Will Sleep For Tan Lines

Brigitte Bardot
by David Hamilton, 1973
Catherine McNeil for Vogue Paris, June/July 2010
Izabel Goulart for GQ Brazil, May 2013
Jerry Hall by Rico Puhlmann for Harper's Bazaar, 1980
Katerina Netolicka by Jamie Nelson for Vogue Russia, May 2011
Minimale Animale Swimwear lookbook, 2012
Miranda Kerr for GQ Magazine, June 2010
Tom Ford eyewear, Spring/Summer 2012
Shu Pei by Regan Cameron for Vogue China, January 2011
Mathilde Gohler
Henrik Purienne for American Apparel
Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel, 1986
Coppertone ad, 1950's
Gisele Bundchen by Mert & Marcus for Pirelli, 2006
Barbara Minty by Mike Reinhardt for Vogue Paris, 1974

By now we can all agree that tanning salons are essentially dormitories designed by Satan (except for the spray tans, they're cool). But that doesn't mean that you can't indulge in one of the greatest American/French/Italian/Brazilian/Australian...well, one of Earth's greatest pastimes: sunbathing. Occasionally, at least, and especially when all the stars align—no work, no clothes, a soft surface on which to lie, and some uncluttered airspace. Just wear your SPF, and savor every summery minute of it—avoid any weird bikini readjusting while you lie there, for tan lines are just sexy badges of achievement that say, "I lounged around the pool for literally hours to get this."

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  • mlle p

    That was one of my favorite things in high school (in the 70's) - to see the tan line as I got darker, darker, darker using nothing more than a chunk of cocoa butter from the drugstore. I really miss it, though of course, am now awash in spf of some high number when I go out. My motto at 16 was that it was better to be tan and wrinkly when old than pasty white and smooth!
    Ha - how times change.

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    Looks like those of us who can't tan even if we wanted to (which, I don't!) are destined to be unfashionable..!

    • http://www.ipanemaus.com Ipanema Swimwear

      Oh not at all! Don't burn yourself, and embrace your fair skin! What you can try, is one of those self-tanning lotions or spray tanning. But, since you said you naturally don't tan, don't overdo it; a little glow should be enough for you to feel sun-kissed without getting sun-burnt or looking "fake-tanned" :)

    • Allie Santiago

      Pale girls unite :) I will never damage my skin for a tan.

  • Diana D.

    In Brazil tan lines are seen as uber sexy... it's almost mandatory! Those who don't have it are quite rare... People really freak out about sunbathing these days but as long as one wears SPF and sunbath between 6am-9am and 3pm-6pm one will have no real sun damage... Actually, people now have vitamin D and C deficiency because they are not sunbathing! Just do it carefully!

    • SWF77

      That's just not true. There is no safe tan. A tan means a change at the cellular level as a response to the radiation from the sun, which damages the skin's DNA. So while the tan itself is harmless, it is a response triggered by skin cells when exposed to harmful radiation.I love a tan too and all, but it's really not good for anyone.

  • Sophie Baker

    Tan lines makes a woman look hotter!

  • Mimi

    I know about the whole skin cancer thing and wrinkles, but there sun isn't all bad for you. VITAMIN D!! Makes you happier and absorb calcium better, so you're bones won't break as easy when you're older (let's try to avoid broken hips).

  • Becky

    i love how synchronized this is with the pics of Rihanna in Lui magazine, that leaked today

  • Sally

    In Australia we are actually kind of scared of the sun because we have such a high rate of skin cancer. Solariums will soon be illegal! A lot of us are vitamin D deficient.

  • http://www.fancyalterego.wordpress.com/ Heather P.

    It's not going to be warm enough to do that here until July...so I guess in a couple months I'll be joining in on the fun - in moderation and with much SPF, of course!

  • Stephanie’s Look

    you can't always just "pop a pill" especially because if you don't take the pill with food the vitamin goes straight to your kidneys and you pee it out. In the post she said to wear SPF! No where was I saying not to wear SPF. I wear SPF every single day to prevent skin cancer. Anything in excess is dangerous, eating too much protein leads to heart disease (which most people do, a normal person should eat no more than the size of a hamburger patty a day ideally). I wasn't trying to say that laying out in the sun all day isn't dangerous, it is! But I just feel like she's being attacked unnecessarily for this post. I didn't know that you couldn't get above SPF 30 in Australia so thank you for telling me that :) I wasn't even talking about "tanning" as in just laying in the sun all day for tan lines, I was referring to being out and about in the sun to keep your vitamin D levels up.Skin cancer is a nasty cancer that can be fixed if you catch it early, or it will kill you if you don't catch it in time, I agree with you. Also people living in Australia are more prone to skin cancer because of the significant lack of ozone in the atmosphere. I understand that you are more sensitive about this subject because you have had skin cancer, which I'm extremely sorry but happy that you caught it in time. Among doctors the saying is "Skin cancer is 100% curable if caught, but if missed it is 100% fatal". I never said people should go lay out for hours and hours and hours in the sun because I agree it easily causes skin cancer. But 30 minutes of sun a day is beneficial to your body and hasn't been linked yet to skin cancer. I wasn't trying to say that tanning is okay, just that the sun only gets a negative connotation when spoken about. Again I'm sorry that you had skin cancer and had to have it operated on, but am very glad that you caught it in time.

    • Officetramp

      Thanks so much for your reply, i wrote a very long response to your comment and perhaps this is why it hasn't appeared.... I know ITG is hardly the right forum for such a complex discussion so i'll try to keep my response brief and will start by stating that i agree with everything you've said now that your view has been clarified!
      -I do not believe taking vitamin d supplements is ideal and was sceptical they would even work however having been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency, i had numerous blood tests during pegnancy i can confirm my levels are now adequate since taking the recommended dose.
      -50+ sunscreen is not a panacea for taking precautions in the sun, a tan is evidence of skin damage regardless of how much spf you've slathered on, if you have tanned it usually means you either haven't applied enough or been out in the sun too long, i know you agree with me on this and i'm sorry i misinterpreted your post.
      -and lastly, extreme fear of the sun is mentally unhealthy and can severely impact your enjoyment of life. Incedental exposure to the sun is unavoidable and of course sun exposure can be beneficial, it's just that trying to figure out what a moderate level of sun exposure is so open for interpretation that for me personally taking a supplement seems like the better option.
      I truly wish you all the luck with your medical studies, i am in awe of such dedication and hard work..... modern day knowledge and treatment for illnesses just keeps getting better and better, and trust me i am eternally grateful.....

      • Stephanie’s Look

        I'm glad that we're on the same page because I felt like I offended you previously and that is never my intent! I completely agree that finding the right balance is what people and even doctors struggle with because you can't do a test "Hey who wants to get skin cancer? We'll let you all lay out with or without spf for varying amounts of time and see who dies first" that would be horrendous. But people without sun exposure are also prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder ( I even felt more depressed moving from California to a country with 4 seasons and snow) I am an advocate of fake tans definitely, I review them all the time on my own blog. I', glad that we finally understand where each other is coming from and that I was able to clarify. I also wish you the best and am glad you have overcome the skin cancer!

  • Janet Lee

    Absolutely embrace it!! Millions of women in Asia spend so much money trying to lighten their skin tone. Your skin is definitely coveted.


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