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How Do You Wash Your Face—With Oil?

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Ever tried an oil wash? It's great for getting skin completely clean—and removing even waterproof makeup—without stripping it of moisture. But everyone has her own rinsing technique, so we're asking: How do you do it? Are you a massager? How long do you leave the oil on? Any and all tips are welcome in the comments!

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  • Katrina

    I have to oil cleanse whenever I wear makeup or SPF. It's the only stuff that completely cleans my face. I've only been able to try a couple of products, like the Shu Uemura Fresh cleansing oil, Clinique Take the Day Off and extra virgin organic coconut oil, but they all do a great job.

    At the end of the day, I take some oil and massage it into my face with dry hands. The act of massage makes a huge difference too! I take special care around my lymph nodes and where my cheekbone meets my jawbone. I then take a cotton washcloth soaked in steaming hot water and lay it on my face. This is super relaxing and melts off my makeup. Afterwards, I scrub a little with the wash cloth and rinse. Sometimes I double cleanse. I know it's a lot of work, but I think cleansing like this has changed my skin for the better!

    • Kiamakemeup

      This might sound like a silly question, but why do you have to take care around your lymph nodes? Thanks!

  • Gosia

    1. Massage oil onto my face and eyes. Try not to get mascara all over my face.
    2. Rinse my face using a washcloth.
    3. Follow with a cleanser.
    Ps. It's amazing what cleansing oil can do to your lashes...

    • Meredith

      I have the exact same routine. And I swear cleansing with pure plant oils makes my lashes look longer.

      • Gosia

        I know, right?! Then just a coat of EL Sumptuous mascara and I don't need any serums, extensions, false lashes, primers etc.

      • Kattttt

        It totally does! I think it's less that they 'look like' and more that they ARE... due to less wear and tear. That might be wishful thinking, but it sure feels true?!

  • Trisha

    I definitely massage the oil on for as long as is humanly possible. I make sure everything is broken down before washing off with warm water.

  • Riham

    I believe the best way to handle cleansing with oils is to do it together with a facial washcloth/flannel sheet/muslin cloth; the warmer the cloth the better. Massage with cleansing oils and balms is a must; the rule of thumb is to be gentle and in circular motion with blood circulation - anti-clock wise- (I hope I got that right). If the cleansing oil has a nice smell, then the experience would be relaxing too. Nothing is better than cleansing with a face oil in summer to break the SPF and the makeup, however, I believe that cleansing with oil serves better as a first cleanse; another cleanser for a second cleanse is recommended especially with those who have combination skins or who are prone to breakouts.

  • http://www.grisnoirchic.com gris-noir chic

    I use coconut oil and gently massage it and take the oil off with a warm washcloth (old fashioned I know :D ).And it works...

  • Esther

    I use the Mac Cleanse Off Oil and massage it into my dry skin for about a minute or so. I make sure to work it into my eyelashes, as it's a great eye makeup remover as well. I then rinse it off with lukewarm water and follow up with any cleanser I happen to be using. I see the oil as the make up remover and the cleanser as the product that cleanses my pores. I heard somewhere that whenever you're using an SPF and/or a ton of makeup, the double cleansing method is a must.

  • http://cosmoslyn.blogspot.com.au/ Ailyn Koay

    i am interested. i think it will work well.

  • Kitty Catbiscuits

    SkII cleansing oil or clarins total cleansing oil with a lymphatic massage style cleanse prior to adding water is the way to go!

  • Sarah A

    I oil cleanse every day. I put the oil on and do a little facial massage. I then wet my hands slightly and wash as in the How to Wash Your Face video. I then rinse and follow with cleanser and my Clarisonic. I have oily skin and am acne-prone, and this has helped keep my skin clear.

  • Claire

    Can anyone recommend a good oil cleanser that will remove makeup thoroughly but can be rinsed away easily with water without using a washcloth/muslin cloth? I have very sensitive skin & have tried oil cleansers in the past, but once I rub my face with a cloth it just aggravates my skin and results in redness.

    • Carlene

      I find DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to be quite easily rinsable, at least more than other oils.

    • Erica Rae Deutsch

      try Garnier Fructis's cleansing oil or dermalogica. They both turn milky (or "emulsify" as they call it) when they're mixed with water and leave skin really soft. I don't use a cloth and they come off alright

    • Bird

      Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel! It cleans everything off.
      You rub it on dry (sometimes I mix it with an exfoliant), it turns into an oil, an emulsifies to a milk with water. Just make sure to rinse WELL with warm water, but no cloth needed!

    • sabe

      The Josie Maran Argan Oil cleanser removes makeup and comes off just by splashing water on your face. I get mine at sephora. They usually have a intro-pack with a small size of the cleanser and oil available if you want to try it before spending the money on a full size. I have really sensitive skin too, and I find that my skin likes oil cleansers because they usually have fewer chemicals.

    • Shaina

      Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleaning Oil is the best! I use it every night to take everything off, including eye makeup, and just rinse with warm water, no cloth needed. It's super gentle, hydrating, and seems to help with my redness (which I have a lot of). Also no synthetic fragrances/parabens and a bottle will last you a loooong time cuz you don't really need to use it in the morning.

    • Seed to Serum

      African Botanics Marula Cleanser and One Love Organics Vitamin B cleansing oil are great options!

    • CK

      I heard the ones from Muji are good and cost-effective.

    • Linda

      I have been using TATCHA's Cleansing Oil for the last few weeks. I severe dry/sensitive skin. This has made my skin so soft and supple and you only use water to rinse away. I have found a new facial routine with their products, LOVE !!

