser's oil line sounds like it would be the answer to my post-heat styled frizzy hair problems/help me achieve Hairvana (I might as well keep making up words while I'm at it)! Help me continue on my path to enlightenment. ;)

  • Nicole

    I recently started using Bumble & Bumble. My hair has never been better. It manages humidity better and the length of time between washes is longer. It's an all around great line of products!

  • steph

    My hair is disgustingly dry and is need of some serious help! The Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil products sound amazing!

  • Antoinette

    I've been blonde for so long that I don't truly know the natural color of my hair. Between blowouts and constant color, I'm more than sure my hair could use a dose of the Invisible Oil family of products. Hand raised and bouncing in place, I'd love to take part.

  • metrocake

    I"m 46 and I'm starting to see my hair change -- I'm a naturally curly redhead who's starting to go gray, so my color is getting ashy and it's drying out, too. I've gone from having hair like Animal from the Muppets to looking like the business end of a mop. I sing in rock bands. I WANT TO STAY MUPPET GIRL. :) The Bumble line would keep the rock in my roll and the Muppet in my hair!

  • Katie

    My hair is one of the main ways in which I express myself. Some people may not understand, but my almost-to-my-bellybutton-length-hair, is something that allows me to express who I am. I personally am very shy and quiet, however, my hair is not. I twist and turn it into different braids, whether they be waterfall, five strands, or pigtails, I curl it, and I have dyed it, whether this be just purple tips, or totally blonde. I love my hair and I take great pride when people come up and say "your hair is so long", or when my friends walk into a crowded room say they recognized me instantly because they saw my hair and I get weirdly proud of the phrase "long hair, don't care". My hair is one of a kind, it is longer than most, and although it is very fine, I have tons of it. Being fine and long makes it difficult to take care of and I'm always worried about split ends. However, I wouldn't change my hair for anything. It is a marvelous way of expression and I feel the need to give this way of expression to others. I have donated my hair to locks for love multiple times, and although I know it is a wonderful cause, I was devastated each time when my long locks were cut. I hope to keep it healthy and long. Throughout my life I plan to use my hair as a means of expression (at the first sign of grey I have decided to go either platinum blonde, or straight black) and I plan to donate repeatedly to those who could benefit from some powerful locks. However, until then I would love to keep it healthy with some of these products. :)

  • Sheila Is Baller

    I lost half my hair in the past two months because of divorce, my upcoming move, and changing jobs (started the new one already). I'm okay and I'm hanging in there, but I really, really wish there were something I could do for my hair. My ponytail is the width of my pinkie finger.

  • Cameron le Ducq

    My hair needs these products because she told me herself………..

    …….my hair is Dolly Parton believe it or not…..

    It's true, it's factual, and while I don't like to talk about it on a regular basis because I'm still growing with the idea, with a 100% chance she will sing "Islands In the Stream" on repeat until she gets these products. Please help before I go insane. Please help before she goes insane.

  • Charlotte

    Frizzy hair has plagued me from a very young age - it's genetic, what can I do? In the 5th grade, a couple of boys mocked my frizzy hair and said that I looked like I had devil horns (this was certainly also due to my nasty disposition towards the opposite sex at the time, too). Through the years I've come to love my frizzy hair, but I still wonder what it would be like on the other side...

    I would love to try this line of products, not because I want to defy those dandruff-ridden boys from forever ago, but I'm quite curious and my hair is quite thirsty too...

  • Mary D. Coleman

    after suffering from severe anemia and health issues, i have been trying to get my health back in order by eating right and exercising. I am planning on taking up surfing this summer and know that the sun and salt water will dry out my colored hair. I would love the chance to win this in order to keep my hair healthy too! I love intothegloss.com and bumble and bumble. marycoleman@gmail.com

  • Emma Kent

    I'm all about the Bumble, their prods seem to be the only ones capable
    of pumping any life into my cursed stravy (straight on top, wavy and
    curly underneath) and thin hair. While at school I worked part time at a
    shop that carried Bumble, I'd spritz it up at work and walk around
    feelin' like Bey. Alas, since graduating and *attempting* to become a
    real person, the hair struggle is real. Mostly I blame this on my fur child,
    she's a diva and most of the hair products in our apartment are hers!
    Brushes, shampoos, treatments. Let's not even get into how much cash goes into her wardrobe and styling. I've attached a photo to show how happy Meatball will be if you pick me!!

