Elizabeth Brockway, Managing Editor, Into The Gloss


“I grew up in Washington, D.C., and I’ve been living in New York for about five and a half years. I moved here to go to NYU—I don’t remember not wanting to go there—and studied a mix of art history, photography, and random classes about things like baseball at Gallatin. The summer after my freshman year at NYU, I started interning with PR Consulting. That internship led to one at Vogue, where I stayed for a little over a year, starting as a general fashion intern and working a lot with Tonne Goodman’s assistant, Beau Sam. That was a good move, because I ended up going on all of her New York photo shoots. I loved being at Vogue, so I stayed on for another semester, moving to market with Kelly Connor and Meredith Melling.

The first time I saw Emily at Vogue, I texted one of my friends and said, ‘I just saw the Super Intern at work.’ [Laughs] I was a big fan of The Hills. When it came time to look for a fall internship, I emailed Emily, who was Elissa Santisi’s assistant at the time, to see if she and Elissa needed an intern. Emily came over to my makeshift desk and did a brief interview. It was good timing, because they had a shoot the next day that I got to go to. Emily had already started Into The Gloss—it was maybe nine months old. I got the internship with Elissa, but Emily told me that she was leaving Vogue to focus on Into The Gloss full-time. She asked me if I would help her on the days I wasn’t assisting Elissa, so I said yes. By my senior year of NYU, I was assisting Emily basically every day.

I'd gotten really close to Emily, and Into The Gloss was expanding—Nick Axelrod had just joined from Elle. Emily asked if I would be interested in staying on, so, one night over margaritas, I told her that's what I wanted to do. I knew I wasn’t going to get a huge salary or even benefits, but my family was very supportive. It was a leap of faith, but I figured, if Into The Gloss didn’t succeed, at least I would have a good relationship with Emily and a lot of experience under my belt. I started as an assistant, and eventually I started contributing photographs and writing for the site. Now I’m the managing editor.

It’s funny that I work in beauty, because I'd never really given it much thought before Into The Gloss. My mom isn’t into makeup. I remember deciding before freshman year of high school, ‘I’m going to wear makeup and look good for every single day of high school.’ And I did. [Laughs] But it wasn't much more than eyeliner, mascara, and sparkle eyeshadow. And I straightened my hair while it was wet—no one should ever do that! Now I know a lot more about beauty. I wish I could say I was 'low maintenance,' but I just have so many products. It’s the nature of the business.

I've always had sensitive skin—it’s pretty dry, and I’m pale. I can’t use things that contain a lot of alcohol, my skin gets red and itchy very easily. I’ve never really had breakouts, so my skin is easy that way, but I also have psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disease that causes you to overproduce skin cells in some areas. I’ve had it since I was 10. It was pretty glamorous. [Laughs] In the grand scheme of things, I have a pretty manageable case of psoriasis, but I’ve tried everything to control it—steroids, light-box therapy, shots, vitamins—except for these pills that suppress your immune system, because it’s not bad enough to take risks like that. There are commercials on TV for those drugs and one of the side effects they list is 'death,' so I’m like, ‘That’s fine, I’ll deal with being itchy sometimes.' [Laughs] I used to be really self-conscious about it, and truthfully, I'm still not thrilled by it, but I’m far more comfortable with myself now. Other than that, my skincare routine is pretty normal.

I started using Somme Institute a few months ago, which I love. It’s a five-step program that has everything from cleanser to moisturizer. The second step are these exfoliating pads, which make my nose and chin very soft. I love them, but they're strong, so I only use them once a day, if that. Then there’s a serum, a cream thing that smells kind of weird, and then a moisturizer, and an eye cream. I’m not sure what’s in the Somme Institute products—I’m not someone who is going to go read about all of the different ingredients or parabens. I like Somme Institute because it’s straightforward. I know what I have to do without having to experiment to find a toner and serum and moisturizer that work well together for me. I’d rather just follow directions. It’s really hydrating—the secret to good makeup is to have a well-moisturized canvas. And, because I’m pale, I wear Neutrogena sunscreen almost every day. It’s cheap, and it’s really thin. If I ever get a breakout, I put Mario Badescu Drying Lotion on. It makes you look like a crazy person with the chickenpox, but the next day there’s a dramatic difference.