  • Claire

    Ok, I was quick to comment here. Just clicked on the Tatcha link and apparently it doesn't require a cloth for removal...must try!

  • 87cortes

    First I combine about a pea size amount of Castor oil (for pore unclogging/ black head removing and lash growing properties) with another dime size amount of a variety of more nourishing/ moisturizing oils such as rose hip. Then, I massage all over face for about a minute while letting the hot water warm and wet a wash cloth (hot water feels best). Then ring out water from wash cloth, tilt head back and let wash cloth sit over face pulling out dirt and oil and feeling like a spa day :) until the towel has cooled. Then re-wet towel, ring out and gently clean away oil and go to bed for lovely, blemish free glowing skin :D

  • Alexandra

    SKII Cleansing Oil is great

    1. Make sure your face and hands are dry
    2. Pump Oil 2 or 3 times into palm
    3. Rub hands together to "activate" and apply to face with finger tips
    4. Massage entire face and neck with oil
    5. Apply tepid water to hands and massage face (oil will start to take on a milky look/texture)
    6. Rinse completely with tepid water
    7. Pat dry with a towel

  • Addison Cain

    I don't oil cleanse often, but when I do, I follow with a foaming cleanser. Otherwise, I feel like whatever the oil removed just sits there on top of my skin.

  • J

    One Love Organics also makes a fantastic oil cleanser that is all natural: https://oneloveorganics.com/shop/Elizabeth%20Dehn,%20Cleansing%20Oil,%20Vitamin%20B,%20Moisturizing
    Works amazingly! I'll have to try Tatcha next!
    I like to massage the oil on pre-shower, wash-up in the shower, then let the warm water wash away the oil. I then move on to my clarisonic with a milk-based cleanser.
    It really is the best thing for getting off SPF from the face and even the rest of your body (particularly physical block SPF that leaves you white as casper!)

  • Karla Orbegozo

    I have been using a few oils to moisturize my face. Argan, seabuckthorn, rosehip, etc.
    For cleansing, I just go with something soft on an everyday basis but when I wear makeup or feel like I need something extra, I am a forever fan of Lush's Ultrabland. It's not an oil per se, but an emulsion of oils.
    It's very rich and it can take a while to get used to it, but once you start, your skin will be glowing! Beeswax locks the moisure under my skin, rose water soothes it, and honey, well, it's magic.

    I take the time to massage it into my face for a few seconds, not being afraid to go near my eyes, then I take a few cotton pads and remove it all gently. When I have more time, I take a soft towel, pass it under warm water, apply it on my skin for a few seconds and feel all the makeup melt away.


    • bunzy

      Lush Ultrabland is absolutely amazing! literally changed my skin! use it every night with a warm wash cloth and the results get better and better

  • Libby

    I use DHC Cleansing oil and massage it into my face. Then I use my Clarisonic with the oil on my face. Don't think that's the norm but it works for me!

  • Diana Gillean

    I am totally going to try this with coconut oil. I feel like I never can get all of my eye makeup off.

  • http://GardenArtDesign.com Simone Ewing

    I slather my face in Almond Oil or Olive oil as often as I can. I never wipe it off. Been doing this for years. I have lovely young looking skin.

  • CC

    oil cleansing is great, but you really don't need to use anything fancy other than like jojoba or grapeseed oil or anything like that

  • Mademoiselle nature

    I am not really a fan of using oil to remove eye make-up. The eye area is super sensitive and it is best to use a product that has been designed and specifically tested for the eyes.

  • http://www.leataleb.com Lea_Ta

    My routine is either Créaline Bioderma H2O + Thermal water or rose water, or the "millefeuille" as it was called by a French beauty blogger.

    So whenever I do that - which is when I'm not lazy -, I use
    - Weleda Almond Oil, that I massage gently on face & lashes.
    - Bioderma Atoderm gel with water, and to soften my skin after using the calcareous water of Paris :
    - Thermal water from Avène, or Rose Water from Sanoflore.

    The oil works really well on my skin, and is also really good for my lashes ! Could not recommend a better way to remove makeup, and it's good for all skin types !

  • Lauren

    I oil cleanse every evening using a blend of jojoba and castor oils. My favorite thing about making my own concoction is that I am able to customize it depending upon the season/my current skin status.

  • Patricia Montenegro

    I begin by pouring the oil onto my hands to warm up the oil and then I gently apply it onto my dry skin. I do incorporate a massage - it's good to get the blood flowing by doing a lymphatic draining massage (your skin will be rosy and plump afterwards ;) ) I always do my eyes last otherwise it can get messy (picture mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow blended all over your face). I stopped using my Clarisonic four months ago. I absolutely love oils and they are great for ANY skin type - even oily gals.

  • Erica Rae Deutsch

    at night i wash my face twice, the first time with jojoba/macademia oil (garnier fructis just came out with one and its super cheap and makes my skin soft) and i massage it into my skin (so many youtube tutorials) as it emulsifies, then i use cerave the second time around, sometimes with a clarisonic. i break out easily and always have oily skin, so two washes give me the benefits of the oil wash without the risk of getting acne

  • WhenThePagesWereBlank

    First thing after I get out of the shower, I put a homemade oil blend of castor oil and avocado oil on my face. I massage following what I know are the lymphatic pathways to guide any congestion down my neck. Then I leave the oil on long enough to massage lotion on to the rest of my body, about a minute or two. I then get a warm washcloth and wipe down my face with just water. After that, I run my washcloth on my Shiseido Honey Cake, which doesn't really lather so it doesn't actually strip my face of moisture, and follow the same lymphatic pathways and movements across my face with the soapy cloth. I finish it all with a rinse of cool water, a pat of Shiseido Pureness Softener, and a blend of tamanu oil and Shiseido cream to moisturize.

