Remember Good Handwriting?

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Ok, let’s be honest: has anyone really used cursive since we were all required to do so in the third grade? Are you 2008 high school graduates suddenly shrouded in guilt after realizing that you're the generation responsible for letting penmanship beyond simple legibility go extinct? Now it's all about mastering the quickness and accuracy of touch-typing; nimble thumbs have always been our evolutionary strong suit. If only for the rarity, beautiful handwriting is more of an art now than it ever has been. So let’s take a moment to appreciate a time when diaries were bought at the stationary store and not logged into, when missed calls got a sticky note rather than a notification, and when we used the written word and not just rows of small pictures loosely representing what we want to say—wait, how is reverting back to hieroglyphs evolving?

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  • tera

    I was just wondering this recently: if no one knows how to write cursive letters anymore, how will they sign their name?? And also, I love to see my mom's handwriting, or boyfriend's, or childhood friend's. The words are important, but somehow so is the unique way they form letters- it makes me happy to see it. I would know some people's handwriting anywhere.

    • rjt

      I am a delivery driver, and you would not believe how many people just scribble their name, in block letters, on the signature sheet.

    • Janine

      It will eventually go electronic (eSignature). I have a friend who works in the HR dept for a large state office here on the East Coast and when applicants apply for open positions, they can't even complete an application, let alone sign it. Technology is making everyone lazy.

    • Samantha Shank

      I don't know. I'm 16, and I LOVE cursive! We're raising a generation of idiots!

  • NazNYC

    Kids are not even learning cursive anymore :( I don't think they even know that word

    • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

      teach them!

  • mavieenrouge

    I find it strange that cursive writing is such a novel concept in America. I remember when i first moved here and all my classmates complained that they couldn't understand what I wrote because I wrote cursive. I didn't get what they meant until i saw everybody's notebooks filled with block letters and I wondered what grown person writes like that. lol #culturaldifferences

  • Aurora

    I love this article! So related to style...Haven't heard of handwriting in a while and I loved seeing the pics and the little video. Very original article. Keep up!

  • Mika Martyniuk

    Here in Argentina children at a very young age start learning cursive writing. My daughter is 5 and loves it, she says cursive is as good as drawing. Children enjoy it, but then a great amount of them just loose it over flat block letters. Truly dreadful. I think that cursive compels one to make a greater effort in order to concentrate in calligraphic motion. I believe that the fluency, the gesture of linking letters gives a very precious aesthetic quality.

  • mlle p

    A strong memory for me as a child was my grandmother's neighbor who had beautiful calligraphic handwriting. I was fascinated with the style of it and the swirling letters. This lady, Johanna Johnson, was an artist without knowing it, as she was born in the late 1800's when this was more the norm to learn in school.
    A modern master is Bernard Maisner - amazing writing.

  • WhenThePagesWereBlank

    How timely! My boyfriend just experimented with bacon calligraphy this morning. Bacon below spells out "My World"

    • Comeflywithme

      Reminds me of a Breaking Bad ep in the last season!

    • Kate

      My fiancé proposed with "marry me" spelled out in our lazy subday brunch bacon!!

      • WhenThePagesWereBlank

        Congratulations! That's awesome!

    • Lilli

      This bacon is cooked to perfection…. he is definitely a keeper

  • Jane T.

    My handwriting was always awful no matter how hard I tried, so I definitely appreciate the digitalization of writing -- but -- I'm still very jealous of anyone with good penmanship!

  • Rosie

    I use cursive all the time ! Unfortunately that doesn't stop my penmanship from looking like a drunken doctors

  • Tamara

    I started writing letters to people in the last few months and as I was doing so I realized that it had been years since I'd written something in cursive. Now I write my letters and journal exclusively in cursive. I wish more people did!

  • K.Raa

    Also, you can tell when you see handwriting of people from the same country how there are similarities that are related to nationality - even if the cursive has been abandoned. I guess perhaps school materials are accountable for that. I can't tell another Danish person's handwriting, but French, UK, Chinese and American handwriting usually shows off place of origin to some extent, I think. It's fun.
    Honestly though, while I like nice handwriting, I think the primary purpose of cursive should be to ensure that people can read it, to avoid being cut off from written material pre 90's or whenever - I think most people who write by hand will develop a measure of flow just because it makes writing more expedient, so no real need to maintain a proper cursive. At this point, I find a very neat handwriting kind of a shockingly unattractive affectation, actually. The very opposite of sexy - it's just so FUSSY.

  • Janine

    Many schools no longer teach cursive. How sad is that? Are we all that lazy? Why get out of bed? Computers and phones will do everything for us.

    Not. I say we push back. I prefer to do things on my own, as opposed to technology. I don't even want to go back to life in the '70s....the '90s would be sufficient.

  • Janine

    Oh. And I only send handwritten thank-you notes.

  • Lil

    This is really interesting. I still write in cursive because that's how I was taught. For some reason I never even noticed the majority of my friends reverting back to block letters until I had really mastered handwriting in my favorite slanted personal style, and I know a few people do still write in this way but I agree it is a rarity! x

  • x

    My mum & I still write in cursive :-) it's too pretty to resist

  • Jennifer Lau

    I actually love writing in my journal in cursive. I guess I'm one of the rare people that has used it after 3rd grade, haha!

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    I have ALWAYS used cursive, and still do to this day. I'm always complimented on how "sophisticated" and "Jane Austen-like" it is, and I have no intention of changing to print! I'm a student, and I handwrite 90% of my notes- computers? Bleugh.

  • stefy81fashion
  • Kate

    I was homeschooled through 7th grade by a mother who has elegant copperplate script, so it wasn't until entering middle school that I ever tried to print. My handwriting has gone through several phases since, till I ended up with a rather loopy, upright script. I know several children who aren't being taught script, and I think that even though the majority of our communications are typed, they will look awfully silly with awkward print as 30 year olds.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    OMG my hand writing has gotten so bad since I started using a computer almost exclusively since the late 90's. It gets better the more I use it.

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    I still write in cursive. I find it's easier to do than block letters!

  • kathi

    what is the exact source of the "delicious" pic?

  • barney

    Imagine a world where young people can't read any family history in the form of letters, journals and discriptions on the back of old photos. .. All written in cursive. It makes me want to sit my great grand children down and teach them to read and write cursive; just for fun!

  • Samantha Shank

    <3 I am SO old fashioned, and I'm only 16!

  • jodee

    I really don't get how this works but I like his style. is there something I do where this writing is taught?

    • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

      This writing is taught widely in Internet.