  • http://the--absurd.tumblr.com Silky

    With Bb's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, my hair is like...
    "Hundred percent Italian silk imported Egyptian lace"

    ~Prince, Adore

    This year I moved to Athens, Greece to finally see if my long distance unrequited love could be!

    So happy to say this was the most beautiful year of my life. And it sure doesn't hurt that my man can't get over how soft my hair is.

    Cheers to beauty,
    inside and out

  • Iris

    Two reasons!!! I recently got married and I want to be able to replicate my beautiful hair day over and over again with Bb! Also...my mom thinks my hair is a hot mess and has not stopped harassing me on the daily to get some hair help. True story.

  • Annie P

    My poor hair needs major TLC. It gets teased and straitened every day, and I haven't had time to take it to a hairdresser in over 3 years..I just keep "cutting" it myself. I am the queen of random products, and would love to find a standard product that works for my long fine locks. B&B would be such a treat!

  • Tess Harrison

    Why should I get all the Bumble and Bumble? Dude because it is the best line of hair products ever. I have used Bumble only one other time when it was gifted to me, because it is out of my price range, and I loved it. I have fine hair but with a gentle curl. Bumble's products work so well for me while maintaining a natural and simple appeal. As a girl who has never ever, ever in the history of my hair splurged on a beautiful cut or product, at 24 years I feel like I deserve some quality hair care. My hair would thank you.

  • Ramona Adair

    Oh man. I love B&B products, and live the salons. I work outside all summer and my hair gets fried, I could use a treat!

  • Aubrey Green

    I have no great, or wise words on a Monday morning/afternoon, but my hair stylist lives in another state and just had a baby, so she isn't coming back for a while. My hair is wavy/curly, but I blow dry/straighten it. That's reason enough, right? Also, the salon can have as much fun as they want with my hair :) and I'll make a video review of how great the products are.

  • Ashley C

    I recently dyed my hair and I constantly and trust me when i use that word, straighten my hair, my hair has always been damaged and I would love to bring it back to it's former glory. Even if I don't get chosen it was nice to be considered :)

  • Olivia La Roche

    Well actually... I want to trick my roommates into thinking I'm a fancy bitch. If I got these products I would line them up on my ONE allocated shelf in the bathroom and they would think I was straight ballin and would have to give me more space in the bathroom as it would be blatantly obvious my taste in products is way better then theirs. LOGIC.

  • GTFO :-)

    One word: ETHICS. Bumble and Bumble has ethics. They work to be cruelty-free, they give a sh.. about the planet, and they take care of vulnerable workers across the globe. All companies should strive to protect workers, the planet, and sweet, sweet animals that don't deserved to be harmed for beauty. I love taking care of myself, and I can sleep at night when I know a company has a good human/animal track record or is at least moving in the right direction. Gimme gimme gimme!!! I'm not begging, but I sort of am.

    Note: My original comment was too long and boring. I needed to revamp my message. I tried to erase but my iPad wouldn't let me.

  • aspil

    I was blessed with "fine hair but a lot of it" (most backhanded compliment ever)

    Flat, lifeless and not to mention TANGLY! Some mornings I wake up looking like a mad professor. It usually takes me a solid 15 minutes to brush out all my snarls! My hair is wavy, but not in the cool beachy way. More in the flat at the top and random sections look like I slept on it weirdly.

    As you can tell - I NEED HELP! Only Bumble and Bumble can save me from my own worst enemy - my hair! : )

  • Stephanie

    My hair needs this so bad! A few years ago, I bleached my entire head. I have naturally dark brown hair, so obviously it was a very bad idea. My hair is still very damaged. I think the oils that are in this line will help my hair recover a great deal. And, I am a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble. They have not made a product I don't like! :)

  • ashfree

    Invisible oil is the ultimate for smoothing my frizz, especially the
    summer, humidity-related kind! Whenever I forget to put it in my hair
    before I leave the house, I walk up to the Sephora near my office so
    that I can use some of the samples -I need to ease both my frizziness
    AND my anxiety about the frizziness! I've had to endure several
    testimonials and mini-tutorials from Sephora staff, playing clueless
    about the product that I know is the best! I think that I must be on some sort of list of store visitors that abuse the samples! Bumble Invisible Oil is worth it though!