  • Nina

    I use Josie Maran Cleansing Oil or virgin coconut oil. I don't oil cleanse often, but I always do when I'm wearing more than just blush and mascara, and I've found it to be really effective and gentle.

  • maggie

    I make my own cleansing oil by mixing moisturizing oils that I'm also ok with leaving on my face (sweet almond, apricot kernel, rosehip, avocado, jojoba). I add some castor oil for cleansing, but make sure to get the cold-pressed hexane free stuff from the health food store. Then add a few drops of skin friendly essential oils.

    When I first got into oil-cleansing more than 5 years ago, the traditional method was to mix olive with castor at some ratio. I gave this a try but I do not like the feeling of olive oil on my face. Also the castor I could find was from the laxative section of the drug store, and mentioned nothing of source or processing methods. It didn't do much for me. But now, using better quality more face friendly oils, I do really like oil cleansing, especially for taking makeup off at the end of the day.

  • kristenhaney

    I have combo skin that errs on the side of dry, so I do a two-step oil cleanse. apply oil to dry skin, add warm water, mush it around a bunch on my face, rinse thoroughly, then use a gentle cleanser really quickly to remove any lasting oil. Skin still feels AMAZING after I'm done.

  • Patricia

    I use coconut oil, just regular food grade stuff from Costco, practically every night. It removes makeup and sunscreen without irritating my skin. I take about a 1/4 teaspoon full and massage it into my skin, really working it into my lashes. I then soak a facecloth in warm water and gently wipe away the oil. Sometimes I'll follow with a gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil, and sometimes I'll just repeat with a rinsed out facecloth a few times. Love it. I doubt I'll ever go back to makeup removers.

  • llama

    1. squirt an equal amount of castor oil and jojoba (or sunflower) oil in hand. add one drop of lavender or roman chamomile essential oil if feeling fancy.
    2. rub all over face, including eyes
    3. hop into a steaming hot shower
    4. run washcloth under hot water and drape over face
    5. lift up bottom of washcloth to breathe
    6. remove washcloth.
    7. massage the hell out of face
    8. lightly exfoliating with washcloth, excluding eyes
    9. rinse washcloth & wipe off oil, paying specific attention to hair and jawline


  • Kelley

    I just massage a little olive oil all over my face and then take it off with a warm wash cloth. Then I use a Clarisonic with some Cetaphil and put jojoba oil on my face and neck before bed. Works like a charm.

  • rentotheata

    As a gal with oily, clog-prone skin, I've found that oil cleansing WITHOUT post-cleansing is the most beneficial. I use either jojoba oil w/ tea tree & cedarwood EO added, or a jojoba, seabuckthorn oil & EO blend from Living Libations. Jojoba has the same chemical makeup as human sebum and will absorb into the skin after a few minutes if left on.

    I massage oil onto dry skin, cover with hot moist washcloth, let cool, massage/exfoliate with cloth, then add a touch more oil afterwards (I find my face feels almost dry if I don't). Considering my formerly grease prone face, I no longer have to blot or worry throughout the day. My skin is actually flawless without makeup (whereas before I used to cover everything up).

    Cleansing with soap after will get rid of most of the benefits of the oil, except for the makeup removing part. If you do "need" a soapy feeling cleanser, I recommend Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap, followed by diluted apple cider vinegar to tone, and the above oils for moisture. I'm so happy with my skin, and as a bonus, don't need to waste money on expensive products... and no concerning chemical additives (like fragrance or parabens)!

  • Lilli Chambers

    I follow Caroline Hirons massage tips then remove with a damp warm flannel and then splash my face with water

  • Kristine

    I double cleanse every night as I wear makeup and SPF on the daily. First with an oil. Right now it's Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil. I massage it into my skin concentrating on my eyes and lips. To remove, I use a hot washcloth. Let it sit on your face for a few seconds so that the steam can break down the oil and makeup then wipe away. Easy peasy. Next, I cleanse with my regular facial cleanser [Neutrogena Gentle Cleansing Foam - the one in the blue bottle] to make sure that my skin is completely clean. Rinse with water and off to bed. You don't need fancy gadgets or facial cleansers to clean your face. All you need are a few washcloths stashed in a basket next to your sink. Hello at-home spa.

  • Eryn Norton

    I use coconut oil to cleanse and to take my make up off.

  • Parisa

    I use and really love MAC's Cleanse Off Oil. Nothing else I have ever tried comes close to how quickly Cleanse Off Oil can remove every single scrap of make up from my face. Honestly, it does EVERYTHING it promises to do. I use 2-3 pumps of the oil, massage it all over my face to break down my make up and then add lukewarm water to remove it all. It washes off cleanly with no greasy residue. My skin feels so beautifully clean and soft when I use it, but not that ‘stripped’ of moisture feeling that results when you use harsher cleansers. It's so brilliantly effective at removing my waterproof mascara (L'Oreal Telescopic WP)!

  • glasses

    I use oil on days that I wear mascara. I make my own budget version with coconut and kukui oils, and rosewood, lavender, rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils. I rub it in, let it sit while I brush my teeth and then I rinse once, and wipe my face a couple of times with a warm washcloth. After, I use a lemon balm hydrosol (I don't like it- it smells like baby food to me, but I want to use it up before buying another one) and a tiny bit of my homemade face oil. My skin isn't perfect, but it no longer I so dry it hurts.

