The All-Organic Skincare Routine

John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist
Calendula Coconut Oil from Kuumba
konjac sponge
Éminence Organics Citrus + Kale Potent C + E Tonic
rose hip oil
Sanre Supple Sunshine Rosemary Lavender Day Cream
Evan Healy Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion
Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream

Fun fact: the word 'organic' is meaningless with cosmetics, since the FDA doesn't prosecute brands for using the term even if their products aren't organic. It's kind of terrible. When I'm not testing all kinds of beauty like it's (literally) my job, I stick to organic products, and after a ton of trial and error, I have a whole slew of USDA Certified Organic obsessions to share.

Everything here with an asterisk (*) is an actual, government certified organic product, and of the non-USDA products, two are from the EU and certified organic there, one is just an actual plant, and another only contains one non-certified ingredient. To keep this story from being 3,000 words long, the product descriptions are all concise, but if you have any questions I'd love to answer them. And if you have additional product suggestions, I'd love to see them in the comments! Here's how I get my skin in good shape, naturally:

First things first: soften up with fancy water face spritz. I use John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist* because it has The Perfect Spray™. Organic brands are notorious for having terrible packaging, but not the John Masters atomizer; it's a delight to use. Also, the mist smells like a sun-warmed field in Grasse. I like to imagine the Chanel lavender farmers and Choupette applauding politely every time I spray.

Then it's time to clean. I'm hooked on the mango sorbet-colored Calendula Coconut Oil from Kuumba*. Calendula is anti-inflammatory, so it's great for sensitive skin, redness, bumps, dryness, etc. I rub a teaspoon between my fingertips to melt it, then massage it in gentle, quick circles for about a minute. After that, I wet a muslin washcloth in warm water and gently work the oil off.

I'm a wuss with exfoliation—you're supposed to treat your face like silk, after all—so I bring out the konjac sponge for daily decongesting and brightening. Konjac is actually a root (thanks, Nature!), which makes them eco-friendly in addition to being a godsend for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Plus, it's fun to tell people you've been rubbing a tuber on your face.

At night, I'll also layer on Éminence Organics Citrus + Kale Potent C + E Tonic (available online June 1), which has lots of acidic Vitamin C to help with texture and clogged pores.

If my skin is dry, the way it was every damn day this NY winter and nonexistent spring, the next step is rose hip oil*. It's 1) deeply hydrating, and 2) deeply orange—like natural self-tanner without the risk of becoming a human tangerine. Just a couple of drops works fine!

If you haven't tried Sanre, please do. I have yet to try a product of theirs that isn't superb. I have dry skin, so I use the Supple Sunshine Rosemary Lavender Day Cream*. My only warning would be that the name's a bit of a misnomer, because Supple Sunshine is more a solid serum than a cream. That's actually a plus for me—still moisturizes and protects, but also thin and quick to absorb. Generally, it's happiness in a Whole Foods jar, and I hope it never changes.

Clear Acne
Have dry, sensitive skin and cystic or hormonal acne? Neem oil, my friend, could very well change your life. I've known about neem for years, but the concentrated oil has a nuanced bouquet reminiscent of rancid diesel fuel, so I'd avoided putting it directly on my face.

THEN, miracle of miracles, I was wandering around the co-op near my apartment and found Evan Healy Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion. Evan is a genius/hero who cut neem with immortelle flower (aka daisy) extract, rendering it refreshingly herbaceous, like some kind of manly, wildcrafted cologne instead of Eau de Old Lawn Mower Engine. It started healing up the spots on my neck and jaw overnight, and unlike tea tree oil it's not drying. So even those of us with skin that's naturally like the Mojave in July can use it with not-actually-reckless abandon. All its ingredients except the immortelle oil are certified organic, so this one doesn't quite make the USDA cut, but it's amazing and I felt the brand attempts to be as organic as possible, so I included it.

Perk Up Eyes
I just found out about Pai, an organic skincare line from the UK, but so far everything I've tried from the brand has been exceptional. Their day cream and rose hip oil are both fantastic, but for the purposes of this story, I wanted to focus on their Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream. It soaks in so extraordinarily well, better than any other organic "heavy" cream I've ever tried, and it's far more functional vis a vis actual eye area plumping and hydrating than most of the non-organic stuff I try on a weekly basis. I use it on my lips as well; it's a beautiful base for matte rouge or liner.

Get Sunblocked
There are a ton of great natural sunblocks (I'm talking physical sun protection—I don't use the chemical kind). Right now, unsurprisingly, I'm using Sanre Shaded Rose-Solar Healing Facial Cream*, but Juice Beauty's* super bland (in a good way) sunblock is equally great. The Hall of Fame natural sunblock for me, though, will always be Suntegrity, which smells like fresh orange juice and also comes in tinted moisturizer form if you want buildable coverage with your natural broad spectrum SPF.