  • Victoria

    My hair is in serious need of a miracle product! I have long, thick, unruly and uneven curls that are hard to tame. I go in for regular Keratin treatments, but they are so expensive for how long they last. I have every BB curl product and countless other lines from the brand. My frizzy curls love the moisture from oil and NEED the new Invisible Oil lineup from Bumble!!!

  • Jenny

    For my entire life I had great, enviable hair without using any products -- thick, wavy, shiny, soft, etc. Then I moved to New York and that changed. Now I have seriously curly, dry, dull hair and nothing I've tried will fix it. I don't know what to do, but some bumble and bumble could help...

  • Rida

    I'm of Pakistani descent and my frizzy, out-of-control hair is making me more nervous to start med school than I should be! The heat and humidity here in Texas do NOT help :( Help me, ITG and Bb!!

  • Colleen Walsh

    Because my hair always looks the same and it's so completely boring: long, slightly wavy, frizzes in humid weather. I desperately need a change!

  • nataliehere

    Here's why I need this: I'm currently rocking a 2001-era inverted bob/J-Law growing out her pixie look. Not good. I need a Bumble and Bumble hair resurrection/makeover stat! Also, two words: straw hair. Free me from this, Into the Gloss!

  • madi

    because i have extremely thin, curly, frizzy hair that i recently bleached so keeping it maintained is beyond difficult :-( i can only afford drugstore brands for hair products so it isn't very great.. me and my hair would really appreciate these products a lot thank you :))))

  • Hani

    My mom and I have thick coarse Sicilian hair. Finally I convinced my beautiful mother to grow hers out. It is now down to her shoulders and she loves it! Both of us are product junkies, but as we all know trying to get the best products for your hair can be very expensive. I have used Bumble and Bumble products before and I absolulty loved their hair line. I would really love the opportunity to introduce my mother to your hair care. I always try and make sure she has the best stuff. With a $500 dollar gift certificate, both my mom and I would be set!! Plus it always makes me feel good to be able to give her whatever she needs, because she definatly deserves it!

  • Caroline Crimmins

    I need the magical potion that is BB because I have unfortunately cut my own bangs for the third time! And of course I did not wind up with a Bridgitte Bardot tres chic look, but more of an Alfalfa-esque hair do. I conveniently forgot about the 5 warring cowlicks on my crown. They been there since day one, but I just keep trying for bangs anyway. That's what's so magical about innovative brands like BB. They don't let your cowlicks win and they mos def don't let you give up on your Bridgitte Bardot dreams!

  • Audrey

    Fully, fully want to try 'em!!! In the summer my (very curly) hair tends to take on this dry, limp quality-- yeah, it's weird. The curls fall out almost immediately, and I'm dry like the Sahara. BUT, a little oil (I've been using squalane oil from Peter Thomas Roth) distributed through my hair shortly after drying makes the BIGGEST difference and brings back my bounce and lushness! And my curls don't fall out twelve hours after washing.

    I've used the Invisible Oil (the original one) prior to the squalane and it worked much better, since it's specifically formulated for hair (I imagine that's why at least.) I'd be so jazzed to see what the rest of the line could do for my poor, summer-ravaged tresses!

  • mocheetoe

    I need -- no, REQUIRE -- Bumble's Invisible Oil line because in my endless quest for inimitable beauty, I completely destroyed my lovely brunette locks. After several bleaching, toning and dyeing sessions I eventually achieved the enviable pastel mint color I always Pinteresturbated to (come on, I know I'm not the only one), and life was good -- until a root bleaching session went awry and I ended up with a mini-mohawk at the crown of my head that now has to be shellacked down with hairspray lest I resemble Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. Sob. I recently threw in the towel and went back to brown, but while I'm waiting for the damaged inches to grow out, I could really use some sweet products to transform this frizzed-out mess on top of my head into something a little sexier and more touchable. My summer love life depends on it!

  • Tina N

    YES! OK!? I ADMIT IT! I don't take care of my hair nearly as much as I should. I spend hours on my skincare routine, nails, clothes. You name it, and I spend time on it, perusing the aisles for the best of the best, but for some unfortunate reason, I slack when it comes to hair care. Just because I don't own a million hair products (which I would LOVE to, by the way) doesn't mean I haven't figured my hair out. It usually gets oily around 2:00 PM, and stays that way until I either shower or spray an entire bottle of dry shampoo up there (we've all been there). The split ends are only noticeable if I don't condition the day before, which happens often. I believe the influx of hair products could be relatively beneficial, and save the world from having to look at the non-cooperative hair on my head for another day longer! Help a girl out! Thanks for the giveaway - A fellow beauty product hoarder

  • maddy

    im trying to pluck up the courage to change my hair (i've had the same hair for as long as i can remember). I'm hoping that some great products may convince me to change my predictable image and make it a little unpredictable and insanely fun.