  • Becky

    I really, really wanted to like oil cleansing, but after a couple of months of testing different veg oils (almond, safflower, coconut, avocado, olive) I think it's just not for my skin, or at least not every day. When I do my full (full) face i use oil to get it off, but that's once a week or something. With everyday use I (sadly) get tiny pimples all over. And: yes, I was very careful to get the oil off properly. Most "natural" products seem to break me out.

    • Kitty Catbiscuits

      I think - personally - you can't use simple oils. I think in a cleanser they are more refined and easier to emulsify. With out checking my skii or clarins label, I am guessing they have a cleansing surfactant in there somewhere to enable the water to break down the oil and dirt. Go get some samples from sephora.

  • Zan

    I have been using DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil every night for the past 12 years and can't imagine using anything else. I use maybe two pumps onto dry skin and then massage it in for about twenty seconds, including the eye area. It's actually really fun with your face looking so insanely dirty and then splash, splash with some water... clean, glowing, lovely skin!

    I have experimented with other cleansers and nothing else gets my makeup off like this oil. NOTHING!

    • Courtney

      I concur. DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil is the best! It is the only makeup remover I have found that thoroughly takes off stubborn mascara. I massage it around for a good 30 seconds or so and then follow up with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and my skin feels clean and plump!

  • L

    I use jojoba oil to remove makeup and argan oil to moisturize at night. I put the jojoba oil on a cotton pad and swipe it wherever my makeup is, and then remove it with a hot, wet washcloth. At this point my skin is clean, but not overly dry. Then I put a two or three drops of argan oil in my hands and massage it into my face to keep my skin from drying up overnight.

  • andee

    If I wear makeup, I oil cleanse. My favorite is Nude Cleansing Oil. It is lighter than Shu Uemeura's oils and it doesn't sting my eyes like La Mer's. These are the only ones I've tried, but I have been using this method for years. I massage the oil in, getting plenty on the eyes. Then rinse and massage whatever residue is left again and then a final rinse. Totally clean after this method if my white face towel is any indication.

    • speed

      I got a sample of Nude's CO from Sephora. I thought it was awful. It was very thick, didn't emulsify, and was hard to wash off. I don't mind when an oil-based cleanser sinks into my skin, but this one felt overly thick & sat on top of my skin, instead of disappearing or sinking in (I believe I had the same too-thick results trying to "wash" with Trader Joe's jojoba oil). I'm trying Bosica right now, and it's lighter and does emulsify (as does Philosophy's)…what I like best about it is the eucalyptus scent.

  • Amanda Meowmix

    I love cleansing with coconut oil. My mom, who used Mary Kay for most of her life has even been converted. My best friend, Rachael, says it replaces the majority of her skin (and hair) care products.

    I massage the oil onto my face and eyes, then heat up a fluffy washcloth under running water as hot as I can stand it, and then press it into my face, giving kind of a steam bath. Rinse the washcloth, heat it up, and press it to my face again. Then I rinse the washcloth and rub it on my face to remove all the oil, dirt, and makeup. Then I use the oil as moisturizer, too! It feels sooo good after a long day, and my skin looks amazing.

  • Michael

    Josie Maran Cleansing oil is incredible. I use a sisal washcloth to rinse it off and exfoliate my face a bit.

  • http://www.lipglossandabackpack.com/ LGandaB

    I blend my own oil- argan, castor and grapeseed, with a little neem oil when I've got a breakout. I jump in the shower for a few minutes and then massage the oil into my face. I leave it sitting on my skin for the rest of my shower. Right before I get out of the shower I re-massage, wipe clean with a cotton pad or two, and then rinse.

    For serious pore cleansing I won't do it in the shower. Instead, I'll steam my face and then massage in the oil, focusing on my nose (where my biggest pores are) for 15-20 minutes while I watch TV. Then I'll rinse with a steamy, hot, damp washcloth.

  • Inkygrl

    Would love to try this. I'm a devoted user of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm but I've heard great things about oil cleansing. My skin has been so much softer and happier since I stopped using "soapy" cleansers!

  • Lilli

    In Oprah's voice, she says "AAAAUUUSSSTRRAAALLLIIIIAAAAA"

    • TheJessjess

      Dutch-New Zealander in AAAAUUUUUUSSSSSTTRAAAAALIAAA haha. I would love to see a run down on what products are available internationally - and from where. Bioderma at Priceline has made my life so much easier.

  • Merrill

    I've tried oil cleansing dozens of times, each with a different kind of (supposedly) non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic oil (ranging from asian pre-made formulas, drugstore, unscented mineral oil, and even natural oils like jojoba, apricot, and sunflower), but for some reason my skin has never tolerated it.

    I always double-cleansed, starting with the oil to remove my makeup and sunscreen, and then cleansing with my normal cleanser, but each time it's caused me to break out. I do have sensitive/acne-prone/dehydrated skin, so I suppose it's just not for me. I'm envious of all you ladies/gentlemen whom it's worked so well for!!
    *side note: for many people, coconut oil is extremely comedogenic, so acne-prone people be careful!

  • http://twitter.com/sabletoothtigre Sable

    I mix castor oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and a couple drops of rose essential oil and tea tree oil together in a bottle, take a nickel-sized drop and massage mah face for like a minute, get all my eye makeup off and stuff, and then hot towel it off.

    The Oil-cleansing Method in one run-on sentence.