Then I put on makeup. I started wearing foundation about two years ago, when Inès de la Fressange told us that everyone looks better with foundation. I thought she was amazing, so I said, ‘OK.’ But I hate it when it looks like people are wearing makeup, so I was cautious. Sunday Riley’s Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer in Medium is the best thing ever. It’s pretty moisturizing and makes your skin look smoother, even-toned, slightly tinted, and dewy. For the winter, though, I sometimes prefer Giorgio Armani Maestro Cream Foundation in 4, because it has more of a matte finish. Occasionally I’ll combine the two.

I’m really self-conscious about my under-eye circles. I have big eyes that protrude from my face, so if there’s overhead lighting, which there almost always is, I look like I have dark circles no matter what. I also have very thin skin there, so you can see the blood. For a while, I used Touche Éclat under my eyes, but then we posted a video that Wayne Goss did about how to use Touche Éclat, I found out you’re not supposed to do that, because it’s a highlighter. So I switched to Cle de Peau concealer and it works pretty well. It’s heavier, so when I want lighter, liquid coverage, I use Lorac Touch-Up To Go Concealer in CF3 or Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller.

I think women look more feminine, delicate, and pretty with a healthy amount of blush. Cream blushes give you a lot of control because you can rub them into your skin. For the summer, I like Chanel Cream Blush in Affinité, but for winter, I like something darker, like Stila Convertible Color in Poppy. I blush naturally as it is, so I don’t need a ton. I would say something like 50 percent of the people we’ve profiled in The Top Shelf use Nars Illuminator in Orgasm. So, naturally, I tried it. It doesn’t look great in the compact, but it looks amazing on. Don’t use too much, though, because you’ll look like you were in a crazy orgy. [Laughs] I put it on my cheeks, a tiny bit on the bridge of my nose, right under my eyebrows, and spot on the center of my chin.

On my eyes, I’m a big fan of orange-y bronze colors because they make my eyes look more green. I wear Estee Lauder Pure Color in Chained almost every day. It’s thin enough that it blends well with your skin, and gives you this pretty metallic tone. I've been using the Bobbi Brown Almond Blush as eye shadow for a long time, which I think has been discontinued. I took it from my mom and used it all through high school and in college. I like sleeping in my makeup, too, because sometimes it looks fantastic. My favorite products for getting it right are Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil or NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De'Martelli. They never bleed on my upper waterline, and they're really easy to smudge. I think it’s nice to put highlighter like Nars Interstellar Eye Paint on the inner corners of your eyes, too, near your nose. You have to use them lightly, or you’ll look like a full-on space alien. I’m not particularly loyal to mascara, but I always go waterproof. My favorite is Kevyn Aucoin, because it creates tubes around your eyelashes and doesn't budge.

The two things that got me into makeup were nail polish and lipstick. They’re easy to put on and to understand. I have a stupid amount of lipstick, but I have a few favorites. The best red I’ve ever found is Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso 10. It’s a heavily pigmented, rich, true red that’s part stain, stick, and gloss. It does not stay all day, and it bleeds, too. But it’s the greatest. I also love Nars Dragon Girl, which is a better summer color. MAC Sin is the best dark lip, for when I’m feeling vampy. And I really like Tom Ford Black Orchid, but I have a hard time getting it to stick to the inner part of my lips, so MAC Dubonnet is a great base for that. And it should be said that the best beauty product ever invented is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

For my psoriasis, I wash my hair with prescription Clobetasol Shampoo, which isn’t exciting. It smells disgusting. Otherwise, I like Klorane Shampoo with Peony, because it smells like babies. I am really down to try whatever in the hair department, though. Whatever works. My hair is really long, thick, and wavy, and pretty healthy considering all the things I do to it. I get it highlighted twice a year, and it’s also ombré-ed. I use a ton of conditioner—I always run out of conditioner before shampoo. I really like Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner to make my hair silky and smooth, but not oily. And after I shower, I wring out my hair and massage four pumps of Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil through it. It’s thick, so it absorbs better when I apply it to wet hair. To style, I like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, because it gives a lot of body and it’s not crunchy. And, if you want to have a dirty, Kurt-Cobain look without actually having gross hair, Catherine Walsh once told us to put Nivea Creme in your hair. I love it.

