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I’ve never been one for color theory, or color wheels, or undertone rules, or anything like that. I don’t know if my red lipstick ‘should’ be more blue or more orange. (I also don’t really care.) But what I do know, and would have never known before now, is that purple conditioner makes blonde hair blonder. Oh yes, it does.

Of all of them out there, Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask in Baby Blond is the Rolls Royce of purple conditioners. Davines’ Alchemic Conditioner in Silver is quite good as well. There are also purple shampoos, but I don’t really trust those, in the same way that I don’t trust self-tanning body wash (but in a different way than my distrust of Snapchat). Monsieur Robin is an elegant French colorist who works out of the Meurice Hotel in Frahhhnce, counts Catherine Deneuve as a longtime client, and creates tiny batches of supremely gentle hair care products that are endearingly difficult to obtain Stateside. In lieu of conditioner, I work a big scoop of his bright violet mask through freshly shampoo-d hair during my twice-weekly washing. I shave, I clean my face, I sing Drunk in Love at the top of my lungs, and then I rinse.

One would think, staring at the purple cream, that no such thing should go near platinum hair. On the contrary! The more purple the better. Leave on for five minutes or even ten, and any brassy tones that have developed from…life? Saltwater? New York City air? are neutralized. The only thing keeping your hair from looking day-of-bleaching-and-toning-good are your 6 weeks of root. Hey! Nobody said being platinum was easy.

—Emily Weiss

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    Would these cremes work well for natural blonde/ash blondes?

    • Hodgko

      I use a purple shampoo (Silverlights) on my virgin honey blonde hair every few days in lieu of my usual shampoo -- it brightens the colour a bit and removes the bit of redness that my ancient water pipes deposit in my water, and then my hair.

    • Talia

      I am a natural blonde, and it will work, but you will notice it more on the lighter parts of your hair. It will make your hair look less yellow and more beige if that's what you want.

    • Clever Girl Reviews

      Yes they do but to a lesser extent unless you are really fair haired. If it's dark blonde it may not be as noticeable.

    • Alejandra

      Yes they do, especially if you live somewhere that has hard water.

  • llama

    if you ever decide to trust purple shampoo, i really really really love paul mitchell platinum blonde shampoo. did i mention i really love it? i really love it. like really. because it works. sachajuan silver shampoo is good as well but it's dumb expensive.

    • kate

      Clairol shimmering lights is awesome too! They carry it at Sallys and I think maybe ulta too!

  • Sara

    i use the baby blond mask to keep my highlights from going yellow and i LOVE it. well worth it.

  • Katie

    As a hairstylist and reading a comment below, I think that people will be a little confused reading this in the sense that they think it will make their hair blonder. Violet shampoo and/or conditioner will NOT make hair lighter, but it will neutralize and tone any unwanted brassiness in the hair and help make it have a cool/ashy/platinum look. So if you feel your hair is too yellow/orangey/brassy, a violet shampoo and conditioner will help!

    • Mildred Campos

      I'm so glad I read your comment! I just went blonder also and I have the john frieda color renew or tone correcting (I'm not sure) but I'm glad you mentioned it will not make my hair lighter.

  • SakuBaku

    Please do share the details of that pretty textile something around your shoulders? A scarf? A shawl? A sweater? Whence cometh?

    • Ellie

      It's an Etoile by Isabel Marant jacket from this past season

  • Jane T.

    Emily -- I own and love the Christophe Robin mask, but since the Davines mask is half the price, I'd really like to switch to that! Would you say it's just as good, or is the CR mask much much better?

  • Tamara

    I don't have nor will I ever have anything close to platinum blonde hair, but I clicked on this article because I miss Emily on here! Can we get an updated Top Shelf and a style favorites post by you soon please?!

  • J

    I love the Robin conditioner, but I leave it on for an hour and then rinse, it's fantastic for keeping brassiness at bay on my platinum hair.

  • Alyssa Gapske

    I've been dying to try one of the products about. I've been using John Freida's purple conditioner and it good, but maybe not good enough.

  • Stevie

    Wait. There is self tanning body wash?

    • Mariah Leonard

      My thoughts exactly, and I've been reading the comments like 'why has no one mentioned this...' Hahaha

  • Bike Pretty

    I'm very pleased with the Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner. I tried the conditioner alone and the results weren't as great.

    Make sure when you add the conditioner that you work hard to spread it evenly throughout all your hair. The first couple times I tried it, I had lavender/grey sections. Fortunately/unfortunately the results aren't permanent and easily wash out.

  • Macey

    I love my cheap every (other) day purp shampoo, Jhirmack. It's marketed to silver women for that lovely Targaryen/Last Unicorn look, but cuts brassiness in blondes too! I lather it up and leave it on for pt. 1 of my shower, then seal it in during pt. 2: conditioner. It's $5 at CVS <3

    • Deepo

      Me too. It gives my very long silver hair incredible body. I can splurge on keratin shampoos for alternating, but I like not having to spend a lot on a regular shampoo. Not to mention being able to find it easily

  • Alice Dennard

    A someone with white blonde (tinted gray currently for fun) hair I only use purple stuff in my hair. Loreal professional makes a great dark purple shampoo and the Davine's is a nice conditioner. (I haven't tried the Christophe Robin's) There is also one called from EVO called Fabuloso that is my favorite so far. It's the only one that I can tell a major difference with. I use the others for upkeep!

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Christophe Robin is pretty easy to find Stateside... I know they sell it at Woodley and Bunny in Brooklyn, and on

  • Kasia

    I use CeCe Of Sweden Cold Blondies shampoo/conditioner after going into a cool blonde :) Works great!

  • Nomadic D.

    I use the Davines silver alchemy as well on my (kind of) newly platinum hair. That stuff is magic. I actually use it the day after I wash, I'll wet my hair and then put a huge glob on, work it in and just hang out around the apartment for a good 15 minutes. Then jump in the shower and rinse. Deep purple treatment, once a week, works wonders!

  • Blondie

    Daddy-o shampoo from Lush is incredible. It's very cleansing, very violet, and even contains violet. The smell lasts a couple of days too. If you don't like smelling like those violet sweets it's probably best avoided though!

  • Michelle

    What shampoo do you use?

  • Carina Andersen

    Matrix So Silver is my HG shampoo. Just don`t leave it in too long, or you`ll end up with a very granny chic-ish hue. Tempted to try the Joico one though, as it`s sulfate free!

    • Alyson Spencer

      I use the joico purple conditioner and it may be good for your hair health but as for toning the blonde it does nothing in my opinion lol leaves my hair very soft but also brassy dont waste the money !


Christophe Robin
Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care, Baby Blond
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