—Lacey Gattis

Photos by Lacey Gattis.

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  • Ivy

    Great suggestions! I would also highly recommend The brand Melvita for their extraordinary waters (serum-like consistency, contains hyaluronic acid, helps absorb moisturizers afterwards beautifully), field cornflower floral water (wonderful brightening effects, much needed in the morning), and rose hydrating facial gel (light yet seals in moisture). I would suggest the orange blossom extraordinary water for oil/combination skins, and rose extraordinary water for combination/dry skins.

    • ITGLacey

      Ugh, I would love to get my mitts on some Melvita again—it's not easy to find here :(
      I used to have a real problem with going through bottles of the sweet almond oil when I lived in San Francisco, because the store was just a couple blocks from my house & I would end up slathering half a bottle on myself & then be like "But I can always get moooooar." Now I just wish I'd hoarded them...

      • Lara

        Hi Lacey! The Meltiva UK website ships to the US, you can also grab some of their products from feelunique as well. I don't think they have the almond oil but they definitely have some of their other products!

      • Ivy

        I've never used sweet almond oil before-- what exactly does it do? I'm so intrigued! And speaking of oils, I'm dying to try their avocado oil. There's this youtube blogger who has the most amazing skin I've ever seen, and she credits it to slathering on avocado oil every night. Also, one last thing-- try Prairie Natural's Moonshine hair serum/oil if you get the chance (you can find it whole foods). Works for all types of hair, smells so pretty, and results in super soft strands.

        • ITGLacey

          Thank you for the recs! Sweet almond just smells like candy, so I was dousing myself in it & wandering around like a human vanilla candle

        • RachelElizabeth

          Just straight avocado oil? Like the organic stuff I have in my kitchen?

      • Moni

        Melvita has closed :( Replaced by Origins...eek!

  • jadeddaily

    I love Pai skincare- it's really lovely and refreshing to use! I loved this post, really nice to find out new organic products.

  • Lilli

    FINALLY!! <3

  • Talia

    It's an *organic* experience.

  • isida

    This post is amazing!!! I've been using organic products for a while now and every time I need to find a new product I have to research about a month in advance so this post is a godsend!

  • Eliza

    These all sound amazing (& I'm definitely trying the sunscreen suggestions!), but I literally have the most sensitive skin in the world--I tried to switch everything over to organic products but almost every single one broke me out terribly (they're all chock-full of oil). So do silicones, mineral oil, and apparently anything ever used in cosmetics...I now settle for paraben free and use brands like Caudalie and Acure Organics. Does anyone have suggestions on other organic products that don't use tons of oils?

    • Meredith

      Do you know if you're sensitive to essential oils as well? Most natural lines use a lot of them and they can cause irritation, especially lavender essential oil. Fatty alcohols can also cause problems for some people who are prone to break-outs. Maybe look for a water-based moisturizer that's oil-free. I might also suggest introducing products one at a time and reading labels so you can track what your skin reacts to.

    • lemonpie

      I have super sensitive skin as well. Dr Hauschka made me break out! I avoid all alcohols (even the "natural" kind) and essential oils, they can be extremely irritating. I would also suggest not buying any of the mainstream brands but instead buying very plain, raw products from whole foods (or any organic health store). Maybe you're not sensitive to the oil but to the added ingredients. Google basic oils - there many kinds for different skin types! My favorite is jojoba oil which is actually not an oil but a wax!
      Other than that - perfect skin depends very much on your diet, sleep and general lifestyle. Living cleaner will help your skin to heal itself- no expensive products needed.

      • eastvillagesiren

        I agree. Jojoba oil works best for me. And strangely enough, I can mix it with pure lanolin oil with nary a reaction.

    • Monkey

      I feel your pain. I've tried dozens and dozens of natural products and the only ones that don't cause issues are from Osmia Organics. The owner has perioral dermatitis so she's picky about comedegenic ingredients and it shows. I like the Black Soap for cleansing and the aloe vera gel for moisture. She has a great spot treatment that also heals/lightens zits.