For my body, I moisturize with oil. It can be a pain to use, but the best way to apply it is to put it on while you’re still in the shower. Turn the water off, then apply the oil before getting out. It absorbs much quicker. Then, just don’t sit on your sheets or anything for a few mintes. I like Fresh Rice Dry Oil. Kate Young talked about it in her Top Shelf, and I tried it and was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so much better!’

I have a lot of piercings—my mother is starting to get a little concerned. [Laughs] I met Colby Smith when I first started working at ITG, because we were doing a story about piercing and tattoos around the time that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo came out. I got a second piercing in one of my ears, and it expanded from there…

For the last two years, I’ve been going to the gym three times a week. I’m not particularly athletic. Growing up, I was a big horseback rider, a skier, and I played lacrosse and soccer. But if someone told me to run today, I would very quickly die. [Laughs] I don’t do a ton of cardio. I’m under-the-radar strong. I’m not the healthiest eater, so it’s good for me to get toned. I would be lying if I said I looked forward to going—I’d much rather sleep, but I feel better and more confident in my body when I go. I’m naturally a self-conscious person, and I’m pretty hard on myself. So instead of complaining about my butt or my arms being too big, I went and did something about it. It’s helped me accept that my body is what it is. I am never going to have small hips, and I’m never going to look like a model, unless I don’t eat food for a solid seven months. But when I work out, I feel like a healthier version of myself, and like I have more ownership over my body.”

—as told to ITG

Elizabeth Brockway photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on March 30, 2014.

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  • Amy Mills

    YES to top shelf interviews with ITG staff. This was awesome.

  • Ziggy

    Thank you, so honest, humble and hardworking! Please cut down on all the dairy and start taking Calcarea Carbonica supplements and your psoriasis will go down.

  • denisa7

    wow, that is so true, I also feel the same: "when I work out, I feel like a healthier version of myself, and like I have more ownership over my body."
    Thanks, Emily for bringing Elizabeth to ITG, she is a gem.

  • Eliza

    Loved this, especially since I have also had psoriasis since I was a kid, so I feel like these recommendations might work well for me. I don't think I have ever not loved a single article on ITG!

  • Gopaleen

    Yup, yup and more yup.

    That is to say, hell yes to this TS!
    I REALLY WISH THIS WAS A DAILY FEATURE. I know, sleeping/eating/ deadlines/sleeping but I'm a woman obsessed.

  • Rosie

    somme institute is absolutely incredible!! i bought the travel kit to test it out after reading about it on here and i almost wish i hadn't because i can't really afford to keep up with it -but i'd never seen my skin look that good before.

    • Lacygirl

      FYI Somme Institute was literally just on Hautelook maybe a week ago, which probably means they'll be on it again. I want to say it was maybe 40% off retail.

      • Rosie

        omg i cant believe i missed this!!!! thanks so much im gonna be on the lookout

    • Tanya

      I buy it off amazon WAY cheaper and the exact same thing!!

      • Rosie

        thank you!!

    • http://4districtstyle.wordpress.com District Style

      I think beauty.com also had a promotion a few weeks ago, but it was only 20%. Perhaps it will come back around again!

  • Nico

    Great post! :)
    Under eye concealer is my holy grail product (always searching for the perfect one!)..though I haven't tried the 3 you mentioned. .I must seek them out!
    There are 2 I would suggest you try out if you haven't already..they are both quite light, which I prefer for under eyes;
    Ellis Faas Concealer (I use S202, the 2nd lightest, but you can get it in 8 shades
    Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer (I use it on its own..but it can be used below concealer for more coverage)
    I loved Rodial BB Venom Eye ..but it seems to have been discontinued! :(

    • ITGElizabeth

      I will be trying these immediately! I highly recommend the Garnier product mentioned-- it's relatively inexpensive since it's pharmacy brand and comes as a "roller" type situation which I always enjoy

      • Nico

        Yea...you always feel that you are doing something good, in a whole lymphatic-drainage-kinda-way, when you use roller ball products! :)

  • Lauren

    For those of us that love Into the Gloss as much as we love some of our own family members (it's true), I have to say that we are lucky to have you, Elizabeth! You do a great job, and it's fun to know more about you, including your fave products and other recommendations.

