Dreamy Vanities

Courtney Love photographed by Emily Weiss
Garance Doré photographed by Emily Weiss
Robbie Myers photographed by Emily Weiss
Miranda Kerr photographed by Emily Weiss
Dita Von Tesse photographed by Emily Weiss

The vanity table as we know it today dates back to 17th-century Europe, I recently learned thanks to an awesome exhibition at the Met (Metropolitan Vanities: The History of the Dressing Table). While there's sometimes a fine line between desk and dressing table, they're best appreciated when not used to multitask, but as a place of indulgence, even if your grooming routine takes all of five minutes. Hollywood's Golden Age beauties didn't rush brushing their hair, moisturizing, or applying perfume. For me, sitting at a vanity seems to evoke that time, but will bring alive whatever your ideal glamour era may be. Sit back and time travel through a roundup of gorgeous vanities from ITG.

—Katherine Cotter

Katherine Cotter is an NYC-based home and garden consultant.

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  • http://www.bowtiesandcaviar.com Bowties

    Maybe one day I'll have a large enough space to have a beautiful vanity. till then I'll settle for doing my makeup and hair in the bathroom :-/ These are all gorgeous. Things like this give me interior design envy :-) the other week I fully rearranged all of the furniture in one of the rooms of our condo. Not the same but the change is enough to keep me happy for a while :-)


  • lucky

    I share a 500 sq ft apartment with my husband but we managed to dedicate a small corner to my vanity. In both senses of the term I guess…...