  • Catherine Knapp

    Remember the viral Youtube video of the girl giving a hair curling tutorial and she ended up burning her hair off? Well, that happened to me recently and, unlike the Youtube girl, I was not contacted by Ellen DeGeneres to come talk about it on her talk show. So, now, my hair looks atrocious and I still have never met Ellen. Lose-Lose. But, if I were able to go to a BB salon and have my tresses pampered, I think this situation would start to look up a little bit. I mean, I currently have a random tuft of hair sticking out from my head. Help a sista out please!

  • Ashley P

    I'm leaving a 10-year career in marketing to go to grad school this fall for a Masters in Education. I'm finally pursuing my passion, but it's not without risk (debt! totally new career!). I can't wait, but I'm terrified of not having a salary for the first time in a decade, I'm terrified that while living at my parents' house I will wither away into a crumpled old lady that my long-distance boyfriend won't recognize, and I'm hoping that a few indulgences will make me feel beautiful and together when I am starting my career and life from scratch (and many thousand bucks in debt). Hair products may be an indulgence, but they're an indulgence that I hope will keep my confidence and sanity after I've decided to do something one might argue is a little crazy.

  • Beth

    I love Bumble and Bumble products. I'm currently using the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer, it is seriously AMAZING! No matter how crazy you get with teazing your hair and and a curling iron the night before, if you spray this liquid gold into your hair after you wash it, the brush goes right through your hair, no tangles, not knots and it blows out really beautifully and smells really good. I also use the BB Thickening Shampoo because I have very straight hair and alot of it and it gives me a nice little boost of volume and I condition with the BB Mending conditioner. I highlight my hair every 3 months and I throw toner on every 8 weeks and I blow it out almost everyday so the mending conditioner is really awesome! I have to use this stuff sparingly because it's $80 a bottle. I LOVE BUMBLE AND BUMBLE products and that's why my hair NEEDS this gift certificate!!! : )

  • Sara Medlicott

    I have been a huge fan of Bumble & Bumble for years and I'm really looking forward to trying this line. The NYC humidity really does a number on my thick wavy hair every summer. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    Always and forever, I've had great hair (long, thick, blond, brigitte bardot-esque) and never had to do a thing with it, not even brush it really, certainly didn't have to use product or blow dry. But THEN, 6 mos. ago I moved to Savannah, where there is hard horrible water which turned my hair orange, dry matte and hideous (it's gorgeous here, but I am not). I've tried everything, got a filter for my shower, learned to give myself a blow out, tried piles of creams and spritzes and oils. The only thing that's helped? B & B's invisible hairdresser's oil. My hairdresser tried it on me and it was like seeing my old self again (my true self, who also has fake eyelashes and a perennial golden tan). Desperate to get my old self back, Bumble & Bumble, and for people to believe me that I do actually have good hair! or at least I'm supposed to.

  • Bonzai Becker

    A friend once told me "this is not hair as we know it", a hairdresser once said with his nose turned up "we don't do washboard type hair", and because my hair is my mantle! Bonzai Becker

  • BreattMahoney

    Since I was a wee lad, I would walk by the 56th Street storefront and gaze into the windows with wonder and dream about the day my parents would let someone other than a one-trick barber trim my tresses. Since reaching adulthood, I have been religiously using the Bumble & Bumble range! I am a devote client, with a lot of hair and I would be thrilled to participate in this program.

  • Molly M

    "Those who forget hairstory are doomed to repeat it." - Me

    Heat, chlorine, balayage beat downs, wet brushing, root crushing, tiny taunt buns that leave my scalp stinging. I expect so much from hair but I treat it with so little respect. Help me come correct (or color correct) with my mane! Please give these brassy locks the platinum sheen they deserve.

  • Madeline Rose

    I've lived in Seattle my whole life and here, most people don't spend more than 10 minutes or more than 1 product to style their hair--I am one of these people. I've been wanting to try the Bb Hairdresser oil for a few years now (I love 'all-in-one's' for my wild wavy hair) but, like other enviro-conscious low-maintenance Seattleites, I try and use up old products before buying new ones! These taming apply-n-go products would be a perfect add to my lean lineup.