  • gravygravygravy

    I love Elizabeth's writing! Also, Elizabeth! Hi! Your septum ring is perfect...where'd you go? Same guy you mention?

    • ITGElizabeth


      Thank you so much :) And yes, Colby is the best. If you're in NYC (living or visiting) you have to stop by NY Adorned and see him. I recommend just letting him tell you what to get and where--he sees so many ears, I figure he's the master!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Interesting post. I have never heard of Somme Institute before...

  • http://www.wernerbeauty.com/ Teckie

    She has a really healthy attitude about body. I love that. I also feel like I NEED Kevin Aucoin's mascara, now.


  • lulu

    Are there any Somme skincare retailers in NYC? I don't like buying things online for multiple reasons, but I'm hoping in all of New York there's at least one store.

    • ITGElizabeth

      Hi Lulu!

      I believe that Village Apothecary on Bleecker and W 10th Street stocks Somme if you're downtown, but if you head to their site and plug in your zip, you should be able to find a place close to you (https://www.sommeinstitute.com/locator_js.cfm).


  • Alyssa Gapske

    I love your hair color!

    • ITGElizabeth

      Thank you! Go to Ashley at Serge Normant-- she's the best! Also, if you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars, there is some good conversation to be had while in the chair, haha

  • http://www.daniellevillano.com Danielle Villano

    A really lovely, informative post! As a book nerd, I liked seeing Elizabeth's bookshelf as well :)

  • Kira

    Major hair envy!! And I love ITG staff top shelves.

  • moreblondethanhuman

    That last paragraph gave me some feels. I hear you, girl.

  • Bella

    A beautiful woman and a great writer, more Top Shelves from the staffers :)! And I agree on the benefits of exercise.
    Oh, and while we're at it, if any more staffers have ancestors as glam as Nick's gran, let's hear them too!!

  • Cat

    Loved, loved this! Elizabeth you have a great voice as a writer! And I particularly loved your view on working out... I feel the same about it. Keep the ITG stafff Top Shelves coming!

  • Sarah

    Yeeeeah Elizabeth! I love your posts and photographs (interesting yet realistic) and nail art and, better yet, obsessed with your rings. Haha! I also suffer from embarrassingly dark under eye circles - despite H2O, Retin-A, and daily vitamins and allergy pills....fucking eh! - and used to use Touche Eclat until I realized that I'm just highlighting them from Wayne's video too. I also needed something with more OOMHPH.

    A while back, I Googled "how to conceal embarrassingly dark under eye circles" and this YouTube video came up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obNDsdYBJ7s

    She basically uses salmon colored eyeshadow as a base. i haven't tried THAT yet, but I've been using more salmon colored concealers before I put on L'Oreal's Magic Nude foundation. Either MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose or Benefit Erase Paste in #1.

    P.S. I like avocado oil post-shower. It absorbs pretty quickly into the skin.

  • lana

    love this! i have psoriasis too, it is not the most fun... do you get outbreaks on your body or is it mainly on your scalp? i have been trying to stay away from using steroid creams on my body, but my skin is not feelin' great right now! also, does somme have any effect on your psoriasis? thank you!!!!

    • ITGElizabeth

      I have it on my body as well, which can sometimes be the most annoying. I use a steroid spray on the most part, but it can thin your skin, so it's good to try and limit. Trying lightbox might be worth a shot-- it's fairly safe (much better than going to a tanning bed!)-- but is kind of a major time suck.

      Somme hasn't really changed it at all--I have dry skin on my chin and nose which might be related to psoriasis, and it has helped that, but nothing really for the main patches.

