The ITG Guide To Hanging With Your Mom in NYC


For all of the hard work moms do—the birthing, the snot cleaning, the unconditional love and support, the crustless sandwiches, and the donating their entire lives to their kids' health and happiness—we celebrate them every second Sunday of May (which is coming up soon). It’s a pretty equal trade, right? And while they're always just a phone call away, nothing compares to real-life mom time. Maybe that's why NYC (City of a Billion Transplanted Young Adults, as it's sometimes referred to) gets a bad rap for being so grumpy and cold. We miss our mommies.

But no matter how excited we are for her arrival, whenever Mom comes to visit there's the inevitable, “Um, I don’t know, what do you want to do?” or “I don't really know what there is to do besides Dollar Taco Night at this bar down the street…” or “it’s been a long winter and I haven’t left my apartment since Halloween…I’m a little out of the loop” conversation that leaves mother/daughter bonding at a bit of a standstill. But no fear, ITG is here! Just in case you and your mom have a day to kill in downtown NYC, we’ve got you covered.

Stop 1: Breakfast
Time Allotted: 45 minutes
Options: Square Diner (33 Leonard Street, TriBeCa) or Kutsher’s (186 Franklin Street, TriBeCa)
Experts have always said that breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day, so make it count. Mom's here, so no green juice or bodega egg sandwiches. Celebrate with either Square Diner's rich, well, diner food—complete with a heavy helping of bacon—or with brunch at Kutsher's. Latkes recommended.

Stop 2: Spa Time at Aire Ancient Baths (88 Franklin Street, TriBeCa)
Time Allotted: 2 hours
Consider a morning at the subterranean baths the perfect opportunity to show your mom that new tattoo. You're an adult now, she'll be proud that you're growing up and taking ownership of your body! If not, treat her to a massage—Aire offers 15-60 minute sessions.

 Stop 3: Manicures at Ten Over Ten (132 West Houston Street, 2nd Floor, Soho)
Time Allotted: 1 hour
Begin your voyage uptown with a quick stroll through Soho (walk up Thompson Street or Sullivan, as Broadway is a bit of a nightmare between 6am and 4am every day of the week) to the salon's location on the north side of Houston. Choose any polish shade you could ever desire from Nars to Chanel, Essie to Uslu Airlines, and relax as you and your mom argue over whether or not she can give your old bedroom to the family dog, the "child that will never leave her."

Stop 4: Lunch at Sant Ambroeus (259 West 4th Street, West Village)
Time Allotted: 45 minutes – 1 hour
Does your mother like delicious Italian food? Or a good selection of midday wines? How about people watching? Sant Ambroeus is your ideal lunch spot right on the tree-lined streets of the West Village. Don't deny yourself the bread basket, trust.

Stop 5: Shopping at Dover Street Market (160 Lexington Avenue, Murray Hill)
Time Allotted: 1 hour 30 minutes
No day with mom can be complete without a little bit of shopping—so either wander around the West Village after lunch, or cab it over to Dover Street Market. You go in with the promise of “It’s this hip new store from London that just opened, we should browse around!” and come out with a spring wardrobe (best possible scenario). The seven floors of “department store”/boutique/art space make for some great indoor exploring, and the impressively alt sales folk (multicolored hair, drop-crotch pants, eye-transforming contacts) will leave your mom thinking, “Man, my daughter is one cool chick!”

Stop 6: Hug
Time Allotted: A minute or so
Hug your mom, because she's her!

Happy Mother’s Day, moms. We love you. Kanye, take it away…

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  • bijoux

    somehow I thought this first kid pictured was going to be Nick Axelrod, just because of his attitude!

  • Kay

    I wish I had this last year when my mom came to visit! NYC is so overwhelming with different things and I am the worlds worst "tour guide".

  • Lizzy

    Ten Over Ten = best mani in NYC, by far! They are so clean and do an amazing job.

  • Amanda Satchwell

    In New York or not, I stinkin love hanging with my ma...... most of the time. Mom's are great to take shoping ifyaknowwhatimean :)


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