      I've officially given up on sunblock though because I've tried everything on the market and my face is just not having any of it :(

      • Eliza

        Thanks all :) Meredith, I think I am sensitive to even essential oils, because One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum is made from raspeberry/lemon oils, I think, and it breaks me out terribly. And Lemonpie, the only straight oil that doesn't break me out is argan oil, but I definitely agree that it's not just about what you put on your face (unfortunately, or I would eat a lot more Cheetos). And Monkey did you try the Coola Classic Sunscreen that was featured here? (Clearly I am way too into this site haha.) I've been using it for a few weeks and it doesn't irritate me at all, which is nothing short of a miracle since suncreen is basically sensitive-skin hell. I heard Osima is great on Beauty by Britanie and I've been meaning to try it, maybe it will be my next purchase :) And ofc I bought some of the Korean skincare haha so I'm excited to see how that works for me, a lot of reviews I read were by people who had sensitive skin and loved it.

    • Ivy

      Have you tried rosehip oil before? My skin is very sensitive as well (even argan oil causes breakouts for me), but rosehip has been working wonderfully. No clogging, quick to absorb, and a bonus of lightening spots/scars!

    • Mary_333

      Juice Beauty has an oil free line... but you probably just need to find the right oil for you! Nothing has cleared up my skin like Marie Veronique Treatment Oil!

    • Sylvie

      Eliza- I'm sensitive to essential oils as well! It's a real bummer because they're loaded into pretty much all organic products. I'd give the Konjac sponge and RMS Beauty Oil a try! The RMS is quite a splurge, though, so you may go with a pure oil like rosehip or almond or jojoba for every other night. I've also had great luck with Alteya rose water, and Pai. I love Juice Beauty for SPF. Good luck!

    • Kora

      You seriously HAVE MY SKIN! The reason I looked for organic products is precisely because my sensitive skin is so reactive to silicones and like any chemical (cannot use the entire Hourglass or Dr. Brandt line at Sephora). After making the switch I quickly noticed that very fragrant products like Tata Harper and those with lots of essential oils like May Lindstrom were just making my skin red and blotchy. There are some good likes for sensitive skinned gals like us, Pai in particular is good and has a focus on sensitive skin. Yuli is another really good one that doesn't use a lot of essential oils or fragrances in their products plus their formulas are pretty advanced. Both these brands are really green too!

    • LysiJoy

      I have super sensitive (rash prone, acne prone) 27-yr-old combo skin and have found that the type of oil and what else is in the product makes a huge difference. A lot of creams, etc use refined versions of oils and generally include other irritating ingredients - fragrance, EOs, alcohol, preservative (even natural ones). After MUCH trial & error, I've found that keeping it super duper simple is the best for my skin. I cleanse with either Pevonia sensitive skin cleanser or extra virgin coconut oil + raw honey + colloidal oats (see my next comment re making colloidal oats). Massage onto skin, apply a hot cloth (if ur skin is particularly reactive that day use warm not hot) then very gently wipe my face off and rinse off the remainder with cool water. Using EVCO as a cleanser does not break me out - using it as a moisturizer does. Sometimes I tone with the Pevonia sensitive skin lotion but usually I just moisturize. I use a combo of jojoba & rose hip seed oil. All oils should be unrefined, cold pressed & organic. Rose hip is usually preserved with Vit E, which can cause acne for some, so try to find one that is just the unrefined RHS oil (I use Starwest brand). Dot it on your face (just a couple drops of each oil) and then wet your fingers under warm water and gently massage it in, rewetting several times. This locks in the moisture. Oops, looks like I have to continue in a separate comment :)

  • Jennifer

    So great to see natural, organic products featured. I love the Pai Hydrating cleanser and also use jojoba oil. I love coconut oil for a pre-wash hair treatment and make my own masks using rhassoul clay and honey or yoghurt. There are so many amazing brands now and I think that organic products are becoming more widely accepted for being as good as or better than, more traditional brands. Thankyou for this post and your recommendations

  • Becky Nally

    Have you tried Beautycounter products? If so, wondering your thoughts? I've recently just heard of them but have yet to try!

    • ITGLacey

      I have! I was using the Cleansing Balm for a while there, & I've tried the Cleansing Milk as well. They smell great & are very gentle, but extremely rich—the balm was like putting a really heavy blanket on your face, & I never quiiiiite felt like I'd gotten it all off. It was great for dehydrated winter skin, but now that it's warming up, I'd probably try one of the lighter products in their line, since from everything I've seen they seriously <3 emollients.

  • Isabel

    Neals Yard Remedies is a great organic skincare brand. this really says it all.

    • ITGLacey

      Their organic mascara smells like Funfetti cake batter... I can't keep it around because every time I open the bottle I just want to go buy dessert.

  • ITGLacey

    I love that they also don't use nano particulate zinc—I know it's slightly paranoid of me, but given the lack of testing on nano molecules, I don't feel comfortable using them even if the technology is great for absorbability. Plus, with a physical sunscreen, you don't really need a high absorption rate, so the whole thing seems highly unnecessary to begin with...