  • TL

    Unlike me my hair’s a virgin
    My long locks have never seen
    A drop of dye, no foils nor bleach
    The style is the same as when I was a teen

    I actually have naturally great hair
    I’ve been told this so it must be true
    But with $500 to use at Bumble
    Imagine the improvements I could do!

    Invisible oil? Now we’re talking
    I would use the heck out of these
    I put argan oil on my face and coconut oil on my waist
    And my hair’s crying out ‘my turn please!’

    Oh Into the Gloss how you help me
    Advising which products to go out and get
    With this $500 giveaway
    I will look great and stay out of debt!

  • Madeline Rose

    I've lived in Seattle my whole life and here, most people don't spend more than 10 minutes or more than 1 product to style their hair--I am one of these people. I've been wanting to try the Bb Hairdresser oil for a few years now (I love 'all-in-one's' for my wild wavy hair) but, like other enviro-conscious low-maintenance Seattleites, I try and use up old products before buying new ones! These taming apply-n-go products would be a perfect add to my lean lineup.

  • Jackie

    I have naturally wavy hair, but when the weather is humid, WATCH OUT -- my head turns into Frizz City. I had tried every serum under the sun and nothing seemed to work, whether it was the stuff they have at the salon (Kerastase Elixer Ultime) or the stuff they have at the drug store (Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum). HOWEVER, just the other day, right before a MAJOR thunder storm when the humidity level felt like it was was at 200%, my hair dresser used some of the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil on my tresses. They stayed silky smooth for the rest of the day (and the next, too)! I am dying to try the rest of the line!

  • julikay

    omg, really? now I know what´s wrong: I live in Berlin since forever.only bumble can help me.

  • Sweet Leilani

    I need nourishment as well as control and glossy and maintenance with my lovely locks. I have tried every thing over the counter and at the Sally's Supply Store as well as Master cuts too nothing that has been suggested has helped and my Shitzu is the benefit of it all , don't get me wrong her name is Sephora and she rocks her locks better then I do these days! lol... Aloha from Hawaii!

  • Giulia Viti

    My hair is ver curly and BLOODY dry. The last few products I bought were meant to be used putting only a few drops on the whole lenght, but I found out that i needed a much bigger quantity for their effects to be noticeable.. I use Argan masks and tried lots of repairing shampoos and I detangle only with the Tangle Teezer brush. Basically, i only miss 2 things.the first one in bathing in coconut oil for few hours, and the other one is trying those beauts ^.^

  • Nat

    My hair has been through a lot--I went from long, dark blonde locks to a baby blonde collar-brushing lob, and now I've started to grow it out again in lieu of my wedding this August. In between the process of getting my chop three years ago to what I am today, I have probably experimented with every hair color (including some of the more neon hues) and made a major move from Los Angeles to Saint Paul. I currently use my Hair Dresser's Oil liberally, especially now that I'm enduring a lot more humidity than I'm used to with all the rain we've been having, and it's the only thing than can tame my frizz and protect my hair from frequent use of flat irons, blow driers, and whatever hair contraption I happen to get my hands on.

    As a side note, it totally has the best smell that trumps out any hair product ever.

  • Lina

    Apart from the fact that I never use any heated products on my hair apart from the occasional trip to the hair dressers, my hair never seems be in any condition apart from the worst; thick, wavy, frizzy and unmanageable (tips anyone?). Having moved back home yesterday after three years at university, it would be a lovely pick me up to treat the university blues (and the horrible amount debt I have now got as a result, great hair products didn't fit into the budget, sob). Would be nice to get started in the adult world with worthy hair!

  • Becca

    I put lemon on my hair to attempt to highlight it naturally, and now my hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I'm also studying for the bar this summer and I can't imagine anything better than being spoiled rotten at a bumble and bumble salon after I'm finished at the end of July.

  • allie

    SOS from a helpless girl with crazy curls. I want to love and nurture them, especially as I see all my friends frying their hair with straightening treatments. I know my hair is what makes me unique, but I struggle with taming my hair and turning it into something beautiful.

    Also leaving teenagerhood/trying to figure out how to become an adult is stressful, and I feel like I need a real hairstyle to be a ***~~~~*~real~*~~~~*** adult.

    Basically: me = broke college student who needs to learn how to love her curly hair. This competition = my one shot.

  • Rosie D.