      • nannymuffins

        I used to do lightbox therapy and it was great. I completely remissed (except scalp). After I had children and was working, I did not have time for lightbox therapy anymore and told my doctor. You can either get a lightbox for your apartment, but they're so big and still costly, even with insurance. After expressing my frustration, my doctor told me that although it is not the first choice, that I could go to the tanning bed up to 3x per week for ten minutes each. She said to make sure to go to the UVB beds (burning rays) not fancier ones that minimize UVB. Most important, she requires that I see her for a full skin check every 3-6 months or more frequently if you notice anything unusual in your skin. I only need to go once a week now and I cover my face/neck/everywhere I don't have any psoriasis that I don't want to prematurely age. Anyway, this works for me.

  • kate

    i love this! elizabeth, you are beautiful. and i really want your hair.

  • Adriana

    one of my favorite top shelves to date. elizabeth, thank you so much for your honest, down-to-earth post.

  • birdienumnums

    Good to read your top shelf as I have the same issue with the dry skin and psoriasis. ANd mine is like yours -- not bad enough to justify the immuno-suppresant drugs but nonetheless recalcitrant!

  • Carmen L.

    Love these posts! and Elizabeth <3 She seems so chill!




  • kathS

    What a great read! Elizabeth, you have accomplished so much just right out of college!!!

    I found you and this top shelf very endearing before I even got to the part about psoriasis. I suffer from eczema and sebrohheic dermatitis (dandruff), which are similar to psoriasis. I have become very interested in auto-immune disease, and how it relates to beauty and health. (I tweeted at Kim K once to ask her about how her spray tans effected her psoriasis...but no response.)

    I don't mean to go all Gwyneth on you, but what you eat is a big factor (dairy, gluten, soy, corn (soy/ corn are in all processed foods) eggs, shellfish are the main culprits). I sure you have prob heard this before, but it has made a big difference for me (although I will admit, it is A LOT of work).

    BUT - even after eliminating these foods I was still having outbreaks. I was introduced to a new laundry detergent (I had already tried All free & clear and Dreft and several random picks from the WF aisle), but this one has made a HUGE difference for me. Melaluca - it is awesome!!! http://www.melaleuca.com/ProductStore/ProductSubCategory.aspx?id=102

    Plus sodium laureth sulfate (which looks like it might be in some of your shampoos +conditioners) is a big trigger.

    Anyway, just some unsolicited advice....and thank you for the great read! I'm an obsessive ITG reader so happy to know more about you.

  • pamb

    Now THAT'S a box of nail polish! ;)

  • Donna Kremer

    Really loved this. One of my favorite Top Shelf articles to date

  • LJ

    Excellent! Also, I love that Redken Smooth Down is in one of the photos. This is discontinued, and my mom bought me two bottles each of shampoo and conditioner. Sigh...

  • thunderlegz

    LOVE! Love this post and the subtle septum piercing! How do you know if your face will look ok with one?

  • Dru

    That Neutrogena sunscreen you mentioned is actually pretty fantastic - I use the Ultra Sheer UV Moisture version, and it's my favourite sunscreen ever, even over my Clarins and Vichy ones. (light, sinks in rightaway, matte-finished enough to put your makeup on right over it, and so much cheaper).

    • ITGElizabeth

      I agree-- I've tried the different designer ones and always fall back to my trusty Neutrogena!

  • Uma

    I am 36 and just started getting hollowness and darkness under my eyes...and I use Touche Eclat! I don't care what the experts say, I just use a tone that matches my skin. I should also note that I have a "highlighter shade" of touche eclat for my browbone, top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, etc. It's subtle and light and honestly feels like a lot of make up for me. I can't imagine using anything heavier!

  • anna

    Dubonnet!! everyone raves about ruby woo and dragon girl, but that is my all-time fave lipstick. the only red that doesn't read orange on my yellow-undertoned skin...

  • Lyndsay

    I would love to organize all your makeup in the drawer. It is a sickness. :) Love your post.

  • Erin

    Great post, but her house gives the minimalist in me the absolute heebie-jeebies.