    • Meredith

      This brings up a good point for clarification. Most sunscreen producers are moving away from nano molecules. Many instead use micronized zinc, for example, and micro molecules are larger and don't penetrate like nano ones, so they are safe to put on the skin. My understanding is micronized molecules in physical sunscreens cut down on white cast so are more suitable for a wider range of skin tones.

      • ITGLacey

        Thank you for the excellent info, Meredith!

  • ITGLacey

    I haven't! Anybody else on the thread have experience with these guys??

  • Addison Cain

    I love this post. It's so well written and the ingredients featured are incredible! Nice work, ITG!

    • ITGLacey

      Thank you, Addison! I'm just always happy to get to talk about my (many, many) organic product obsessions. Am contemplating writing up all my favorite organic makeup products... is that something people would be interested in?

      • KVLT

        YES, PLEASE. : )

        • Nicole H

          YES, PRETTY PLEASE :)

      • Addison Cain

        Absolutely. I'm looking forward to it already :)

      • kathS

        Yes! This was such a great and thorough read. Make up would be awesome.

      • CateBurton

        Please do! I would also love to hear any organic shampoo/conditioner/hair product suggestions you have. Great post- will definitely be picking up some neem oil!

        • Krista

          I second this!! It's impossible to find silicone, paraben, sulfate and glycerin free ANYTHING. I have curly hair and am trying to avoid glycerin so my color lasts longer!

        • Emily Trout

          Cate- I've been using Andalou Organics lavendar shampoo/conditioner. I picked it up at Whole Foods. So far, I'm really liking it!

      • Sabah

        Yes, please x

      • Alix

        I would love that! My primary resource for all things natural skincare is No More Dirty Looks (best online community spirit!), but I'd thoroughly enjoy more discussion of natural products on ITG.

      • Marni

        OUI OUI OUI!!

  • Yessica

    I love this. I had a skin freak out this winter that included my face breaking out in full on hives after an allergic reaction to a product. I've since simplified my routine down to a mostly all natural routine. I love rose hip oil for moisture and acne scars, but I've been wanting a way to treat my hormonal acne that just won't seem to quit me a little bit more acutely. I'm definitely going to check out the Evan Healy Neem oil as I find tea tree oil to be a bit drying.

    • ITGLacey

      It's been great—truly. It changed my skin & it's so gentle & easy to mix into moisturizer

  • ITGLacey

    Hey! I would say make sure it's actually acne. I hear from people all the time who were being treated for blemishes when what they really had was an allergy, rosacea, or eczema—the bumps look very similar. It's bad, because most anti-acne treatments actually make those issues worse/can even trigger them.

    If you're sure it's acne, I'd say neem could help. It's mostly an anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial, though, which is what makes it good for cysts. If what you're seeing are more whiteheads/aren't deep under the skin, it might not be as effective for those.

    • eastvillagesiren

      Lacey, you are so right. I kept getting what I thought was acne from using products with essential, but I actually have rosacea and was reacting. I can't use the Evan Healy Need (makes me itch) but I use the Pomegranate Repair Oil and Rose Hip Rose regularly, and they are awesome products.

  • skin care obsession

    I also have sensitive skin and acne for a year... so I have scars and little tiny bumps. ... then I found Alba and earth science essentials. .. they are truely natural amazing products .... not only they smell so fresh but very gentle on your skin. ..I have less acne... my scars are lighter and no irritation. ..also the toner i use is thayer's witch hazel makes your skin matte and no redness in a can give it a try. .. and I never use oil on my skin because I know oil always breaks me out even organics. The best texture is gel. ..even moisturizers. ...above is my suggestions and I hope everything will work out for you.

  • Nae

    Konjac sponges are my savior. I get them from Asia on eBay and they're INCREDIBLY cheap; one $4 sponge lasts me for about 3 or 4 months. True wuv!

    • Emily Trout

      Care to provide a link to where you're getting them from? I'm all about some cheap, but great, beauty sources. :)

      • Nae

        I buy them from different sellers on eBay. I just search for "konjac sponge" and look for a power seller. :)

  • Aubrey Green

    thanks for this, I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. How do you feel about vegetable glycerin, do you think it's too heavy, will it cause breakouts? How do you feel about ACV (apple cider vinegar) as a wash/toner on the face? What about Ponds Cold Cream for a face wash, the first ingredient is mineral oil, is that not good for acne prone skin, there's a lot of debate on the internet about that. I can't wear makeup, EVERYTHING irritates my skin, so yes to your question about organic make-up lines. Thanks Lacey.

