How To Raise A Low Bridge


Insecurities suck, especially the ones staring at you, right in the center of your face. If you have a 'thing' about your nose, you've probably considered a "jose nob" (the polite term for when discussing this in a crowded space with your best friend). First off, you shouldn't have a 'thing' about anything, because yah beautiful, dahling. Secondly, take a step back. You might dislike your nose now, but that could all change in a year or two as your face matures. Hell, it could change tomorrow. Rather than book a consultation with the shiniest plastic surgeon currently advertising in American Way, consider the transformative effect of contouring. We brought in makeup artist Allie Smith to play doctor on a few noses around the Gloffice, using a blending brush as her scalpel. Today's post is for readers who think theirs could use a little more definition.

The Goods: You'll need two contouring shades—one about two shades darker than your skin tone and one a couple of shades lighter. You probably already have what you need in your makeup bag—more on that here.

The Technique: Take the darker shade and draw two lines down the center of the nose—closer together than the actual width of your nose. This will give the illusion of a higher bridge. Lightly dab just outside of the sides of your nose also using the darker shade to give depth on the sides, which will visually bring the center of your nose forward. Use the lighter shade to draw a line down the very center of your nose, between the two darker lines, carrying it to the tip. This will bring the thin area and the tip the furthest forward. Dab gently with your ring finger to blend.

—Allie Smith

Follow Allie on Instagram @alliesmithmakeupPhotos by Annie Kreighbaum.

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  • Alyssa Gapske

    Contouring. The reason why the media thinks everyone is getting plastic surgery. Get with it media! It's just contouring!

    • Janine

      No. Most every celebrity has had their noses altered. I found a site that showed all the befores/afters. It's an epidemic. :)

  • Patrice

    Who cares about slimming her perfect nose. Let's talk about that flawless skin. Are you kidding me?! What is her skincare regimen?

    • Lauren

      And her eyelashes!!

    • ITGElizabeth

      Hi Patrice!

      Courtney (the model above) is one of our amazing interns. For her skincare regimen, she says:

      "At night after taking off my makeup with Bioderma, I pair my Clarisonic Mia with the Fresh Soy Cleanser. I keep my face damp with a facial spray (I like the L'Occitane one) and then immediately apply the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Afterwards I will either massage my skin with the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, or apply the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream to dry areas. I'm a loose woman when it comes to eye cream and use whatever Sephora sample I have on hand. In the morning I don't use a cleanser and just massage my face with warm water, apply 4 drops of the Caudalie serum, and then use a Clinique All About Eyes De-Puffing Serum roller thingy.

      That's probably waaaay more information than you needed, but the most important thing for me is to always cleanse and spend the most time on my skin at night."

      • Patrice

        amazing! thank you so much!

  • A67penguin

    I have to be honest, the model is as pretty in the before as she is in the after photos. Perhaps for photos/ pictures this technique works. For everyday life, it seems sort of cumbersome and possibly obvious.

  • nora

    Am I the only one that doesn't see a difference between the before and after photos?

  • Style Context

    best article ever. thank you I REALLY needed this.

  • Bella

    I'm with previous posters, I consider my nose to be an ethnic characteristic , I use highlighter on the bridge like everyone, just to get that glow, but I won't be trying to get it to look like a European nose.
    Courtney is indeed as beautiful before as after, and thanks for the skincare tips!

    • Kate

      Me, too. I have what apparently is called a "low bridge" (half asian) and the idea of looking more "white" makes me bristle. Hating my nose is something I spent a lot of time in adolescence/ early twenties trying to get over.

  • Aubrey Green

    She's very beautiful!

  • Kate

    I totally agree. While I sympathize with wanting to enhance our looks (that's why we read make-up blogs), I really wonder why ITG didn't think about the message they send. ITG rarely uses women of color--and so to use her for "correction" here seems really misguided.

  • Lili

    Gorgeous girl with amazing skin and features. Absolutely no contouring needed in my opinion:)

  • EA

    I disagree that this is the 'wrong' message. They are saying don't get plastic surgery because it's not necessary now (thanks to contouring!) and because surgery is essentially irreversible if you regret it a few years down the road. Makeup, on the other hand, can be wiped off. This is definitely the RIGHT message.

  • fm

    great post. i see the the difference. in essence she's flawless both ways. and thanx for sharing your skin care regimen. i see what it comes down to is good genes because your skin is perfection.

  • Brie Tait


  • Allison Ashley

    What a gorgeous girl! She looks amazing in both photos.

  • charlotte

    I'm asian and I use this contouring technique all the time! i totally see the difference, but sometimes I can get carried away. the trick is to blend well. i use a highlighter at the center of the nose and connect it with my t-zone so it looks more natural.

  • charmystique

    I think she looks amazing in both before and after! You're gorgeous Courtney. Either way, there is a slight difference, and IMO this is how contouring should be done. To enhance and bring together your features very naturally. I've seen girls walk around with what they call 'contouring', essentially have a vertical = sign down their nose. Not very pretty at all.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Visually speaking it's a great difference and striking enough to want to do everyday if you like the higher bridge look. She looks perfectly lovely in both shots though. I'd also like to point out after reading the comments, I've met quite a few "white" women with low bridges too. I don't think low bridges look bad, it's all a matter of personal preference! Great list of skincare products as well! Her skin is pretty stunning!

  • lucky

    well she looks pretty in both. which kind of proves to me that we are the only ones that notice our own minor flaws. so thanks for convincing me to let my nose be!


    love this!

  • Barb Lauterer

    noseright tool help you to make nose smaller without surgery.