The Top Crops

American Apparel V Strap Tank
Need Supply Co. Scout Top
Reformation Castelli Top
Dolce Vita Deanna Crop Blouse
Asos Crop Top in Wide Rip with Zip

When it comes to crop tops, there are a million ways to slice it, cut it, tie long as your navel's getting some fresh air it's sure to be literally cooler than most other upper-half clothing options. But a word of caution coming from someone who's murdered drawerfuls of once-favorite t-shirts: leave the scissor work to the professionals. You'll be kicking yourself when you realize that you have nothing to wear with all your mid-rise and lower jeans, and if history repeats itself—and it always does—2003's low riders will be back in full force in about 10 minutes. So hurry up and fill your carts while you can still get some use out of those elevated waistbands:

1. American Apparel V Strap Tank: Or really anything from American Apparel, they have a huge selection of crop top colors and styles. They're all pretty great, too—especially for those that like to go commando up top, because the AA cotton/spandex collection of crops are basically pullover bras. The V Strap tank is a newer design with a collarbone-grazing neckline, cute back, and thicker fabric that leaves a little more to the imagination than, say, a thin-ribbed tight white baby tee...but not much.

2. Need Supply Co. Scout Top: I'd argue that while all crop tops are casual, not all can be dressy. The Scout Top can go both ways—pair it with oversized khaki slacks and whatever Birkenstock incarnation you prefer, or with a tailored pencil skirt and heels.

3. Reformation Castelli Top: A hybrid wrap/crop is so painfully disco. And being disco is so painfully cool. Plus, you can wear full-support bra—straps and all.

4. Dolce Vita Deanna Crop Blouse: If you were a fan of the Valentina Dress, this embroidered/lacy/eyelet half of a top is for you. How pretty is that shade of blue?

5. Asos Crop Top in Wide Rib with Zip: The unexciting name really speaks to the workhorse nature of this piece, which, while it might go underappreciated at first glance, will surprise you with how often you find yourself wearing it. Top? Absolutely. Cardigan? Just unzip it. Is it too cold? Not if you're in this top, because your shoulders are covered. Is it too hot? Not unbearable, because the sleeves only go to your elbows...and it's a crop top. Also it's grey, which is the blue denim of knitwear—it goes with everything.

—Annie Kreighbaum

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  • Haiku Jew

    Crop tops are okay
    but for the midriff-modest
    are belly busters.

  • Clémence

    "... for those that like to go commando up top", YES - my summer uniform, torso version = loose-ish fitting crop top, and absolutely, above all else, no bra.

  • Amanda Chan

    Craving the Reformation crop to add to my collection. Crop tops have seriously become a wardrobe staple.

  • Divya

    Midriff baring isn't an option right now! Work in progress! One day! :D



American Apparel
American Apparel V Strap Tank
Need Supply Co.
Need Supply Co. Scout Top
Reformation Castelli Top
Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita Deanna Crop Blouse
ASOS Crop Top in Wide Rib with Zip