  • http://prettybrightandbubbly.tumblr.com/ Shannon Kirstie

    I start by removing my makeup with Neutrogena wipes then I use Josie Maran Cleansing Oil as a pre cleanser and massage getting all the excess makeup off. Then I follow with my regular cleanser.

    I'm obsessed with the scent of the Josie Maran oil though. It smells like a candy I had as a child, and I cannot get enough.

  • Solange

    If you're break-out prone, I recommend reading this: http://www.minimalistbeauty.com/oils-specifically-for-acne-prone-skin/
    It suggests cleansing with carrier oils that have ingredients that are high in linoleic acid (pumpkin seed, evening primrose, grape seed ) and avoiding carrier oils with chemical compositions higher in oleic acid (avocado, olive, sweet almond). I use pumpkin seed oil and it's been a revelation!

  • Jordanne

    New Zealand FTW!

  • Jordanne

    The Body Shop have recently released the most beautiful Camomile Cleansing Oil - it has a pump dispenser so is perfect to use in a lovely hot shower. Will melt make-up off and leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • KristineM

    I used Eve Lom´s cleanser before, which was an eye opening experience about face wash for me. Rememeber thinking how good this must be for my skin, but also how the smell reminded me of salami.

    Now I use organic coconut oil, straight from my pantry, to remove all my makeup at night. I rub it all over my face, even though I only putmake up on my cheeks and eyes, so it´s like a quickie face mask. I use a cotton pad to remove the makeup gently.

    I wash my face with soap free cleanser, since I don´t really feel clean with just the oil. I have acne prone, oily, sensitive and occasionally dry skin (go figure!), but have found that the less products I use, the better. I like the feel of washing my skin with foamy stuff (it just feels more clean), but if anyone has idea for oil cleanse for my manic skin I´d love to hear them!

    Also, coconut oil, honey and oatmeal makes for one hell of a scrub/face mask! I always make too much, so I use the left overs for my hands. It´s perfection.

    (Just keep in mind oatmeal can clog your sink..)


  • http://www.ediblefacial.com/ sarita coren

    An oil massage always feels good. The key is removing the residue well without rubbing too hard because you can irritate the skin by doing so and that defeats the purpose. I like BFree Organics makeup remover which is a combination of oils as well as healing and therapeutic aloe vera. It's a lot less greasy and works beautifully. My preference is to use cotton rounds. I find seeing the dirt and makeup on the cloth reassures me that it's working and that I'm not leaving any grime behind. After that, either a gentle wash with Kahina's cleanser or Osmia Organics Luz soap or simply using a toner removes the rest.

  • Alison Truax

    While I'm a beauty junkie &ITG devotee, I can't really explain why it wasn't until about a month ago that I FINALLY ditched my Neutrogena deep clean scrub *head hanging in shame* that I'm convinced my skin became ruthlessly addicted to over the course of my teen years (I just couldn't quit that stuff!) and bought the all-organic natural cleansing oil crafted by the wondrous Kari Gran. Neutrogena, we are never ever getting back together.
    Every night I make a puddle in my hand and massage the lavender-y scented oils all over my skin in circular motions. The key is to really work the oils into your pores, especially the trouble spots. Once I've got it fully massaged into my face, I run a washcloth under hot water, ring it out, and drape it over my face, pushing the cloth against my skin and letting the steam open my pores. I'll repeat this one or two more times, the last time wiping away all of the oil and everything that its picked up along the way.
    1. Your skin is baby-butt soft and feels cleaner than ever
    2. You aren't stripping away natural oils as you would with a harsh cleanser or soap
    3. You're giving yourself a lavender-scented steamy mini facial every night, hellooo.
    Disclaimer: Don't take this method camping.

  • http://blushed.ca/ Kaitlin Wright

    I put a nickel-sized amount of oil into my palm and match it with water, then I use my other hand to apply it evenly to my skin. I make sure to massage in areas that tend to get "bumpy" from built-up sebum -- it really helps to dislodge the clog from the pore.

    I do this for about two minutes, then I take a warm washcloth and wipe it all off using a down and away motion.

    It doesn't strip oil from the skin, it leaves the face feeling sooo soft and it keeps my skin's surface smooth. Big win!

  • Siobhan

    Ireland! :)

  • newbrunette

    Olive oil from trader joes on a cotton ball. Wipe and wipe the cotton around. Them rinse face with water. The end.

  • Jess

    I like to gently massage my face with cleansing oils for a minute or so after I take off my makeup with Bioderma. Japanese cleansing oils like the Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil and Shiseido's Tiss Cleansing Oil work well and they're affordable. They're supposed work with dry or wet hands but I find that dry hands still definitely works better.


  • Kyra

    I only ever use oil to wash my face. I rub in castor oil before I step in the shower, then after shower I wipe it off, finishing with coconut oil and at night home made shea butter vit e face cream. It has changed my skin. I have been doing this for over a year.

  • Chelsea

    I have been using Shu Uemura for years. Massage on dry skin for a few min and rinse with cold water. It is the only thing that romves EVERYTHING! My skin is finally balanced. It is a game changer!

    • CherHorowitz

      Which one do you use specifically? What's your skin type? I wanna try this method but I'm scared of breakouts.