    I've got 3 reasons for you ITG!
    1) girl, I've got the ombré. And I've been rocking it for a few years, so you know about half my hair is dry and brittle. Invisible oil is needed FO SHO!
    2) I've got looong hair, which means heat styling on the reg. I've got to blow dry it cause it would take 24 hours to dry on its own, and then I've got to curl or straighten it, so I don't look like Crystal Gale, (ok it's not that long).
    3) I'm broke, so the only way I will be able to experience the luxury of invisible oil is if you hook me up! (But seriously, I just quit both of my jobs to stay home with my grandfather who has dementia, and supporting 3 people on 1 income, while paying back student debt is one crazy hard thing to do. I literally cut out all beauty related expenses, and now I am a sad, shaggy and un groomed stay at home chick, who ultimately needs a pick me up.)

  • Adriana Caballero

    I will study abroad in France this fall and my long boring mane is in SERIOUS need of a new look. My ends are dry and too blonde from fanatic balayage, plus I've had the same haircut for as long as I can remember. Please help out an American fashionista looking for love and hair envy in the country of the ultimate fashion it-girls. I want to copy Olivia Palermo's lob and rich brown hair, but can't afford it because of my unpaid internship here in NYC. Please please please! xoxo

  • amandaaaa

    Can I just say that my hair is in some SERIOUS need of an overhaul and this could be my heavenly cure. I am constantly on the move for work and my hair is so fried. I keep trying to go blonder and blonder and then regret it every time and then start to go back to my natural color...only to have summer come 'round again and I decide to go back to platinum blonde! In addition to my exhausting hair choices, I'm also taking medication for IBD that is drying my hair out and making it limp and lifeless. Bumble is amazing and this would help me SOOOO much.

  • trish

    in the words of kilo herself,
    I've been looking pretty hard
    But I come up empty
    I've been thinking that the only one
    For you, is me

  • Zoe

    Ask not why my hair needs Bumble and Bumble, rather why Bumble and Bumble needs my hair. The beautifying power of B+B is akin to a kernel of feminine wisdom passed down from one generation to the next. It would be useless for me to enumerate the ways in which Bumble smoothes, calms, nourishes, and softens my waves because it's already been accepted as a universal truth.

    Thus, I will instead be so bold as to suggest that B+B should entrust me as a brand ambassador. My hair is wavy, long enough to brush my hips, and could only be described as Jewess meets Botticelli meets perpetual sex hair. I'm told I wear it well. My hair is usually disheveled, often difficult, and always soft. I wear its complexity with a badge of pride.

  • speed

    I will pretend it will make ME invisible.

  • amy

    I have wispy, dry fine hair that falls out in handfuls! I don't know how I am not bald. I can only afford to get my hair done a couple times a year at most and am getting married at the end of the summer. Would be great to be able to whip these fried wisps into shape with some great BB products!

  • http://www.tongueinchicblog.com/ Margaux Anbouba

    Once upon a time, 73 days ago, I dyed my dark brown hair golden blonde because of a mid-life crisis. Thought I was a blonde, but it turns out I am absolutely not! My hair has now been through hell and back to bring it back to brown, with a lilac ombre. I would love to have the B&B products to restore my fried hair to it's former mermaid-eque glory.

  • AC

    First and foremost-- the packaging is incredibly pretty. I am a mush for good packaging. I also love conditioner. In high school, a girlfriend of mine told me I didn't have to wash my wash with shampoo all the time. Conditioner was sufficient in between washes to maintain a healthy clean head of hair. At that age, I was pretty gullible. So, needless to say, I adapted that philosophy. I was always on the watch out for conditioner. (I am not 100% crazy, I did realize conditioner was not going to clean my hair like she insisted and rekindled with that old flame known as shampoo a few tries after.)

    I stand intrigued because this is the first conditioner that takes a different shape with Bumble and Bumble. It's a cute cross between the usual bottle and the masque tubes. I've done a bit a of research and I think the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil products would be a good match for my mix of thirsty Asian hair. Let's give it some life!

    Please and thank you!

  • Brittany Gross

    My hair needs all the love it can get! I have spent the past year painstakingly growing out my hair due to chemo treatment. I have endured many days trying to tame what I affectionately call the mullet that has formed at the nape of my neck - it likes to curl outwards (picture Carol Brady).

