Five Cool Sunglasses

Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Polarized Sunglasses
Sheriff&Cherry G0008 Aviator Olympic Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs 470/S
BP. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

For all the good that it does for us—namely, giving us life…whatever—the sun is a cruel mistress. Sunburns, sunspots, and the possibility of skin cancer... And so we load on the protection: SPF, oversized hats, zinc oxide, summer sleeves, pants, gloves—but I'm here to tell you that at least one of these things can actually be an enjoyable indulgence. And that, my friends, is one word (which seems like it should be two words): sunglasses. Not only do they serve a sun-shading purpose, but they also come in handy when you're feeling haggard and aren’t wearing any makeup; when you’ve been crying and want to maintain some poise; to assist with incognito people watching and/or spying; and, on a more day-to-day level, to help compliment your whole look. Let’s shop, shall we?

1. Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses: The tortoiseshell acetate frames and dark lenses make these a good failsafe investment for anyone looking to not put so much effort into accessorizing, (i.e. no-fuss, these-will-work-with-everything shades).

2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Polarized Sunglasses: If you want a pair of classic specks with a bit of an update, give these a go. The blue/green-polarized lenses will keep your stare a mystery, so keep on checking out that dude over there stretching after his shirtless run. No judgments. Do your thing.

3. Sheriff&Cherry G0008 Aviator Olympic Sunglasses: These let your kooky side live a little without throwing streamers and sparkles everywhere or interfering with office dress code. Because, seriously guys, only wear sunglasses outside.

4. Marc Jacobs 470/S: Maybe you want that classic aviator look but in a slightly more serious, streamlined design. If so, these jet-black plastic glasses belong on your beautiful face. Though marketed for men, the beauty of sunglasses (and fashion, in general) is that nobody cares.

5. BP. Heart Shaped Sunglasses: And for those who just want to go back to adolescent, princess-dress-up times (which I know we all do), a pair of novelty sunglasses belong in your collection. With a little bit of a Lolita vibe thrown in for good measure.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Colleen

    All my sunglasses come from Forever 21 because I am constantly losing them and breaking them. Maybe if I invested a bit more, I would be more mindful of not sitting on them!

    • Danielle

      I used to only buy cheap sungalsses; I kept losing them and breaking them. I bought a pair of 300.00 sunglasses 2 years ago, I wear them daily and I still have them. I even sat on them and no breaking. I think that because they are an investment I am more careful about them and the better the material the less likely they are to snap.

    • animalhandler

      I used to be the same, and I (shamefully, now) snipped at those who spent more than 15 dollars on sunglasses. Then I read "Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It," and picked up the phrase "on my face or in the case." Had my clubmasters for a year now, never looking back!

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    I have a knack for breaking sunglasses… 1 pair of Raybans, a pair of Guccis and a pair of Quays.. and counting! Just bought a Prada pair this month, here's hoping my booty stays away!

  • Alisia

    Sunglasses are my absolute favorite accessory. I wear cheap ones when I go places where they could easily become lost or damaged (parties, the beach). I wear my expensive ones when I drive, go shopping, etc because I know I won't be taking them off. Alisia | Some Writers

  • Amy Mills

    Ah, the number three picture of JFK and Caroline. And I die

  • John Harris

    I'm a fan of Ray Bans. I think they're superior for a great guy look.
    More info can be found here

  • dreamz

    It’s nothing surprising. Rayban sunglasses are the most trendy and
    stylish ones, also this summer.


Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses
Ray-Ban 'Clubmaster' 49mm Polarized Sunglasses
Sheriff&Cherry G0008 Aviator Olympic Sunglasses
marc jacobs
Marc Jacobs 470/S
BP. Heart Shaped Sunglasses