  • ckeolian

    I'm currently in precoffee morning cavewoman mode but you brilliant itg folk have shown me the light product wise repeatedly and I am experiencing a rousing sense of fealty to chime in...from within my blanket cocoon, bare with me.
    I produce pretty large scale concerts, which translates to mean that I torture my skin via the vampiric anxiety ridden inferno that is this industry. Realizing I was starting to look like a meth addict at the ripe age of 23, thank you stress scratchy fingers, I began my quest to locate whatever would make me look less feral beast and more girl who gets carded at the bar.
    So much research and a Voldemort "he who shall not be named" level unspeakable amount of cash money later, I've tracked down my holy oil wash grail.
    Cold pressed baobab oil and camelia oil
    I remove the bulk of makeup with a bit of milk cleanser. Then I sit in the tub and slather. Then Rub in fancy lady fashion for as long as your attention span permits. Both are so light that my face usually eats them. Then after a solid steam I use a wee bit more milk cleanser for a split second rinse and emerge feeling like a flower of glowing youth.

  • Leni

    I wet paper towel and pour on it 5-6 drops of best quality olive oil that I can afford (organic Croatian, Spanish or Californian are my favs). Massage face with the oily paper towel and done. I clean it like this 3-4 times a week. I have dry skin.

  • kati

    I use NUXE huile prodigieuse, which is a light oil from France. It is very light and smells divine. It can also be used on the hair. They also make a formulation with gold leaf in it if you want to glow. Very expensive in the US more affordable in Europe.

  • Cristina

    omg oils, my favorite thing on earth I switch mine at random in my cleansing routine it's either argan, coconut, flax seed or apricot seed I use 5 parts oil and 1 part vegetable glycerin so it's foamy and rinses easily... I then apply the same oil (without glycerin) as a moisturizer... I make my body wash and moisturizer the same way but with less expensive oils like olive or almond I also use them as hair masks ... I now have like 4 bottles in my bathroom and my skin is the best it has ever been... I am now sorry what I've spent so much money on tons of products in the past , I've felt brainwashed by the beauty industry...

  • Ally

    Amore Pacific cleansing oil is amazing. I put it on dry skin and massage my face. To remove it, I add a little bit of water and it turns into a milky cleanser. Then rinse off.

  • http://www.svegablog.blogspot.ca/ Dejana S

    Yes! And it has completely changed my skin but I feel I have to use a wash cloth with it or it has the reverse effect. Also i like to follow up with a gentle cleanse after that with something non foaming

  • Maria Rie

    I start off with clean dry hands then one or two pumps of oil in my hand. Then I rub my hands together and apply it all over my face. I like to concentrate the oil on the areas where it has the most dirt, around my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Then I like to use my ring fingers and starting from the outer corner of my eyes, I make counter clockwise motions around my eyes just to reduce puffiness and discoloration. After I massage the oil in my skin for about a minute or so, I splash a little water onto my hands and then rub my face just so the oil is a little milky. Then I just rinse my face with warm water.

  • http://bookofpretty.wordpress.com/ book of pretty

    Oil cuts oil. If you have very oily skin and are using a water-based cleanser, you aren't doing yourself any favors. When I use a cleansing oil (especially in the summer, yes SUMMER!), I massage it in circles onto dry skin. When I have one handy, I like to use a damp muslin cloth to help remove the cleanser and get a gentle exfoliation in too, natch.


  • Thess

    I did oil cleanse for about 6 months last year. At first I thought my skin looked amazing, but after a while I got LOTS of pimples and scarring and eczema, and my skin was completely f***. So never again, it is to harsh for my sensitive skin. Luckily, amazing products from Estee Lauder has completely transformed and saved my skin:)

  • Nat

    Friends, cleaning my face with oil entirely changed my life. I am not exagerating here. I always, ALWAYS had white- AND blackspots on my chin and looked overall ridiculous during my period, and before the period, and also in between. My skin was both, sensitive and dry AND oily and capricious. Then I started acting in a german TV-Series and all the make-up came on many times a week. Like... Film-make-up - it´s serious s***! And combined with the excitement my skin entirely freaked out (and so did I). It would be red and itchy all over the place, there were 8 (!!!) whiteheads on my chin, some red spots on my forehead and it all got worse and worse every day. I am very very careful with my skin, I try to use the best products, I exercise and I watch my diet. So believe me, I was no newbie to handling my appearance. And then I discovered OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). After only a week the spots started to go away. After two weeks the irritation was gone. Now, after 2 months, all the blackheads are gone and I haven´t had a whitehead since, although two periods came and went. The only thing I need to get in control of now is the scars and red discolorations from the bad bad inflamed spots I had. But that I will manage, too.

    Here´s how I do it: I use Jojoba Oil because it´s a light oil and it´s great for acne-prone skin. I wetten my face a little bit with my hands (with my make-up on). I then massage the oil gently into my skin and enjoy the feeling of the make-up melting underneath my fingers. I then put a soft towel or wash cloth under really hot water, I wring it out carefully and I place it on my face. I sometimes press my hands gently agains the towel on my face to get the warmth closer to my pores. When I take it off, I see how my pores opened up. I put the towel under hot water again, wring, and then carefully take off all the make-up and oil on my face. The towel looks a mess afterwards, but my face has a glow, the skin is fresh and relaxed. I stopped using any toner since OCM because my skin actually feels perfectly fine afterwards. I put on some moisturizer and go to bed. I do this every night, never in the mornings - I only spash my face with cold water then or use some grean tea ice cubes to wake myself up a bit. And that´s it. I would recommend this to everyone. Find the right organic oil and skip the chemicals, ladies!

    I know, I have mascara on and some other stuff on my face in the picture, but still, I think one could tell the difference.

  • Gina Carpellotti

    I used Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil before making the switch to cruelty-free products. Now I use a DIY balm of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and a few essential oils. It does the job of removing all of my makeup and my sunscreen, but it lacks a certainly luxury. It's also a bear to remove.