  • Rebecca

    I want to try these babies because it's freakin Bb!!! I'm 2 months pregnant and as my hair starts to grow longer from the hormones I'd love some quality products to keep it strong and healthy!

  • http://garbagecanchic.blogspot.com/ Lauren Clementine

    This is the year of the essential oil, they seem to be everywhere...but i have been using them on my face and bod forever and they are awesome! I have very thin dry hair and have used Moroccan oil and biosilk for awhile, but have been dying to try the bumble and bumble invisible oil line but alas I am poor and afraid of change! Help this limp hair gal get silky voluminous hair and ill be a loyal customer forever!

  • Georgia

    My hair is super curly but also tends to get dry on the top. My also curly haired friend told me that the best products for curly hair are Bumble and Bumble. Unfortunately, I also happen to be super broke and I don't even have any conditioner right now. So, pick me please!

  • http://www.looksharpsconnie.com/ Look Sharp Sconnie

    One time, I thought it would be fun to wash my hair with avocado.

    Everyone was doing it. And by everyone, I mean sketched caricatures of pretty girls in Seventeen Magazine. So I knew it was legit.

    Fun fact: When they tell you to wash your hair with avocado, oatmeal and yogurt, they don't actually mean straight out of the skin/box/carton. Turns out, clumping them on top of your head, unblended, all at once, is not only the dumbest thing you could possibly do, but it also makes for an AWESOME time cleaning up and unclogging areas of your bathroom that you didn't actually know could be clogged.

    Moral of the story: I need all the hair help I can get. Please, help me to keep it natural without having to sacrifice the sanity of my apartment maintenance man and, you know, myself.



  • Katie Stratico

    A haiku:

    Invisible Oil -->
    Invincible sulfate-free
    sex and sheen for days.

    B&b never disappoints, but this line is truly top notch.

  • Toni C

    I would like the chance to win the $500 gift certificate and invisible oil products because my hair deserves it. Im 36 years of age and have approximately 85% gray hair. I work out 4-6 days per week and sweat profusely, especially from my head, therefore, I have to dye my roots every 2 ½ weeks. I have color sticks, pens, hair mascara and color washes all on hand.. I get anxiety when I wash my hair as I feel like the dye is washing out and then I will have to get my hair done sooner. Due to over processing, my hair has become unhealthy; dry ends, frizzy top, curly bottom, breakage and split ends… Please please choose me.. or send me a hair Jeanie to grant my every hair wish!

  • Nikki S

    Back in high school and college I went through my "I wanna look like a member of Bikini Kill" phase which naturally involved a lot of bad bathroom bleach jobs. My hair is naturally dry and frizzy so put the two together and I think my hair ended up being less Kim Gordon and more Don King. My hair has yet to fully recover. Bumble and Bumble products have always done wonders for this bleach destroyed mop but this girl is on a budget and can't always splurge on the $30 conditioner! I need Bumble and Bumble to help me get my hair back!!!!

  • Marta

    I would like to wake up one day, jump into my shoes and into this beautiful game called life without looking in the mirror or without thinking is it bad hair day today?Let me my wish come true...:)

  • Megan Le Gourrierec

    I would love try the bumble and bumble goodies, because I have loved the products I have tried so far from their previous ranges (surf spray, texturizing cream, creme de coco shampoo and conditioner), and I will be going to Greece this Summer, meaning I will be taking care extra care of my hair.

    I usually use oils on my rather long locks (with require lots of moisture) for that extra smoothness and I will be needing something extra lightweight so that my hair isn't weighed down, the invisible oil seems to tick all the right boxes and it being invisible is an extra bonus, since unlike argan oil it will not make my hair any darker, because who doesn't like having lighter hair in the summer?

    The thing that I am most worried about is protecting my hair from the sun. Since I don't want to have it scrunched up in a baseball cap, I would like to have a bit of protection on it, which is where the UV protective primer is ideal, not to forget the fact that it also tames frizz and flyaways and also detangles.

    Something that drew me into this range even more was that it includes a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Since the beginning of this year I started using sulfate free shampoos and was pleasantly surprised by how much softer my hair felt! I therefore decided to not use regular shampoo anymore and have been trying out different sulfate free shampoos from different brands.

    Looking at the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Family Range I've gathered that the aim is to create silky, smooth and gorgeous hair but to keep it as lightweight as possible and to a minimum with the products. I can see myself cherishing these products during days spent lounging on the beaches of San Torini and Mykonos but also days spent catching up with friends on the terrace of Le Pain Quotidien.