    • ITGLacey

      Hey! I actually really love vegetable glycerin ( & liquid lanolin, too) when your skin is super dry—veg glycerin is especially great on lips & it tastes sweet, which is a nice bonus! I don't think it's too heavy if your skin is dry, but it IS super sticky. It doesn't feel "comfortable" at all, so I'd try mixing a little in with your cream, & then if your skin responds well, up your ratio of cream:glycerin.

      With the ACV, it's acidic & antimicrobial, so you could see some decongesting & pH-balancing benefits if you use it as a toner after a face wash with a more basic pH. It's one of those things I like but try not to use too heavily, because as someone else with dry, sensitive skin, once I have a reaction to an acid or ingredient & start seeing inflammation, it just snowballs.

      I don't hate mineral oil—Aquaphor is my friend—so I think it's really about whatever works for you & is most gentle. My only concern with cold creams is that those recipes have been around forever & if our skin is anything alike, the old fragrance formulas & preservatives could turn you into an itchy, broken out mess. I think, honestly, the very best non-reactive, non-drying cleanser I've ever tried is the Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser.

      • Aubrey Green

        thank you Lacey.

        • ITGLacey

          I actually just tried something last night that might be awesome for the toner/cleanser/glycerin quandary, Aubrey! The SW Basics cleanser is actually just veg glycerin & rosewater w/ tea tree oil. Maybe you could whip up something similar at home? It's very gentle (& light on the tea tree, so I didn't feel dried out later). OR, try subbing in neem for tea tree? I'm actually going to try that tonight—will report back to you if it's magical & life-changing!

          • Aubrey Green

            YAY - thank you. Let me know how it goes, I will also try this in the next couple of weeks as well. Where can I get neem, Wholefoods?

          • ITGLacey

            Whole Foods should definitely have it! I'll tell you whether it was any good tomorrow! :)

          • Yessica

            I looked for it at my whole foods last night and couldn't find it. Amazon?

          • Aubrey Green

            I went to Wholefoods this morning and it was there in liquid form and a more cream form (sort of like how coconut oil is before it gets warmed up), as well as extract too. It was in the vitamin and skincare isle if that is helpful.

          • Shannon

            I've heard that vegetable glycerin cut with rosewater is a great, straightforward natural moisturizer particularly in an arid climate! I have yet to try it myself but it is definitely on my list.

      • eastvillagesiren

        Lacey, I have to respond to your comments again and say yes!!! I need to use Aquaphor at times, and totes agree with you re: mineral oil, and yes, liquid lanolin is my BFF in the winter. And yes yes please do an article on makeup.

  • Jade

    These are great suggestions. I've been battling acne since puberty (I'm now 23). And when I say battling, I mean constant breakouts on my forehead, chin, cheeks, etc. I've always had the mentality of "killing" the acne by using harsh chemicals and alcohol because that's all I would see on TV and hear from dermatologists. It wasn't until I saw a facialist here in LA that recommended that I start using cold pressed castor oil and to simplify my routine significantly. I looked at her like she was a crazy person. Like, who would even use OIL on OILY acne-prone skin?

    It took me a few months to fester up the courage to break my routine of constantly attacking my skin. But then I tried the oil. And then it started working.

    After seeing significant results in only a few days I immediately went down to the bare minimum. I now use the cleanser from S.W. Basics or the oil cleanser from Josie Maran, and then I use the Bee Yummy Skin Food on my face afterwards (which makes my face feel like a baby's - i swear!). The castor oil is something I use about 2 - 3 times a week, and it has improved my complexion immensely. Like, my skin is now smooth and glowing. This is the first time since I was 16 that I LOVE my skin.

    I think shifting my perspective on skincare is what really changed my skin - for the first time in my life my skincare routine didn't revolve around "treating" my acne, and for the first time in my life I didn't have any acne. Funny how things work like that.

    So thank you ITG for writing an article on an all-organic ski care routine - I really hope it changes the faces of many young women that are battling acne!

    • ap

      hi! would you mind sharing a bit more about your castor oil routine? do you use it as a cleanser, like the 'oil cleansing method'? thanks!

      • Jade

        I don't use it as a cleanser... After I wash my face I rub it on and massage in tiny circles for about 5 minutes or so. Then I use a damp washcloth to get it off. It's kind of a pain to get it off, but I try to be as gentle as possible.

        Also, be sure to use the COLD-PRESSED castor oil (from Whole Foods, etc), instead of the castor oil you find in the laxative aisle!

    • riva

      Has anyone with very sensitive, mild rosacea skin, used the Konjac sponges? I really need to find a way of exfoliating that won't exacerbate my rosacea.

      • ITGLacey

        I know those feels! I actually have rosacea, too—whee so funnnnn—& one of the reasons I love the konjac sponge w/ charcoal is that it doesn't trigger me. I'd give it a try—it's much, much gentler & less reactive on me than chemical exfoliants or traditional scrubs.