    Two times each week, I take the time to give myself a face massage whilst cleansing. I follow the massage per Caroiline Hirons. Admittedly, her instructions are a bit more physical than Isabelle Bellis'.

  • http://www.wernerbeauty.com/ Teckie

    I'll remove eye makeup with coconut oil, but I use a regular cleanser on my face. Interesting concept! Haven't seen many products like this.

  • kea

    I started using oil about a year ago and I have also had great results. I have insanely pale, dry skin that is on the sensitive side (my skin eats, and I mean completely eats, lotion and oil. I've gotten a massage before and the woman massaging me kept making comments about how much oil/lotion she had to use, because my skin devours it. Also I sunburn in overcast skies, I'm so susceptible). I run a tiny bit of water from the sink on my hands and put it on my face, so my face is barely wet, then two pumps or drops of oil (seabuckthorn, jojoba, sesame, etc) and massage my hands together to warm it up, and then I massage my face. It feels wonderful. Sometimes, I rinse off the oil with a hot wash cloth, but sometimes (usually at night) I leave it on, let is soak in. My skin loves it. I like it better than using harsh cleansers. What I like the most though is that my skin feels great afterwards, whereas when I'd wash my face with cleansers (even gentle ones), my face felt too clean. I'm not sure how else to describe it - like too roughly clean, too dry. And then I'd pile on moisturizer. Whereas with the oil, it cleans and moisturizes. I love it.

  • Michele

    I wear a lot of mascara and remove eye m/u first with Lancome's Bi-facil. Warm up oil between hands and massage oil into face avoiding eye area (I wear contacts). Wet muslin cloth with warm water and wipe face clean. Follow with eye cream, serum and moisturizer. Simple and easy :)

  • Becca

    I am a latecomer to facial massage, but a complete convert. I have been using Shu cleansing oils for 25 years...they are magical and probably the single part of my routine that gives the greatest results.

  • Ashleigh H

    Massaging is as long as possible seems to give my face an exfoliated, glowing effect :)

  • Sherri Dillon

    I put some oil into my dry hands. I lightly rub my hands together to spread the oil out. Than I pat it on my dry face and rub in circular motions upward- cause I don't want to move downward because of gravity pulling down my skin. I massage my face for a couple of minutes. I take a warm wash cloth and wipe off. I rinse really well with well with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. About 3 times a week I will use a scrub afterwards. Every once in a while I will put a dry powdered scrub and mix it in my oil before I cleanse. I use baking powder or Tatcha's rice powdered scrub. Works excellent for clean scrubbed looked!

  • Nat

    Ha, thanks Maggi! I just love this stuff and it helped me so much. I hope it works wonders for other people, too! I have a post on it on my blog (www.giantshoesgirl.wordpress.com), which is more detailed. If you want, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/1guED2e

  • Lauren

    I use only the oil cleanser at night. I massage in into my dry face & neck (including eye area) - and it takes off everything! I then add some water and work up a slight lather...then rinse it off. Love it!

  • stephanee

    I use a different oil each week because I have several to go through. Depending on if I have a lot of extra makeup on, I will remove my eye makeup first with a seperate removal, then use 1 pump to massage the oil on my face to break up the makeup. Then I use a baby washcloth from Burts Bee its super gentle and soft and use water to create the milk look (i call it) on my face and lightly go over my eyes too. Last step is wipe away the oil with the washcloth and all is well ..

  • mamavalveeta03

    I adore oils...cleansing oil, fave oils for moisturizing, and body oils. I have eczema and I feel like oils have been the key to healthy skin for me this winter!

  • Jessy

    1) I pour a few drops of organic coconut oil and smear it gently all over my face while massaging for about one minute.
    2) Then I use a large cotton ball to wipe it off.
    3) After that, I rinse with lukewarm water and lather up with organic African black soap.
    4) I may follow that with my Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant (which I only use twice a week), otherwise I follow with Pixi Glow Tonic and Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré.

  • Megan

    Oil cleansing can be tricky, in my experience. I went through a period where I was so paranoid about some of the common ingredients found in skincare that I just used a hot cloth and avocado oil method nightly. Since then, I've learned that putting a hot steamy cloth on your face feels great, but is really irritating to skin, and that a lot of the ingredients I was worried about were really harmless. I still like to use oil nightly to really get my eye makeup off and once in a while I'll still use it on my whole face. It's a great way to get a little moisture on there while you cleanse, if you're feeling particularly dry.

  • Lola

    Yes! :) One Love Organics/Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. Two pumps gets rid of all my makeup, though if I wear waterproof mascara I use coconut oil to loosen it first. I massage it in for one or two minutes and then rinse with warm water. This cleanser is completely unique in that it is definitely an oil but turns into a creamy cleanser when mixed with water, and it rinses clean. My issue with other oil cleansers is that they have to be wiped clean and that drives me nuts! My skin is SUPER sensitive and dry and being pregnant has only made that worse, and this is the only cleanser I can use that doesn't leave my skin a red, flaky wreck! I highly recommend it! It smells absolutely heavenly, too!

  • Mrs. Smith

    I love love Nude cleansing oil. Massage into face and eyes. Use a little water to later up, then Clarisonic.

  • Isis Testé

    I massage oil on my skin with little circles massages ,insisting on the T zone
    I wash it out with water
    Then i wash my skin with Avene "Cleaneance Gel Nettoyant"
    and i put Organic water Rose at the end

    If i'm wearing a lot of make up before cleaning with oil i add one more step by using Crealine Bioderma ,especially to take off mascara ext

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    I have and I'm sure to again!

