The Best Eye Drops Are From Rohto


The first time I tried Rohto Eye Drops was at the behest of my longtime childhood neighbor friend, Austin. Austin did all the things that a good boy neighbor friend should do: TP-ing my house, locking me out of the fort, tying my shoelaces together and then challenging me to a footrace, inaccurately explaining the male anatomy (years of confusion)... So when we sat in his car before the first day of school senior year and I dribbled the adorable round little vial of drops into my eyes, I thought I was experiencing the worst of all punkings—the stuff burned. "You'll get through it," he said apathetically, changing the CD while I writhed in pain. Then suddenly I was hit with a jolt of energy, my eyes popped open and everything became startlingly clear—like in the movies after somebody snorts drugs. I felt wide awake, and my eyes became a beautiful, computer-paper white.

I've used Rohto drops regularly since then—they're energizing and moisturizing, and that burning sensation? I was mistaken—that was a cooling sensation. Completely harmless, and you get used to it. I read an interview with a celebrity makeup artist once that said she uses Rohto drops on her clients before red carpets—it really does whiten and brighten your eyes dramatically. So much so, in fact, that I often use the drops in lieu of under-eye concealer. Now that's an eye drop.

—Annie Kreighbaum

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Eva Lee

    Using anti-redness eye drops too often can cause your eyes to become chronically bloodshot, so be careful.

    • Krista

      As an optometry student I wholeheartedly agree! Also, many people's eyes are red because of allergies or dry eyes, and redness relieving drops do absolutely nothing but make those conditions worse. I'm constantly telling patients to stop using these type of drops, especially if you wear contact lenses. PLEASE consult a professional if your eyes are feeling uncomfortable!

    • Adrienne Angelos

      According to...? I've used Rohto for several years in a manner which I would describe as chronic and my eyes are not permanently bloodshot.

      • Amy Sliger

        Same for me. I've used eyedrops every single day for about 20 years and no nightmare permanent bloodshottiness here either. Rohto is the Cadillac of eyedrops. Love that stuff.

        • lovezion

          How much is Rohto and who makes it? I had never heard of this brand before.

      • eastofthesun

        Have you considered the possibility that the reason you use them so often is because you need them due to initial overuse? Why are you still using them? No eyedrops are meant to be used chronically except for prescription ones for people with documented dry eye, like ciclosproin.

      • lovezion

        I suppose there are exceptions to the rules.... :o)

  • Addison Cain

    I always stash eye drops like this (equate version, though, because I'm cheap) in my going out bag. They're the best for when it's 1 a.m., your eyes are bloodshot and people are taking pictures.

  • Meg White

    I tried Rohto eyedrops for the first time not too long ago after one of my coworkers insisted that I try hers. They definitely only burned like hell the first time since despite her warning, I was totally unprepared for that level of cooling. I definitely did go out and buy a few bottles after work.

  • marshmellows

    Try Rohto Lycee drops, they are less "burning" than regular rohto and they come in a cute square package that's translucent pink with little flowers. They still do the job just as well as regular rohto --eliminating redness instantly.

  • Laura Mitchell

    Haha we bought these once before a Fiji rush trip to New Orleans. Just to be brats we put them in the cooler so they would burn the guys eyes even more. Oh the memories.

  • Chris

    Hmmm…eyedrops before the first day of senior year, LOL!!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I'll have to try these for big events and photos!

  • Teresa

    Can contact users use these drops?

  • cat butt

    I have the Cooling ones for when I need to look alive after......activities. They feel like you poured menthol into your eyes and they work faster than any Visine I've ever tried.

    I do wear contacts, and the only ill effect I've had from these drops is excessive eye bogies immediately after use.

  • Alexandria

    This is spot on. My eye doctor told me that Rohto was basically for cosmetic purposes when I came to him because of an eye infection.

  • Victorious_me

    Where does a girl find these magical drops? My eyes are red aaaall the time for various reasons so I clearly need to get my hands on some!

    • danielle guercio

      oo35mm ;)

  • Genevieve Ritchie

    My brother always has a bottle of the Japanese version of this called FX Neo, and it is perfect for early mornings :)

  • mmcance

    Similasan herbal eye drops seem to be a similar product

  • paulavaleria

    My boyfriend had been trying out all types of eyedrops but it wasn't until I read this on my way to Puerto Rico that I was like "Hmm maybe I'll get him these and see how it goes from there". Anyway-- came back to Ireland and he says they hurt a tiiiiny bit at first but then it's like WOW! They really do work wonders.

    • lovezion

      Until you read...what Paula? Thanx.

  • abe

    actually its not good for you . anti -redness eyedrops causes dry eye syndrome along with your eyes to be chronically bloodshot . I used to use it and during my eye check up when I asked my doctor about my eyes being too dry he explained this is one of the reason .

  • Luna

    I use it when I've cried my eyeballs out or something and I need to go out. It works!

  • bank owoputete

    My eyes are yellow and red.Its like the eyeballs are splitting which cause the yellow spot.I dont know what to do?I m convince these eyedrops will work.

  • Kevin K

    How do you get them? I'm from Buenos Aires.

    • lovezion

      Hey Mika and Kevin!!! I'm from Buenos Aires too but lived in US for very many years and for the last years, in NYC. :o)

  • lovezion

    Systane is what I've been using for my dry eyes, but I'm desperate to erase a little my perpetually red eyes. I'm always afraid people think I'm on drugs or alcohol or something. And (oh irony of life) I never ever had drugs even in my entire life, even prescribed ones, or alcohol, etc. lol! I do have seasonal allergies, like hay fever, etc. and this is murder for the eyes.

  • lovezion

    Good advice thank you!

  • lovezion

    Great advice here too, but...isn't "white eyes" what we all are so desperately trying to achieve? Or does this mean something else? Thanx. I have some friends whose white of their eyes is SO beautifully white! They look so refreshed and so healthy!!! And I SO envious!!! lol!


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