        • riva

          Thank you so much, for replying. Ordering one right now! I have given up on exfoliating! Everything just makes me so red immediately!
          Will try those ASAP!

    • jackie

      Name of facialist?!

  • Valentina

    Hi Lacey,
    Are you using the neem oil as a spot treatment like you would tea tree? Or more of an all over thing.


    • ITGLacey

      Hi Valentina!
      I do both! For maintenance, I mix two drops into my moisturizer & then apply on my entire face & neck. But then if I have a spot coming up, I'll dab an extra drop there.

  • Mary_333

    I can't recommend Marie Veronique Treatment Oil enough for breakout prone skin! It cleared up my skin like nothing else I've tried (which is a lot of products!)

  • Mary_333

    Love seeing organic finds on Into the Gloss! Some of my favorite organic skincare brands are Marie Veronique, Acure, Blissoma, Badger and Weleda!

  • Mandy

    I must try theses. My skins is super sensitive, prone to acne, large pores, and redness shows up very easy. I really can't use just any products, especially organic skincare products, they burn or severely break me out. I stuck with Eminence Organics for the longest time. The Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream, Raspberry Pore Refining Masque and Wild Plum Eye Cream are simply great.

  • lemonpie

    First of all, I love this post! I am so passionate about organic skincare and the market is booming - there are constantly new products coming out, one better than the other! I'm very hippie when it comes to my skincare routine, but I also like a touch of glam. My favorite product line at the moment is RMS, their face oil is amazing!
    However, I think it's a bit odd that you have a very natural regimen but test a bunch of conventional products - that are (most likely) featured on this blog. It is a bit unauthentic. I always loved ITG because it didn't just advertise products like normal magazines, but really just the stuff you'd use yourselves. So even if you approve certain conventional products, if they are still not good enough to be incorporated in your regimen, that just doesn't sound very honest or trustworthy. I'm not saying that ITG should only recommend products that are as clean and healthy as it gets, but just stick those items that you are really using and can earnestly promote. ITG is losing its voice as an independent, reliable resource.

    • ITGLacey

      Hi Lemonpie,
      I really appreciate you reaching out, because this is something I think about a lot. Sorry if this is long, but I really want to answer your concerns, so:

      A) I'm just one ITG writer! There are a ton of people testing products on the site, so the reviews aren't unauthentic at all—they're just not mine.

      That said, I do try non-natural products (because it's my job, I don't think non-organic necessarily = bad, & it would be unprofessional of me not to research before I judge). Even so, the products featured in the articles I write are heavily organic, natural, & fair trade.

      B) There's a long—loooong—list of stuff I flat out refuse to write about. So, if I do write about something, I'm happy to defend my use of it! Question me, (politely) disagree with me, & let's talk.

      In fact, I'll go ahead & tell you I'm about to write a story on Caudalie Premier Cru. It's not organic, but I tried it, used the entire bottle, & can say that it's an excellent cream for dry, sensitive skin.

      Another thing I'm going to write about? Botox. Have I used it? Yep. Am I still a lifelong vegetarian who actively agitates for greater FDA cosmetics regulation & wants hormone disruptors & other harmful substances out of our products? Yep. Does that make me a little contradictory? Oh, for sure. But I'm human—I come by it honestly. And I'd rather tell you about that than pretend to be some omniscient organic goddess who sets unreasonable expectations for other people.

  • Jess

    Do you apply moisturizer after the oil?

    I use rosehip oil, but have started applying it at night only and my normal 50SPF moisturizer during the day. I feel that my face is a lot more dry though in the morning and the SPF moisturizer doesn´t cut it...

    • ITGLacey

      Hi! the Sanre Supple Sunshine Cream is a moisturizer, and then the Sanre sunblock I use is moisturizing, too!

  • dothefrug

    Great post! I second the vote for Pai's eye cream, it absorbs really quickly and works a treat under eye makeup. I really like their Calendula body cream as well, it's super gentle and moisturising for my very dry, eczema-prone skin. The downside is that the body cream is pretty expensive for the amount you get, as I always slather it on my legs and arms every day. For shower gels I like Acure Organics, they're priced really reasonably and can be purchased easily on

    For organic products, I also love YÜLI skincare -- I use their Liquid Courage serum, Panacea Elixir and Pure Mask. Their Halcyon Cleanser is wonderful as well -- I'd been looking for the perfect organic second cleanser (to use after the first oil cleanse to get rid of make-up) and finally found the perfect one in Yuli's. It's gentle and non-drying, smells great, and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I also think that Yuli's products use really cutting-edge, interesting ingredients.