  • Kasia


  • http://www.medusapromotions.com Medusa242

    I have never washed my face with oil. But I have entered the giveaway & am crossing my fingers!

  • http://neauvo.tumblr.com Jessica

    I use a Loreal Oil Cleanser. I find that it get deeper into my pores and lifts the make up better than make up wipes or cream cleansers (i.e. Clarins or Simple). I use two squirts and massage it onto my face for a few minutes and then I use another squirt for my eye make up, again I just massage this in for a minute or two. I will usually use this in the evening after a day of using full make up so will jump into the shower and rinse off then do my normal face routine. I will probably use a face wipe on my eye lashes for any excess mascara. I find oil face washes/cleansers a lot more effective in lifting make up but they are also kinder to my skin as I am combination edging on dry skin so it helps keep my skin moist!!

  • Yessica

    Thank you for this. I have been battling some major skin issues in the past three months/my entire life that seem to be linked to allergens and lovely hormones. Last week after needing steroids to calm an insanely bad reaction to some prescription grade benzoyl peroxide, I came to the realization that my skin is just too sensitive for chemicals. I tried oil cleansing (a combo of olive oil, sesame oil, and rose hip oil) for the first time two days ago and the change in my skin was almost immediate. I know I'm only two days in, but I have the kind of skin that reacts (for the better or for the worse) almost instantly to a routine change. I've never understood how people could go without make-up or powder without having their face act as a stand-in for a reflective surface. Now I know that I was stripping my skin of exactly the thing I needed and the results were a massive overproduction of oil to combat it. My skin is definitely not perfect (yet), but I'm so excited to see where it's at in a month from now.

  • Maulin

    I have been sick for over a week. Normally I use Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp only when I had to remove makeup. It's amazing. However, now that my skin is raw from blowing my nose a million times, I started using the oil in the morning because it feels soothing. Well...my skin has never looked better!! It really soothes my skin, and doesnt over dry it at all. My skin looks toned as if I already put on serum. No blackheads or blemishes at all. Clear skin. Plus no peeling from being sick. Btw, I have combination skin and am 41 years old. From now on, will use oil day and night, whether using makeup or not. I love it.

  • amberlundyleigh

    I use DHC oil cleanser which is a Japanese cult beauty product. So far I love it. I've also used Bosica's makeup cleansing oil and this was good, but not AS good as DHC. I like both of these because they rinse off easily, but your skin definitely feels less dry than if you were to use a straight up soapy cleanser. I have also tried regular ol' coconut oil and olive oil in the past, but this takes a little more work to remove, usually with the help of a muslin cloth. I like to do a pretty long massage of the oil, when I am in the mood, and usually I apply the oil and then get in the shower. Sometimes I use a cleanser after using the oil which is a tip I picked up in Japan. Overall my dryness has been a lot better and I think my skin seems happier!

  • Genevieve

    I massage in almond oil, leave it for a minute or two, then steam off with a warm washcloth, sometimes exfoliating lightly.

  • saryry

    i use coconut oil with a wet flannel! its by far the best makeup remover ive ever use and moisturises at the same time. I also use coconut oil as my hair oil and all over body moisturiser. saves money, feels incredible and smells good!

  • lemonpie

    I wash my face with coconut oil every night, no matter if I wore makeup or not. I bet you could use any organic, cold pressed oil, but I love coconut oil because it's antibacterial aka reducing blemishes! I just need very little, maybe half a teaspoon. I wet my face, melt the coconut oil and then really massage it into my skin. Then I give it a very quick rinse and take it all off with a mousselin cloth (mine are from Aurelia probiotics), which is the most gentle exfoliation. Then I spritz some Rosewater on my face an finish with 2-4 drops of face oil! My skin has never been better.

  • http://www.tipsfornaturalbeauty.com/ Dima Al Mahsiri

    I use castor oil for removing water proof mascara. Not only it removes mascara effectively, but also it grows my lashes faster, a win-win!
    I would love to try this oil, too !

  • Emily

    I use (wait for it) Waitrose baby bottom butter- it's only ingredients are olive oil, hydrogenated olive oil, chamomile oil and vanilla. It's more of a cream consistency thus easier to travel with. And about £2 a jar. Massage it in, take off with a muslin cloth or flannel in warm water.

  • jennay

    I "double cleanse" every night - first step is to remove all sunscreen/makeup with Sulwhasoo cleansing oil. It rinses with warm water and then I follow with regular cleanser. My skin is so much more moisturized and balanced following this method. I no longer feel the need to use toner to rid of residual make up - the double cleanse method takes care of it! I use an essence right after instead (within 5 seconds of cleansing) to trap all the moisture and prep for following skin care. Oil cleanser forever!

  • Sherri Dillon

    Did they give any of these away yet? I use the oil first, than the rice scrub or I sometimes combine everything together and wipe off with a warm wash cloth and rinse, rinse, rinse!

  • katcho

    I do an oil cleanse once a day with my Shu Uemura oil. I massage it on my face. I try to follow the Tanaka Method of facial massage. It takes me about a minute to do it. I emulsify it & then rinse it off. I then use my Clarisonic with a mild cleanser. The Japanese call this the double cleansing method.

  • Lynda Tsay

    i massage it for about a minute (although i think i should do it for longer) then wash it off.

  • Alexa Johnson

    I use coconut oil to wash my face twice a day. I leave it on for a few minutes and pat my face with a hot wash cloth. Then I slowly wipe away any access oil (do not scrub!!!). Then pat dry.