Why You Should Put Açaí On Your Face


There’s something to be said for giving your body what it needs—no one ever oversold eight hours of sleep, and entire industries have been built on how much better people feel after consuming food that grows from the earth, rather than products that are rep'ed by cartoon cats wearing statement accessories. During the height of NYC's NeverEnding Winter, I decamped to balmy and unapologetically sunny Los Angeles, where I found one such mecca of do-your-body-goodness, Detox Market. Its makeup-free, bronzed, and glowing salesgirl walked me through the store's own ingredients-conscious product line, Odacité. She took a look at my winter- and plane-dulled skin and, as if presenting me with the Hope Diamond, gingerly held out the Ac +R Serum Concentrate for Youthful Glow. “It’s the only serum I've seen that contains this much pure açaí oil." Mixed with a synergic blend of essential oils (including capillary-repairing rose and hydrating Vitamin E), the green, subtly floral 0.17 oz concentrate boasts a minimum of 98% of the superfood and its powerhouse antioxidant—anthocyanin—which is where the anti-aging "youth" component comes from.

I mix three drops of it into my winter moisturizer and feel my skin literally soak it up. "Açaí penetrates the skin very easily," says Odacité founder Valérie Grandury, explaining why it's a safe bet even for oily complexions. My skin feels nourished and satisfied, the way my stomach feels after a breakfast of Dimes' Kale Açaí bowl. And the finish was smooth and dewy, not sticky and shiny. That would have been enough for me, but then my boyfriend commented that my skin looked great. So did my roommate. So did Emily Weiss. It doesn't hurt that Açaí is nature's best free-radical-fighting ingredient, either. If only I could find a natural substitute for Cool Ranch Doritos...

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Devon Swartz.

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  • isida

    Well this has gone right to the top of my wish list!

  • Roberta Barros

    I started to use last week the Ikove açai serum. And I already can say that is magical!

  • lisa_carbone

    Hmm, I'll have to give this a try! I recently have been using cold pressed Rose Hip oil and I LOVE the results. It asborbs quickly and my skin looks (and feels) great! I have found a big improvement in congested areas (re: blackheads) as a benefit.

    Thanks, Lisa

  • Why oh Why

    Not to be a nasty walking encyclopedia here but acai or any other oil does not "penetrate" your skin. The molecule is simply too big to do that. Just sayin'. PS: This will not stop me from buying an acai infused serum. Thank you for the heads up.

  • Mademoiselle nature

    I love natural beauty and write about it! so again, ITG, a super beauty pick here with Odacite! well done!

  • http://www.thebeautyinbox.com The Beauty Inbox

    I'm seriously obsessed with serums.. don't make me want yet another!

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    This sounds like a great additive to a moisturizer! I'll keep this in mind when I'm shopping for oils next!

  • http://www.odacite.com Odacité

    Its a one month treatment! There are 18 serums in the collection that each target different skin concerns

  • Freedom and Me

    I've been searching for an amazing serum for so long, and this sounds fabulous! I definitely want to give this a go!

  • http://ashleedel.blogspot.co.uk/ Ashlee Adele Brame

    This looks great, I'm currently using the trilogy rose hip oil serum and the body shop 8 hour overnight serum which I love. May have to give this a whirl too.

    Ash xxx



Odacité Ac + R Serum Concentrate