    I also like the Osmia Organics products I've tried (Facial Calibration Serum, the spot treatment).

  • Sabah

    Great, great post.

  • Nudey

    Tammy Fender serum is so amazing! As is there epi peel. Do you like the Pai eye cream better then the Tata Harper? I'm almost done my Tata and might try something new. Also re: organic certification. Fish is not regulated so anyone can throw around the term organic. Best to eat wild.

    • ITGLacey

      Hey! Really want to try the Tammy Fender serum!!

      W/ Pai vs Tata, they're actually very different products—to me, Pai finishes matte (which makes it a great base), dries in, and kind of "fills" lines, while the Tata cream has a lot of hyaluronic acid, so it's more "plumping" & has a brightening, dewy finish. I'd say for me Pai is for every day, & Tata is for when I've been out late & need some extra help.

  • Alisia

    Wonderful list!! Although I haven't tried any of these myself, I am definitely going to be looking into a few. I prefer organic/all-natural/cruelty-free, but (like you) I'm a beauty blogger, so most of my organic products are for personal use. Alisia

  • Shanikes

    I often struggle with hormonal acne and have discovered 2 products from Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel last month. I use their towelettes to remove any traces of make up AFTER cleansing and then finish with their Pore Perfecting Toner which just won a Best Beauty Buy award in the May issue of In Style! I love that the list of ingredients is so short - it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something good for my skin! The scent is noticeable but fades within seconds. The price point is also really great because they always run free offers in stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid! I can't believe I'm going to say this but I find myself using these products more than my Bioderma now!

  • Verdun

    I'd like to recommend a shop on Etsy for further organic skincare joy (and at a very fair price): MarbleandMilkweed. Her products are amazing.

  • thebloginista

    I haven't had a chance to read through all the comments yet but has anyone actually tried Neem oil to clear up hormonal/cystic acne? I've been battling it for awhile now & decided against Accutane, but I am wondering if there is actually a way to topically treat a condition which is rooted internally. Very curious to hear if anyone has had results!

    • Meredith

      It works great for some people. Are you familiar with the scent? It's ... pungent. Some people just won't use it because they think it stinks. Have you seen a dermatologist or GP? There are less drastic measures you can take to treat your skin that aren't accutane. I know natural remedies are tempting but you could end up doing more damage than good if your skin reacts badly. If you decide to try an oil, patch test first to make sure you don't have a reaction.

      • thebloginista

        I am not familiar with the scent, but the product mentioned in this post was cut with immortelle flower which says it makes the smell not as intense. I have been to multiple derms & no Rx topicals or oral antibiotics (doxycycline/minocycline) have done anything to help. I am reading reviews on the Evan Healy product, so maybe I will try it out. Thanks for your advice :)

  • Anna Jednacz

    I just ordered coconut oil because I heard so many good things about it. Thank you for all the great suggestions and promoting green cosmetics!

  • Rachel LC

    So great to see a big discussion on organic brands here. I've been trying to use more organic skin & body products, but it's definitely a work in progress. I've had the most success with One Love Organics line, particularly the Chia Whip cleanser and the Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum. Since the serum is pricey, I think I'm going to start mixing my own oils -- I've been playing with argon, jojoba and tamanu oils for my face, and want to try some rosehip and neem.

    Also, I'm a big fan of the organic mascara from Juice Beauty. Great to find something that finally doesn't irritate my eyes!

  • MegLydia

    I break out occasionally and I'd love to see what the Neem Oil does for me. Because it's so concentrated, do you have suggestions as to how to apply this to sensitive skin?

  • TKB

    Thanks for this article. I'm always interested in learning about new organic and natural products. :) I'm really interested in trying the Konjac sponge actually!

    I believe in trying to cut out unnecessary chemicals whenever possible, but there is an important point to make: not all ingredients that are man-made are bad, and conversely, not all ingredients that are organic or "natural" are good for your skin.

    I went through a similar experience as Eliza did a couple of years ago when I decided that I would switch to all natural and organic skin care because I thought it was healthier and better for my acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience!

    Many ingredients used in organic or natural beauty products are actually skin irritants. Fragrant plant oils are a main culprit - ones like lavender oil, orange peel oil, lemon peel oil, grapefruit oil, and most citrus oils really. It's the fragrance in these oils that are the problem. Likewise, I am sensitive to chemical fragrance in mainstream beauty products too.

    Other non-fragrant plant oils are great for skin and have not caused me any problems (especially in the dry winter months) - like coconut, avocado, olive, argan, jojoba, etc.

    Alcohol and witch hazel are other culprits that are damaging to skin and are found in both organic and mainstream beauty products.