  • http://www.mischkebusiness.com/ Anna Mischke

    My hair started off as most "normal" Asian gal's would: dark, silky, and utterly wave-able. Since I went to white blonde with upkeep in The Charming City of Cambodia (heat, humidity, sun damage, windy rides on tuk tuks and motos) it's been quite the headache- literally at times...ouch! bleach!- but entirely worth it. Now that I feel like a natural blonde when I look in the mirror (strangely enough) I can't think of myself going back to dark.

    I absolutely love to blog about new products, even if they're not currently available in this country because as a market it's growing fast and the demand for better goods and quality products is becoming more and more of a necessity. With the culture now shifting towards edgier looks rather than what I like to call "crimped and covered", bold colors, and a focus on a far reaching beauty base I would be thrilled to share my love for b&b with the aesthetically hungry lords and ladies here in Phnom Penh!

    The unnaturally blonde life plus lack of great products for care and upkeep in Cambodia can equal buns every day-and where's the fun in that when you've got long locks you want to show off?

  • Lisa Young

    My hair is in serious need of some rehab! I tried the pastel pink trend, only to have my hair over processed and broken off! I need the pro-magic of the Bb hair gods to help me through the mourning process. Send no flowers, just product. And bumble and bumble magic. And some pink hair.

  • Asha

    I would love these because I've had quite a deep struggle with my hair, ever since I was young I never thought it was particularly nice so kept it in a pony tail ALL the time and was very insecure about it, but this ended up being worse for my hair because tying it up would cause pulling at my roots and I ended up losing hair and its no longer as thick as it once was, along with the stress of exams! Which caused more trauma and yet I have not let go of tying it up out of habit. It was my resolution to start treating my hair right this summer -I'm only 16! and winning this would be such a blessing xxx

  • AnnaH

    Because I am going to need some real help with my hair to negotiate this NYC summer. I keep arriving at the office/parties/anywhere looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway, having JUST spent twenty minutes taming it. When I moved to NYC I got warnings about bed begs, snowstorms, cash-only restaurants, and the smell of hot garbage, but no one told me about this. Really. For the love of all things beautiful, I need drastic intervention.

  • Kelsey

    Because I have no idea what I'm doing with my life or my hair... So this would be a start.

  • http://wtiredeyes.blogspot.com Christina S.

    S.O.S- I'm 20 years old and have no idea how to deal with or style my hair and I'm finally trying to learn now (and failing miserably.) The only problem is I'm incredibly lacking in funds and proper hair care products. Please help!
    PS The Bumble line of products just smells so pretty and I would love for my hair to smell like a sweet princess.
    Thank you <3

  • Grace

    After finally finding a diagnosis for my thinning hair (a severe Vitamin D deficiency), I'm looking forward to letting my hair flow free—without worrying about people seeing my patches. To compensate for my former lack of hair, I have used way too much heat and product styling. It would be great if I could start fresh, and have always found success with Bumble products.

  • Sheila W.

    OMG you guys have NO IDEA how much help my hair needs one word says it all MENOPAUSE!!!!! my hair is no longer my hair I have no idea whose hair it is but, it is no longer mine! I have no issues with grays, I really don't have very many. My hair has become dry, frizzy and hard to mange. I've had to take meds that broke my hair off to make matters worse, but, it is now growing and is pretty healthy. I have purchased a boatload of products to "fix" this and I still haven't found the answer. So, I walk around with my hair pinned up in the back and wait for the frizz to start in the front. This forces me to keep a mini flat iron in my purse constantly. Bb products are the bomb diggity I would love, love, to try their invisible oil family of products and win the $500 gift certificate for treats and treatments. Please help me to carry less with me every time I leave my home, my hair would thank you and so would I.

  • Adriana

    I will study abroad in France this fall and my long boring mane is in SERIOUS need of a new look. My ends are dry and too blonde from fanatic balayage, plus I've had the same haircut for as long as I can remember. Please help out an American fashionista looking for love and hair envy in the country of the ultimate fashion it-girls. I want to copy Olivia Palermo's lob and rich brown hair, but can't afford it because of my unpaid internship here in NYC. Please please please! xoxo

  • Ray

    Because I'm a 20-something beauty junkie who just happens to be moving out on her own for the first time, and probably won't have any money for salon quality hair products.. I KNOW YOU FEEL MY PAIN. have mercy on me?