Instant Nose Job: How To Contour A Narrow Nose

Contour Placement

Insecurities suck, especially the ones staring at you, right in the center of your face. If you have a 'thing' about your nose, you've probably considered a "jose nob" (the polite term for when discussing this in a crowded space with your best friend). First off, you shouldn't have a 'thing' about anything, because yah beautiful, dahling. Secondly, take a step back. You might dislike your nose now, but that could all change in a year or two as your face matures. Hell, it could change tomorrow. Rather than book a consultation with the shiniest plastic surgeon currently advertising in American Way, consider the transformative effect of contouring. We brought in makeup artist Allie Smith to play doctor on a few noses around the Gloffice, using a blending brush as her scalpel. Today's post is for readers who think theirs are a bit too narrow.

The Goods: You'll need two contouring products—one that's two shades lighter than your skin tone, and one two shades darker. The type of product is up to you, but if you wear cream makeup (better for dry skin), go with cream contouring products, which will blend better over top. Same goes for powders—if your makeup dries to a more matte finish, these will sit atop better. If your nose tends to get shiny throughout the day because of excess oil, either a powder or matte, dry eye-pencil formula might be your best bet. Don't worry if the product isn't meant for contouring—an eye shadow, brow pencil, bronzing stick, concealer, etc. are all players in the contouring game.

The Technique [2]: To create a widening effect, use the darker contouring shade to draw a line on both sides of the nose, wider than the natural bridge, stopping at the nostrils. Next, take the lighter shade and fill the space between the two lines. Blur the area where the nasolabial lines connect to the nostrils by applying the lighter shade in dots just beside the nostrils. Blend by gently patting with your ring finger.

—Allie Smith

Follow Allie on Instagram @alliesmithmakeup. Photos by Annie Kreighbaum.

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  • Alyssa Gapske

    I use this trick all the time! I love L'Oreal Dream Lumi highlighter and Cover Girl Eyeliner in Mink. It looks crazy, but once you blend it's a great effect.

  • Isabel

    I'm so glad you did this, most nose contouring only focuses on making your nose look narrower.

  • Anna

    This blows my mind! I don't like my chin. Is there a way I can contour it to make it less prominent? It's kind of reese whitherspoon-y.

    • ITG Annie

      Anywhere you use a darker shade will recede. It's the opposite for anywhere you use a lighter shade. I'd try tracing the perimeter of your chin in a "U" shape with a darker shade and fill the center of the U with a lighter shade and blend.

  • Neelam

    Lol that's what I thought! (Brit here)