Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles With Green And Orange Concealer


If you're acquainted with the color wheel, you'll know that red is opposite green and orange is opposite blue, making them shades that "cancel" each other out to create a nice, neutral brown. It's a great trivial tidbit if you're in kindergarten and fresh out of khaki-colored crayons, but it's also the principle behind color-correcting makeup.

Have redness from irritated eyes (or zits—the concept works for those, too!)? Mint concealer will neutralize it more effectively than layering on luminizer. Bruise-hued under-eye bags that no amount of concealer can hide? A couple of sheer layers of salmon or tangerine coverup will fix it without looking caked on. The secret is, as with so many other things in makeup, nuance. And not every concealer will work on every complexion, so you'll have to experiment a bit. Here's how to pick your ideal shades for disappearing, tired eyes:

Green concealer
Think about how bright your redness is. If you have irritation, a recent blemish, or rosacea, a mint green like NYX HD Photogenic Concealer is best. But if you're dealing with something more purple/magenta-red, like acne scarring or upper eyelid discoloration, you need a yellow-tinged green like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Color Correcting Adjust.

Orange concealer
These come in every shade from tangerine to peach, and for good reason. There's a huge variety of under-eye hues, depending on your skin's undertones, thickness, and just how many all-nighters you've been pulling. MAC Prep + Prime Color Correcting Compact in Recharge is a workable shade for most people since it's a sheer, buildable powder, but Bobbi Brown Corrector is also great because it comes in a whole shade range so you can find the right pigmentation and tones for your skin.

—Lacey Gattis

Photos by Annie Kreighbaum.

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  • Ashly Eyler

    I would have never guessed that those two colors would help reduce the under eye dark bags; I use Benefit's Boi-ing 01, I'll have to give these a try! :)


    Great explanation! thanks

  • Yan

    Yup, E.L.F. have this corrective concealer palette--there's one that got four creamy colours: bright blue, bright pink, mint green, and a yellow/nude/beige-ish. It does the job but I'm not a fan of the texture. I wish they could make it creamier.

    EDIT: I might've misunderstood your comment. Heh.

    • Ailyn Koay

      yea that's what i meant. Natio used to have them in 2 separate tubes that they cost about $15 each

    • Ruby

      Hi there. Just as a heads up, the ELF corrective palette concealer isn't very good. The product is thick and doesn't blend well. At least the palette I got wasn't great. I'd save the $6 and put it toward something else that's quality.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I should really sample Bobbi's corrector!

  • Life a la Mode Blog

    Never would have thought of this! Makes complete sense though.

  • StushiGal Style

    I swear no matter how much sleep I get, I always have circles under my eyes. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the great advice!

    • Charmystique

      Sometimes it's just genetic, I have them too. Can't run away from that. :/

  • Redlipstickandsparkle

    Not a big fan of NYX HD Photogenic Concealer. Had it, didn't quite work for me.

  • Gabrielle RoseBonniee

    Lovely photos. Nice tips :)

  • Elissa

    Great post! Excited to try the Smashbox on some pesky dark scars. Thanks!

  • wolfebet

    As an alternative to concealer - Arnica Montana is also great for reducing dark circles and puffy eye bags.
    Here's a clinical study from the University of Maryland Medical Center if you are interested offer.splashtoolbox(dot)com/5dmn4

  • whitemz

    I've tried a lot of eye creams and most just don't do good friend told me about an organic eye cream she got in a Hollywood swag bag from some event she was at. Its the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream - and she fell in love with it so I went on line and ordered it myself from their website - I also fell in love with it ...the cream works, you should check this out..

  • Jamie Ferenbaugh

    DermalMD under eye treatment serum seems to have a great feel to it. I've been using it for a few days & it has seems to diminish the dark circles under my eyes.

  • Neeraj Arora

    what think about Drama kraolan green & orange concealar?..


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