Bras To Put On Display

Deborah Marquit Lace Demi Bra
Gap Daisy Lace Triangle Bra
Unforseen Circumstances Removable Strap Bra
Fleur of England Brighton Boudoir Bra

I don’t know who told me this summer was going to be a lovely, mild one, but he was a liar. It’s hot outside and it’s only going to get warmer. Much warmer. Which means trips to the beach, high ConEd bills, getting on first-name basis with your local Good Humor Man, and, naturally, less clothing. Body parts and undergarments will be on display, and it’s important to exhibit said lingerie with tactful intention—still keeping a bit left to the imagination. On to the bras:

1. Deborah Marquit Lace Demi Bra: Whether it’s under a sheer shirt or peeking out from behind your loose-fitting button down, a bright color can only do good things. If the high price tag on this Italian lace bra has you second guessing your purchase, this Splendid bralette can serve as a good starting point.

2. Gap Daisy Lace Triangle Bra: Everyone should have a reliable white triangle bra in her lingerie drawer. While it may not be the most effective style in terms of support, a delicate and innocently hued piece like this one will keep your bra-baring look safely out of the “slutty” subgenre of dressing.

3. Unforseen Circumstances Removable Strap Bra: Straps shouldn’t be limited to the two or nil options. The more the merrier—or, at least, more supportive, more interesting under and tank top, and more complicated for future suitors.

4. Fleur of England Brighton Boudoir Bra: If you have a tank top with low-slung armholes, or a dress with an open back and free-boobing is no option, go for a bra that has an interesting band. Let these black and white silk stripes do the accessorizing.

5. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Underwire T-Shirt Bra: But maybe the barely-there bra isn’t an option for you, scandalously cut tops aside. In that case, channel Kate Moss and Christy Turlington and go for a ‘90s-inspired, supportive, and functional option.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Gisell Firpo

    LOVE the Gap triangle bra. Definitely agree it's a must have!

  • llama

    i am soooo into this. i wasn't blessed with a luscious décolletage, so bras are more for nipple camouflage and decoration than actual support.
    also i'm kinda broke and love a good project, so i got a bunch of black elastic in various widths, and added some strappy goodness to my existing boring bras. it's a pretty easy diy option if you're into that sort of weird thing.

  • lemonpie

    I love this! I hate bras that pretend to be invisible but are just the opposite. Rather show off the nice ones! I think it's really sexy but in a very understated way (you're technically not showing any skin).

  • charmystique

    Couldn't agree more!!! There's nothing sexier than some lace under a sheer shirt. I'm currently obsessed with those barely there lace bras from Agent Provacateur and Maison Close. The Fleur of England one is really gorgeous!

    • Sandi

      I love Maison Close! So comfortable.

  • Geraldine




  • llama

    agreed! UO is great with this, especially when they have a sale.

    also LOL 2 oz of boob...i can relate. i had the same realization a few years ago. glad to know someone else is out there fighting the good fight against unnecessary underwire.

  • Caroline

    Same, I usually don't wear bras but if I do want something I go the UO bralette route. I get most of mine from the sale section for $3-8.

  • conni boykins

    I'm totally about to be that douche that complains about having big boobs but whatevs. Hella jealous of anyone that can wear these and keep their boobs above belly button level because the struggle is real when all of your bras are basically straight jackets

  • ITGElizabeth

    I'm right there with you guys-- I have the leather Alex Wang triangle bra with the wide band. It definitely does not fit like a glove, but it looks good under a dress, haha. I find that I can wear triangle bras that have no support whatsoever under tops with a little more structure, otherwise, my boobs look big but flat and it's not the most appealing. Cosabella, Lonely, and Eberjey make some "delicate" bras that also provide a little left and could be worth checking out!

    • Shann Oliver

      Ooo...great recs! REALLY like the Cosabella selections so far. Thanks!

  • Tiffany S.

    LOVE the Fleur of England bra!

  • Emma Hager

    I haven't worn a "proper" bra in ages. The bralette is for sure the way to go, especially if you are insanely flat-chested like I am.

    Bralettes, of course, for the days I even choose to wear a bra at all.....


Deborah Marquit
Deborah Marquit Lace Demi Bra
Gap Daisy Lace Triangle Bra
Unforseen Circumstances Removable Strap Bra
Fleur of England
Fleur of England Brighton Boudoir Bra
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein 'Modern Cotton' Underwire T-Shirt Bra