BB Cream For Your Legs


If there’s anything I don’t like about summer it's that there's suddenly a requirement to wear shorts. Not that there’s anything wrong with shorts, per se; even I have a soft spot for a particularly shredded pair of denim cutoffs. But no matter the short, they leave me little leeway to mask what has become a rather insurmountable problem: my paper-white, scarred-to-high-heaven legs. Depending on how fastidious I’ve been over the winter with my various sugar scrubs and heavy-weight moisturizers, some years are better than others. I have less patience with the self-tanner route (any advertising claiming a less noxious smell is straight up lying to you). But nothing can completely hide the obvious nicks and dents I’ve acquired over the years.

When I saw a friend instagram a shiny gold tube of Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, I was cautiously optimistic. I'd never been compelled to use a BB cream on my face—but legs seemed like they might be a more forgiving canvas. Not that the stuff needs to be applied with caution—unlike your run-of-the-mill self-tanner, the DHA in the BB Cream doesn't streak or threaten the cleanliness of every upholstered surface in proximity. The tan-colored cream blends right into your skin (I've been using the light  formula), giving it the slightest glow, plus a subtle shimmer thanks to a few sparkly bits. The improvement is slight, but my legs weren't oily, smelly, or orange, which was a plus. And after a solid week of use (and hoping and wishing and praying), my scabs healed and my scars became distinctly less off-color. Now that my bottle's empty, I'm tempted to pick up a bottle of the darker formula in lieu of a more traditional self-tanner. And a new pair of cutoffs.

—Emily Ferber

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  • Christine

    I've been using this as well. I am not one to be impressed with most drugstore moisturizers, but this one I liked a lot! I love the smell of it and it does make your legs look a little more even. I'll be picking up the darker shade when I finish my trial size tube.

  • District Style

    How long does it take to dry after application? Is it really just a blend in and go? Also, with the hotter temperatures, does it run if you start to sweat?

    • ITGFerber

      Dries as quickly as any other moisturizer on the creamy side. And yes, it is as easy as blend and go! Haven't noticed any running with sweat—I don't think it's pigmented enough for that. Which is a plus and minus depending on your needs.

  • Colleen

    I am tempted to try this. Does it cover up bruises? That's my number one issue as I am a person who apparently has thin blood and bad motor skills.

    • ITGFerber

      It was pretty effective on my bruises, which were slight and on the brown/grey side of things (as opposed to the green/purple scale). Expectations should remain reasonable.

  • Ailyn Koay

    how long does it last?

    • ITGFerber

      I would say a day or two if you're using it sporadically—I apply it pretty religiously, especially if I'm baring my legs. The bottle's "for best results" is pretty accurate: if you use it for 5 days continually, you'll really notice a difference.

      • Ailyn Koay

        hmmm that sounds good enough

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I wonder if the light shade would be light enough for me!

    • mntnsrck

      I have fair skin and the light shade of this made absolutely no difference to my skin color whatsoever.

  • Danielle Nordahl

    I love this stuff! I went with the darker to give my tan a boost. It's not noticeable at first, but then I'll be out and look at my arms and/or legs, and be like, damn, I know they don't look like that on their own, all glowy, illuminated, toned.


  • jjjoy

    i've been using this for about 2 months now to bring some color to my pale legs. i use the medium/dark shade as my arms and face are pretty tan. this gave me some subtle, natural color and the shimmer is pretty undetectable. i've tried the sally hansen airbrush legs and was horrified at how glittery it was in the sunlight. this is much more subtle and also foolproof to apply.

  • Kelly G

    I received a sample size and found that when I rub it in, it starts to flake off! Did this ever happen when you used it? xo Kelly

    • ITGFerber, can't say that I had that issue. Sorry to hear that, though!

    • lcrumbs

      Maybe exfoliating before applying the cream would help? I know that's always recommended with sunless tanners.

      • Kelly G

        Thanks Lindsey! I think it was just a bad sample. I've tried three more and none of them did that. In fact, the product was creamy and blended in so easily! xo Kelly

  • Amyzz

    I am intrigued

  • cat butt

    I must take this opportunity to share Some Excellent Information: Tarte makes a self-tanning gel called Brazilliance, AND IT IS GLORIOUS. IT DOES NOT SMELL. AT ALL. It's a crazy dark-purple color and looks terrifying, but that strange tint translates to a golden tan immediately upon application, and it's not orange at all. It sinks in instantly and is not sticky in the least. I'm obsessed with it. The only rule is that you must either wear gloves or use a tanning mitt to apply- the first time I used it I did neither of those and had purple palms for the rest of the day. It fades very evenly; no weird flaking-off or white patches. Compared to Tan Towels, Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta glow pads, Kate Somerville Self Tanning pads, and two different Clarins formulas, it's the best. Hands down. I also use it on my face and it doesn't break me out at all.

    It may be a bit dark for someone with porcelain skin, but it blends beautifully with moisturizer if dilution is needed.

  • DallasEMF

    I received a sample in a Birchbox supscription, and I thought it had a very stale smell after applying it. I ended up having to take a shower again just because the smell was bothering me so much. It wasn't a sunless tanner smell. Did anyone else notice this after using?

  • The Witz

    So it doesn't come off at all on clothing or a light-colored couch? That's what I can't stand about tanning product.

  • Yes World Boutique

    Yes, indeed, We opted for the darker tone. It's great!

  • Melissa

    It smells good too!

  • Lea_Ta

    Have been looking for a BB body cream for ever - I'm the type who bumps into every possible piece of furniture so my legs are always covered in bruises... And my legs also just refuse to tan. But doesn't seem like Jergens has retailers in France :( I'll have to wait until everyone else releases BB body creams.


Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream