Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”

Last week Blondie turned 40. 40!!!! And in order to properly celebrate the goddess that is Debbie Harry, one of Blondie's greatest hits: "Heart of Glass." Just look at her cheekbones! And those side-parted, perfectly tousled layers. Her icy gaze with that perfect shadow, the contouring—raisin lips 15 years before everyone else—those tiny gold hoops! Debbie Harry will never not be the coolest.

Stay '80s, everyone.

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  • Sara

    One of my favorite bands from the '80s. Love, love, love the music from the '80s!

  • Alice

    i always loved this song!

  • Denisse

    They performed on the Daily Show last week and they were amazing! Never really knew of the band, but I had to check them out after that performance.

  • Dru

    But Heart of Glass was released in 1979 (was on their 1978 album) so it's really a 70s song ;)

    • Lori Santos


  • Dru

    The other thing that really strikes me in this video (besides Debbie Harry's staggering coolness, of course) is the fact that her teeth aren't bleached to Tide-laundered levels of whiteness, and her smile is even a bit gummy! Makes me really wish we weren't all so obsessed with erasing all imperfections off, it lends faces character.

  • k80

    Suuuuuch a mega babe. She's even better in the Atomic video. 1.13. Gold lips!

  • ModernGrace

    I used to play their records when I was a little kid and sing my heart out.

    • Kate’s Pillow Book

      The first album I bought for myself was Parallel Lines, I think I was nine and a acquaintance of my Mum's gave me an photo of Debbie in concert. Obviously it was my most precious possession.

  • Brittany

    I saw Blondie in concert when I was like 11. Still quite entertaining.

  • Monica

    Very cool. Really like Blondie and always loved Debbie Harry's look. She is so cool in a very nonchalant way.

  • Vicki

    I love that she's so unchoreographed and natural! How about a Top Shelf with Debbie!?!

  • Boujee & Broke

    Blondie was always a trendsetter! I remember as a kid thinking I was her and singing into my hair brush Rapture & One way or another. Luvs her!

  • Lilly

    If you look at her now she does not look like she's 40. She looks more like she's 60. But I may be wrong. She's a great artist though. Congrats Debbie!