    • Guest

      I think that when a person is generous enough to open their doors to someone's camera, criticism of the decor is beyond rude. Her home may not suit you, but since you don't have to live there what does it matter?

  • Oui Capitan

    Your hair is exactly like Elle Woods' in the movie intro. You got that down perfectly!

  • http://www.thefieldingreport.com Emily Trout

    Absolutely adored this! So good. I love Elizabeth's writing and am so glad she's such an integral part of the team!
    Also, that last paragraph- I SO relate to that. Our bodies just are what they are, regardless. It's hard to accept, I too am very critical, but I do feel better when I exercise. It's all about making the best of what you've got. (Easier said than done sometimes!)

  • diana

    I would love to know where she got that gorgeous septum ring!

  • Adriana

    I have the same problem with my round, protruding eyes looking constantly shadowy no matter what I do. Putting on concealer just makes it look like reverse pandas, it's really strange. Luckily I'm not self conscious about it so I just bring my foundation up a little bit and that's it. I use mostly medium-dark browns on my eyes so it ends up looking deliberate anyway.

  • Zoe

    Love this! Now please do a post on psoriasis! or a q&a!

  • Francisc
  • http://brushandbullet.com/ Teresa

    Oh, this is so great. Your hair is stunning. And I really loved what you said about working out -- feeling like I have ownership over my body is really important to me as well.

  • charmystique

    Thanks for this great post Elizabeth. I suffer from P too, and while I've come to terms with it, and sort of have it under control with biologics and massive amounts of moisturizing, it does admittedly get me down. Dealing with the scars it can leave (both physical & psychological) is really draining. I think ultimately, it shouldn't stop you from living your life, wearing what you want, or getting a crazy haircut/dye job. For me, I just figure out what my triggers out, and try as much as possible not to get sick or stressed. I find applying ACV & coconut oil on any itchy spots helps provide some relief almost immediately. I love Klorane's Peony shampoo too, but I've also heard great things about Rahua and Scalp P, you might want to try that!

    • ITGElizabeth

      I'm going to have to try ACV & coconut oil!

      • charmystique

        Yay, I really hope it works for you! It's a much healthier alternative than steroids. I bruise less easily now after cutting down on my steroid use. I usually apply ACV on a cottonball and dab all over, followed by massaging in a light film of coconut oil. Taking some diluted ACV with a couple drops of pure, therapeutic grade lemon essential oil has also really helped with internal inflammation in my gut, and we all know our stomach's where most of our immune system is at.

        Good luck! xx


        • ITGElizabeth

          This is incredible!

          I totally feel you one the bruising-- my legs look like I got into a fight 6 out of 7 days of the week. I guess it makes me look tough? Haha

  • Chesley

    Can you tell us about your septum piercing experience? Did you get to wear the chain right away or did you have to get a retainer first? How long did it take to heal?

    • ITGElizabeth

      Hi Chelsey!

      I have to say, this healed pretty quickly. It's pierced with a sort of "u" shape or staple looking thing (the anchor) where the arms flip up deeper into my nose (this sounds so gross...bear with me). The chain was added at the same time. There are little loops at the end that slip onto the anchor and it stays pretty well. I got it pierced in late January/early February and it's been healed for a bit already. The only strange part is getting used to having a chain dangling from your nostrils. Haha...

      Hope this helps!

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    This is a great post! I love the back story and the mix of hi-low. It's also nice to a medium maintenance person!

  • Restless Blonde

    I luv this TopShelf - I have a very very similar approach to beauty, even though I have different skin type and looks. Good job!


  • http://piecesofthecloud.com/ Pieces of the Cloud

    Got to say bought 8 hour cream cream years ago because of the buzz and I needed to reapply to my lips all the time. Just discovered homeoplasmine and it's pretty much perfect! Love your septum piercing by way :)


  • Carolina Muniz

    Simply love this top shelf! Had so many laughs while reading. Elizabeth, your tips are great (thanx for the oil before getting out of the shower. I will try this one for sure!) and you are truly beautiful. Love from Brazil x


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