    Personally, these types of ingredients burn and irritate my skin, causing me to break out.

    I love using BHAs to keep my skin clear, but only recently. I used to think that Salicylic Acid didn't work and just dried out and irritated my skin, but it turns out I was using the wrong ones. The most important factor is the ph of the beauty product using BHA and AHA ingredients. I never even thought about this before, but this is what determines whether or not it will actually work!

    My experience has been that you have to look at each specific ingredient in both mainstream and organic beauty products to see if they will be good for your skin and effective at keeping skin clear.

    I've had great success with Paula's Choice products and now she's even started to get on the natural band wagon by introducing her "Earth Sourced" line of products. I highly recommend checking out her supremely informative website and products!

    • Krista

      I check Paula's Choice Beautypedia reviews whenever I look at ANY skin care or body product! Her recommendations are fantastic! It's nice to hear her products are worthwhile, I've been hesitant to try.

      • TKB

        Yes! I'm literally addicted to reading the reviews on that site.

  • sarita coren

    This list reads like an enticing menu! Let's see...what will I be having today, hmm... The Evan Healy product sounds great. I often overlook this line at Whole Foods, but reading your recommendation makes it sound like it would be perfect for my skin. Thanks! The cleanser sounds interesting. I wish that I could use coconut oil on my face but I can't. It breaks me out something awful! I've been using Sevani Botanica ageless radiance refining a.h.a. cleanser with amazing results. It can also be used as an exfoliating mask thanks to the a.h.a. in it. Great post! I look forward to more organic/natural beauty posts on Into the Gloss.

  • Emily Trout

    Oh ITG [Lacey] I've been such a devotee, and you really just secured my fanship with this piece! I've been exploring natural/organic beauty and this was a great post to read. I only wish I'd come across it sooner as I just did a round-up of great natural beauty resources on my own blog
    I'm glad to see some brands that I enjoy getting love- Yuli, BeautyCounter, and Spirit Beauty Lounge (retailer). Keep up the great work!

  • Caitie

    Thanks for the great post! I had a question about the Neem oil. Do you use it as a spot treatment or put it all over your face like the bottle recommends? And do you use it once or twice a day? Thanks!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    How did I miss this feature? I really like Acure Organics for hair. I'm about to do a review for my blog. I've also been recently impressed with Sibu Beauty. Mychelle makes some great stuff too. My skin tends to like the "middle" brands as I call them like Ole Henricksen and Fresh. I've also enjoyed REN and Nude.

  • Ivy

    I've yet to try the micellar water (but definitely will, I'd like to try comparing it with bioderma), but I have tried the milky cleansing oil! It's quite good, but not the best cleansing oil I've had. I find that, even with warm water and extra massaging around the eye area, it still leaves traces of waterproof mascara.

  • maudesarah

    Have you tried Tata Harper? It's game changing. 100% non toxic, grown on her own cute little farm in Vermont.

  • Maria

    I really like Garden of Eve skin care. They do custom blending. I think it can help with staying organic, but eliminating the oils.

  • Diana

    Amazing article!! I can't wait to try some of this stuff! Do you know of any good setting sprays for makeup? Natural but effective? All of the ones I've tried contain lots of alcohol and I have dry skin as it is.

  • KD Gates

    Hi Lacey! What a wonderful article. I would like to remind everyone that organic doesn't always mean better. When shopping for any type of skincare, make sure it's designed for your skin type and is free of primary irritants such as *lavender*. Lavender used primarily in beauty and skincare for its fragrant compounds, damages fibroblasts thus damaging and killing healthy skin cells. Damaged skin cells equal the breakdown of collagen which equals wrinkling.

    For anyone with acne, *neem* oil is NOT the way to go. Neem oil when applied to the skin can induce a toxic effect. Instead, try benzoyl peroxide (there maybe organic / natural versions on the market). Unfortunately, citrus fruits won't help your skin either.

    Cheers to healthy, happy skin!

  • Kristen

    I am looking for more acne organic products like the Evan Healy mentioned here. Does anyone know of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for that? I heard coconut oil is the best moisturizer for teen acne skin.

  • Kristen Veacock

    Does anyone know of organic cleansers and toners for teen acne skin like the EvanHealy mentioned here?


john masters organics
John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist
Kuumba Made Calendula Coconut Oil
BOSCIA Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal
The Organic Pharmacy
The Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil
Sanre Supple Sunshine Organic Rosemary Lavender Day Cream
NeemAura Naturals
NeemAura Naturals Neem Seed Oil
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend
Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream
Sanre Shaded Rose-Solar Healing Facial Cream
Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30
Suntegrity Skincare
Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 30