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Hairspiration: Layers

Kate Moss for David Yurman 2007
Iselin Steiro by David Sims for Chloe Spring 2011
Meghan Collison by Alasdair McLellan, Fall 2012

The blunt cut is great and all—after the reign of the bob came and began to fade, the harsh straight chop of various lengths is now the overarching trend du jour—but what about us ladies who, in an attempt to adopt said hairstyle of the season, begin to form what many professional hairstylists refer to as “triangle head.” Don’t worry, it’s a good problem to have, you just have too much hair. That’s not so bad, right? But in order to avoid such follicular geometry, it’s time to explore the always in style art of layering.

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  • Hannah

    1) I love all these looks so much.. layering is just such a cool subtly (or overtly if you want it to be) sexy look
    2) that 4th picture of Doutzen is so casually stunning
    3) love that you guys included that picture of Jared Leto hahahah... males layer too. actually the art of male layering is pretty intense isn't it? there seems to be a lot of work that goes into the "flow"

  • Bella

    Love the term "follicular geometry" LOL!


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