The One-Piece Bathing Suit

Solid & Striped Anne Marie One Piece Swimsuit
Norma Kamali NK Collection One Piece Swimsuit
We Are Handsome “The Landing” Zip-Front Swimsuit
J.Crew Sailor-Stripe Underwire Tank
Beth Richards Grace One Piece Swimsuit

Whether you’ll be making your way to Martha’s Vineyard for Memorial Day, the Hamptons for a quick weekend trip, the Piers for Saturday sunbathing, or, like me, to Florida in August for your grandmother’s 90th birthday (humidity, here I come), it’s time to start digging out last year's bathing suits, ditching the pilled, dingy ones, and investing in some new key pieces. While there are those swimming occasions that call for a dental floss bikini (say, for example, margarita hot tub times), there are also things like family gatherings—when fathers, grandparents, brothers, or gentlemen whose attention you just really don’t want in that way are present. If you foresee one of those moments in your near future, well, it’s time to introduce a classy, and more importantly sturdy new one-piece to your swimsuit drawer:

1. Solid & Striped Anne Marie One Piece Swimsuit: Embracing the style made famous by Baywatch (and perfected by Scarlett Johansson) is a good place to start.

2. Norma Kamali NK Collection One Piece Swimsuit: I’ve made a pledge to try and embrace color in my life instead of sticking to my typical black, white, or navy, so I'm giving this sunshine yellow swimsuit a chance. It's bright but not blinding, because I'm not quite ready for neon.

3. We Are Handsome “The Landing” Zip-Front Swimsuit: But maybe you’re into the over-the-top photo-real print. If so, We Are Handsome is your brand. Diane Kruger thinks it’s cool. And if this bathing suit can earn you the affection of Pacey Witter, well, I’ll follow (swim)suit. Har...har?

4. J.Crew Sailor-Stripe Underwire Tank: Prepster or no, J.Crew should always be a stop on your new bathing suit journey. Underwire? Check. Removable straps? Awesome. Stripes? My favorite. *adds to cart*

5. Beth Richards Grace One Piece Swimsuit: Ok, I know I said I’m trying to embrace color, but black really is the most flattering shade. And this may be the most full-coverage option available before resorting to the swim dress section of the L.L. Bean catalogue or a wetsuit. There is a side zip, after all, and demurely sexy cut-out. Because mid backs are the new side boobs.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Dana

    Shout out the J. Crew scoop one piece they brought back!

  • Catherine

    See also: Anything by Black Milk.

  • Jacqueline C. Rineer

    Any recommendations for gals with shorter torsos? I would love a one piece but they never fit :/

    • ITGElizabeth

      I have the same problem. I've found that one pieces that have underwire (like the J.Crew one) or have cut outs (like this one: generally help elongate naturally shorter torsos

  • Amyzz

    I need the beth richards swimsuit!

  • Mariana Maia

    You guys should take a look at Brazilian swimwear brands Lenny Niemeyer, Adriana Degreas, Agua de Coco, Cia. Marítima... Classy and bossa!

    • ITGElizabeth

      I'll check them out, stat!

  • Genevieve

    Oh my god the editorial shots you chose here are to die for.

  • Andie

    LOVE the Solid and Striped one pieces!!!! I have purchased a couple items and am so excited to wear them all summer :)


Solid & Striped
Solid & Striped Anne Marie One Piece Swimsuit
Norma Kamali
Norma Kamali Nk Collection One Piece Swimsuit
We Are Handsome
We Are Handsome “The Landing” Zip-Front Swimsuit
J.Crew Sailor-Stripe Underwire Tank
Beth Richards
Beth Richards Grace One Piece Swimsuit