The Slip Dress

The Row Namara Silk-Jacquard Dress
DKNY V Neck Illusion Dress
6397 Silk Charmeuse Bias Cami Dress
Maiyet Blockprint Camisole Slip Dress
Free People Viscose Voile Slip

My default uniform consists mainly of baggy tops and oversized bottoms (either purposefully designed in such a way or stolen from my imaginary boyfriend—aka, purchased from the men’s section). Fortunately in NYC this is considered fashionable, but in most circles it’s mainly seen as sloppy and/or an attempt to hide my more “feminine” figure. But between the incoming warmer weather and my newfound desire to embrace my natural form, I’m striving to find a way to flatter my shape without going full-on bodycon (though if that's your style, this is the Five Cool Things for you). I've found success in the slip dress.

1. The Row Namara Silk-Jacquard Dress: I was a faithful fan of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and my steadfast trust in those two has extended from their crime solving to fashion designs. The duo can do no wrong, especially when thin straps, a minimal print, and black silk are in the mix.

2. DKNY V Neck Illusion Dress: If you’re looking for an LB(slip)D even more minimal, try DKNY. Remember the days of bras with clear straps? Think of this as the modern take on the Y2K wardrobe staple.

3. 6397 Silk Charmeuse Bias Cami Dress: Or, obviously, you can give a real slip a chance—either doubled-up with another slip for added opacity, or on its own.

4. Maiyet Blockprint Camisole Slip Dress: If you like a little more color and texture in your life, this mock-gingham marigold dress can certainly help brighten up your closet.

5. Free People Viscose Voile Slip: And for those looking for a great frolicking ensemble, this LWD is just as perfect for flowery fields in the countryside as it is worn stepping through a patch of freshly-mowed city grass.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Helena

    I've always thought that the slip dress flattered only those with waifish builds, i.e. Gwyneth and Kate circa 1997. How do you deal with the rolls, cellulite and other fleshy parts that such an unstructured garment would reveal?

    • ITGElizabeth

      Spanx are a girl's best friend! I actually think that the slip dress is really complimentary to feminine forms-- making curves look smooth and delicate. Just be sure to get the proper size so that it drapes instead of clings!

    • estheresther

      I think if you get a slip in a fabric that has a better hold than bias silk you'll be fine. And in case of doubt, size up!
      Silk & velvet can be too revealing, prefer rayon or coton.
      I've had good luck with a silver lamé dress from Topshop a couple seasons ago, maybe check their current offerings?

  • kaleiv

    I love the slip dress so much that I'm using one as my wedding dress on the beach!

  • Katy

    I love that Row slip dress; has anyone seen any (much) cheaper versions?

  • ITGElizabeth

    I found this really great Chantelle strapless bra that works well under my slip dress. Im ok with strapless as long as the band is super tight. Give me some decent hold but there are definitely battle lines for a few hours after bra-removal.

    • Karo

      Would you mind sharing the style name? I had an amazing strapless bra which I bought while travelling abroad, but time has taken its toll and I've been desperately looking for a successor :)

      • ITGElizabeth

        No problem! Actually... I'll share a couple of my favorite strapless bras:

        For Under T-Shirts (or when you want to minimize): (It's the best, seriously. I love it. I have one in nude and one in black. So good. The band is pretty enough to "put on display" if you have a low slung top or something like that)

        And for something for when you want a "fuller bust": (Has good lift and support. It doesn't make my boobs too pointy or round which I find a lot of strapless bras that the bra-fitters at department stores push on me end up doing...)

        Though if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be delighted to find out about more great strapless bras!

        • Karolin

          Thank you :) I'll check out the Chantelle one, which conveniently comes in my size, yeah!

  • Emma Hager

    Mmm love the feel of satin on skin

  • Kelsey

    hahahaha! I was a devoted fan to MK and Ashley as well. I'm pretty sure I brought in a picture of one of them every time I got my hair done up until I was 20! But yes....still loving their fashion!


  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I love a slip dress but my large bust usually precludes me from purchasing or trying them on. Being a teen in the 90's I was always envious of those who could pull them off. The only ones that worked for me had long cinch-able straps on the back!

  • ITGElizabeth

    That may true, but really the only times I can go bra free are when I'm wearing a dress that is so tight against my chest, no bra is necessary or when I'm lounging around my apartment and there is minimal movement involved. Oh boobs. So annoying at times

  • Janet Lee

    Reminds me of Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) in 'Suddenly 30', where she wakes up wearing a slip and rushes out the door without changing and her friend says "The slip dress is a little '97... unless it's retro" I liked the slip she was wearing though!

    • ITGElizabeth

      Thirty and flirty and thriving!

    • lillylilacs

      'Suddenly 30' confused me so much I had to google it. I was sure I had seen this movie, but it had a different title - 13 going on 30. Apparently they changed the title to 'Suddenly 30' in Australia, and other countries.

  • Brittany

    I like clicking the links on these posts to find something like a simple slip dress being sold for 500+ dollars. It fascinates me what people with too much money and high-fashion taste are willing to buy.


The Row
The Row Namara Silk-Jacquard Dress
DKNY V Neck Illusion Dress
6397 Silk Charmeuse Bias Cami Dress
Maiyet Blockprint Camisole Slip Dress
Free People
Free People Viscose Voile Slip