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Makeup artist Jeanine Lobell is maybe best known as the founder of Stila, but she's slowly becoming the unofficial ITG eyelash correspondent. First she taught us all how to apply individual lashes while (literally) opening our eyes to the idea using a fan brush in lieu of a mascara wand, and now she's got a trick up her sleeve for those who like to enjoy an occasional indulgence: just have somebody else do it—while you lay on your couch. That's right, lash extension house calls.

Every woman has what I call their "desert island" product, and mine happens to be mascara. I am sad to admit that even in an emergency landing situation you might actually see me clutching my mascara instead of assisting the elderly passenger across the aisle. When it's vacation time and I know I am going to the beach panic sets in, as I am not a fan of streaming mascara in the ocean. Then I found out that Setsuko, my makeup artist friend, does house call eyelash extensions. I leapt at the chance; any beauty treatment I can do at home is preferred.

The whole process took around 90 minutes (with chatting and interruptions from my teenage daughters), but it did involve laying down, which is another favorite activity of mine. She charges depending on how many lashes she applies. For mine, she used 70 individuals on each eye, which totaled to around $150. It was amazing when I saw the end results, they looked so full, and fluffy, and real. Two weeks on the beach and they held up beautifully, and they lasted for another week after that. I guess Setsuko is my new desert-island product!

—Jeanine Lobell

To inquire when and if the jet-setting Setsuko will be in your general vicinity, email her at

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  • CCYY

    I am curious, why lash extension specialists themselves seem to NEVER have extensions on their eyes? To tell the truth, it's bothering me a bit. It's like a doctor who's gonna perform Lasik surgery wearing glasses, you know what I mean?

    • Sara

      I've never had my lashes done by someone who wasn't already wearing lash extensions!

    • kelly

      i heard once you should get your hair cut by the barber with the worst hair cut in the barber shop, because the guy with the best hair cut himself had it done by the guy with the shitty cut. make sense? maybe a similar theory is at play

      • curly 3C long hair


    • hothearthotart

      As an esthetician who does lash extensions, but doesn't wear them, I'll give you my reasons. I generally sleep on my stomach and move around a lot in my sleep, thus I'd destroy my lashes so quickly that it wouldn't be worth it. The other reason is that I don't have anyone to put them on me (you can't apply them to yourself), and even if I did I wouldn't have the patience to lay there for over an hour!

    • Heather

      It's because lash extensions are literally impossible to, properly, apply on your own eyes. I work in a salon and I'm the only esthetician/makeup artist who provides lash extensions as a service. I could go somewhere else to get them but why pay $200 for lash extensions when it only takes me about 30 seconds to throw on some strip falsies? They are great for special events once in a while because I can still use strip lashes with them for a super dramatic look. For the most part though I think lash extensions are best for the person who wants a "made-up" look without putting in the time or effort to do their makeup every day.

      Also...If you are a makeup junky it may drive you insane to not apply your mascara from root to tip.

    • Emma Lomax

      everyone i have ever seen has never been wearing them, you are right dodgy ..

    • Beverly

      It's hard to schedule your fills at your own salon when you are a busy lash stylist.
      -A busy lash stylist

    • Gail

      Because I cannot afford my own services. We cannot put them on ourselves. If I have another esthetician to trade with, I certainly have them on. All of the time.

  • Alyssa Gapske

    My hairdresser has (and does!) eyelash extensions and they're just beautiful. Maybe if I get married someday I'll splurge...

  • Putricaya

    So lucky to live in Indonesia where house-call eyelash extension service cost around 25 -30$, with amazing quality that could last for more than a month before touch ups!

  • Sofa Fan

    The eyelashes are fab, but man, that velvet sofa is AMAZING.

    • Monique

      haha, same thought!!

  • Carelia

    I need to try this soon! I'm very minimal with my eye makeup and if I can skip the mascara, life could be much easier.

  • Aubrey Green

    What's the pros and cons - what about lash tinting..?

    • Klee

      My opinion (based on my personal experience):
      Pros: low maintenance (you wear little to no eye makeup), wake up glam, makes your eyes pop more than mascara, no smears/smudging.
      Cons: expensive. Around $250 initially, then $100/month. I do some touch-up myself, so I go every other month, but still-not cheap. If you factor in makeup saved (since you wear no other eye makeup), that lessens the cost. To me, it's worth it-I'm fair, so it gives me eyes, I can get ready in the morning in about 5 minutes, I don't frighten the new BF.

  • Sara

    I've tried eyelash extensions so many times and failed each time. One time was so bad I actually ripped out my own eyelashes (granted I was on holiday in the desert at the time and had no way to get the lashes off and no access to oil [dire situations...a set of lashes had twisted at were actually poking at my own eyeball]). I've had it done at places, at my flat...the longest eyelash extension length matches my natural length so I love it for extra volume and curl (instead of length) but they just never work right with my eyes...I don't touch my eyes and do all the proper maintenance but they twist terribly and eventually I just like having my own eyes back. It looks great the first few days but inevitably it turns to rubbish on my eyes. Such a's worth it if it works!

  • mlle p

    I would have liked to see Jeanine with her eyes open after it was all done to see the results instead of just laying down.

  • Shaunacey

    I NEED to try these!!!

  • kelly

    very luxurious. jeanine is awesome, love that couch and her doctor husband.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Those look so lovely! I'm jealous!

  • Cat

    I could not regret getting lash extensions more. I basically feel like I payed $125 to have thinner natural lashes. I went to a lash bar in my city that specializes in lash extensions, I don't blame them, I just think lash extensions are horrible no matter who does them. Do not recommend.

  • Shann Oliver

    Lash extensions are the best thing ever. You have to find your lash-soulmate though; find someone good! I get mine filled every 3 weeks and it's amazing. Yeah, you're laying there for a bit, but the chat-sessions are like therapy.

    Roll out of bed and you're good to go, baby! Yep, I'm one of those girls who says "Oh, me? Well, I just use tinted moisturizer and a bit of bronzer...". And it's true. Muahaha.

    Worth every penny.

  • Marina

    Define "Brazil aspect", please.

    • Anna

      There's a Terry Gilliam movie called Brazil, and the image in the original comment is a scene from it.

  • curly 3C long hair

    who cares if they wear them or not could a lot of reasons why as long as they do a good job and no complications.